Saturday, July 18, 2009

There I Go...Thinking Again!

Woman Sits with Her Pen in Her Mouth Whilst Thinking About What She Should Write in Her Letter
Woman Sits with Her Pen in Her Mouth Whilst Thinking About What She Should Write in Her Letter

Another Saturday "I'm Thinking Post".

Wow! This week flew by!
I probably say that every week
but, really, it seems that they
do go so fast these days.

So, what am I thinking today?

1. Our world has changed so much
from the days that Walter Cronkite
was the News Man to watch.
After nearly a century...
he is gone.

2. I have enjoyed listening to NPR
as I go back and forth to get Mikey.
This week a conversation about patients
with dementia held my attention.
It reminded me of our friend Jane
who suffered with alzheimers.
One of her first real
displays of the disease was the
tendency to wander...she would "go
to church" at the Fairgrounds any day
of the week. All dressed up in her hat,
dress and prettiest bag.
I miss her.

My heart goes out to those family
members who are giving care to
loved ones whose minds have failed
them. What a huge job this is and
one that has the potential to break
one's heart daily.

3. Mikey is getting so tanned. He is
learning sooo much. This is a very good
thing. We even gained two new houseplants
this week.

4. Jonathan got to go fishing this week with
Grandma Ruth. I am very sure that she didn't
fish but it was so nice of her to take him.
I saw a stream this week that Jonathan will have
to try.

5. Chelsea plays so nicely with our younger friends.
I am so proud of her. Last night she and Master Kyle
Rabe were having a great time. It was fun to watch
her interact with him.

6. It was fun to begin planning a Christmas Walkthrough
at church last night. This will be a very fun thing to
work on and then offer to the community. Very strange
to talk about Christmas in July!

7. An auction of property in our neighborhood this
week brought a much higher price than anyone could
have imagined. I think this is a good
least for our property value.

8. Finally, I am so thankful for my dear husband.
He is so steady and diligent. He is the consistency
in our home. While I jump from adventure to adventure
he rolls with the changes and upsets in our schedules.
What a man!

Hope you had a great week...and even more
I hope that this week, upcoming, is awesome
for you.

Just a bit of what is on my brain today.

If anyone wants to join me in my quest to
"Think on Saturday" be sure to link back to this
post. If there should happen to be interest
in this I am willing use Mr. Linky and make
this a weekly Party.



Diane Shiffer said...

oh my.. did Walter Cronkite pass? I didn't realize that. I remember him so vividly from my childhood... reporting that President Kennedy had been shot- in his shirtsleeves, which was quite shocking at the time. And in a happier vein, I remember every Christmas eve he would show Santa's progress on a "radar map." I believed in Santa for a disgracefully long time, just because I felt that Walter Cronkite would never report anything that wasn't *true.* He will be much missed♥

So nice to hear about all of the happy happenings around your place my dear☺

Judi said...

Hi Becky
Thank you for sharing your thoughts...Christmas in July sounds like fun..I'm actually happy its not the real thing, too soon for that. Thats uplifting to know about the house values in your area.
Thats sweet about the fishing too....special time to spend with grandmother.

I hope you have a lovely and blessed day.

Terri Steffes said...

Very nice post. If I started thinking on Saturday we'd all be in trouble.

Have a great day!

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

Hi Becky,
Interesting post! As for me, I'm to tired to think at the moment. It's been a busy week. Have a wonderful weekend.


Vee said...

Sweet post. Would you believe that we're both talking about Christmas in July?

Sandra said...

Hi Becky. What a nice post and full of thought. I really should sit sometime and take the time to just think. :)

JD/ Jill said...

Becky, I agree with some of the others...By Saturday, I'm almost too tired to think.
I did manage to finish the book that I won in your give-away, I enjoyed it very much. I wanted to post a thank you on my blog, with a pic of the book...and I forgot to scan the book before I passed it on.
Longwood, as always, was awesome, I have many more photos to post on my blog when I get the time.

Lisa Pogue said...

Great post, I love this idea. Sounds like you and your gang are doing very well, that's wonderful!!

Kelly said...

How do you use Mr. Linky to do a weekly party? That's what I would like to do with my Teatime Tuesday post.