Monday, May 31, 2010

Star Spangled Banner....Amazingly Beautiful

In Gratitude to those who have given all.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

A Tribute

It is nearly 10:00pm, Saturday evening.
I have been reading quietly in the living room
until the booms of a distant firework display
got my attention.

Looking out our large front window I am
unable to see the distinct images of each shell
but the flash and glow of light that correspond
to the booms are visible.

Now, we had passed the site of these fireworks
earlier today so they do not catch me by surprise.
They are part of a Memorial Day celebration.

What did cause me pause was the thought of the
many soldiers over the years who have heard such
noises and seen similar flashes just over the
horizon but with a much more serious meaning.

What would it feel like to know that eternity was
just about to look you in the face as bombs fell and
infantries marched? 
Would cannonballs soon be
whizzing past with great force? 
Was that last
letter written to your family the 
final words they
would receive from you?

Over the years many men, 
and more recently women as well,
have faced these realities 
in defense of home
and country. 
To stand for values and freedoms.

On this Memorial Day weekend I want to honor
those who have heard the coming danger and have
stood unwaveringly in its path 
for the good 
of those they love
and the freedoms they cherish.
Remembering those who have 
sacrificed their lifeblood
for you...and for me.

Chelsea's Chocolate Chip Cheesecake

Last Saturday Chelsea was invited to go
get a manicure and shopping with
our neighbors Judy and Kara.

They  invited me as well but we had music
practice and I had to make the bulletins
for Sunday...
so sadly I didn't get
to go.

When they returned Chelsea was holding
a shopping bag in her pretty little hands.

Inside this bag was not the cute little
shirt or pair of jeans that you might
have expected.


It was a Springform Pan.
I have had these and thrown them
away because they just take up
space for me...oops!


Look what Chelsea did with hers
yesterday...Chocolate Chip Cheesecake!
Oh my goodness!

This melts in your mouth!!!!

Want some?

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Creativity in the Waiting...

Our home was built in the 1970's
and had the original windows.

They were pretty.
I liked them.

But, they were not tight
or energy efficient.
Not, a bit.

When we did some research about
the rebate program it seemed like
a very smart thing to pursue.

We met with a salesman and a week or
so later ordered the windows.

They called last Friday to say they were
in and ready to be installed. We were a
bit busy with Graduation so I called them
back on Monday. No problem, they wanted
to do it on Wednesday.

If you could have seen us in a frenzy...
taking down shutters, cleaning things
out from in front of every window,
taking down curtains....who knew we had
things under every window?

Then Wednesday arrived....and we waited.
Now, just for those of you who are not
on the East Coast experiencing the heat
wave, I had anticipated turning on the
A/C on the first day it turned 90 degrees
this summer. But that was not to be.
It would be fruitless to run the 
air with gaping holes in the house.

Thankfully it was a breezy morning.
I was enjoying the air on my face as I
hung out loads of laundry.

The installers were to be here at 9:00am.
One called and said he would be late.
Expect him about 11am.

I read, did more laundry, watched the finale of
LOST on the computer, made lunch, sat and talked
with the kids....finally at 1pm I called the
company. They said they would call me back.
Within seconds the installer was in my driveway.
Oops! I felt badly for calling...but.

This installer, Craig, worked by himself until about
4:30pm when another guy, John, showed up.
They worked together until around 7:00pm.
Finally, the job was done.
We have awesome new windows to keep out the
cold. It will be some time before we test
that theory. I turned on the a/c as quickly as
possible and both Moms came to see the windows.

Isn't that cool?

You know how when you get something new
you want to show it off?
Well, we have a built in audience.
Mom is very interested because she is
having some windows put in her place soon...
by this company.
Georgia was interested because these windows
were a gift to us, from her.

Thank You so much!!!
((She reads here))

So...After a long day of waiting,
sitting, watching, trying not to be
in the way in our own home....
We have windows!

Now, to get those shutters looking
pretty and back up.

We are debating painting them
or another treatment that Warren
found online last night.

All I know is they had better not be
off the house too long.
It is not nearly as pretty without them.

So...while I was sitting and sitting I
took a photo I have been wanting to take.
Just for the fun of it.

Every time I order Candle Fragrance Oil I 
get one of these wooden roses.
Frankly it irritates me.
I don't like oddsy-endsy things that really don't
have a home...
We have plenty, believe me.
I am not good at getting rid of things.
So I gave this one a home on top of the Entertainment Center
in the vase that I made.
That is sitting in front of the picture I took of an old
barn.  I had it blown up to poster size.
The colors and shapes have been fascinating me
and teasing me to see what they would look 
like in a photo.

Now I know.
And so do you.

 And all because it was a sit and wait
kind of day.
We probably don't do enough of that.
It has some creative side effects.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Outdoor Wednesday...Mikey's Roses

This is the first blog party I have
been able to join this week.
I hope you will check out the other
Outdoor Wednesday Posts at

There is a reason we are supporting 
our middle son's choice to 
pursue horticulture.

He is really good at it!

It takes someone special to mulch
meticulously for six hours
and come home extremely happy.
But that is who Mikey is.

We are so glad.
Wish my roses looked as nice as his!

Note To Self:

Dear Becky,

When you wish to rant, rave and yell
at your falling apart dishwasher
please close the windows and make sure
the neighbors aren't gathered in your
driveway waiting for the bus!



For my Readers...
There is a very lovely post
just ahead. Scroll on....
((Sweet, sane smile))


Just Because they are Pretty...

From my Mother-in-law's garden.

Have an amazing day, Dear Friends.

Monday, May 24, 2010


And Grateful.

The Saturday after graduation was
big for Warren and the Boys.

For starters,
Jonathan, Uncle Allan and Aunt Bev
went fly fishing for a large part of
the day.

They caught fish.
Catch and release so I didn't
actually see these fish.
There were photos...but they
could have been doctored.
You know these fishermen and their
fish tales....
(Insert wicked smile here)

While the fishermen were off doing
their thing Mikey and Warren were
on a huge pile or rather many piles
of coal with dirtbikes and friends.

Jumping, trail riding, climbing.
All things that would stop my heart
were I to watch.

They came home very dirty but for the
most part unhurt. Warren did leave a
small amount of DNA out there from his
arm...but nothing major.

Doesn't stop the muscles from screaming
every time they move. I smile.
I didn't get sore reading on Saturday.
Nope! My quiet day didn't hurt a bit.

Truly, I have to be thankful for
their safety as someone in a different
group of riders was 
life flighted off the mountain
on Saturday.

I am so thankful they wear full gear
and are very careful...but understand
that this sport is dangerous.
By its very nature.

On to Sunday.
A full and busy day.

We enjoyed a wonderful time in Worship
and then a huge batch of us went to
lunch together at Sal's in Willow Street.
Sal's has a massive pizza for a decent
price. Makes it an easy choice for
young and old alike.

After this our house was filled with
conversation and laughter as it filled
with some of these friends until well
into the evening.

We are so blessed.

I say that a lot, don't I?

But, it is so true.

Friends, Family....God.

Still...leaves one Tired.
Cause I am so very human!


Saturday, May 22, 2010

Our Big Day

Friday began with rehearsal at 8:45 am.
This finished up at 11:30 when we ran some errands
on the way home.

Then it was off to Mom's for an amazing lunch
with my brother, Allan and my sister-in-law, Bev.
You might remember they wrote the Blogger Poem.
Georgia and the boys' friend, Chris, were at the
lunch as well.

Home to get dressed and back to prepare for the
ceremony at 5:45.

The church was a good 45 minutes away so it was
a lot of time on the road. But it was worth it.

There was a moment of worry as Mikey's zipper to
his gown broke. 

Thankfully, just that
morning at rehearsal I had heard the woman
in charge of ordering say that she had ordered extras.
Mikey had two to choose from.
One worked well!

The boys with their friend Chris 

as they prepare
to head in for class photos.

Musicians who played the prelude and
specials throughout the ceremony.

They were excellent!

Finally, it was time to begin.
The class began marching in.

They just kept coming.
All 83 of them!

A Civil Air Patrol Color Guard
 presented the American and Christian
Flags then the congregation sang
The National Anthem....with heart!

The Graduates sang a class song.

There was congregational singing
led by a band of graduates.

One of the graduates gave a wonderful
speech. He is planning to be a Pastor
so it was good to note that his presentation
was well executed. He is well on his way
to being an excellent communicator.

A twenty-five minute video of the grads
from baby to young person. So fun.

The Keynote Speaker.
Dr. Michael Farris.

A very distinguished man.
You may know him as the founder
and chairman of HSLDA, founder
and Chancellor of Patrick Henry
University and as an attorney
he has argued before
 the Supreme Court.
We were so happy when we heard
he would speak at this graduation.

Finally, it was time to give out
the diplomas. My heart began to race.
You see, Mikey had told us that he wanted
to do a back flip as he got his diploma.

I kept saying that he shouldn't.
I mean, what if he missed.
How humiliating would that be???

So, the closer we got to the stage
the more difficulty
I had taking a full breath.

We waited at the top of the steps for our turn to greet
the boys.

Jonathan came first.

Love this big boy.
He offered me a rose in
exchange for his diploma.

Then came Mikey.

He gave me the rose.
He then shoved his cap into
Warren's hands as I said
"Oh No!"

Then executed a perfect
backflip in his dress shoes
and gown.

The crowd erupted in
laughter and applause.

I walked away
shaking my head.

Soon the class was announced,
the flags were removed by the
Color Guard and we found ourselves
in the crush of people in a receiving
line. Awesome.

Our friends and family are so

They really made
it a special evening.

Finally, we headed to Friendly's
where we found other Grad Families.

We closed the place at Midnight.

It was important to get home and to
bed as the boys both have big plans
for today.
Mikey and Warren are off already on
a dirt bike ride.
Jonathan and Uncle Allan will leave
soon for some fly fishing.

Of course, I worry about the dirt bikers.
But...I am still happy that they get to
do something they enjoy so much.

Just a tidbit of something cool that
happened last evening...
A young man who is about to graduate
from Longwood Garden's Professional
Gardener's Program came up to Mikey
and introduced himself. 

Warren just
happened to take a photo of them talking.
I love how God works!!!

Bits of encouragement even here.
Jonathan and Mikey had a very special day
and all of us were exhausted as we fell into
bed early this morning.

Thank you for your well wishes too.
I am very thankful for the opportunity 
to share these special moments.

Now, because we are so blessed
it makes me want to share the blessing.
Would you take a moment to stop by
and read this post....and this one
about a precious child in Iraq
who needs a surgery.
Brin has set up a way that we all can
help....It would mean the world to me
if you did what you could.

Thank You!

Friday, May 21, 2010

It is Graduation Day...

Oh Yeah...

They are just two of the eighty-three
graduating in this ceremony.

See you tomorrow...with pictures!

You may remember the first photo
from the evening
of the Formal.
It would be a shame to not use the ones
of them dancing for joy!
Now to go wake the sleeping Graduates.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Clematis 2010

Hello Dear Friends,

Georgia has the most amazing
clematis again this year. in hand and dogs in tow
I headed over to snap some pictures.


God is so very amazing.
When I see the details in flowers such as these
I am just in awe of HIS creativity
and attention to detail.

And to think...this is just one of so many
beautiful flowers HE designed. wonderful to ponder.

Good-bye Senator Specter

Once upon a time there was a
well intentioned man. He was
elected to serve the people.
For a very long time this man
did what he thought best....for the people.

As the years went by this man
became used to a different way
of thinking. It differed from
the people who had elected him.
That didn't stop him.
He continued doing what he thought
was best...for him.

The people have spoken.

They want their seat back.

Good-bye, Mr. Specter.


Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Ever So Grateful

Warning: A Proud Parent Post....
Skip if these
things make you nauseous!

Last evening was Mikey's last
high school evaluation.
On Friday the Ceremony will mark
him as a Graduate and Monday, 
after a celebratory dirt bike trip on Saturday,
he will begin his new job.

Long time readers know,
or can guess,
where that is!

It has never been easy with him.
He absolutely hated anything having
to do with school.
I do not exaggerate here!

But, by the Lord's grace and
a lot of hard work we have reached
the goal!

Better than that~
Michael did it with

That is so very important!

Chelsea had her first High School
Evaluation last night.
That stinker finished up ninth
grade with 11.5 credits.

How can children from the same
Mommy be so very different?
Chelsea does school for fun.

It is her dream to go to Culinary
School and she practices almost
daily. Cooking dinner or most often
baking a fabulous dessert.

She has done meal prep and cooking for
up to nine people.
And it was GOOD!

At the same time she is quite the writer.
She and her pen pal, Julianne,
are co-authoring a very good book.
Our Evaluator, Tracy, really
enjoyed what she read of it and
encouraged us to take it further.
So, who knows, maybe one day
these girls will be published....

It is good to have an evaluator such
as Tracy. She is so encouraging and
very thorough. 
A true blessing!

Sorry if this a bit braggy...
but you know the truth of it is,
I am ever so grateful.

Grateful to my children for doing the required work.
Grateful to my family for all of their help and assistance.
And most of all Grateful to the Lord 
for enabling and strengthening us 
for this journey.

Now... on to Graduation
and then to enjoy

Monday, May 17, 2010

A Full Weekend

Indeed it was a very busy weekend.
But good.

The highlights?
~More than 30 in our Family Room for
Bible Study on Friday evening.
~Shopping for Baby Gifts on Saturday
~First Music Lessons with Kiddos at Church
~A sweet Baby Shower
~Friends over Sunday evening.

Poor Mikey got an elbow in the face while playing Ultimate Frisbee
which made him dizzy and his nose bleed.
Ordinarily this would be just a normal happening...
but all of a sudden I had visions of him looking 
like a raccoon for graduation!
Good Grief.
But the truth is that he is likely to have bumps or 
bruises somewhere as only hours before he was riding
an office chair down the hill near our house.
His Dad and Grandma were both in on this.
Once again I feel the need to say
Good Grief!!!!

No wonder I am getting more gray hair.
At least they did it while I was at the Baby Shower
at Creekside Cottage.
By the favorite photo from the Baby Shower
is this one.
My sweet little friend, Sarah.

Very soon she will be called Aunt Sarah
by her brother's soon to be born little girl.
Who knew that ribbons and bows from a package
could be put to such good use.
There are blues in the ribbon, but
Sarah's blue eyes are just the ticket for Blue Monday with Smiling Sally.

Thanks for stopping by today!