Friday, May 31, 2013

Light Lunch....Tasty and Quick

I had a hearty breakfast at Cafe 18 this morning.
It was a sausage, egg and cheese burrito with refried beans
and salsa.

My initial thought was to just skip lunch altogether
but with my recent efforts to keep 
by blood sugars level
I decided to go with something
fresh and light instead.

Some good crackers.

A wedge of some light creamy swiss cheese.
As a recovering cheese-a-holic 
this is perfect.

And a handful of cherries.
Juicy and full of flavor!

I could eat that whole plate again.
with some teriyaki chicken, roasted cauliflower and rice for dinner
in just about four hours I think I'll hold 
off and enjoy some yogurt for 
a mid afternoon snack.

This does not come naturally to me.
Usually lunch is leftovers or a sandwich....
when or if it happens.

I've got candle orders to make this afternoon 
so I had to get it done and was 
so happy it was so enjoyable.

What are some of your favorite 
lunch foods?

How about snacks that keep you 
steady through the day?

Thursday, May 30, 2013

More Photos From Tennessee

 From Downtown Gatlinburg....
We never walked this particular street.
It was simply too crowded and we were being 
cautious to keep my walking to a minimum
since I didn't want to end up in a hospital in 

That's the only problem with going on vacation
with a cautious cardiologist at home.

He scared me pretty good.

Lots of Moonshine to be had.
We didn't have any of that either.
Surprise, surprise.

 Lots of opportunities for zipping.

 Many people rent jeeps and buggies to ride around in the mountains.

This seemed to be a very popular choice judging by all of the people carrying
doggy bags with the Bubba Gump logo.

 I loved when the entire group sang together.
Mostly because I got to sing along.....
with many of my favorite artists.

 See the girls in green and the young man beside them?
They are college students who sang.
I was so pleased that they were included with the others in the 
group singing.
What a wonderful experience for them.

Kevin Williams was like the star of the entire show.
He is hysterically funny, plays an amazing guitar, 
seems to do a lot administratively
and makes a wonderful spokesperson.

Here are a series of photos of him 
as he took over a story Bill was telling
and making the crowd die of laughter.

 "Walked through the snow, uphill for miles both ways"
 The following picture had something to do with a cow bawling.
 We would definitely go to see Kevin if he was doing 
a concert on his own.
He is truly talented.....
and we love acoustic guitar.

 The golden tickets.
Had to be shown every time you returned to the hall.
I kept forgetting and had to dig in my purse every time.

On our final morning we returned to The Old Mill
for breakfast.

The beautiful view from our table.

 There were lots of birds in the trees just outside the window 
and ducks kept swimming by sometimes in groups of 
two, three and four.
I became amused when there were four and 
three continued on while the fourth went
in the opposite direction with some
unknown purpose.

It doesn't take much sometimes.

 And was over.
And we headed home.
It took us a couple of hours to get out of the 
Pigeon Forge area, though. 
Traffic was crazy.

That's what we get for leaving on 
Memorial Day, I guess.

So we ended up stopping for the night in 
Harrisonburg, VA rather than driving straight through.
It was a good thing too.
The next morning as we drove we saw so very many 
dead deer along the highway.
Apparently it was a very busy night for them
and I'm thankful that we weren't dodging them in the darkness.

It is good to be home.
Crazy busy already....but good.
Jonathan got his driver's license yesterday
while Michael passed his ASVAB which is the next 
step in getting into the Army.

Warren and I are adjusting to Michael's decision.
It is not easy...that's for sure.
However, he is determined and he is an adult.
So......we support him.

Chelsea's list of things to be done before she 
leaves for Australia and Thailand is getting shorter.
Much shorter.

Next up.....
Wisdom teeth removal for both Chelsea and Michael.
Same day.
We figured they got tubes in their ears together
they should have oral surgery together too.

Perhaps a miracle will happen and the doctor will 
decide they don't need to have them removed.
Well, I can hope, right?

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Home Sweet Home.....Photos of our Time Away

 We went shopping.
I bought two graters and a blouse.
Big spenders we are!
One grater is for the kitchen....
the other for making laundry detergent.
Warren questions the need for two different ones.
I'm afraid I would always think I tasted soap in my 
grated cheese.

 Buddy Greene often led the opening songs.

 Mark Lowry may be recovering from a severely broken leg
but he is still funny and one of my favorite people.

 On his life's bucket list was to make an album of love songs.
He sang one of them to us.
Everyone loved it.

 When God gave out powerful and pitch perfect voices
He included David Phelps.

 I'm a huge fan of the tight harmonies of the Booth Brothers.
I also love that they are bringing back the old hymns of the church.
Such rich words.....

 The Collingsworth Sisters.
This family is amazing on so many levels.
Mrs. Collingsworth brought down the house with 
a patriotic piece on the piano.
It was shared that she has a brother with a brain injury
from serving in the military.
It made her passionate performance very meaningful.

 Warren's favorite group...
The Isaac's.

 They have such a special sound and we loved all of the instruments they play.

 I may share more artist photos later if you want to see them.
For now, though, I'll move on to some of the beautiful
mountainside we enjoyed on Sunday afternoon.

 The weather was so perfect for our time in Tennessee.
We are thankful.

Our hearts were moved by the things we saw and heard.
Ken Davis preached a message about Jesus and Lazarus that 
smacked me right in the face.

I'm still working over that message.
So good!

Of course there were many songs to make me think of my Daddy.
I'm pretty sure he would have approved of our being there.
I'm also pretty sure that he's singing on Heaven's shores.
Not much could stop him.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Quickly Stopping In to Update....

Hello from Gatlinburg, Tennessee.
Warren and I are here enjoying the Gaither Homecoming Family Fest with 
thousands of other people.
Really...It is PACKED!

We postponed our trip by a day so that I could see the 
cardiologist to discuss my abnormal test results.
Turns out I have 2 of three indicators that would send me 
for a heart cath next.
this doctor is great and not invasive test happy so 
we talked at length and went back to some results 
I had three years ago that led to a heart cath,
which was basically fine.

He has agreed to hold off unless I have more symptoms.
I believe I can not have the symptoms if I build 
up my cardiac health slowly rather than 
my propensity to jump in with both feet when I do something.

So...If you see me walking slowly on flat surfaces over the next 
weeks or months I'm just following doctor's orders.

But we are here!
The weather is cooperating very nicely.
The natives are freezing because it went down to 40 degrees
last night but we are loving it.
Not hot.
Not muggy!  
Praise the Lord!!

We enjoyed lunch at The Old Mill Restaurant yesterday.
It is a very delightful place.

The food is so plentiful that I brought half of my meal 
back with me.
And...we have enough left on our gift card to eat there
again on this trip.
Thanks Mom!

I forgot to bring my camera....
Obviously I was not myself when we left.
Too worried about that doctor's appointment.
This blogger almost never forgets her camera.
A trip, in the mountains, with all of this beauty and I have 
to ask Warren to take pics with his phone.....
double sigh.

Oh well.
I'll live.

See you soon.
We are off for day two with awesome music 
and thousands of Saints of God.