Monday, March 26, 2018

Family, Shop and Springtime Winter Weather

Enough already is what I'm not only thinking but also saying about the snow that is completely covering our yards in this neighborhood.

I spent a few minutes pulling icy snow off our "spare" car this morning.  It was Chelsea's car but they have downsized to just one since they moved to Lititz and as it needs some work it is currently still snow covered in the driveway.  It is a reminder that the weather this Springtime is not cooperating fully.  However, I have heard that the 50's are finally headed our way.  That is hopeful.

Since I last posted, Sight and Sound has opened it's newest production, Jesus.  We really enjoyed the Friends and Family evening there.  We have less family members working there now but four that still do.  :-)   Quite the representation.

Loving the blue sky against the lighted theater.

Mikey and his Grandma Georgia

Emily and me
In case you were wondering....Jesus the fantastic!!

We have had a lot of neat family events happening of late.  Friday was a surprise Bridal Shower for Darcey. It was Star Wars themed.  Her friends are so creative and even had a pin the beard on Jonathan game where they had cut out all of the beard styles from the movies and had a huge picture of Jonathan for us to pin the beards onto.  We loved playing the game but even more Roy enjoyed touching the photo of his uncle.  He loves pictures of the people in his life.  Darcey received very nice gifts and everyone enjoyed  tacos and ice cream.  Yum!!

 I believe the wedding is 33 days away now.  But who's counting?  Jonathan...that's who.  He shared the digits with me last night.  Wedding plans are coming together very nicely.  The thing that is super hard is finding housing.  That is still in the works.  Prayers appreciated as time is growing short.  There is a place they would love to rent but they are waiting to hear if they were chosen.

Yesterday was Roy's Dedication at church.  

They attend a different church than we do. It was special for all of both of his sides of the family to be able to attend.  It was so neat to have all of our children, the grandmas and Chadd's entire family there.  Roy was sooo good as the Pastor took him and prayed over him then presented him to the congregation.  He just looked people right in the eye and was calm as a cucumber.  One never knows about an eight month old.  Making it even more special was that Chadd and Chelsea's dear friends, Kevin and Heidi, had their son Sean dedicated at the same time.  Both boys were precious and no tears were the babies.  I was a teary mess all morning.  Having the next generation raising their children to follow Jesus is not something I take for granted.  It is a real gift.

The shop is growing and taking off.  It is not an easy thing to relocate and get settled but we are feeling much more at home.

The strangest thing was having more than one room to fill and oversee.  The first few times people came into the shop and left our line of sight felt super strange.  But we have been able to relax about it and every once in a while we make the loop to see if anyone has questions or would like us to hold something for them.  For the most part we leave them alone to look after offering to answer any questions as we greet them.  We are finding that the shoppers in Lititz are less likely to be drawn to the same things they went crazy over in Strasburg.  We aren't sure if that is because we aren't there to talk artisan items up or if they are just looking for different things.

My brother was awesome enough to go find another kind of mushroom to use for art
since it is the wrong season to harvest conks and we had sold out of the ones we had.
These are found on Black Locust trees.

Our friend, Sonia, made the fabric eggs at my request.
They are beautiful!

I loved how Sheila's Petals from Paper went so perfectly with the eggs.
Hoping some of both of these are sold this week to add to someone's Easter decor.

Chelsea's bath bombs are quite popular.
She has fans who come back time and again for more.

 We are also in waiting mode to see if tourist season lends itself to more artisan items selling.  But in any case it is an interesting new study.!!  New challenges every day!

The ladies of Lititz are super supportive.  Introducing themselves and warmly welcoming us.  We are so thankful.  AND our dear friends from Strasburg are making the drive to Lititz as well.  Double blessings!!

Chelsea's gift for display is commented on nearly daily.  I always love to hear it.  She just has a way of seeing things.  Kind of like a photographer sees a frame around certain views....Chelsea just makes things pretty.

Roy has started doing something that amuses us.  When customers come in we greet them.  As they leave we thank them and say goodbye.  So now when the door opens he kind of makes this "haaayyyy" sound and when people leave he does the same.  It's what he thinks he should do.  Our little greeter.  They learn so much so early.  He also dearly loves to be down where the action is and gets frustrated when he can hear people downstairs if he is upstairs.  Funny boy.

Roy is such a blessing.
We all love him to the moon and back...
as that saying goes.

Hope all is well with you and yours.
Would love to hear from you.