Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Summer is Fleeting...

But there is still time to enjoy the hammock
at Hospitality Lane....

When Warren has the music playing I can get away with a lot!

One of them woke up....

I'll see you around...
maybe at Susan's Outdoor Wednesday Party?
She is featuring Hurricane Earl.
We sincerely hope that he stays off to the East.
We have outdoor plans for the weekend.
A special friend is turning 13 and plans to host a picnic.

One other piece of news....
4 ounce Country Garden Soy Candle
 I invite you to stop by, 
become a Follower and check out 
the new PAGE format.


Chelsea and Emma

There is nothing that thrills my heart
more than knowing that our boys
and Chelsea have great friends.

It is so important to choose friends 
wisely, especially during these growing 
and detaching years.

Well, one of Chelsea's closest friends is
sweet Emma of Creekside Cottage. She
her very own blog, A Fresh Perspective
from which she posts occasionally.
I would definitely love to 
see her post more often....
hint, hint!

On Sunday these girls got together to make 
Tiramisu.  They had so much fun and made 
two varieties.  
One was great, 
the other was soggy.  
Lessons learned.  
Lots of giggles were heard 
all afternoon long.   
At one point they had
 Mikey driving them to the store for more supplies
and later Jonathan filming them 
as they did a taste test.
So, it really was an all-teen project.

One thing about these girls is that they are not 
camera shy.  I had so much fun snapping away.
We had time for this while the dessert had a
time of  "resting" to set up.
Here are some photos that won't get me
in trouble with 
the girls...

They are so precious!
Thanks, girls, for letting me have fun
with my camera.

And to you readers,
thanks for your encouragement 
on my photos yesterday.
They were so much fun to capture.

Have a great day!

Monday, August 30, 2010

It is Blue Monday Again...

Finally, An actual Blue Monday Post.

I saved this photo from our last trip to Longwood Gardens
to share on Blue Monday
I thought this dragonfly
was very cool.

Mikey was just sure that if he touched
it we would see it fly off.
But, he was wrong.
It just sat there posing.
Sunday was
a quiet day at home
after church. We were joined by
our Moms, Pastor Mike
and one of Chelsea's friends.
I grabbed the camera
and headed out to
Georgia's butterfly bush.
The butterfly that captured
my attention just happened to have
blue splashes on its wings.
So, this made me happy because I
have been having a very hard time
finding things of blue lately.

What beauty can be found when I just take the time to look.

Have a wonderful day!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

I Just Wanted to Say....

I Appreciate YOU!

More of Jonathan's Book...

Jonathan has pleasantly surprised me by
spending hours writing.
He gets inspired and gets up early
to get these ideas into the computer.

He and I worked all morning the other
day at editing most of what he has
written so far.
Now, this is not the final edit but one
that works at 
punctuation and continuity.

It has been a while so I am going
to repost Chapter One and
then Chapter Two and a tease from
Chapter Three.

Chapter One
The Child is Born

The rain is silver.  It hasn't been silver
in two milleniums.
Rom was standing by the window 
in the one room log cabin.
The cabin built with his own hands
 for himself and his wife Reena to share.
He looked down at his hands.
So strong... and yet so helpless now.
Reena was in labor behind him and he 
didn't know how to help.
So, he stood looking out the window
randomly commenting about the weather.

Sabriella, the midwife, had come.
At least he had ridden out to get her.
That had to count for something, he thought.

"Reena, dear, I wish you could see this.
It won't happen again in our lifetime."
His wife moaned with a contraction.
Sabriella stood up and said indignantly,
"Would you shut up and go hold your 
wife's hand?  
She's going to need something
to squeeze."

Rom went over to the bedside and 
asked, "How are you doing, Hon?"
Reena grabbed his hand and squeezed
as she let out a cry.

As if from a distance Rom heard 
Sabriella say, 
"It's a girl...
but such an odd baby."

After wiping the baby clean she handed
her to her mother.

"It's amazing!" Rom said, "Her hair is as 
silver as the rain!"

Reena whispered,
"Her name is Silveea."

Chapter Two
The Stranger

Later that evening Reena was rocking Silveea.
Rom was just watching them.
He was so proud.
Sabriella had gone home for the night.

Now the fire was burning down and
Rom decided to get more wood.

"So 'yer wife had a child in the silver rain, did she?"
Rom spun around, dropping his armful of wood, to see
where the deep raspy voice had come from.
But all he saw was a small crooked man
with a white glassy eye.
Rom said, "Yes.  What concern is it of yours?"

"Well, nothing really.  I just wanted you to know
that your son will have gifts
that will make him of special interests to 
certain people...dangerous people!"
"It's a girl"  Rom interrupted.
"Mmmm then... More powerful.  I'll get to my point.
I want to help you."
The crooked man took of the hat that had been covering
his hair.  It was more silver than Silveea's.
It glowed with an unusual shine.
"I want to help you protect her." he said.
"Why?"  Rom asked, looking at the man with skepticism.
"There aren't many of us that are left and those of us who are
need to stay together!"  
The man was almost pleading  with
him now.  "Make me her Godfather. 
I swear I will guard her with my life."

Suddenly they were interrupted as Reena 
screamed from inside the cabin.
Rom was off like a shot.
Somehow, though, the crooked old man
made it to the door first.
He was holding a silver pistol in each hand.
Rom looked to the other side of the room.
All he could see was a massive shadow
moving across the room toward
Reena and little Silveea.
Reena was cradling the baby tightly against her.
Rom screamed "NOOO!"
The shadow turned with the speed and ferocity
of four wolves all rolled up into one.
The strange man did not hesitate.
He squeezed the triggers!
Blue flame shot from the barrels.
Rom had never seen weapons like that before.
The shadow erupted into blue flame.
The crooked old man bent back over 
and the guns disappeared.
He looked at Rom
"Do you still think you can handle it?"

Chapter Three....

Silveea had a fairly normal childhood.  
Her hair was accepted by the other children.
When they asked their parents about it they said,
"She's just like you only her hair is a different color."
Silveea's best friend was named Subon.
They were both twelve years old and known
as the "S" twins.
The two of them could usually be found 
pilfering something from the bakery or 
playing in the woods behind Silveea's cabin.........

That is all for now.
Hope you have a sweet weekend.

Now, I am off to help Chelsea with her algebra.
That is too funny because I don't know 
algebra.  Maybe this will be the year I learn it????


Friday, August 27, 2010

Whew! What an Afternoon and Evening!

There were four little ones for us to watch.  Their Mothers were very excited to see the show, Joseph, at Sight and Sound.  These ladies are all in a halfway house attempting to be free of the addictions that have such a tight hold on their lives.  My mother and Georgia have been getting to know them for a while now and it is so touching to see how the relationships are building.  As I mentioned briefly in my post yesterday, I had gone along the first week of the Bible Study and so I had met three of the five ladies that went yesterday.  
I had not met their children.
But that has changed!

Oh, let me say first that I will never forget the time spent with these young ones.  It was wild and crazy but they are imprinted on my heart.  I hurt so much for these children who have seen more pain and strife in their short little lives than I have in my forty plus years.  
I am also struck by the enormity of the drug problem in our
Country. Knowing that in our county alone there are 
thousands who are in bondage to chemicals.
There are so many, many children who 
begin life behind the curve
through no fault of their own.

Praise God for ministries such as these women 
are involved with who 
work to make a difference!

Anyway, to say that these children were active would be putting it mildly.  But add to that the hitting and throwing of things at each others heads and I was just about at a loss.  As we had just met, the children I had no foundation for the behavior that I was about to require of them.  But over the four hours spent together we built expectations and relationships.  It was out of desperation that I found myself with two very active boys out in the lobby, one on each hip.  That was where Warren found me and I was so happy to see him that I allowed him to take one right away...lol.  The heavier of the two...I might add.  The "Cry Room" as they call it had run its course and there were other Moms in there trying to see and hear the show on the one TV made available for them.  
One lady in particular kept giving me glares.  
I felt terrible, as I understood that she had no clue 
how we had come to be there.

She had no idea that these little ones are victims.  Victims of addictions.  Victims of their parents poor choices.  She had no idea that I had just met these little ones and that they felt absolutely no responsibility to me....although, at least one of these children had no sense of this with his mother either.  
He is three, that was so very sad to me.  
This mother had loaded her little guy up 
on cotton candy and chocolate 
which didn't help. 
Do you have any idea how much I would 
love to mentor her and help her raise this boy in a Godly way?  
Not that I am the perfect mother...
I would never claim that!  
I want this because I know it is the 
desire of her heart to be a good parent.  
To restore relationships with her older children. 
But she appears to be clueless as to how to go about this.  
Oh, please pray for B.  
She is no longer in the program that 
allowed us to meet her but has asked 
for permission to continue 
coming to the Bible Studies.
I think God is at work in her life.  
The story of Joseph and the reconciliation 
of the family touched her deeply.

Another little guy and I became good friends.  
Not that he didn't make me work hard. 
Oh no!  
He got into mischief and laughed 
with the most adorable smile and 
sparkle in his large brown eyes.  
Little Z was fast and busy.  
But in the end he fell asleep 
on my shoulder and has wrapped his 
dark little fingers around my heart.  
His mother is a dear.  
She is a natural mother and cares 
so much for all of the children.  
She and I shared a Bible at the first Bible Study 
and I was thrilled to see her again.  
She greeted us with hugs.  
We were not out of the parking lot after the show 
before she was on the phone 
telling her family about it.  
It moved her to tears.  
J. and Z. have a very hard road ahead of them, 
I pray that they come to Jesus
and find the freedom from what will come
if they don't.

Mom came and took two of the 
busiest ones outside for nearly an hour.
This allowed me to get the younger two to nap.
That was a real blessing.  
My mother has a real gift with children.  
She loves them and they love her back.

That is just a taste of what our afternoon held 
but I wouldn't trade it for the world.  
There were definitely times 
when Chelsea and I wondered if we were 
going to last the next couple of hours 
but I reminded her that we were 
doing this for Jesus.  
Not for anyone else.  
I kept repeating this silently to myself.  
What a challenge this was.  
It is very obvious the difference
between children who have had training
from infancy and those who have
suffered the trauma these little ones have.  

We went directly from Sight and Sound to dinner, 
where relationships continued to be built upon.  

The ladies were blessed so much by what they had seen.  
They also enjoyed the dinner so much that we were blessed.  
The children enjoyed the meal 
to the point that it was actually quiet 
for about a half an hour.  
They just dug in and filled their
little tummies right up 
with nutritious food. 

Thank you, Jesus, for providing this opportunity for blessing to all of us.  
I pray that you will continue your work in these ladies.
Bring a hunger for Yourself and Your Word.
May the lessons they have learned from the story of Joseph reach deeply 
into their hearts and change the course of their lives.
I pray for those who daily interact with these women and children.
Give them the wisdom to guide and the patience to serve.
I pray for your peace and joy to shine through your servants.
In Jesus Name.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

No Business Today....just random, scattered thoughts!

Your interest has waned....
and so has mine for the series on
running a small business.

Candles remain a passion and 
creative outlet but I am done with 
that series of posts.  I'll show you
some fun projects as we go along.

But, what to chat about today?
That is the question.

Sometimes my brain gets overloaded
with excitement and concerns 
and it freezes.  
Kind of like now.

Today is going to be a big day and I 
awoke way too early.  
Nerves... excitement....nerves!

One big and scary thing....
Warren is meeting with a surgeon.
His pain has only continued to get 
worse and he is to his final option.

Another detail laden item on the agenda
is getting fourteen ladies and children from
Lancaster to Sight and Sound to see Joseph.
We are carpooling.
I am so excited to hear their reaction.
These ladies are mere babes in the Word!
 They have been studying
Joseph's story with Mom and Georgia and 
now will get to see it unfold in front of them.
Oh...this will be good!!!

Sadly, this is happening at the same time that
Warren is seeing the surgeon.
We were unable to come up with another driver
to take the ladies so Warren will go on his own.
Hence, the added stress.
But, I know that God is able.
If Warren had needed me another driver would
have been available
to take the ladies.  

Besides, I was along to the first Bible Study that
Mom and Georgia had with these ladies and I 
cannot wait to see them.  They are dealing with 
serious life issues.  Every time they meet the prayer
requests are intense and genuine.  Chelsea and I 
are going to be watching their little ones so that 
the Mommies can enjoy the show.

Our church is providing money for us to take them 
to dinner afterward to discuss what they have seen.
This is ministry that excites me. 
Hands on...face to face!

Speaking of ministry....
just let me tell you how wonderful
God has been to me.
I have whined and complained about our home education
nearing completion.
  It is inevitable. 
Kids grow up.  
Chelsea has just a little way to go and then
she, too, will finish.
  But lately at church I have a whole 
new crop of students.  
They want to learn music!

Sundays I have been thrilled to work with at least five
children/young people after church on vocals and piano.
Be still my beating heart!
Kids who want to learn about music.
It just doesn't get any better than this!!!!

It was supposed to be just every two weeks after
Fellowship Meals.  But at this point the enthusiasm is 
there to do a little bit with them on the off weeks too.
It just gives them a little more to work on and keep 
the interest going.  
It just thrills me, so much, any time a
youngster gets excited about music!!!  

Music is the language my heart speaks!

Makes me think of my Daddy,
who is now singing Heaven's song.
He so often prayed the words of the Hymns.  
They perfectly expressed the thoughts 
and praises of his heart.

The apple doesn't fall far from the tree.
Insert big shameless grin here!

Now, to plant precious words in the 
minds and hearts of the next generation!

What has you excited lately?

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A Very Cool Home....

A wonderful View.
Off street Parking.
Great Curb Appeal.

To read more about Purple Martin houses click HERE.

There is more to it than 
you might think.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

It is Just Too Beautiful

Yesterday was the perfect afternoon
to sneak over to the
Gardens for an hour or so.

Words are not necessary to add
anything to these photos.

So enjoy......

Monday, August 23, 2010

Blue Flowers in a Bouquet

It is hard to grow a true blue flower.
Hydrangea, bluebells and a few others
come out truly blue.

If you have ever wanted to make a red white and
blue flower bed you will have faced the 
challenge of finding a limited 
number of options when it comes
to very blue flowers.

Maybe there are more in other zones
but for us in Pennsylvania choices
are few.

When Mikey was in the High School Internship
at Longwood Gardens he had a class in flower
arranging.  His made two bouquets.
One of them had true blue flowers in it.

I find the blue to be a wonderful contrast to the soft 
pinks and yellows so often found in 
flower arrangements.

Hope you will visit Sally's Blue Monday Party.
She is so faithful to find items of Blue and to visit 
each and every one of her party participants.
Thank You, Sally!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Joy of the Lord!

During my teenage years we lived near Penn State University and my parents were involved in ministry with students.  This meant that most of my friends were college students and I spent many hours per week in either church or Bible study. 

I will never forget one of the young men I met during those years.  His name was Ted.  He walked around with what appeared to be a frown on his face all of the time.  Although apparently his demeanor was not reflective of what was in his heart.  One evening he shared in our Bible Study that he had the "Joy of the Lord".  This was stated as if he was asking someone to pass the peas... and his face said that he didn't like peas

We often laugh and remember this statement of Ted's.
Truth be told, I am sure he was experiencing
the Joy of the Lord in his own "Ted" way.  
It just seemed that someone forgot to tell his face.

Do you have the "Joy of the Lord"?
Does it show?

Joy is different than happiness,
although I think sometimes it shows up
as happiness.
It is hard to define, if you ask me.
But if you have it, you'll know it.

Being content and at peace with whatever
God is doing in our lives. 
It seems to be a byproduct of Faith.
Some of us are looking a bit harder to find
the Joy but it is definitely there.
Joy bubbles up and out of the heart in
songs of thanksgiving and praise.
It is the knowledge of the work 
of God in and through us!

When anxiety was great within me,
your consolation brought joy to my soul.
Psalm 94:19

They will enter Zion with singing;
everlasting joy will crown their heads.
Gladness and joy will overtake them,
and sorrow and sighing will flee away.
Isaiah 35:10

Shout for joy, O heavens; 
rejoice, O earth; 
burst into song, O mountains!
For the LORD comforts his people
and will have compassion
on his afflicted ones.
Isaiah 49:13

You will go out in joy 
and be led forth in peace;
the mountains and hills 
will burst into song before you, 
and all the trees of the field 
will clap their hands.
Isaiah 55:12

Tidbit's Photo Shoot

Yesterday I went out with the dogs and Tidbit was
sitting up on the deck fence. She was so happy and
relaxed that I went for the camera.

Our little Tidbit turned ten this year.
It is easy to remember since she was
born in 2000.  That was the year we
moved to Lancaster County.

2000 was also the year everyone thought
catastrophe was upon us from being such
a computer reliant world.

We threw a huge New Year's Eve party
at our house, while Warren's boss at the time
threw one at his place right behind us.

Warren's boss had a license to shoot fireworks and
shot a show that night that would rival any small town's
Fourth of July shows.  We were going into this scary
New Year with a bang.  Well, as you know, that is all
the bang we got.  Everything went smoothly with the
computer transition and we were very thankful.

A couple of months later a pregnant stray cat
found Kay, Warren's boss's wife.
This cat could not have picked a more
compassionate person to help her in her
time of need.

Kay set her up on an enclosed front porch
with all of the comforts of a kitty hospital.
This momma kitty gave birth to five kittens.

Well, the cute ones found homes pretty
quickly...but there was poor Tidbit with her
funny markings that no one seemed to want.

We had another cat at the time and were in the
process of prepping for our move....a kitten
wasn't really on our agenda.  But the kids
pleaded and during our daily visits we fell in
love with the little kitten with no home.

That is how we came to have a cat with
such unique markings.  She is a chatty kitty
and she purrs so very loudly that you can hear
her from across the room.  
This morning
when I awoke she was sleeping right next to
me and followed me out to the living room much
as a dog would do.  However, she isn't crazy
about the dogs and takes a back seat when they
are up for the day. 

So, there you have it.  More than you ever wanted
to know about Tidbit.  The cat I offer everyone who
visits our home.  No takers yet. 

So I'll just keep on loving her....
.....my noisy ten year old!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Favorite Photos from my Albums.....

Because they seem to be glowing.

Because it speaks of friendship and fun.

Because he takes such pride in his work.  In this photo Mikey is taking time to admire the work of a co-worker.

Because Jonathan is a sweet, obedient and caring young man who is on the right path.

Because it reminds me of our special Saturday visits to Starbucks with Chelsea.

Just because I loved the color contrast and the graceful reach of the vine.

Because it is pleasing to the eye.
You can see that most of my favorite photos would not win contests.
However, they are of value in our collection.
They speak of things and people that 
impact our lives.

What are your favorite photos?

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Accepting Risk in Your Small Business

Continuing in the Thursday series of posts
about starting and running a small business.
You can find the first three posts
on the side bar.....

This subject is fresh on my brain
at the moment 
because I am accumulating inventory.
A lot of it!!!

I have decided to go ahead and make 
a dozen of each fragrance and jar to be
offered in the fundraisers.

So far I have completed:
4 dozen French Vanilla
4 dozen Mulberry Spice
4 dozen Country Apple

Still to complete:
1 dozen each of four different jars ~  
Cranberry Balsam, Orange Clove, 
Cappuccino, Candy Cane, 
Cinnamon Buns, 
and Pumpkin Pie Spice

I'll make more as the time to sell
gets closer, but I needed to 
make some candles for the sake of 
photos for fliers, etc.
So, I am trying to be efficient.

I have a nice chunk of change invested
already with no return expected until at 
least late September.

Tonight Warren and I found 38 amazing 
wooden apple boxes that hold a votive glass.
I will fill the votive with apple cinnamon soy 
wax and sell them. 
At least I think/hope they 
will sell.

You see, that is the thing.

I put out $65 on something that I have no idea
how it will be received.  We took all that were 
available at the wholesale store.  Warren was right
on board and so supportive with the whole thing.
But, you just have to accept the risk that something
may not work...it just may not sell.

No sales?
I will be out the $1.70 for the container, at least.
My total cost for the completed candle will 
be around $3.70.

I am planning to charge $10 for each completed
candle with $5 going to the fundraiser group
and $5 coming to me.
If it all works out I will clear $2.30 on each candle.
This would bring me a total profit of
$87.40 if  all 38 sell.
My groups, however, will make
$190 if they sell all of them.
You see, they do not share my risk.
 But, I share their joy!

How does one manage risk?

Start Small and....

Never put out money that you can't 
afford to lose

In a business such as we are talking about you may have
to put some things on credit for a couple of months.
It would be delightful if this were not the case, but 
you and I both know that unless you have people 
willing to join you in the risk taking and become
investors or partners
sometimes the card comes out.

However, you must resist the urge to overspend on credit.
  If you cannot afford to pay it back on schedule,
even if you sell nothing, do not charge it!!!  
You cannot afford to be in business
if you risk your personal finances
to do it.

Maybe you need to find a partner
who has the resources to
self finance.

The next thing to remember is that
the first money into your account 
needs to go to pay back any amount
you have borrowed.
Do not carry the debt a moment 
longer than you have to!!!

That will just eat up your 
We certainly don't want to 
do that!

Another way to manage risk is
to diversify.
Whenever possible have a variety
of product choices.
This will bring more sales and 
perhaps something that has a larger
profit margin will help carry a smaller profit item
or those things that just don't sell.

Does this make any sense? 
It is unavoidable...
but manageable.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I Survived Yesterday!!!

Thank You for your comments and love.

It was one of those days that you just think
you can't face anyone.  Your heart is heavy and
tears are just below the surface...
except when they aren't. 
Then they are annoying!

I got a call from my Aunt Naomi
yesterday morning.
She was just checking in to
see how we were doing.
What a sweet lady she is.
I felt better after chatting with her.

We made it to bowling and I got to see my
dear friend, Phyllis.  She happens to be the
Momma of Mrs. Rabe (Creekside Cottage). 
I love her.  Yes, I do.
We spent lovely time chatting away.
I actually bowled one game...
the first in months.
I think it may be my very last as my neck complained
from the very first frame and even now is hen pecking
me to never, ever do that again.

Mikey has been having gushing bloody noses since he
took an elbow to the face during a game of ultimate frisbee
a couple of months ago.  They called from his work on
Monday and he was not feeling too well after another bad
one...his second that day...it was 9:00 am.  So....we went
to the doctor and got that cauterized.  So far, so good.

Chelsea had been struggling hard with her Anorexia and
on Monday morning agreed to see her doctor about it.
So, after Mikey's appointment it was Chelsea's turn.
Her doctor is amazing.  
We are scheduled to see a specialist later this month.
On this we need prayer.
Chelsea has decided that by the time we see the next
doctor they are going to see that she is completely healthy
and send her home healed.
I say...go for it...my dear girl.
If that is the motivation you need to be healthy
then that doctor is worth her co-pay!!!!
So....this means that yesterday was a good eating day.
But, that was just one day.
It will take many of these to return her to health.
So much remains unsaid but I am ever so thankful
that my girl and I are close. 
I love her to pieces!!!
She is so brave to go public with this.

We go to the doctor for Warren tomorrow for chronic
pain that is just terrible.  His pain medication doesn't touch it.
Please pray that they can do something to relieve this
pain.  We are all getting cranky...You know?

So...last night we had a kick-off meeting for our homeschool
co-op and I did something I have never done before.
Mrs. Rabe asked me if I would be willing to pray to open
the meeting....I declined. 
Too weepy. 
Not going there in front of
all those wonderful parents.  But, she understood and asked
one of the Dads and he was happy to do it.

That is the worst of the happenings around here.
In the grand scheme of things it is not that bad...
but add it all together and I really needed those
verses yesterday.  I kept coming back and reading
them all the while re-reading your comments.
I was blessed.

He lifted me out of the slimy pit,
out of the mud and mire;
he set my feet on a rock
and gave me a firm place to stand.

 He put a new song in my mouth,
a hymn of praise to our God.
Many will see and fear
and put their trust in the LORD.

 Blessed is the man
who makes the LORD his trust.

Another precious Psalm.
A treasure.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

When Life Feels Overwhelming....

and it does right now,

I will remember this passage
from Psalm 121.
I lift up my eyes to the hills—
where does my help come from?
My help comes from the LORD,
the Maker of heaven and earth.
He will not let your foot slip—
he who watches over you will not slumber.

This is a verse that God is using in my
life this week....

2 Chronicles 20:15
"Do not be afraid or discouraged because of this vast army.
For the battle is not yours, but God's."

Ahhh....all of the things that are trying to overwhelm me and bring me to my knees are not mine to fight. They are His. I will rest in Him. He will deliver us from this struggle.

I know I am not alone in feeling this way.
If you are going through hard times.
If you feel as if your strength is gone and
you cannot do more...then you, and I,
are exactly where
God wants us.

Leaning on Him.