Saturday, August 31, 2013

Look Who It Is................

It is our young friend, Tommy!

He is doing so well in his new home.

Even so, there are many expenses that come with a 
young  man who needs care to strengthen his bones, 
repair and clean his teeth, and more.
A special diet is necessary to bring Tommy nutrition.
He has much catching up to do!

These candles are just part of a plan to help
fund the care account that he shares with his sister, Katie.

You can find the listing here:

Or...if you really have no need of a candle, nor wish to send one to a friend,
you are invited to pass along a gift directly to the fund.
I will not be offended!

$5 from each candle purchase goes to Katie and Tommy's Care fund.
The link is on the side bar at the blog linked above.

Monday, August 26, 2013

A Very Full and Fun Sunday

You know we are quite attached to our church, right?
Well, I'll show you a couple of reasons.
Yesterday was Georgia's second time back to church
after her broken leg and surgery....
and her first time back in the fellowship hall.

Because there are ramps
it was possible to wheel her in the office chair
to the large room we use for meals.

That chair is also used by Jonathan on Sunday 
mornings since his back pain requires that he not sit
on the regular chairs.
By the way, 
he had an MRI last week and we are 
hoping for some real answers soon.

But, back to Georgia's ride.
It was fun to see everyone working together 
to get her into the room.

 Mission Accomplished!

Then came the Birthday "Boy"
Our Associate Pastor, Jack, turns 90 tomorrow.
We celebrated yesterday.

 If I live to the age of 90 I'd like to be as healthy as this man....
but that isn't going to happen since I'm already in worse shape
than he is.....It's amazing!

 The idea was to surprise him 
but he said he figured we wouldn't let him 
get away quietly.

Everyone munched away on deli sandwiches, 
fruit and relish trays.
Two large cakes from Costco satisfied
every sweet tooth.

Just a blurry peek into a very special 
place in our lives.
And at a few of the people we have 
come to love as family.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

From the Deck This Evening

The weather in South Central Pennsylvania is 
as good as it gets
at the moment.

Tonight we ate on the deck.
Grilled steaks, baked potatoes and watermelon.

It was delicious.

As we were finishing up I noticed how beautiful the 
lighting was as we approached that magic hour....
as the sun's rays slant into spaces that 
they normally don't hit.

I only tweaked the photo above.
Should have done all of them but 
I need to head to bed.

We have a full day tomorrow.

 Noticing the change of color on that dogwood to the right.

Tomorrow we celebrate the 90th 
birthday of our Associate Pastor.
He's a good egg.

Happy Birthday,
Pastor Jack!

We'll have a luncheon
and torture him with love, 
a video story of his life
and plenty of laughs.

It's what we do......
well, for Pastor Jack anyway.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

It's Amazing How Excited She Gets Over......

And other goodies from home.

That's my girl!

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Baby Shower Favors....This time in Owl Theme

So happy this customer asked for 
owl themed labels.

Hoping my customer loves these.

They seem right at home on the deck.

Have a hootin' good day!

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Chelsea's fun at the Zoo

I've said it is a wonderful thing.

Being able to talk to Chelsea in real time has been such a blessing.
Seeing photos from their day at the zoo
made my day!

I thought I would steal some to share with you...

 Chelsea and the Roo.

 Sleepy time.

 Up so close!


 What a wonderful group of young ladies.

So "Chelsea".............

And with that I must run.
Duty calls.

My days are full 
as is my heart.

Have a happy day.

P.S.  Lest you think that Chelsea's journey is all fun and games...I invite you to read her blog.
Chasing Cadence

Monday, August 5, 2013

Embrace Summer

We froze corn on Friday morning.
Friday evening this squirrel was feasting on the discarded cobs.

I encourage you...and myself
to embrace all the fun of Summer while we have it.
Just as that squirrel embraces this corn cob.

Moments later he was running up the tree with this 
corn in his mouth.
That was a sight.
I'm sorry I missed it with the camera.

My favorites:

Eating fresh corn.
Grilling on the deck.
Waiting anxiously for Autumn.  
Sorry, its true.
Watching butterflies flit and float all over the yard.
Watching the cows meander in the field across the street.
Visiting the roadside stands for fresh veggies.
Coming in from the heat of the day into the coolness
of the air conditioned house.
Ooooh, I nearly forgot....Watermelon!
It is delicious!