Saturday, June 29, 2013

Busy, Busy Week!

I have so much to share....
but I don't have the time to get the photos ready.

These are more from our recent trip to 
Longwood Gardens.

I just love cosmos.
Don't you?
The leaves and stems are so delicate
and the flowers like individual paintings.

It is pretty amazing to be able to capture this scene without a 
bunch of people in it.

The morning we were there was rather quiet.

 This is just the cutest little playhouse.
If I was a kid I would have to go inside!

One of these days a Martin House may appear in our front yard.
I just love them!

 Delicate Pinks......

We found out we missed friends by just a tiny bit
on that day.

We like friends...........

Thanks for being my friend.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Mystery at Hospitality Lane

Oh Boy!
If I hadn't taken these photos this morning 
I wouldn't have any proof 
that there is a flower thief in our neighborhood.

You see, 
I had made this flower bed white and red
until this random yellow daisy-type flower
popped up.
It kind of stood out in the neighborhood.
In a good way.
What a colorful and pretty flower.

Just look how happy and optimistic it is.
Pretty flower.

And now it is gone!
I came home, looked out the window and realized that 
it is more!


I suspect the neighbor boys who come through 
our yard to catch the bus to Summer School.

So, I'm thinking that perhaps this little flower 
lives on as a bit of sunshine for a teacher.

Or, maybe it was snatched on the way home
and their mother's eyes teared up 
with their thoughtfulness.

Who could blame them, really?
This flower grabbed your attention.
Standing there randomly
so yellow in a sea of white.

Oh well.
I love this flower bed still.
Now so coordinated in red and white.

I'll need to get some mulch down soon
or I'll dislike this flower bed as all the weeds
return too quickly.

 The hydrangea is so lacy and delicate.

This is one mystery I have no intention of solving.

Someone obviously was either bothered by this intrusive posey 
or needed it much more than I.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Today I Met Tommy

Oh...I've been waiting for this day!
Our friends returned from Eastern Europe with this sweetheart
a week ago last Saturday but I had not met him in person.
He was still that adorable boy on the screen.

However as I walked into the nursery at church
where Tommy was sitting on the floor
playing with several toys he looked up
at me and he smiled.
Maybe I should say that he continued to smile.
Tommy is one very happy young man!

I reached out my hand.
He took it.


All of the prayers.
All of the hopes.

Realized in that moment.
No longer just an image on the screen.
But flesh and blood, 
joy and contentment
sharing the very air I was breathing.

God is so amazing.

He puts families together in awesome ways.
Susanna (his mom) and I teared up together as we
just sat amazed at this reality.

We quickly moved on
with our conversation as neither of us were 
prepared to "lose it" just then.

According to reports from the Musser family
this adjustment is going very well.
Katie is fine with her new brother as long as her 
toys aren't messed with.
Boy has she come a long way!

I sat at the piano and looked back at this family....
grown by three since they began attending 
our fellowship.

There weren't enough seats in the row for each to have 
their own so Daddy Joe held two on his lap
and Susanna had one.....
Older siblings shared seats with youngers 
and everyone looked as if they wouldn't want to be 
anywhere else.

Nor would we want them to be anywhere else.
Thank you, Jesus, for bringing Tommy, Katie
and all the rest of the Musser family
safely to us.

Friday, June 21, 2013

A Perfect June Day at Longwood Gardens

Yesterday Mom, Georgia and I 
headed out early to 
Longwood Gardens.

I'm so thankful that the weather 
was so lovely for this particular day.

Once inside the gardens we split up.
I wanted to feel free to stop and snap 
photos for as long as I might want to.

Georgia had a particular part of the gardens
she was looking forward to visiting
and Mom loves to 
sit and enjoy various parts of the garden
so it worked out quite well.

Most of the roses are currently either just past peak 
or rain tattered.
these peach roses were amazing!

I was fascinated at the contrast of the succulents
against the rose arbors.


I just loved these yellow roses.
So cheerful...
they make me think of Amy, 
my friend who hails from Texas.
In fact as I snapped this 
the song, "Yellow Rose of Texas"  was 
running through my head.

I have more photos from our day there.
I'll share them later.
Chelsea and I get to spend our morning together
so I must go prepare for that.

Have a super day!

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Long's Park on A Beautiful Evening

On a perfect evening this week we found ourselves
at Long's Park in Lancaster.

On the edge of the city
the beauty is indisputable.

Of course, 
with this many geese and ducks
discretion in foot placement is kind of essential.

We are also on a quest for a new photo 
of Chelsea for our hallway.
Currently the photo in that frame is from 
the Cruise with a Cause a few years ago.
That being the trip that got this whole 
YWAM thing started.
Visiting the orphanages and schools made 
Chelsea long to do another mission trip....

 but this time
one where she could communicate in English
with those that she was working with.

This poor mama duck got all of our sympathy 
when after getting all of her ducklings settled for the night
was attacked by a bully duck.

He and his entourage of two swam up and he coldly
came stepping all over and through the babies 
in an effort to get to this particular duck.
He chased her, grabbed her and was all out nasty
as we looked on in shock.
Even the geese in the area seemed at a bit of a loss 
as to how to respond.
Even in her distress this mama seemed to give her babies 
instruction as they took to the water 
and as soon as she could break free
she joined them.

Off they went to another nesting site for the night.
While the bully and his followers patrolled the shore.
I was sooooo mad at them.
It really took me to another place and time.

I could just picture those creeps at school who
sought out a particular person and made their lives
so miserable.

There was a girl in our middle school who was very 
obviously from a less than desirable home situation.
I never got to know this girl because of my own 
fears and probably prejudice....if I'm being honest.
However, I was so disturbed to hear other 
girls in the locker room 
putting her down and commenting on her 
personal hygeine
in a way that had to, just had to, hurt her feelings.
It made an impression on me.
I was too shy and afraid of those bullies
myself to stand up to them.
I had experienced their disdain myself
for being different.
My conservative wardrobe wasn't exactly popular
in those circles.
While I am not proud that I didn't stand up for 
that fellow student it has caused 
me to be more sensitive and quicker to reach out to
others ever since.

These three ducks made me flash right back to those situations.
To those bullies.

And I had it easy in the scheme of things.
I really feel for those who are alone and despised 
in the world.

 Anyway, back to the park.....
There were so many geese.

Chelsea was going to sneak up on Warren but
he knew she was there....

I think she just got interested in what he was capturing on his phone.

Making memories that will last 
for years to come.

The weather was just perfect.
And with a final "Ta-da" 
we were off!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Our Sunday ....I Know It Is Wednesday....Just Can't Keep Up!

Sometimes we pack our days so full that we
 amaze even ourselves.

Sunday was one of those days.

We began as usual with church 
and all that goes with that.
Music Prep, Coffee Making, Worship, 
just to name a few things.
I had done the bulletins on Saturday so 
that saved me some stress on Sunday morning.

It was a wonderful service
and Pastor Mike preached an amazingly
relevant sermon.
Tears ran down my face during the whole sermon
as I sat amazed at the consistency of God's message in 
my life.
Trust me when I tell you that I am not handling my kiddos 
leaving very well.
My body is stressed and acting out, 
my eyes are quick to
And while my mind tells me that God really has them
and I can relax my Mom instinct keeps 
screaming that I am just not ready for this.
So, when for the millionth time this week God
told me that I can trust Him
I just couldn't stop crying.

I know everyone is worried about me.
I even got a card in the mail from a very concerned
and loving friend.
But it is going to be o.k. 

Even if the very worst happens
I trust our Heavenly Father.....
but I'll continue to cry.

It is just the way I roll.

So anyway....
after the service we ran out to grab some lunch and then
headed up to Reading (an hour from our home) where one of the families in our 
church was hosting everyone for the afternoon and evening.
Problem was that Warren and I had to be in Lebanon
which was an hour from our friends house at 5 pm.
We got to spend just over 30 minutes with the folks 
from church before he and I headed out leaving Chelsea
and Jonathan to come home with Pastor Mike.

We drove our next hour to Lebanon where we were
part of a surprise birthday party for one of Warren's oldest friends.
He turned 60!
How does this happen?
We have a friend who is entering his 60's?
Told you we grew up.

Actually these guys used to do sound and video gigs together.
There were even times after we were married that we all 
"worked" together at Creation Festival.
My part was carrying the cords of the video camera.
This allowed me to be on stage with Warren as he shot video for 
the big screen.
Loved that, don't you know!

I could name drop.....
I have in the past.....
but I won't tonight.

You would think that church, time in Reading and a surprise birthday
party would make for a full day, right?
Well it did but we weren't done yet.

At 7 pm our moms joined us for a Booth Brothers concert 
right there at the park in Lebanon.

Michael Booth

Jim Brady

Ronnie Booth

Yep....I've been immersed in Southern Gospel Music lately.
Personally I think it is a gift.

It was a casual outdoor concert.
The guys did a lot of singing 
and a little bit of 

just before dark the concert was over 
and we headed the next hour home.

It was nearly a perfect day.
I'm so thankful!

Monday morning
found us at the oral surgeon having
Michael's wisdom teeth out.
He is perfectly miserable and I have been 
doing my best to take care of him.

He is scheduled to sign his papers 
for the Army on Tuesday.

Monday evening
Warren and Chelsea went to a father daughter
ice cream social at church.
They had a lot of fun.
It was a 50's theme.
Deanna blogged about it

I guess you can gather that it is not boring here.
Not even a little bit.

We've been following the progress of our 
friends, the Mussers, as they are in Europe 
picking up their newest son, Tommy.
Very soon, Lord Willing, he will be right here 
in Lancaster County with us.
Can't wait!
The pictures and videos of him are just too wonderful.
He remembered Susanna and was delighted to see her again.

Oh my.
I've chatted up a storm.
If you are still here.....

Chelsea and her friend, Sarah are headed our way 
and hope to bake something so I've got to go 
put some candle making supplies away so they can 
actually get that accomplished.

Talk to you later.
Stay safe in all of this crazy weather and wildfires.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Our Imprint....Our Community


Family, friends, acquaintances....
the barber, the grocer, 
the farmer with the roadside stand.
Your pastor, fellow congregants, 
the funeral director.
The doctor, the nurse
and the person who empties the trash 
in your hospital room.
Your favorite waitress, 
the hostess and the cook remaining behind
the wall.
The teacher, the principal
and the secretary with her finger on the pulse
of all that happens at school.
Your auto mechanic, the dentist,
and the attorney who is there in a pinch.
These are the people who make up 
our world.
Whether daily, weekly 
or just here and there
we leave an imprint on each
one listed here.