Monday, August 31, 2009

A Sunset From Me ...To You!

7:30pm on August 31, 2009

Fun Times in BIG Blue Glasses

Outdoor Wednesday Readers...
I accidentally linked the wrong post.
While I am glad you are here and hope
you enjoy your visit I intended you to
see THIS for the party.

Thanks for stopping by!

I will forever
remember and treasure
this weekend.

It was so fun and

On Saturday we puttered
around all day...Warren
even put a new (used)
speaker in his Miata.

This meant that he wasn't attacking
one of the many items on his long
"to-do" list.
This is a good thing.

The poor guy is always
doing something for
the rest of us.
It was about time he did
something for himself.

Later on, I was wishing that
he and I could go out for dinner.
I had a very excellent coupon!

However, I didn't want to leave
the kiddos on their own and it wasn't
financially feasible to take them
to this restaurant.

So, as a family,
we hatched a plan.

The kids would take the van
and go for pizza and a movie.
Yes, they can actually do that
now. It seems so strange.

Warren and I took off in this...

and had a wonderful dinner together.
No it is not me with Warren in this is his Mom from another time...
I just had to show the blue car on Blue Monday.

When we returned home we walked next
door and visited a bit with
Warren's Mother, Georgia.
We got home just in time for
the kids to come in laughing
and wearing these...

Mikey and Jonathan each had a pair of these
and Chelsea was wearing a pretty cute regular
pair of sunglasses...

They had enjoyed each other
and their outing so much!

It just blesses my heart to see
how well these crazy kids get along.

So flash forward to Sunday afternoon.
We had a wonderful day at church with
a great Fellowship Meal.

We came home and before long Grandma Ruth
came to visit! She is one of my favorite
visitors. It never takes long before we
are giggling about one thing or another.

So it didn't take Mom long to check out
the glasses...

Is this not too cute??

How thankful I am that the kids
chose glasses with blue tinting.
It so works for Blue Monday!

Anyhoo...after we all watched a movie
we came upstairs and the kids grabbed
my laptop for a bit of Youtube fun with
Tim Hawkins...

Not to mentions some posing for the

We officially begin
school today (Monday).

The kids say they dread it...
but they don't really mean it.

We are going to have a great year
if this weekend is any taste of
what is to come...
What a very fun weekend
it was.

Our kids and family are so
much fun. Laughter with them
is great medicine!

I hope your week gets off to
a great start!!!!

To see more blue today...
much more serious should
probably click on over to Sally's
Smiling Sally Blog...HERE.
It is a lot of fun!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

It is All About HIM...

He has made everything
beautiful in its time.
He has also set eternity
in the hearts of men;
yet they cannot fathom
what God has done
from beginning to end.

Ecclesiastes 3:11


Saturday, August 29, 2009

It's Time for Thinking...on This Saturday!

If you are here for the Rooster Party...
you can just scroll down one post.

If you are up for a tour through what is
on my scary mind you can read here first.

Warning: I am going where no homemaking,
homeschooling, friend making blogger should
ever go...I am talking Politics!

As I watched the Memorial Celebration for Senator
Edward Kennedy from beginning to end last night
I was struck by several things.

1. He was a person with family and friends.
He will be greatly missed by them.
Having set at my own father's funeral
and seen and heard him on videotape
during that service...
my heart went out to them.

2. Senator Kennedy had a lot of power and
used it to the best of his ability.

3. I still disagree with very many of this
man's lifelong goals, as it relates to larger
government and social issues.

4. It was really LONG!!

But, overall, what has struck me about this whole
scenario is the insight into the inner workings of
career politicians. To see Senator McCain, whom I
greatly admire, Vice President Biden, whom I disagree
with most of the time, and Senator Dodd talk about
their numerous years on Capital Hill left me feeling
very dissatisfied.

I am reminded of the many years
we have studied history.
We have learned so much about
the intent of our Founding Fathers
as it relates to our Political Structure.
I don't believe any of them
would have foreseen a day that
it was a vied for career.

To spend your entire life
in this job. With lifetime perks
above and beyond what the
average American could hope
to achieve.

No, I think their intention
was that Representatives
of the People would have
been regular people,
well thought of in their
hometowns or States,
who would serve for a short period
of time and then pass that burden
on to someone else.

It should be a burden.
It should be very hard work.
It should not be a cushy,
Old Boy's Club that I thought
was represented last night.

What truly struck me was the Mayor
of Boston's bragging about their
Fundraising "Good Cop, Bad Cop"
routine. Talking about Senator
Kennedy calling and telling the
donor he needed them to give
1.5 million, only to have that
person, seemingly under pressure,
call the Mayor who let them off the
hook by a half a million.

Did that strike you as wrong?

Isn't that an abuse of power?

At least it didn't seem morally
admirable...I am sure this goes
on for both political parties,
but boy does it make my hackles
go up!

I could go on...but I won't.

I just long for the government that
was intended...
"Of the People, by the People and for the People".
Abraham Lincoln 1863 in the Gettysburg Address

We are so far off course.

Now, we do have to do our part.
I love to complain, but this year
I had to get involved and write a
letter to my Senator. How else can
they properly represent us if they
don't know what we are feeling.
So, I encourage you to take just
a few minutes and express your opinions
to those who have been elected to
vote for you.

Just the impressions I walk away with
after an evening of remembrances...

I did truly feel for the family.
Two losses in such a short time.
Obviously this man was an important
and vibrant part of the family.

Hope you won't stay away after this.
It is pretty rare that I go off on
a political rant. However, if I am
going to it will most likely be on
a Saturday.

Have a fun weekend.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

It's a Party Featuring ...Roosters!

Welcome to my version of
a Rooster Party.

Barb, at Bella Vista is so gifted at accessorizing!
She also has many, many friends in the
blog world because she makes everyone
feel so very welcome in her cyberspace.

This is Barb's Rooster Party.
How fun to get to participate!

With more than 190 linked posts
we are bound to see many variations
on the Rooster decor.
Have fun!
Thanks for stopping in!

A very good friend saw
this picture and thought
of my kitchen and its small
rooster collection.

My mother gave us a canister set
for Christmas a couple of years ago.
Our dogs get all excited when they hear the
lid being opened as that means a treat is
in their near future!

This is the rooster from a serving
platter that you most often see with
something on it, like this...

And while I was taking pictures
these two critters ended up in
the living room...teasing Kimmy.

Roosters can be bad like that,
you know. Well, she chased this
one right up onto the table.

I can still see you,
Mr. Rooster.
You'll have to find a
better hiding place!

Thanks for stopping by....

The Dog Days of Summer

I was curious as to where this term
came from. So just a quick search
led me to this site which said that
this refers to the time when the
Sirius, or dog star, is most
visible in certain skies.

It was so huge and noticeable that
some believed it added to the heat
of the sun to warm the earth during
the late summer months.

I have no idea if this is the true origin
of this phrase, or not,
however dog days of summer have
a different meaning here at Hospitality

We really mean dogs!

My Mom's dog, Bear,
likes to visit our house.

Recently He and Warren had
a little serious time.

However it soon lightened
up and they were laughing
about something.

Kimmy has been thinking
that all of the other
animals have been getting
more blog time than she she agreed to
pose all pretty for you...

Along came the Diva...Chloe.
Wanting in on the action.

See the little toy on the floor?
We have hit upon the most perfect
dog toys. McDonald's Teeny TY's
are perfect.
When we buy dog toys that are intended
for dogs, they rip them apart within days
and remove all of the stuffing.

These toys last for a very, very long
time and usually are put to death by
the lawnmower as Chloe loves to take
them outside with her, but forgets
to bring them back.

I was totally put out the other day
when I ordered a McDonald's Kids meal
just for the toy and was given a Matchbox
Car! Not what I wanted...the kids laughed
at my frustration. But, you just don't
know how much I love these little toys
for the dogs. The lack of fluffy white
stuffing all over the floor is just too

On a completely different subject...
See the new link at the top right?
You can now buy my candles by the
dozen. Great to give as gifts!!!
Or stock up for your long winter.

You choose fragrance and color.
I pour them just for you.

Check it out. The prices, even with
shipping, are great for SOY candles.

I hate "plugging" my own products,
but you just needed to know that
they are available to you.


Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Outdoor Wednesday ~ Mikey's Dinner

What a fun, fun evening.

In the first place the weather
was perfect! Check out the
drive to Kennett Square and
Longwood Gardens.

Over country roads and past
water features.

It was the finale dinner to
celebrate the accomplishment of
eight hard but wonderful weeks as
Summer Interns at the gardens.

We arrived at our destination
and were granted entrance by the
guard at the guardhouse.

Here in the parking lot I had to
take this picture of a plant

Mikey was checking it
out it is not just me!

The Conservatory was looking pretty
lovely as it reflected the sky.

We headed up the stairs to the
Terrace where we were to have our
dinner. I stopped and took a picture.

Mikey became aware that I wasn't
following and turned around.

He was so nervous.

He needn't have been.
The Longwood Horticulture Staff
and Administration were so lovely.

They chatted away with us as if we
were important to them. In fact, we
were so blessed by their attitudes
and kindness.

As Mikey is the first homeschooler
to be accepted into the program we
knew they were taking a chance on him.
There was no school staff to intercede
should something have gone awry. They
would have been stuck with us..."The Parents!"
However, we could not be happier with
the program and the experience.

Each program participant was given a
certificate of completion that is very
impressive and was encouraged to stay
in touch with their acquaintances at
the Gardens.

The "class"

Here is hoping that Mikey makes it into
the Professional Gardener's Program.
He wants it so badly.

He would start a two year rotation in either
2011 or 2012.

Maybe, just maybe!

We sure are hoping!
He will be working on
Latin Plant Names this school
year...just in case...


For more Outdoor Fun, please visit Susan
at A Southern Daydreamer! She's always
got the best friends sharing the beauty
of the out of doors.

He is a Challenge

Time Spent Teaching
Time Spent Teaching

Yesterday while I sat waiting
for Jonathan to get his wisdom
teeth out I kept myself occupied
with a History Text and a notebook.

I have challenged myself to find
enough material that is new to
Jonathan to make up several classes.

Our primary focus this year, when it
comes to this subject is on Government
but since he is such an "expert" on
American and British History I love
to see what I can stump him with.

When they came to call me back to his
room, he was OUT! He would just barely
open his eyes on command, but then he
would fall immediately back to sleep.

They left me in the room with instructions
to get him awake. So I talked to him about
this or that and as he woke he wanted to
know why I had the History book.
I told him that I was looking to challenge
him and went over the material I had made
note of. That stinker already knew at least
a quarter of the things I was pretty sure
he wouldn't know...and that was under

Good Grief!


I know, this is a good thing...but it
surely does make for a challenge when one
is trying to keep it interesting.

Actually, it is not a problem as there is
always great literature available that provides
insights into the intricacy of Historical events.
We enjoy these and always learn from them.

But...I found it amusing that I couldn't trip
him up, even under serious anesthesia.

As for Jonathan's recovery, I don't know how
he will feel this morning, but I am very impressed
with his progress yesterday. He certainly has
pain, but he is handling it very well and has his
little sister waiting on him hand and foot.

She was getting him water, pain pills, food,
salt water rinses....she set up the electronic
system he needed to watch movies by way of
Netflix live. She is good!
Love that girl!

I am going through another time of serious
pain...grrrr....but hopefully it will pass
quickly. Having Chelsea help her brother is
such a huge blessing to me!

God has certainly blessed our family.

Thank You, Jesus, for Your goodness
in our lives...