Thursday, September 30, 2010

It is Raining in the Potty Spot

Not good for the puppies!

They are not amused and it is
a battle of the wills.....

Young Bandit is banished to her
crate until such time as she chooses
to get over her refusal to "take a shower"
and "go in the rain"....
We have tried four times so far.
Front door, back door.
I am totally soaked
and yet nothing!

I guess I can't blame her....
we might get seven inches of rain
today.  I think two to four may have
already fallen.  

It is crazy out there!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A Very Busy Day....

Three Kids, Three Directions.
Add Mom and Dad and we have
five people going five ways.

At various points in the day we will
reconnect and regroup.

This morning Chelsea leaves with 
Grandma Georgia, I'll get her about lunchtime
and go to Hershey 
for Doctor Appointments.
She and Mikey have plans
this evening....
that is what I mean 
by regroup.  
Its literal.

Now, I need to go wake up the 
two remaining sleepers.
Mikey is already headed 
to work
Jonathan needs to get up 
and ready to help some 
friends move
and it is time for Chelsea
to get up. about you?
Or do you have time to sit
and eat Bonbons? 

That is what we do, 
isn't it?


Monday, September 27, 2010

Do you ever just play with photos?

I have a cold.
It has made me rather lazy lethargic
but it is too soon to head to bed.

Therefore I decided to play with
my photo editor.
This was a simple exercise in 
the removal of color.





It was just for fun....
While I think you can see much detail
in the black and white versions
I find myself thankful that God put
color in the world.

What a gift!

Sweet Pic, Sweet Kiddos

This photo was taken at 
our church picnic yesterday....

Chelsea, Sarah and Noah

Aren't they precious?

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Friendships New and Old

I had contacted Yvonne, of the Stone Gable blog,
about meeting up with our group of 
local Bloggers the last time we met and
unfortunately something came up for her
so she was unable to make it.

But we agreed to meet for coffee.

A time was agreed upon and I was
looking forward to making a new
Then I ended up in the hospital.
So...we postponed again.
Until yesterday....when Yvonne,
smiling, warm and bursting with energy,
came through the door of
a local restaurant bearing this gorgeous bouquet 
of flowers cut from her garden.
We had such sweet conversation.
Sharing our hearts about God and family.
While we are in different stages of our lives,
I appreciate the complexity that each 
season of life brings.
Looking forward is good.
Meeting new friends is 
so much fun!
Now, back at Hospitality Lane,
with laundry to do, 
continuing ed to complete...
or my financial business will go away...
candle orders to fill
and people to feed,
I took some time this morning to show
Chelsea how to clean a copper
Revere pan with lemon juice and salt.
So, so much fun!!!!
Do you think I am procrastinating just a bit??
Perhaps...o.k.... definitely!

Well, I'll procrastinate just a bit more because
my dear "old" friend, Shelley, is visiting.

I love her.
She loves me.
She leaves my husband alone...
(dare I say that this is always
a good idea for lasting friendships?)
She loves my kids!
They love her!
We shall have a wonderful time today!

I am very blessed, indeed.

How have you been blessed this week?

Friday, September 24, 2010

The Power of Armor All

These are not fancy
or pretty photos.

I wanted to document the change.

Some of you asked for photos when
we had the new windows installed.
I didn't want to show you because
for years I have avoided taking
pictures of the house if you could
see the shutters.

They were so faded and gross.

Initially we thought perhaps we would
 paint the poor ugly things. But when we looked
at products sold for painting vinyl shutters
that was very costly. We decided to look
into purchasing new shutters.
Well, that idea was quickly
put to rest. They are ridiculously expensive
when our shutters were structurally fine.

We discussed it and decided we had
nothing to lose.
So....out came the can of Armor All.
And shockingly....back to their original
color came our shutters!

Now, the bricks on the patio and
the soles of my shoes were slippery
for a very long time....
a tarp might be a very good idea...
but I am so very happy with the
results. I have waited all Summer
to tell you that the results
have lasted. Hot sun beating on
the shutters has not hurt them.

I can imagine that maybe once a year
or once every other year we will want
to put another coat of Armor All on them
but that is simple with a 
good microfiber

This is not a paid endorsement.
Simply a helpful hint for others with 
sad and tired Vinyl.
It really worked well for us!

I would caution you to work
carefully around shutters that
are hanging.  This is a favorite 
spot for bees and wasps.

However, we had taken ours down 
at the request of the window salesman
and I am not amused with him.

It turns out that they did not need to 
come down at all....
but because they did we had to 
purchase new hangers.
They are pricey and it is a nuisance 
to find them.
We had to order online.
So....learn from our mistakes.....
With caution it would have been better
to have done this while they were still hanging.

So, there you have it.
Take it for whatever it is worth.
Tis the season for all of those improvements
that are best done when the weather is cooler...
although it is far from cool here lately.
I do hear that by Sunday I 
will be a happy camper, though. dear friend, Shelley is coming to 
visit.  I was going to say she is visiting me....
but she and the kids love each other so much 
that they will have this evening all to themselves
and I will get to spend time with Shelley tomorrow.
Tonight I will practice our music for Sunday
while they get into whatever mischief they can find.
Who knows.

Becky K.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

This Face Says.....

Third Place?

Actually, she was making the most of the 
fact that I had the camera right in
her face. She was saying...
"Not so close!"
And then I snapped the picture!
Bad Mommy!

Another Fair and another win
in the Hershey's Cocoa Classic.

A wonderful neighbor popped in yesterday 
and hired Chelsea to make two large custom
orders for events in November.
It is such a blessing to have neighbors and friends
who want to help our kids reach their dreams.

Edited to add:  Answering Karen's question....
Chelsea will be making 
3 dozen standard size muffins 
a brunch 
(one dozen each Pumpkin, Apple 
and Blueberry Lemon) 
and then Assorted desserts 
to serve 35 people
for a luncheon on another day.

Chelsea had submitted this photo into the
Creative Photography Division.
While it is fun, she didn't win anything for it.
Thank goodness her eyes aren't really THAT blue.
That would be unnerving!

This was submitted into the Nature Category....
Also, no prize.
However, I love that both Chelsea and Jonathan
enjoy photography.
It is a joy to see things through their eyes.
Some others that she took that day...
It is highly unlikely that I would ever see it
from this perspective as she was lying on the
ground looking
I am not likely to go to this length for a photo
these days.

Have a wonderful day.
We will be busy but it is all good stuff.
No doctor's appointments.
Just Co-op, Psalms of David, and a concert for the 
younger set this evening

while I continue making these fun candles...
Test burn

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A Calming Outdoor Wednesday

 Joining Susan's Outdoor Wednesday

This is a week in which our schedule
makes calm a bit difficult to find.  
However, I discovered a moment
of joy by looking out my front 
window yesterday afternoon.
I grabbed the camera because this 
is what I saw.

You know the power of beauty to soothe.
I believe it is a very direct gift of our 
Creator to His creation.

Seeing HIS Provision in the bales of corn
stalks.  There will be some very happy cows
in the cold of winter!

In return they will produce some amazing
milk to make us strong and healthy.

Seeing HIS creative touch in the amazing roses,

and mallow flowers.  

Loving it...and loving HIM!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

More Fair Action

Miss Chelsea is in the kitchen.
Apparently her win in the Solanco Fair
has inspired her to enter another.
This time she is making sugar cookies,
put together with peanut butter and dipped
in chocolate.  It is her own concoction so
we will see how they turn out.

That means that I cannot use the kitchen 
to continue my candle making this afternoon
and we will have to run to a local fairground
to register her cookies and two pieces of 
photography this evening.

It is fine that I can't get into the kitchen because
I have a bunch of wedding candles on the dining 
room table that are waiting their finishing touches.
I am not yet half way through the wedding candle 
order.  Things have been so crazy busy this week.

Is it really only Tuesday?  

So, anyway, the house smells amazing.
Chelsea is in her element.
I have plenty to do.
But, I just had to say "Hello" to you.

This morning I used my computer time to 
make a new page on the candle web site.
We launched my largest fundraiser of the 
season last evening and so I gave them a 
page of their own on the site. 
I so love that page feature....really, if you 
haven't done so yet, you should check it out.

Now I must be going....
off to finish some projects.
Hope you are having a great day.
I'll try to get around to blogs as I can 
squeeze out a minute here and there.

Becky K.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Wishing You....

A Joyful Day.

Becky K.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sobering News

It is very common for me to read 
 news on the computer.  
It used to be that I relied
on the television but lately 
it is just more convenient to read it here.  
Yesterday I was doing just that 
when I stumbled on an article 
that shocked and 
saddened our entire family.  
It involves the family 
who is responsible for us having 
our rescue dog, Bandit.  

The mother is the president of 
Plain and Fancy
Animal Rescue.

Apparently early Saturday 
morning they were asleep 
when a fire broke out in their home.  
One of the dogs woke their twenty year old
daughter who heard her father 
yelling to the kids to "stay low".  

The daughter was able to 
help the four younger ones 
out of the house but the 
parents were trapped in a 
second floor bedroom.  
When the first responders
arrived they put a ladder to the window 
and brought the parents down but
the father passed away on the scene.  
The mother, with whom I have had several 
conversations and who personally 
chose Bandit for us, is in critical condition.

So often we read the news 
and it is quite entertaining.  
Sometimes it is the 
ammunition I use against Mikey's 
desire for a fast motorcycle.
Other stories make me shake
my head at the lengths people will
go to in order to avoid 
actually earning a living. 
Almost amusing.
But the news of this 
family's tragedy struck deep. 
If you would
like to read the story 
and see the photos you can do that here.

Know that you are reading 
about people of a very caring spirit 
and loving hearts.  
Remember that there are 
now five children who are fatherless.  
Take a moment to ponder 
the fact that their lives changed
in just a few minutes.  
We just never know.

Please pray for the 
Harrower family.
Linda Harrower will need 
God's help in a way
she never has before.....

Saturday, September 18, 2010

In the News This Morning

Ooooh, they are going to be surprised when they see this post.

This morning in Southern Lancaster County
two hot air balloons are bearing down on
a certain blogger's position in her living
room. Through the large picture window she
watches as she types frantically as she must leave very

I snuck up behind them at the mountains.

This blogger is not leaving in the hot air
balloons but in her cute little Mazda Mini Van
with squeaky brakes. She is off to meet ladies
from her homeschool co-op at the local Cracker Barrel.

They were just too cute!

Also, in Breaking News from Hospitality Lane...
It was discovered by some very cute little neighbor
boys that there are four new chicks in the chicken yard.
The hens had been setting so it was not unexpected but
the Blogger at Hospitality Lane was not expecting them
so soon.

May your day be filled with happy news and good friends....
with a hot air balloon thrown in for good measure.


Becky K

Friday, September 17, 2010

With an Evil Twinkle in My Eye.....

Another story from our time in the
mountains of Potter County....

We were so happy to find this gem along our path.
What you need to know is that Warren is inside....
It was a lock and worries...I made him go back and unlock it!
As you know Warren loves it so much when I capture these kinds of moments.
Do you see the love on his face?
Well, at least he is a great sport!!!
Warren was not the only one to use this 
perfectly placed potty.
He, however, was the only one to 
be "blessed" with a photo session.

I tell this tale for a purpose today.
It is not just to embarrass him.
It is so that you will remember to keep
him in your prayers over the next
couple of days.

Warren had surgery on Monday.
It was outpatient and while
we expected pain we did not
understand the extent of the pain.


On day five....he is still suffering... so much.
I did not share about the surgery initially 
because the poor dear didn't need his
privacy invaded that much....
but now he is in dire need of your prayers.

I know we have been very needy of late.
I so appreciate your comments and 
prayers.  They have lifted me up and 
been a huge blessing.
Blog friends are amazing!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

I Hate Anorexia

It is official.
Hate it!
I am not going to even
try to put a good face on 
this disease.
Anorexia is a liar and a thief!

Anorexia takes a beautiful young woman
and tells her she is fat.
It tells her that surely no one will like her
if she looks like a healthy young woman.
It tells her not to like herself....
that she is ugly.
Can you believe it?
Anorexia steals the lives of 
beautiful teen girls and 
runs far away.
It is a coward!
Hiding deep in the recesses
of their minds.

But hear me, Anorexia,
hear me good!
You are on your way out.
Out of our home.
Out of our lives.
Because our God is bigger,
stronger and loves us 
with a love that is 
beyond comprehension.

HE is our hope.
HE is our joy.
HE is our peace!

You SHALL be defeated!!!

It was not by their sword that they won the land,
nor did their arm bring them victory;
it was your right hand, your arm, 
and the light of your face,
for you loved them.
Psalm 44:3

Through you we push back our enemies;
       through your name we trample our foes.
  I do not trust in my bow,
       my sword does not bring me victory;
  but you give us victory over our enemies,
       you put our adversaries to shame.
Psalm 44:5-7
With God we will gain the victory,
       and he will trample down our enemies.
Psalm 60:12
Indeed, in our hearts 
we felt the sentence of death. 
But this happened 
that we might not rely on ourselves 
but on God, 
who raises the dead.
2 Corinthians 1:9
Holding on......for the life and the health of my 
precious daughter!

Today will be a very hard day for her.
It is the first day of our Homeschool 
Co-op for this school year.
She is very concerned about it.
If you would keep her in prayer....
Oh, that would help so much!

Thank You!!!!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Breaking News of Gigantic (to us) Proportions

In the space of five minutes today 
I learned wonderful news 
about two of our kiddos.

First, Mikey was telling us that 
he has been accepted into the 
Professional Gardener's Program
at Longwood when the phone rang
and it was my friend Bev.
She was calling to see if we knew
that Chelsea had won FIRST PLACE
in the Hershey Cocoa Contest
our local Fair.

This means that she will be going to 
the Pennsylvania Farm Show to 
compete once again with this recipe.
She will face all of the other Fair Winners 
from across the State in the age 8-18 class.

What a crazy day!  We were in Hershey this
afternoon to meet with her specialist
and then to come home to this.

So, we jumped in the van and headed
to the Fairgrounds to verify the 
information before we told anyone....
Consider it verified.
Isn't she cute?

And her dear friend Kara happened
to be there with her Mom and brother
just as we were checking out her win.

I love this photo of the two of them.

We were thrilled to find a second place ribbon
on one of her two pieces of artwork.

The folks at Creekside Cottage have some
celebrating to do as well...but I will let 
them share their good news in their 
own way. the space of one afternoon my 
January got a lot busier.
Mikey moves out ...I'm going to have to
work on wrapping my brain around that fact...
and Chelsea 
goes to the Farm Show
to compete with her
Peanut butter Chocolate, Chocolate Cookies
made with Hershey's Cocoa and
Reese's Peanut Butter Chips.

Way to go Mikey and Chelsea!