Friday, March 31, 2017

Crazy Sore From Singing

From 1 pm - 5:30 pm with a tiny bit of a break while younger classes worked on stage I was directing choirs yesterday.  Our regular co-op day was immediately followed by the rehearsal for our concert this evening.  So, myself and the accompanist worked straight through with three choirs.  I felt for her poor fingers!  Although she was pleased because her step tracker on her arm thought she had walked a LOT of steps.

This morning I feel like I did a major workout in my core and shoulders.  Obviously I need to be in better shape.  Ha! 

I've been struggling with a pinched nerve so every time we have co-op I have ridiculous pain.  It was no exception yesterday.  Ouch!  Thankfully the chiropractor was open when we were done and I got over there to start getting things put back to rights.

As for how the kids are handling the music?  Well, I couldn't be prouder of them.  This year I decided to give them some very difficult pieces.  They have asked for a couple of these pieces before and I steered them to other options.  But this year....I decided to give them a chance.  They really dug in and mastered them!  I added one of my own to the 4-6th grade choir that is very wordy.  It is the song Lazarus by Greater Vision.  The melody is simple but saying the words all at the same time and remembering the many, many words is a huge challenge.  They did it!!  Hoping Warren can get a video of it.  It is beyond cute!!

The 2nd/3rd grade choir will be singing Children of the Heavenly Father.  Such a mouthful for such little voices.  BUT it works!  They are simply adorable!!  One little one sings every other verse solo and she knocks it out of the park! I always feel badly for this group because there are so few of them. I should know how many...but it is around 12.  Sweet little voices!  They are also singing O The Deep, Deep Love of Jesus and The Joy of the Lord (Rend Collective) in combined choir with 4th -6th grades.

Then 4th-6th are singing My Name is Lazarus as I said before and The River (Jordan Felize).  

The high school choir will sing And Can it Be, Lead Me To the Cross and Simplicity.  They really surprised me in wanting to learn parts and have speaking roles.  Gotta love these kids!!  It has been so much fun working with this age group again.  This is the first year since I came back to teach for me to have them.  

I need to is a big day.  Opening the store this morning, hair cut at noon, back to the shop and then off to the concert.  Whew!  I may meet myself coming or going but it is all good.  I signed up for it and I shall not complain.  I would accept prayer that my pinched nerve would not get a chance to act up this evening.  Maybe since we will only do everything once it will all be good.  :-)

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Peace and Holiness - A devotional

Photo Credit:  Chelsea Pham

Hebrews 12:14

Make every effort to live in peace with everyone and be holy;
without holiness no one will see the Lord.

I like this verse.  I brings peace and holiness together.
In my life long "church" experiences too often I have seen these things imposed
differently and not in a way that coexists.

How does one live a holy life and not feel compelled to
call those who do not out?
So often I cringe at posts I see on Facebook or attitudes
coming from fellow believers...and even myself...
as we see the sin in someone else's life.
Some sins even seem to bring some Christians to a militant
response when they are felt to be worse than our own specks.

Sin is sin.

It only takes ONE sin in a whole life to cause our separation from
eternal life with our Heavenly Father.

Each of us has sinned.

However, because of Christ's work on the cross and resurrection
we are offered the hope and reality of salvation.
A healing between us and the One who created us.

Thankfully, the Holy Spirit is our guide and help to live a
holy will surely not be a "sin free" life.
However, the intent is changed and over time
the desires to please the Lord are stronger and stronger.
This is what we often call the process of sanctification.

All along this way, though, we must not begin to think
ourselves better....or more worthy.
None of us is worthy.
It was not because of anything special in us that
we have received God's salvation.
It is because of His love and the incredible sacrifice
Jesus gave on the cross.

Let us live in peace with each other and those around us...
and be thankful.... even as we live
the holy life to which we have been called.

It breaks my heart over and over again when "holiness"
resembles hate.
Think about it.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Last Post Title was Sick Day

Sadly, I could post the same again today...although this time I am on the mend from a tummy bug. Good grief!  You can tell I haven't been out in the general public much in the last few years.  Hoping I'm done with catching whatever people are carrying around with them for a while.  Of course, Warren finds it amusing to remind me that he didn't get the flu shot and I did.  Cute guy!!

However, before the plague hit I was rushing to make these new and adorable favors for a little boy.

The customer showed me this picture....

...and asked if I could make that elephant blue.
And so I did.

But you know, that elephant looks feminine even in blue.
She has long lashes and a girl face.

I even tried putting a top hat where the flower is but 
that looked ridiculous!

So, I reworked the entire thing.
The tricky part was that these are needed for a shower this Saturday
and while I sent photos for approval I had to just take a chance
and send them when I hadn't heard back.
With the winter storm headed our way there wasn't time
to wait to hear back.

I was soooo relieved when I finally got a response to my request for approval 
and she loves them!!

By the way, I had not procrastinated...
this was a last minute rush order.

It is so much fun to create cuteness.
I just always remember that what I find adorable
others may not.

Friday, March 10, 2017

Sick Day

It has come to that.  Mostly because I don't want Mom or Chelsea to get my cold.  But also because I feel awful....And it is snowing!

Our first winter weather just days before Spring arrives.  It's the best kind.  Pretty and white but not really sticking to the roads.  Of course cold temperatures are!  But we've been so blessed I really shouldn't complain.

Tonight is the Friends and Family night for Jonah.  I'm still not sure if I'm going.  Tomorrow is our anniversary and Mom's birthday and we have tickets to see the Booth Brothers in concert so I'm hoping to feel up to that.

My Uncle is having major surgery today to see how much they can help him after he broke a couple of vertebrae in his back a few months ago.  Other doctors refused to do surgery and he was miraculously directed to a specialist who is working on him today.  Praying for all involved.  He has been in horrible, awful pain that we have all felt just so sad about.  He's a private man and has only just given permission to ask for prayer.

Because every post is better with pictures I'll share some I took yesterday of the new Cheryl McNulty cards in the shop.  They are $4 each if anyone cares to order any from afar.  I also received new cards from my photography and will share them at the end.  Same pricing.

Man, I love those.
The colors, the expressions.

This photo of the four bookmarks she sent came out pretty with 
the plants in the background and the simplicity of the alpaca
dryer balls and socks.

This air plant is flowering.
The joy these plants bring us and our customers is a shocker
to me. But I'm so thrilled at how they are being received.

And my cards and mug....

Creating is soooo much fun!

Now to see if anyone likes our fun. 

Last night we hung out with friends while Warren ran sound
for a banquet.
Just thought you might enjoy seeing the beautiful space at 
The Eden Resort.

Loving the lights...always.
And while the fountain at the front of the room had to be stopped because of 
how much noise it makes when running it is still pretty.

Hope you have a great day.
I'm off to rest, do some candle work and do some dishes.

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Pretty Things...Like Flowers from Paper and More.....

My apologies if you are "over" the shop stuff.
It's just all I'm doing these days....
other than teaching music and leading worship...
and making candles.

But, it is definitely the most photogenic thing
I'm up to at the moment.

We have five ladies who are making crocheted and knitted items for us
at the moment.  Another will bring her amazing fingerless gloves, hats and scarves
in the Autumn.
Can you see the butterfly on the hat at the top?
That's the work of a lady named Corrie.

With a grandson on the way, I keep my eye on the goodies as they come.
There are some adorable baby bow ties in the shop now.
Pretty sure Baby Pham will be sporting one of those
in the Fall.

This is a view of the shop I haven't shown yet.
From the middle right looking back to the left corner.
The babies breath hanging from driftwood is one of my favorite
things in the shop.
When we knew the driftwood was staying I decided that it 
would be just the perfect whimsy to hang it there.
Emily went with me to pick it up and then came back
and helped us make the bunches and hang them.
She spent a long time on the ladder that day!
Love that girl!!
So happy that Mikey married her!!

Remember my friend, Susanna?
Katie's mom.
She's making lotion bars for us.
Aren't they stunning???
In four all natural scents so far.
Vanilla, Lavender, Sweet Orange and Mint.

Chelsea is now making bath bombs.
She has discovered that it is FUN!
For now she started with Lemon and Coconut scented ones.
If they are well received more will follow
in additional fragrances.

The Petals From Paper!!
Sheila, a friend from my many years on Etsy makes these.
She learned to do it for her daughter's wedding and 
was willing to make more to share with us.
The detail is incredible.
It takes a lot of time to cut every petal, 
shape them and then glue them one by one to make each flower.
And yet her prices are comparable to purchasing a live
bouquet for delivery which fades so quickly.

Peony, anyone?
So pretty!

A cute girl set!
Comes with this dress, hat and little shoes.
Such a nice keepsake and family heirloom set.

A girl we know as one of our soap makers,  named Bethany, is also 
producing hand screen printed Onesies in two baby sizes.
They are soooo sweet!!

Sneaking in another flower!!
Gotta love them.

We do have real flowers too.
Mini roses are blooming....

I truly love Cheryl McNulty's take on Amish children.
The expressions and details are very, very good.

This one reminds me of one of our young friends.

Some advice to the wise....

This is a beautiful piece that could be so many things.
A small round table cover, a throw for the couch, a blanket for baby, 
or even a shawl.  
It is made from vintage looking yarn.
So, while it appears to have been around for a while is actually
quite new.

I admit to being easily amused but this week something happened that
really tickled my funny bone.
You see we had already been visited by a gentleman who was offering an 
advertising package which after some thought we decided to pursue
and we had called to tell him so.
He said that he would be in shortly to begin taking photos
and so I thought very little of it when he arrived as we had customers in the 
shop (friends) and he began snapping away with no more than 
a wave and a nod at each other.

After a while it seemed awkward to not say anything and so I blurted out, 
"Yeah, random men just pop into the shop 
and start taking photos all of the time!
Nearly EVERY day!".
We all got a giggle out of it, I introduced him
 and he promised not to take photos of the 
customers faces.
All was well.
It was just one of those amusing situations of which I'm sure 
we will have many.

Dear hubby shared his cold with me this week so I'm probably not going
to be at the shop much tomorrow.
However, Chelsea is planning to be there all day and it will be great.
And maybe tomorrow I'll be all over it.....
It could happen.

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Favorite Pics From my Phone

The lighting wasn't great but the opportunity wasn't going to be there if I 
had gotten up to turn on more lights.
Molly and her best friend toy. 
She loves to make this giraffe squeak. 
I just love how much alike they look.

And now for some random photos from the shop 
over the past two weeks.

We have fallen in love with the Rain line of jewelry!
We hope our customers love it big bunches so we can keep ordering it!!

 These alpaca dryer balls and socks have been soooo popular!!
Today a customer returned to get two dryer balls because her neighbor has been bragging 
on the ones she purchased.

 I am having a blast planting container gardens.

 The air plants have been so much fun!
This mother to be is using them as her primary decor in the nursery.
She loves that the plants will also filter the air for baby.

While this beautiful shawl and pin have been sold there are 
more from my friend, Kristine, that are so beautiful!
We are so thrilled to have this level of talent sharing with us.

Cloche made from vintage one gallon jug found in a 1700's 
spring house by one of our artisans.
Getting the jugs clean was a real challenge.
The clear ones didn't come completely clean on the bottom
so Barb and her husband decided to take the bottom off and 
turn them into decor.
Our customers love the creativity AND that they can change with the seasons.

 Our soap display early on.
Now there are some noticeable gaps as we await re-stocking
on the citrus soap on the right.

Creative terrarium with air plant created by our Emily.
She came and hung out with me one afternoon 
creating beautiful things.

Polymer Pendant by Sharon Bath.
Love the detailing!!

The lavender bunches have been very well received.
They make the shop smell divine.
I also have a vanilla melter going most of the time
for a vanilla lavender mix.

Cindy Schlosser is an incredible artist who 
is consigning various painted items.
I am partial to this one.
Polka dots and chickens....who could want more?
But if you are into something a bit more subtle
we have that too.
The sunflowers...or quilts ....are so pretty.

I didn't take the following photo.
Bethany, who screen printed the onesies did.
We love that each lamb came out just a bit differently.

Working with so many talented people is great.

I haven't been able to include everyone in this post.
So...I guess I'll just have to write another post soon. 

Can't wait to show you the cuteness for babies
as well as the crepe paper flower arrangements that are 
supposed to arrive