Thursday, July 2, 2009

Day Four! Long Rambling Post...

Note: You may not find this interesting
unless you are an Aunt or Uncle...Cousin
or some other extended family member who
checks in here for news about the kids.
However...feel free to read away.

Well, this is day four of Mikey's
internship at Longwood Gardens.
As he doesn't take his driver's test
until tomorrow someone has
gone along every day this week.

He is doing the driving both ways, and that has
been good. On Monday Chelsea, Jonathan
and I spent the day shopping in the area.
We spent time at Borders looking around
and I spent $7.99 to get Internet access.

Then we found a new look
in clothes for Jonathan.
Love it!
He is traditionally
a t-shirt and black jeans kind of guy. We
found a tan button up shirt
and brown shorts that
look great on him.
That was worth the entire day!

Finally we got lunch and headed back to
get Mikey after six hours.

He was so excited.
This internship program is great.
There are six interns.
They all seem to be very nice.
Longwood gave them lunch the first
two days and took them out to buy
steel toed boots.

Mikey has been good about writing in
his journal daily...
all three days, so far (lol).

Tuesday I dropped him off and came home.
There is just too much to do around here
to stay and play. When Chelsea and I headed
back we were just in front of nasty thunderstorms.
As Mikey drove back we drove into the storm
front. It was so windy. He really had to
fight the push and pull on the van.
I was glad he had that experience while
still on his permit. He expressed that he
was glad for the practice. am
I going to let him drive this by himself.

Only with God's grace!

Yesterday, Mom and Georgia took him and
then they spent the day at Winterthur before
picking him up again.
I had a dinner of soft chicken tacos waiting
when they all got home.

I am conflicted about today.
Part of me wants to stay and
look around Longwood but a bigger
part wants to get home and continue
laundry and cleaning.

We will see...

Most of our curriculum for next year
came in the mail this week. I am
anxious to tear into that and get
it all set up. Much of it is on the
computer for Chelsea but the Government
Books look interesting. I need to
study them so that I can break them
down into lessons.

I am silly like that.
While there are many complete
curriculum sets out there, I tend
to enjoy designing my own from
a book or two.

I did finish up that candle order
yesterday! The work table has been
put away...YAY!
That feels so good.

Well, it is nearly time to leave
and I have to do a few things first.

Hope you have a great day.


♥♥Becky K.♥♥


Terri Steffes said...

That wasn't so bad!!

Your theme for today: Lord, I was Born a Ramblin' Woman!

JK Have a great day!

Deanna Rabe - Creekside Cottage Blog said...

So happy that Mikey is loving his internship! We will be praying for his test tomorrow! I know it will be hard at first but it really will end up being a blessing that he can drive himself! Lindsay drove the girls to their work orientation last night! Wow! :)

I need to get my school stuff ordered!