Sunday, July 5, 2009

Garden Scriptures

Then God said, "Let the land produce vegetation: seed-bearing plants and trees on the land that bear fruit with seed in it, according to their various kinds." And it was so. Genesis 1:11

The land produced vegetation: plants bearing seed according to their kinds and trees bearing fruit with seed in it according to their kinds. And God saw that it was good.
Genesis 1:12

The LORD will guide you always; he will satisfy your needs in a sun-scorched land and will strengthen your frame. You will be like a well-watered garden, like a spring whose waters never fail. Isaiah 58:11

For as the soil makes the sprout come up and a garden causes seeds to grow, so the Sovereign LORD will make righteousness and praise spring up before all nations.Isaiah 61:11

May your Sunday be blessed and rich in the Lord.
See you tomorrow.

♥♥Becky K.♥♥


count it all joy said...

Becky, you gave me goose bumps today with this post. I took my time, soaking these verses and images in - thank you for sharing this. Hope you're have a wonderful weekend. Meredith xo.

SmilingSally said...

Beautiful illustrations of God's word.

sherry said...

How very beautiful - in word and view.

jAne at

Gayla said...

And I really think God must have also said, Let there be a wonderful woman in Lancaster County, PA, who will uplift her readers all the time! And it is VERY Good... THanks for all the uplifting photos and scriptures. Happy and blessed Sunday to you, too.

JD/ Jill said...

Beautiful post in every way...

~~Deby said...

Beautiful scriptures..stunning pictures..can I come sit in your garden and have a glass of ice tea...pretty please?