Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Fun with my Jonathan

End of day.
Makeup basically gone.
Hair untouched.

But he said he would take a photo with me
after we had enjoyed dinner together.

So...I jumped on it without delay.

I love this guy.

He has a heart bigger than the ocean.
Even though he shields it sooo carefully so that others
don't get to see it often.

Thanks, Jonathan.
You made my day!!

Love you big bunches.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Another Shop Goal Met

There are a few things that are high on my shop bucket list.  One was air plants.  Done.  Another was pretty jewelry.  Also done but perhaps not complete.  But a big one was pottery.  Not just any pottery. Pots by de Perrot in Lititz.  We have been fans for more than ten years since my brother introduced us to these fantastic pieces of art.  Finally yesterday I was able to go to the studio where the pottery is and sold to choose a selection for the shop.  This is what it looked like after I got them back to the shop and spent more than an hour setting it into a display.

We knew this was where we wanted the pottery
but it was trickier than you might think to make it work.
First was finding new spots for the items that were taking up this space.
Then was making it a symmetrical display.  
There are more of one style than the other.
Then there was a hole in the wall on one side.
Enter green glass with ferns.
Now as long as they don't sell I'm good.

Design one.
These hues are so soothing.
The itty bitties are magnets.
Each dish is dishwasher, microwave and oven safe.

Design number two.
The funky looking one is a napkin holder.
In the front are coasters.

Just another close up.

I love shop keeping so very, very much!

Can't wait to see what this weekend holds as we have our
Grand Opening from 10-7 Friday and Saturday!!

But for now I need to keep moving since this is our last 
morning for the Spring session of Change of Pace.
Helping to lead worship helps keep my head and heart in the right space.

Hope your day is amazing!

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Easter 2017

What a beautiful day we woke up to as we celebrated our Eternal Hope!  It is impossible to imagine life without the belief that sustains us.  Knowing that Jesus did the impossible in taking our sin upon himself and perished because of it.  But three days later, as was foretold hundreds of years before, He arose from the grave crushing death.... and it's hold on those who Believe....for eternity!  Can you tell this is my very favorite "holiday" of the entire year?  Well, it is!  I love it for what it stands for and I really love how we do it at Sonrise Christian Fellowship Church...and in our family.

Sonrise tradition has us showing up at our local park to stand by the pond, normally shivering,
at 8 am on Easter morn.  Today was the exception.  There was no shivering.  :-)  It was a fantastic morning!  Some photos taken there....I'm not editing them.

These are my people.
I love them with all that is in me.
Yes, there are others whom I love just as much who are not in this photo, 
but when I think about this group it is with great fondness and the knowledge of all 
we have walked through together.

To celebrate the most important event in history together 
each year only strengthens
that bond.  

After our time at the pond we come back to the church for 
a breakfast together.
I forgot to take photos of the tables that Deanna set up 
but there were perfectly simple and beautiful with white
table cloths, yellow plates, blue and white napkins and a flower
arrangement in the center.

Then we had our Sunday School and Worship time.
It was all so good.
Although, many of us were sleepy from having eaten
a hearty breakfast.
Perhaps a bit from the early morning fresh air as well.

Later today we met up with more very important people.
Chadd, Chelsea, Michael, Emily, Jonathan, Mom, Georgia
Warren and I enjoyed family time at Chelsea and Chadd's place.

I made ham and cheese paninis.
Others provided fruit and veggie salad and
Georgia made Lemon Lush for dessert.
It was all so good!

I love how much our children enjoy each other and the Grandmas.
Honestly, I could sit in the corner and just watch them all interact
all evening long and go home happy.

Laughter, chatter, memories and foolishness 

I had a great time looking at the baby's room again.
Chelsea said I can share some photos.

Chadd and his mother surprised Chelsea with this wall art.
Isn't it perfect?
Babies are definitely adventures....and filled with such possibility and potential.
Bring it Baby Pham!
We stand with you in this life.
We are a crazy bunch but you'll get used to it.

Chelsea is adjusting to the rapid growth of her little guy right now.
She is so beautiful and radiant.
I love to try to catch his movements...but so far he has only 
given me one really big kick.

The blanket is Mom's gift to the baby.
She is sewing a lot these days for the shop so it was extra cool 
that she took time to make this too.
It fits so beautifully into the nursery.

The dog is what Chelsea used to share the gender reveal to Chadd.
Everything has meaning.
So special!

Chelsea and I found this sign when we were out shopping for Pebbles & Lace.
We got one for the nursery and one for the shop.
Love the sentiment expressed.
I kind of feel like today was one of those take your breath away moments.
All day!

At one point I stepped outside on the deck to capture a bit of the beauty
that surrounds Chadd and Chelsea all of the time.
It is amazingly gorgeous.

Wonderful and blessed.

I hope your Easter was just as blessed.
And meaningful.