Sunday, November 29, 2009

Advent 2009 - Week One!

It has come so soon!
Seems we have only just
celebrated the anniversary
of the birth of our Country
and now we begin the
celebration of the birth
of our Salvation.

Over the next four weeks
we will look forward...
as those long ago looked
forward to a Savior.
They were looking
in anticipation...
we are in an
attitude of gratitude!

Let's briefly contrast
the two perspectives
on the timeline:

Their Perspective:

Jeremiah 33:14-16

"The days are coming"
declares the Lord,
"When I will fulfill the
gracious promise I made
to the house of Israel
and to the house of Judah.
"In those days
and at that time
I will make a righteous
Branch sprout from
David's line;
He will do what
is just and right
in the land.
In those days Judah
will be saved and
Jerusalem will live
in safety.
This is the name
by which it will be called
The LORD our Righteousness."

Our Perspective of
thankfulness and joy
for a completed work:

I Peter 1:3,4

Praise be to the God
and Father of our
Lord Jesus Christ!
In his great mercy
he has given us a new birth
into a living hope
through the resurrection
of Jesus Christ from the dead,
and into an inheritance
that can never perish,
spoil or fade -
kept in Heaven for you!

In our worship service this morning
we will then light the first
Advent Candle as we sing
O Come, O Come, Emmanuel.

We eagerly look forward to
celebrating the Birth
of our Messiah!

Praying a very meaningful Advent
Season for you...


Saturday, November 28, 2009

A Wonderful Thanksgiving

Mom hosted Thanksgiving Dinner
this year. It was delightful!

Warren was the resident photographer
and took all of these photos...

Before the meal my Sister-in-law, Bev,
offered us Smoked Steelhead Trout,
Cream Cheese and Crackers.

Allan had caught the trout and they
had it smoked. Very decadent!

The kitchen was full as Allan
was busy cooking up venison with
fresh mushrooms,
Onions and Peppers.

Georgia carved the turkey and
Mom prepared the other dishes
and took care of many details.

The Sparkling Cider was poured.

It was a time of eating much
and rejoicing in the fact that
we have each other.

We have experienced and understand
the unpredictability that can often
occur. We hope to not take each
other for granted!

I wonder what was so interesting.

All in all, we had a wonderful day.
It ended with an adapted game of
Balderdash. With words taken
from the dictionary.
We all agreed that we should
get the game.
It would just be better
that way.

Yesterday was busier than we
expected as we found out our dear friend
and Associate Pastor is in the Hospital.
Of course, we wanted to visit him and
since our Senior Pastor is out of town
there was a lot of scrambling to find
replacements for Sunday's Service.

All is well.
God is Good.

We visited Pastor Jack who lifted
our spirits all while we were attempting
to do that for him. He is 86 and this
has been his first stay in a hospital.

What a glowing testimony this man is.
We just love him and pray for a full
recovery. He has a procedure coming
up on Monday that involves his heart.
Please keep him in your prayers.

Last evening Allan, Bev and Georgia
joined us for movies and some loud
Beatles Rock Band. It was crazy...
but it was fun. Chelsea has said she
will not play again if I am singing.

I am fine on the songs I know but tend
to be a bit distracting if I don't know
the song. I take that as the opportunity
to have a bit of fun....I just don't understand
why she wouldn't love that??? LOL

Have a wonderful weekend.
Enjoy what seems like a bonus day today.

Love Ya!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Giving Thanks!

Wishing You and Yours...

A Blessed Thanksgiving!

One filled to the top with
the knowledge that God,
in His Providential care,
has brought you through another year.

While each year brings its
own challenges,
None are too much for God.

He meets our every need.
He loves us so very much!
May we wrap this knowledge
around us as we enjoy time
with family and friends
this Thanksgiving Day.

We will be eating venison with rice,
turkey, mashed potatoes,
green bean casserole and
corn pudding.

Desserts on the menu are
Pumpkin Pie,
Pumpkin cheesecake
and Pecan Pie.

Oh My!

How about you?

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Late Fall in PA

The Landis House at Susquehannock State Park.
This building while no longer in use has an
interesting history as a former stop on the
Underground Railroad.

It is named after the last private owner of
this stone home before the property was purchased
to create a State Park.

We were out to the park with friends from
church. It is just such a blessing to enjoy
fellowship with those we worship with.

I could not help but notice how the sky,
trees, and even our clothing were in hues
of browns and blues.

Miss Sarah enjoyed an enthusiastic game of
Keep-a-way with two grown ups and another
youngster. She was going for the frisbee
with all she had in her.

I believe that Chloe, in her coat,
was cheering for Sarah....

Is that a frisbee in Sarah's hands?
I believe she did it!

This slowed things down
a bit, but allowed for
some creative retrieval.

It involved a forked stick
and a lifted up Sarah.
She did well...

Finally I wandered off for some
photo opportunities.
What a truly lovely day to spend
out of doors!

A little while later the entire group
had gone in three different directions.
My friend, Kelly, and I spent time walking and
talking. Sharing the joys and challenges
of parenting. Of course we have both
experienced several emotions just this
past week and it was nice to share.

Kelly has a better camera than
I do but I try not to let it be
too intimidating.

I just snap away.

I'll let the rest of these photos
speak for themselves...

Don't miss the rest of the Fall Beauty.
Get out there!
It is sweet!


Saturday, November 21, 2009

The Day After!

We had a great time... Five choirs and an ensemble. Multiple individual musicians on piano, cello and guitar. About an hour of music. Everyone doing their best. I am so proud of our young people who performed so dearly. I'll focus on my choirs as that is who Warren got some video of.

The Fourth to Sixth Graders are required to take music in our co-op. So we have those who love to sing... and some who feel that singing in the concert is the equivalent of having a root canal. These kids are so precious. I was going to have some video of them but it is such a process to get it to work.

The 7th and Up Choir is there mostly because they want to be. We had one young man in the choir this year. His mother made him join. He was uncertain in the beginning... and who could blame him, as the only boy. But last night he came to me and said, "My Mom won't have to force me to take choir next year! And I am going to get some of my friends to join too!"

Melt my heart!!!!
This guy can SING!!!
So this is great news.

The highlight of the evening for me was the 7-ups singing The Power of Your Love... acapella. It was so rich and full in the auditorium. This video is a poor representation of it as it got filtered through the camera mic. But you can just imagine.

Thanks for asking about the concert...
It was great.


Thursday, November 19, 2009

4:19 A.M.

That is what the clock said
when I sat up and put on my
glasses. Everything came into
focus and I could see that I
was awake way too early.

Nonetheless, I would have to
get up. There were too many
details for tomorrow's concert
swirling in my head to stay
cocooned in my warm blankets.

That is just how it is for me.
My brain apparently does a lot
of processing at night because
it wakes me up with reminders at
odd hours.

Such as...We will need a microphone
for this person and the congregation
will want words for this song.
Simple things like that but if
not done would make for
"Awkward Moments".
Our Fall concert doesn't need any
of these!

Today is our final regular rehearsal.
Tomorrow is the dress rehearsal and

This has been a very strange year.
We had to cancel our entire co-op
for two weeks due to sickness.
This sickness has a cough
that goes on and on. So, while some
of my students are back they are still
not one hundred percent.

What I have learned over the past
few years of heading up the concert
is that everything will be just fine.

No matter what is just fine.

The parents and grandparents love seeing
the children perform.
The rowdy boys gather some dignity from
some corner of their hearts.
Everyone puts their best effort into it
and it is all good.

So then, why did my brain wake me at 4:19?

Just a part of the process, I guess!

Have a great day!!
Hope you got to sleep in...


Wednesday, November 18, 2009

She's A He!

There is a reason this one was shirking egg laying duty...

The black one hiding in
the shadow is now a big,
(As it goes for Banties)
proud Rooster with a
"doodle doo" that is
in the process of being

Have you ever heard a rooster
learn to crow?

It is one of the cutest and
funniest sounds ever.

I cannot believe that I am
writing about the silly
chickens when there is so
much work to be done.

But, you are witnessing the
need for a break in real time.

So tired...but I must keep



No, I am not having
a breakdown...just a
little fun.

See ya later!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A Crazy but Happy Life!

Oh my!

When I look at this picture
it seems to represent everything
about my life right now.

My Chelsea is growing up and
changing so quickly.

(She is such a dear!)

In our lives there is so much
going on right now.

The Moms have returned from Israel.
It was a wonderful trip and they
have many stories to tell.
My favorite, so far, having to
do with my Mom trying to get down
from a camel and falling onto the
camel handler, who said, "Golly Gosh!"

I know, it doesn't take much to make
me laugh, but that had to be too funny!

As our Mothers were nearing home,
Warren was leaving for the airport.

No, he was not running away.
An unexpected business trip was

Frankly, I think he is a bit relieved
as our home is quickly being overrun with
candles. So far I have made
hundreds of candles...
with many more to make.

I finished one fundraiser last week and
am in the thick of another.

This is the week of the concert at our
homeschool co-op. We have an two extra
rehearsals and I have a lot to do.
A lot!

So...I will not be here much, and really
don't have time to visit around as I love
to. But, I look forward to things settling
down after this week as the concert drops
off the schedule.

Thanks for popping in...

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Fun Game Night!

Last night was so fun!

I had not played Balderdash in a
very long time but remembered it
was a great game.

In the end there were ten players
around the table.

Mrs. Rabe, of Creekside Cottage,
was not intending to play
but got drafted to be our permanent
reader and score keeper.
This made eleven.

That worked out very well!

If laughter is the medicine you
need, this game and creative players
might be just the prescription for

And in case you get the word
"flews" it is not "hillbilly
speak" for is
the name for the lip flap on
certain breeds of dogs

Just thought you might need to
know that one!

This week a new friend was asking about
our church and how the socialization
works with the teenagers. I told her
that we do all of our activities as families.
She was intrigued.

I wish she could have been there to see the
mixing of the ages. Our table wasn't the
only one being loud and having a great time.
There was a group at the next table playing
Uno Attack. Both tables had young people
as well as parents and single adults playing
together. Not an unhappy or
sulky person in the mix.

Looking forward to our next Game Night sometime
over the winter. Hot Chocolate, tea, sweet and
salty snacks and good friends.
There will be much laughter,
good conversation and
many well intended challenges.

I wish all of you could join us!

Have a great weekend!


Friday, November 13, 2009


Today was so much fun.
You probably won't understand why
I enjoyed it so...
but that is o.k.

I got to spend the morning discussing
Government with the kiddos. Hearing
their perspective on things is interesting.
We are studying the 1800's, the
early government and decisions made
by the first few Presidents of this
dear Country.

This afternoon was spent making candles
for the most current fundraiser.


This evening's dinner was homemade
pizza...enjoyed by all.
Chelsea and I found some pizza
pans on sale this week and just
had to try them out.

Now...I want to curl up with a
good book and read.

However, that is not to be.
There is more fun to be had.

We have a Family Game Night
at church. We will be laughing
as we challenge each other with
Balderdash or making patterns with

Of course we will enjoy Chelsea's
treats of Chocolate Covered Peanut
Butter Balls and Rice Crispy Treats.

It will be a good evening,
I am sure.

I just need to catch my second
wind...any second now...
I know it will come!

Have a great evening.


The Winner!!!

Thanks to each and every one who entered
my 900th post giveaway. It was fun.
You are the best.

However, there can be
only one winner this
time around.

Jonathan came in from taking
out the trash and I grabbed
him as a totally neutral person
to choose a winner.

He chose....

Congratulations Jane!!!
It is nice to know that you
are also friends with Deanna.
Hope you'll leave more comments.
I would like to get to know you!

E-mail me at Beckykcandles (@) gmail dot com
with your selections totalling up to
$48. Choose jars, fragrance and colors.


And, again...thanks EVERYONE!