Friday, February 29, 2008

Birds of a Feather...

You do know that old saying
about birds, feathers
and flocking together?

It is so true!

This can be good...
or bad,
depending on the birds.

I think these cute little
guys are the type that I could
hang out with.

They are close to home.
Most likely spring cleaning
their abode and getting it set
up for their family to come.

Other birds are the kind that
steal from others to take care of
Not so crazy about that kind.

In my position as Jr and
Senior High coordinator
at our homeschool co-op,
and being the parent of teens,
I have noticed how true this
statement really is.

If you have teenagers
take a look at their friends
and you'll get a pretty good idea
of what is happening in the
mind and heart of your child.

This is the first real opportunity
for most young people to have
a lot of say in the people
they hang out with.

Up til now their social
schedule has been mostly
engineered by you or school

Who are they flying with?

I hope your young one is
flying with the hardworking,
reponsible birds.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Nope, I wasn't Tagged...

I was going to write about the crazy day that I am about to have...
but that would be boring...

So, instead I am going to list some things that I just love...
not the obvious God, Hubby, family....
you do already know those things about me, right?

These are comfort and hobby things...

1. Time with a very good book.
It has been a while since
I have read a book that I could
not put down.

2. Moving into a new home.
Makes my entire family shudder!
It is a lot of work...but it is such an
adventure and a whole clean canvas to
paint on.

3. Decorating!
This takes time, creativity and often
money. I love to do it
but seem to see each finished
project as a nearly forever
one and don't start over...
I need to be constantly creative so we
have often found ourselves in a new home
as the old one gets completed.
Not anymore! We just moved the Moms into
our neighborhood. Now I will keep
reworking this home.

4. Hunting down a bargain.
I love, love, love a deal!!
This is inherited from my mother!

5. Watching a sweet and smart movie with my husband.
Need I say more?

6. Scrapbooking.
One day...I will have conquered all
of the photos that are laughing at
me from the safety of their pretty
photo box.

7. Time spent with the family in Potter County, the mountains.
It is as if the pressures of the world
just fall right off your shoulders as
you climb into the beauty of untouched creation.

8. Going to Auctions and yard sales.
The season for these is nearly upon us.
I can feel my heart begin to race...
just at the thought!

9. Slipping into bed onto freshly changed sheets!
Sheer Bliss!

10. Hanging out with my Mom.
A very funny and great lady!

11. Bowling
The latest in my long list of things
to enjoy. It is fun to do with
the kids. I am not terrible at it
and yet it is challenging...
therefore enjoy it.

These are some things that make me happy.

Some of these I get to do regularly...
some will be easier to accomplish once
the kids move out...
and I take over their
(insert wicked laugh here)

What do you do for YOU?

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Candle Orders

As I have been busy doing other things
the candle orders have been coming in.

Here is my candle to do list:

1 Apple Cinnamon Tea- for my friend Judy

1 large hurricane cinnamon bun (tan) - send to Vanessa in Missouri

1 Apple Cinnamon jar - for my Mother-in-law

1 Mulberry Spice 8 oz jar refill - from the Christmas fundraiser

1 10 oz - Scent unknown - for a current fundraiser

3 assorted glassware refills from my Amish Friends

Anybody want to place an order while I am making these?
Price is 50 cents per ounce, (soy or gel) plus $1 for the container. So you choose the size you want and add a dollar. US Shipping is a flat $5 for the first piece then $2 each after that in the same order. That is the easiest. Sometimes I'll win...most times you win... on the shipping. International shipping will be actual cost.

I have 8 oz or 12 oz canning style jars...metal daisy lids...New, cute Labels...Thanks Miss Paula!

9 oz hexagon jars with silver daisy lids...

8 oz frosted bulb jars...not the love tag...unless you ask for it...I have new tags. They are a surprise...think more Victorian.

16 oz frosted terrace jars - no picture yet...but it has 2 wicks

teacups - flat $15 each - unless you send me your favorite cup and then it is 50 cents per ounce. If I choose the cup the design will vary.

coke glasses - flat $5.00 each

..and more...need a quantity for retail? We have special rates for that...

Have a great day!

We are eating out tonight at a tourist stop, Good and Plenty. They offer great specials on the off season. It is Chelsea's fav! They serve family style and lots of it. Self control...I'll be telling myself that I should have this... all day, today.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

For the Mommies....

Mommies have power.

We have the power to
shape our world.

We can change the course
of history...

One household at a time.

We have been given a great
and marvelous responsibiity...
to care for our homes
and raise up our children
in the Way they should go.

It is the Mother who is sharing
her values with that toddler
as he learns to be respectful.

It is the Mother who models
forgiveness as her little one
breaks that precious vase.

It is Mommy who models love and
respect for Daddy.
Through her every action
reinforcing the
relationship between
father and child.

It is Mommy who snuggles and
cuddles when things are scary in
this world.
She reassures that,
in God's hand,
all will be fine.

Mother has the power to build
up confidence in a young person.

She also has the power to take
that confidence away.

We, my dear mommy friends,
are preparing the next generation
of our world.

What are you doing
with your power

Let's teach these young people
what is right and wrong.
Yes, there are absolutes!!!!

Let's comfort and genuinely care
about our young people
when they hurt...
And they do sometimes.

Let's come alongside them
in their dreams and goals.
We have the power
to make or break their
confidence by our responses
and expectations.

Let's treat them with respect
and expect the same from them.

Lets raise solid, strong
adults who know what
they believe
and why...

Adults who know
the Word,
and are students
of it.

Who know the value
of a dollar...
and the dangers of

Adults who wish to
get involved in
the world around them
in a positive way.

Adults who minister to
the hurting they see
around them with

This is not too much
to ask.
This is possible by
or maybe reclaiming...
the power given to
us as mothers.

We are shaping our world.

One Child at a time!

Monday, February 25, 2008

And our winner is.....

Thank you to everyone
who played along!

For those of you who linked
this on your blog...
I am so thankful!!!!

I hope that I have made some new friends
who will come back to share
my day...

After writing all of the entrants,
both for themselves and as referral
sources onto these lovely purple tickets...

...and tearing them up and putting
them into my lovely basket...

...waking up a very disinterested
person to complete the drawing...Mikey

We have our winner...

Mrs. Kwitty...Karen!!!
You have won the 200th post giveaway!

I will need to get your mailing address
so that I can get these things into
the mail and on their way to you.

My email address is on the sidebar.


Sunday, February 24, 2008

The Suspense Builds...

Ladies and Gentlemen,

We now return to our regularly scheduled
programming...the Giveaway is over.

The winner will be announced shortly!

Blessings on your Sunday

May God be very real and close to you today.
He is the One who can calm the storms of
that often try to assail us.

He loves you dearly.

Only He can bring
true joy
lasting peace that is
beyond the human

If you are hurting
run to Jesus.
His arms are open...
He cannot wait
to hold you.

If you are already experiencing
the Joy of the Lord today...
Let us celebrate together...
Our God Reigns!

Tell somebody!
Don't keep your best friend
a secret from those around

Share...a little!


A Perfect Giveaway for Alicia...

at Renewed in Him.
Alicia, check these
little faux cupcakes out!

You are all invited to go on
over to Garden Goose and enter to win.
So cute.

Make sure you come on back and get your daily entry in for the 200th Post Giveaway!

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Happy Birthday, Dear Bev!

To my Sister-in-love,
Sister, Friend.

This is a quick shot from my
scrapbook of Bev and Allan's wedding
portraits. The plastic didn't allow
for a clear picture but her loveliness
...and his handsomeness...
still come through.

Time is Ticking Away....200th Post Giveaway

What is up with me and song titles?

Anyway...this is a friendly reminder that the Giveaway will end on Monday....sometime.

Whenever the flowers have stopped falling the giveaway has ended.
Thanks Melissa, Elijah's Adventures, for showing me how to get falling flowers!
So fun for this purpose!!!

Any-hoo...enter while you can...once per day and send your friends!

You are playing for:

This tea cup candle.
We have been making them for three
years now with Penreco gel.
The best gel available!

A $15 gift card to Hallmark.

A sweet Butterfly ceramic.

A fun book in which to organize your recipes.


A package of three Ornaments from Lenox.
We are very close to one of their Outlets.

You may enter here or at the official entry post at the sidebar.
Either way counts.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Oh the Weather Outside is Frightful~

But God's Love is so delightful~

So, since our plans
for this night were cancelled...
let it snow,
let it snow,
let it snow!

In reality it is not supposed to snow
as much as ice tonight,
but I am thankful for
passable roads today as one of
our boys had to have some emergency
medical tests run.

He is fine.

Praise the Lord!

But we were scared.

Don't ask for details
because I have been sworn
mum...but still...

we are very thankful for
the outcome and that
we had no trouble getting
to and fro!

Mom was smart and delayed
an attempted return from
South Carolina from today
until tomorrow.

I am thoroughly exhausted and
will just vegetate tonight...
as much as is possible
in this house!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Another Giveaway

Sharon, at Keeper of the Home, is having a lovely giveaway.
I cannot wait to spend some time at her blog. It looks lovely.
If you enter, please mention that I sent you.

What an exciting Evening we had!

We shared dinner with Warren's Mom and Pastor Mike.

It was so yummy.

Spare Ribs, slow baked with her sweet, peachy sauce
on them.

I brought my baked, seasoned potato "chunks", for lack
of a better word.
They tasted better than they sound.

Georgia had a beautiful salad and then homemade cherry
crumb pie for dessert.

All of this as the SNOW fell and fell.
It was one of those sparkly light snows.
So pretty, I had to appreciate it.

Then we were off to look at a possible
sight for our new Church to meet. is looking good...
and oh, so close to home!!!!

Everyone came back after the "look-see"
and we had much discussion...
and a few snacks.
Crackers and Cheese
Baby Carrots
Those cookies Chelsea and I baked...
Hot Chocolate.

The others left
leaving only our family
and Pastor Mike.

We share a love of astronomy and
were hoping that the clouds would
scoot in time for us to see the
lunar eclipse.

They did!

It was very more ways than
We shivered!
But, seeing the earth's shadow
cross the moon through the telescope and
binoculars was special.

A quick perusal of American Idol
by way of videotape,
(so that the commmercials
could be avoided),
and then chit chatting
until 1am.

Our evening was over.

I don't think that it took me
30 seconds to fall asleep.

I was down for the count.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

I believe I was wishing for Spring!

In my last post I distinctly remember saying that I was ready for Spring.
We have had almost no snow this year...but I just had to take a break from baking cookies with Chelsea to show you this.
I am Laughing...
Someone has quite a sense of humor!
I took a picture!

My cute little garden bunny is getting a snow coat.
On the very day I am longing for Spring.
Well, it is pretty.
Too funny!

Is it Spring Yet????

You all know that dreaded
You have just left on a
road trip and from the
back seat comes
a little voice...

"Are we there yet?"

Maybe you don't have kids
yet...but you were one once
and more likely than not
you have uttered that

That is how I am beginning
to feel about Spring.

Is it here yet??

It keeps teasing us.

We had 60 degree temps on
Monday...people had their windows
Children wore shorts...

Now it is cold and windy....
Mean, actually!

Shelley, what does your
smart meteorologist hubby have
to say about the subject?

We always trusted his predictions
on the weather more than anything
we heard on radio or tv.

Please say the groundhog
was wrong
Spring is coming soon.

I want to see green....
all the various shades as the
new leaves peek out of their hiding
places in the tree to see if it is safe
and then all of a sudden the
"all clear signal"
must be given because one day the
leaves just pop into full loveliness.

I want to see the brave little soldier
stems of the tulips and daffodils that
push and push and push through just
thawed earth to stand up straight and
color the earth with the first palette
of Spring.

Reds, yellows,
purples and pinks...sigh.

I long to smell the unmistakable scent
of thawing earth and that of the
flowering trees.

Oh, if only I had planted that box of
200 bulbs!

Actually, that is just a joke.

Those bulbs are going into containers
this week and will be set out close to the house.
I saw an article that shows how to layer the
bulbs, as if you were making lasagna
and they will bloom all of spring...
in waves.

Hope it works!

For those of us who are in the midst
of a cold
winter season....
I say, "Bring on the Spring!"

I am ready for some beauty!

How about you?

Your Friend,

All Clipart in this post is courtesy of Barry's Clip Art Server.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

An Award - Oh Mercy Me!

Miss Paula has blessed me again with a sweet award.
I love this award because it is the
Random Acts of Kindness Award.

I was priviledged to be in an organization
that sponsored Daryll Scott, the father of
Rachel who was the first to be murdered at
Columbine, to speak just about one year after
the tragedy.
He spoke of Rachel's passion for
Random Acts of Kindness.

While this may not be the origin of this
speaks greatly to me of our impact on this world
and how we can make a difference.

Thank you, Miss Paula!
I am totally thrilled with the bookmark
you sent me, too!
The pictures I took of it
just don't do it justice
so this thank you will have to do.

I feel like I am just a little part of your
study group!
Love Ya!
Thanks so much!

I pass this award onto
Deena, at Can I be Pretty in Pink?

Deena is fighting stage 4 breast cancer
and is one of the sweetest people out there
in blogland.
She has been encouraging my daughter Chelsea to
and it has worked.
See her blog, here.
How many people facing the
health struggles that Deena is
facing would even take the
time to think about a little girl
that she doesn't know.
Thank You, Deena.

You ministered to me in
that Random Act of Kindness.

Secondly, Robin at Bittersweet Punkin, who introduced me to Deena.
Robin has the biggest heart!
She always has an encouraging word.
Thank you, Robin...for being...YOU!

I am so thankful to have "met" you.

Now, all of you, please enter my giveaway.
I'll be highly offended if no one wants my

Dream Stoppers

I picked up a recent copy
of Readers Digest yesterday
and was struck by a quote.

"If your ship
doesn't come in,
swim out to it."

Jonathan Winters

This caught my eye because
one of my biggest pet
peeves is hearing people
moan and groan about
what they want to do
or be and how it can
never happen for them.

I guess it is harder for
some to see past obstacles
to the goal.

How many times do we let
the molehill feel like a
mountain on the way to our

I once knew a young woman
who desperately needed to
move out of the circumstances
she found herself in.
As a single mother she was
struggling with living at
home with her mother.

Neither of them were happy.

I was friendly with both and
heard both sides regularly.

One day the door of opportunity
swung open wide for this
young woman. It was thrilling.

She choked.

All of a sudden the tiniest challenges
became insurmountable and she turned
down the opportunity.

Thankfully, she did this in my
presence and got a "pep talk".

She got back on the phone and things
worked out beautifully.

This has always stuck in my head as
an example of the power of fear and
uncertainty. The hesitancy to move

I have experienced that in my own life.
"What will those people think?" or
"How can I really do that?"

If the goal is important enough
it is interesting to see what
really big challenges can be wrestled
and won.

When Warren's father needed to go into skilled
nursing care within 24 hours and was in a
hospital in York some major mountains were
moved in a very short period of time.
It would have been easy to just let things
take their own course but we knew, in our hearts,
that he and Georgia needed to be close to us.

The hospital was beginning the process of
finding him a place in York.

There is a nursing facility close to our home
and we attempted to get them to take Gene.
Everyone we talked to told us
that it was impossible.
They are the hardest facility to get into.

The facility was gracious
but turned him down.
Now what?!?
We knew he was supposed to be here.
I asked one more question,

"Why was he turned down?"

The answer turned out to be that
they had old information about his
condition. Granted it was only a day old
but he had improved enough to be reconsidered.

The hospital and the facility talked.
Gene was IN!
Praise the Lord!
It took just that one more

A tunnel through the mountain that
stood so firmly in our path.

The impossible was possible!

When you know, just know, that you are supposed to
do something and it seems impossible...
Trust...and do...until it happens,
or until you know that
it was not what you were supposed
to do.

Don't give up at the first obstacle.
That is just the test to see how
much you believe in that dream.
How badly do you want it?

Go for it!

"If your ship
doesn't come in,
swim out to it."

Jonathan Winters

Monday, February 18, 2008

The 200th Post Giveaway !!!!

Hi Friends,

I have been having a very good time getting some sweet things purchased or made for you to try to win.

Here are the rules...

1. This post will be accessible from the top of the side bar for one week.

2. You are invited to enter once per day.

3. You may link to this post from your post and encourage additional entries.
You will get an additional entry for each person that mentions you.

4. Be sure that you leave me contact information, if necessary.

5. I will come up with a very random way to select a winner and will do so next Monday. The time is up to me!

6. I will contact the winner for their address and get the package in the mail to you.

7. Have fun with this!

Thanks for coming to this blog and taking time from your day to read my thoughts.

Included in the giveaway are:

Freshly poured teacup candle. It was still steaming when I took this picture.

A $15 gift card to Hallmark.

A very neat recipe organizer. I often see recipes on someone's blog and don't take the time to print or copy them because I figure they will just be one more piece of paper on a pile somewhere. When I saw this I thought how cool it would be to print and then paste them into an organizer like this.

A little butterfly figurine that I happen to love.

...and finally...Lenox Christmas Ornaments.


Sunday, February 17, 2008

Post #199 - The Giveaway Begins on Monday

Hi All!

What a weekend!
It was full.
It was good.

Chelsea and I spent Saturday
out together shopping.
I was looking for goodies
for the Giveaway that begins tomorrow.

We happened to go to El Rodeo while
we were out and I had some awesome
I'm good now...
for a while.

Mark Lowry was great!
He is effortless in his ability
to be funny.
At the same time he really ministered
as he spoke about his motorcycle accident
and the resulting severely shattered leg.

He related that the things that happen to
us in life may not be what we want,
but they are what we need...
from the Heavenly Father's
So true!

Lord Song performed The Lord's Prayer acapella
and I nearly died from happiness at the harmonies
and clarity of thier tone.
Momma Mia! They are awesome!

Things are brewing on the church front.
If anything becomes definite I'll
let you know.
I am excited about the possibilities.

Well, I am so tired but I wanted to get on
here and say hello.

I'll be posting the giveaway tomorrow and then
on Tuesday I plan to show you some goodies
I received from a very dear bloggy friend.

This is serious now, I am planning my posts in


Saturday, February 16, 2008

Going to a Concert!

Tonight the Moms, Chelsea and
I are headed to a Mark Lowery Concert.

Having Mom here is very good for getting
me out to events.
Otherwise I am just too preoccupied
with life to take the time to get
out and do things.

Mom pays attention to upcoming events
and runs them by us.

Mark Lowery has long been one of our family's
favorite "funny people".

He will have the Perry's and Lordsong with
him this evening.

Lordsong is a group with extreme vocal control
and blend that makes me just sigh with contentment.

I would love to be in a group.
Music is such a gift.
Remember that I met my husband while traveling
in a local music group and got just a taste of
that kind of ministry.
I liked it!

Last night we made our own concert with our
church small group.

Remember Pastor Mike who comes over often?
This is him leading the music last night.

It was a lot of fun and the song requests were coming fast and furious.

We participated in a retreat that was taking
place at Conestoga Bible Conference.

We ate together and then had a time of singing and Bible study.

It was nice.

Warren had control of the camera so
there are no pictures of the fires roaring in the
large stone fireplaces or of many
other things that would have caught my eye.

The fireplaces just kept drawing us over to them.
They looked pretty and were very warm!

Anyway, there just isn't much else to report from

Here's hoping that you have a blessed weekend.

Friday, February 15, 2008

The Search for a Good Meal

Note to self:

Either make reservations or
don't go out on Valentine's Day!

It really was funny.

Warren had asked me on Wednesday night
if I thought we should go out and do something
special for dinner on Valentine's Day.
I wasn't sure that I wanted to leave the
kids so we did not make a decision right away.

Flash forward to Thursday at 5pm.

I decided to be brave and see if there was
any way Warren would take me to a
Mexican Restaurant.
He does not like Mexican food but there are
always other options on the menu.
Kind of like when I order chicken at
Red Lobster....

He agreed that he was willing to give it a shot.
So, Chelsea hears this conversation and
definitely wants to go.
She, like me, likes Mexican but rarely gets it.
So, Chelsea got invited to come along.
The boys had no interest in going...
"bring us home a pizza, please."

I am not sure there was a please involved
and that is proper "dutch" grammar!

Called the Moms. Well, I called mine first and
Warren's happened to be at her house so it
was very convenient to ask both of them
if they wanted to go out with us.

At this point I had no idea that this was
going to be a hunting expedition.
I had the thought of steak and chicken fajitas
dancing in my head.
The Moms enthusiastically agreed that they were
in for the dinner party.

By 6:30, after stopping for both Moms, at their respective
places...and I should say that
we stopped for Warren's Mom twice.
She lives next door and when we got to
her place all the lights were off and so we
thought she must have slid across the back yard,
it is solid ice, to our place so we came back
over here.
So back to her place we went
where we finally caught up with her.

Now...we were on the road to El Serrano's.

I have never been to El Serrano's.
It is huge!
It looks like a huge spanish prison.
Scared Chelsea to death.
But, we did not go in.
The parking lot was overwhelmed
and people were parking where there were
no spaces.
I know this would have been a
great meal.
I have heard people rave!

By the way, it turns out that it
is Latin American, not Mexican.
We just have to go there soon.
Their web site says it is just like being
in Peru! Mini vacation!
No wonder most of Lancaster County was
I wonder if they have fajitas?

Strike one!

We decided to go just down the road to
Carlos and Charlie's.
This parking lot was pretty full but
it seemed manageable and we were very hungry
by now.
Out of the car and in we went.
Immediately inside we were assaulted by
overwhelming cigarette smoke.
Strange how used we have become to non smoking
restaurants. I am so glad that
so many have made the change.
Anyway, we are told it will be a 20 minute wait.
So, we stood and waited.
I looked at the food as it was being
delivered to other diners and it just
was not speaking to me.
So, we scooted.
The relief on the Moms faces was visible.

Strike Two!!

What to do now.
If this was a hunting party we
have now missed twice.
If we do not eat soon
we will starve!

I remember that Friendly's has
the best Chicken and Steak Fajitas
outside of an authentic Mexican Restaurant.
Friendly's is just up the road.

Another full parking lot and
people waiting inside.
We go for it anyway.
At least here we know what to
And that fajita dinner is going to be
so good!

We got seated at about 8pm.

They have removed the
fajitas from the menu!

Strike Three!!!

We were seated beside the door and the
cold air kept rushing over us
like a manic air conditioner.

But do you know what?
We were together and
we made the best of it.

I had a delicious chicken
club sandwich and then
a chocolate and peanut butter
happy ending sundae.
It was yummy!

I'll have to keep hunting
for those perfect fajitas!

We picked up the boys' pizza at
9:30, or so, and came home.

They ate it in just a couple of
minutes! Gone!!

Hope your Valentines meal
"hunt" was better!

It is always an adventure with us!