Sunday, September 27, 2015

A Little Hershey Sweetness...And More!

Some time ago our church implemented a monthly "Family Sunday" which is distinguished from the rest of our Sundays by not having anything other than Sunday School and Worship on the official schedule. Since so many of our families come from a distance the other Sundays of the month are typically spent together in fellowship either at the church, a park or someone's home.
However on Family Sunday there is no official church event.  We have come to try to pay attention to this opportunity to do things with the kids and the moms.  It is good to set aside this time to just be together when the rest of our weeks can be so full with all kinds of great things but perhaps not as much opportunity to hear each other and enjoy the closeness that comes with family.  Since our church teaches family is a priority we take it seriously to build these relationships intentionally.'s adventure included a trip to Chocolate World and then an unexpected family encounter that I'll tell you about in just a bit.

We had mentioned to both my Mom and Georgia (Warren's Mom) that we wanted to do something together around 3pm today.  However, plans were not set.  They had met some other friends for a missions lunch fundraiser right after church and so had only just gotten to their homes when we suggested they hop in the van and go for a ride to Hershey to make Chocolate Bars.  These ladies always amaze me with their flexibility.  They were up for it.  And so off we went....Warren, Chelsea, Chadd, Mom, Georgia and Yours Truly.

First we rode through the Chocolate World Ride where for many years we have learned how chocolate is made.  It is a simple kind of an experience but it is charming and even smells delicious.

These "cows" welcomed us to the ride.

Clearly Mom and Georgia were thrilled.
Haha...they are so funny.

Next we got all cute and stuff to make chocolate bars.
Gotta love Warren's beard net, right??

My chocolate bar is coming out from being drenched with rich milk chocolate....
I stuffed mine with toffee, pretzels and chocolate chips.

My finished product:

Warren didn't recognize himself in this but I informed him that those kids were us.
After all, I did have pigtails as a girl...and since he's the one I married that must be him.

There were many people taking photos of this....
so I took my turn as well while I waited for the family to finish looking for me 
in the shopping area.  
I ducked out of the crowd at the first possible moment and they didn't realize it.

So..anyway...all of that to say it was fun... and tasting my chocolate bar upon arriving home
I have to say it is AMAZING!

Before we left Hershey my phone rang.
It was Jonathan calling from work.
He was there early for a get together but his ride there had been perilous.
Somewhere along the line the brake line had split and while he was doing some
pre-work shopping the fluid had drained out and he had no brakes.
Poor guy!!
He drove using the emergency brake the little bit between the store and his work.
This wouldn't seem like a big deal...since he didn't have an accident or anything if 
he hadn't been driving a back up car because his car barely got him home from work this morning
and he called Warren at church after he finally got it home.
Got that?
Two cars broken in ONE day.
That's a bit much, right?

So we went by his work to take him food for overnight since he didn't make it 
to pick any up before the brakes failed.
Well, and there was this thing of Warren wanting to check out the situation.

We take Family Day to a whole new level.

But even with all the craziness of our vehicle dramas we are there for each other
and we thoroughly enjoy hanging out together.
I particularly enjoy making a certain family be....
laugh very hard!!
Someone needs to get used to my warped sense of humor or he is going to 
hurt himself from laughing so hard.  
Love him!!
And he needs to is good for the soul.

Speaking of Chadd, we wore him right out today.
Church, a short walk around the neighborhood with Chelsea and then our evening adventure.
He was in a good bit of pain and was very, very tired by the time we were done.
However, we still stand amazed at his progress.
Physical therapy and time are really helping.
Your continued prayers are so appreciated.

Hope you had a great Lord's Day.
I know our worship was good....
HE was in the midst!

Friday, September 25, 2015

Beautiful Potter County Pennsylvania

A Photo Journey with minimal chatter....

Our view from the cabin

I made it my mission to get a photo of a dog sitting in front of this rock.
Not so easy as you can imagine.
Bandit wondered why I was pointing it out to her and proceeded 
to sniff it thoroughly.
Finally she sat in front of it as I was asking her to do.
I want to edit the final photo at some point, just for fun,
but at this moment I have more important things that I must get to.

I just love the forest floor.

Seriously?  More photos Mom?

Warren brought his remote controlled helicopter along....

Our home away from home this trip.

Walkway to the stream behind the cabin

We enjoyed the steam from the lawns as the sun heated the valley each day.

On borrowed time....about to be evaporated away.

 And then we went to Lyman Lake named after the second permanent resident 
of Potter County.

I sat on a bench under this tree with the dogs and read while Warren, Georgia and Jonathan explored the dam that has recently been updated.

Time spent with Warren's two sets of Aunts and Uncles was a huge highlight
of this trip.  
They had us over to their cabin for a picnic one afternoon.
It was delightful!

We made it home safely yesterday after 
a long and detoured journey home.
But we are so thankful to be safely here.