Saturday, July 4, 2009

I'm Thinking...Week Three

I'm thinking...
I'd rather not think!

I greet today with a true
mix of emotions.

Last week was busy and fun
in many ways with the beginning
of the Longwood Internship for
Mikey...but ended with a bit
of a thud as Mikey did not get
his driver's license in his
first attempt.

Being a country boy has its
drawbacks. The parallel parking
got him. Even though he and Warren
had been in Lancaster parking in
many situations, the nerves arose.
He is taking it pretty hard.

Everyone must go through
disappointments though.
I have.
They truly do make us stronger.
It just hurts like crazy in the know what I mean.
I know.

On the upside of this week,
dear friends from church wanted
to do a special birthday dinner
for Chelsea last night.
She will turn fourteen on Monday.
We were so blessed by Sue and Jon's
thoughtfulness. Especially since
they will have a family gathering
to celebrate their own family birthdays
today. Thank you, sweet friends.

After the meal our family, including
the grandmas, went into Willow Street
to see fireworks. We got a great place
in by the McDonalds and enjoyed the show.

So..if I had to think...Here is what
I would be thinking:

1. What is up with Sarah Palin?

2. The grass was really wet this morning
when I took the mail out.

3. I'm kind of glad for the excuse to keep
driving Mikey to work.
Sorry...I would think that
if I were thinking.

4. I should be cleaning so we can not be
ashamed to have friends over tomorrow.

5. It will be nice to have Warren at home
three days in a row.

6. My baby is almost 14!!!!!

7. There are yard sales all around me...
Gotta look!

8. Chelsea has unloaded the dishwasher.
I should go load it again.

9. With all of the technology we have at
our disposal, why isn't there a laundry robot?

10. Georgia suggested Jonathan should be a model
for men's big and tall clothing. He's at least
6'5". his
new duds he does look pretty cute.

If I were thinking...I'd probably be thinking stuff
like this. But, alas, I am just too tired to think.
Probably a good thing!

Have a Happy Fourth of July.

Remember our freedom is not guaranteed!
Men and women give their lives daily to maintain
it and provide the peace we enjoy.

Today we celebrate the Independence gained a couple
of hundred years ago. I hope we will appreciate and
cherish that freedom!!

♥♥Becky K.♥♥


SmilingSally said...

I wish I knew what Sarah Palin is thinking. I'm confused. Thanks for sharing. Happy 4th of July.

Vee said...

That mind of yours is whirling right around isn't it? :D I'm pretty sure that that's a good thing. Mike will do great on his next try. I didn't pass my first time either and it was because I was "overcautious." Oh dear. And I thought that one couldn't be too careful.

Sarah Palin and her husband have talked this through. They must have analyzed it very carefully. Although I can't know her mind, I believe I can know her heart and I think that she's decided based upon what is best for her family right now. But I could just be making that up. What I'd like to know is why is it legal for specious accusations to be hurled? Whatever happened to defamation of character in this country?

On that less than cheery note, I'm wishing you and yours a very happy 4th of July!

Deanna Rabe - Creekside Cottage Blog said...

Happy Independence Day Becky!

Encourage Mikey that it took Lindsay 2 times to pass her test...that parallel parking is tricky! Same thing got her the first time!

See you tomorrow or maybe later for fireworks?

black eyed susans kitchen said...

Happy Independence Day, Becky! Our Brian also did not pass his test. He will be taking it again on Wednesday. Give your son a hug from me...we understand.
♥, Susan

~~Deby said...

This Sarah Palin thing....well I hope she is leaning on the she has been through so much...
disappointed..hurt...OH I know those valleys all to well...and recently...I am glad our tears are in a bottle..think mine must be a bit full at the moment..
Garage sales...yepp..I was a bad girl..took OFF my cast thingie and got out yesterday..and a THRIFT shop..where I found 8 more GLH books...and JoAnne' I am hurting..but I thought..I better do this in case the MRI says I can't...does that make sense..
A Happy 4th to you and yours Becky.

Judi said...

Hi Becky
I hope you had a good 4th of July! I enjoyed your post and the wonderful pictures....I found it interesting to read about your thoughts...*s*...
Your flowers on the other post are beautiful...isn't summer lovely? I hope you've been having good weather. We've had just sooo much rain...
have a lovely day