Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Beautiful Bandit....

We gave our female pup a boy's name
but it was with good reason.
It was the only name that fit her.

You see, we had been seeking 
a dog to fill the hole that our Kimmy 
left when she had to be put to 
sleep. Our chihuahua/fox terrier mix,  Chloe,
 was depressed and the 
rest of us missed having a second dog.

We met lots of potential dogs.
Even brought one home.
That didn't work out. 
We returned that huge black 
lab to her former owners.

Finally we met this little spitfire.
She was a rescue from one of the many 
puppy mills that are so prevalent here in 
Lancaster County.
The first time we met she made 
a break for it and ran so quickly from 
the room they had us in.

Then when they caught her and 
brought her back she promptly 
peed on the floor.

And yet, 
there was something about 
this silly pup that just grabbed our
So, after many suggestions for names
the one that kept coming back to us 
was Bandit.
Because she stole our hearts.
It stuck.

Now most people think she is a boy.
But she graciously couldn't care less.

Unfortunately this canine member of 
our family has continued to be a 
challenge with her mischievous ways.
Constantly stealing tissues to shred them
and bottle caps or any other plastic items
that she can get her mouth around.
Tonight it was a tea light container
and a plastic storage container.
Who knows what is missing in her
diet that she feels compelled to chew
plastic and paper.
I tend to think nothing...
she just enjoys them better than the 
bones and toys that are abundant here.

Bandit has a "den" under the living room couch
where she takes her finds.
Every now and then I move the couch 
and remove all of them
and she just starts over.

In any case, 
even with all of her bad 
habits I would rescue her all over 
again.  She truly has stolen my heart.
The only person who doesn't feel that 
way about Bandit is Chelsea.
They are in serious competition.
Bandit recognizes Chelsea as her most serious
competition for my attention on a daily basis.
She takes every opportunity to leave unpleasant
presents in Chelsea's room.
If the door is open she'll pull out the contents
of Chels's trash can or do what you were imagining
at first.  Just to be mean.
This has not endeared her to Chelsea.
And so the battle goes on.

Good thing she is cute.
I think it has saved her from Chelsea's 
wrath more than once.
That, and the fact that I don't condone
violence for any reason.

They are such an interesting
part of the family.
With attitudes and jealousy.
Very interesting to me.

Maybe we need the dog whisperer 
around here.
But in the mean time we'll just keep
Chelsea's door closed and work 
on Bandit's manners.

I was playing with a photo I took 
yesterday.  Different effects showcase
 her many adorable features.

Bandit....the dog who totally lives
up to her name.

Monday, February 27, 2012

ER Visits are Unpleasant....

Our poor Jonathan fell ill yesterday.
By the end of church he was in extreme
stomach pain.
I only had to look at his eyes to know
it was bad.

So, we came home and I watched him
for a couple of hours.
The longer it went the more it 
looked like a bowel obstruction.
I've seen my Mother-in-law suffer
with these multiple times and Jonathan
had all of the symptoms.
He, bless his heart, was still trying to figure
out how he could possibly work 
last evening.
Unloading truck!
That wasn't happening!
He wouldn't have lasted five minutes.
But when he had a bad cold a couple 
of weeks ago his boss had said that he had
to find a replacement, show up or be fired.
So...he didn't feel comfortable calling off.
I did that for him last night.
If he loses his job then we'll deal
but there is no way he could work in that 

We had almost no wait.
His blood pressure was pretty 
high in triage...
from the pain and nerves.

I'll spare you all of the gory details 
of our actual visit except to say that 
he gave us quite a scare by dropping
that blood pressure after they drew blood.
I mean...really dropping.
The bottom number was 42 and he was 
waxy yellow and delirious.
That got lots of attention.
But, he came around and then just 
wanted to sleep.
It was very scary because that happened
just after they gave him meds
and we didn't know if something in one of 
them had reacted badly.
But, it looks like he just has his Dad's 
aversion to multiple vials of blood removal.

A highlight from the visit?
The doctor said I looked too young
to be Jon's mom.

The deflation?
I told the guys friends about it when 
we got back and they 
Of course I look old enough
to be Jon's Mom....

Thanks guys!
I only feed you every weekend
and let you take over our basement.

Gotta love 'em.
Actually I really did enjoy the 
boys' friends this weekend.
We spent a lot of time together.
They are learning that we like having 
them here and that we are open to 
spending time together

That, my friends, is a very
good thing.  
It is so good to hear the hopes 
and dreams of the young men
in our lives.
Although I have to say
that their brains work funny.

Speaking as a girl, of course.

I have yet to see Jonathan this 
morning but I'm praying that he has
a better day.
We have prescriptions to fill if 
we need them....

Please stay away from the 
ER if you can avoid it.
There are lots of 
sickies in there!
That is my takeaway 
from more than four hours 
spent there.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Oliver Sleeps Soundly

I'm not sure how Oliver happened to
fall asleep on his head
but he was really out!

As I took photos Bandit ran right by 
his head with no response.
I was beginning to be concerned
about whether he was actually alive.
And then his ear twitched.

I guess some days you just have to sleep
on your head!

It was good for a laugh around
here ....and we know that laughs
are good for our health.

So...Ollie did a good thing.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Tea With Friends....

Not long ago Mrs. Rabe's mother, Phyllis
read that a local tea room was closing.
Now, I had heard that this was a place
I must visit but I hadn't gotten there yet.

When she passed this tidbit of news on
a few of us decided that we must go together
before it was too late.

So, Tuesday afternoon found Mrs. Rabe,
Phyllis, Kelly and I sitting down to a
very pretty table in a full tea house.

We had a delightful couple of hours
chatting away as we sipped our tea.
Each of us had a different flavor.
Mine was Strawberry Cream.
It was good but if I go back I'll
try something a little different.
Because I can!

Oh! About going back....
we are hoping that it is going to
be possible. It seems that the
server had no knowledge of a closing
so perhaps it was bad information that
Phyllis read. 
 I hope so.
Maybe having an article written about
a potential closing changed something
about their circumstances.
In any case we hope they stay open.
It was delightful.

We all agreed we were glad
she read that article 
and said something 
so that we 
got to do 
something we might not 
have taken the time
for otherwise.

It is a sincere desire of my heart to
spend more time with my friends
and build relationships face to face.
It is so easy to get caught up in our
online friendships and not feel the need
for those in our circle of real life.

Each of us is so busy with our family,
and this is a very good thing,
but we are made to be social and share
our hearts, encourage one another and
learn from the experience of others.

I am not saying that online relationships
are inherently wrong. Not at all.
Simply that I desire to also focus on those
around me. To really see and hear them.
To give of my time and serve them.
I want to hear what they have to say
and allow them to minister to me if needed.

How are you feeling about this subject lately?
Have you felt that you've been as connected
to those in your real life as you used to be?
Is this something that comes naturally or do you
have to make an effort?

Just curious.

I'm delighted to have you stop by
and read my ponderings.
It would be delightful to have
tea with you!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Biopsy Day....Updated

This afternoon I will go
to the doctor.
He will "scrape" a spot on 
my face.
I don't want to go.
I think it is all better.

Maybe he will too.

Maybe he won't.

I'll let you know.

Hoping it is not 
Band-aid worthy in the end.

Doc Agreed!!
He said there is nothing there
now that he would make a scar over!
Praise God!!

I am scheduled for a biopsy on my 
thyroid Mid March!
Sooner than I could even get 
into the Specialist since they wouldn't
even give me a date....
saying that their schedule doesn't
even go out far enough...and they have
a LONG waiting list.
It would be late Spring before
I could even have a consult.

Praise God for a doctor
who really cares.
And a funny patch on my face
that called for this appointment
so this could be arranged.

With that I am off to make an
emergency delivery of candles to one 
of my spas.  
Funny thing about that.
She said I might as well pick up the 
Blueberry Muffin Candle because no one 
liked it.
Earlier this week the other Spa owner
requested "a menagerie" of blueberry muffin
candles because
her customers adore them


One just never knows!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Taking Photography Direction

Here's the deal.
At least twice while we were 
visiting at Williamsburg my 
Mother-in-law pointed out photography

Not just, 
"Hey!  Take a picture of that."
But, "That would be a wonderful 
close up opportunity."
And when I began to shoot from where 
I was standing she pointed out that 
the flowers were facing her.
So, that meant that she had to move so 
I could get the right angle.

She was right!

Although, I probably should have laid down
on my belly to get up under the blooms.
That may have been taking it a bit too
far and it wasn't recommended.
Later as we were on our way back 
to the van at the end of a long day
she spotted this white shed with its 
ivy draping so daintily and 
pointed it out.


I don't recall if she suggested a photo
session or not but I was on it 

 What this means to me?
She's been reading my blog.
She knows how much I love to 
capture unusual or pretty scenes.
I love to get the little overlooked bitty 
she's on the lookout.

I can tell you that we have vacationed with 
her for more than 20 years here and there
and this was a first.
It made me smile.
It made me happy.

I'm so blessed to have 
both a mother-in-law and my mom 
so close and so dear.

Thank Georgia if you like the 
photos in this post today.
Without her they would have just been 
missed opportunities.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Please Forgive Me...

I believe I left you in 

I got it!
The horrible cold that
the others had.

Not wanting to stop having fun 
I used up all of my energy in playing
and shopping with them.
Then I could not bear the thought of fighting
with the internet connection 
to upload photos.

Well, we are home now and after a very
very full day at church yesterday
I am going to try to get back on track.

I have orders stacked and waiting.
This makes me soooo happy!

On Wednesday I will have a 
biopsy on a patch on my face.
Probably nothing but my dear doctor
was concerned so we'll let him 
"Scrape" it.
Ewww.....that sound really yucky.

I've popped a few more photos of our
time in Virginia in this post.

On Friday evening we headed to Richmond
so that Chelsea could attend a concert.
It was right in the heart of the city.
A city none of us had been to before.
I took no photos.
It would have just taken too much 
energy...that's how bad this cold is.
I think that was the day I was feverish.
Anyway, while Chelsea was at the concert 
Mom, Georgia and I visited
the Virginia Museum of Fine Art.
I highly recommend it.
Their collections are extensive.
In the two hours we were there we only 
got to see most of one of the three floors!

My favorites?
The Faberge collection
and the Tapestries.
They are simply amazing.

It is a very inexpensive thing to do.
Parking is $3 and admission is free.
You can pay separate admissions for
featured exhibits.  Right now they have two.
One on Egypt and one about Elvis at the age of 21.
We decided to start with the free displays and 
then see if we wanted to spend the money
to see the extras.
We ran out of time and energy well before
we finished the main exhibits.
A very good deal, indeed.
I would love to return to this museum

It was kind of amusing in that
at one point we got separated from
each other.
Georgia said she found us because
she heard Mom coughing.
Our own kind of signalling system.

Well, I'd better get cracking here.
I'll let you know, though, in case you are
interested that I have written a guest post on
It is a devotional.
I will be the devotional writer
on the third Monday of each month.
But, certainly a joy for me.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Beautiful Weather, Beautiful Day

Today we were off to a bit of a late start into
Colonial Williamsburg. We had hoped to be on our
way there by 9:30 am and instead didn't head out
until after lunch. Turned out to be just fine.
We got to see a lot, learn a lot and meet some
very interesting people along the way.

It was a beautiful sunny day 
with a high of 63 degrees.

We could not have ordered a 
better day.

Tomorrow is not supposed to be
as stunning.
Rain is in the forecast.
But that is ok as we have shopping
on the agenda for at least part of the day,.

back to today's adventures.

We found this thriving garden.
I loved the glass domes they 
used in neat lines.

The gardener was very agreeable to chat
with us and as we talked other
visitors joined in the question and answers.

Then we moved on to the 
Parish Church.
It is a fully functioning church today.
Beautiful and chock full of history.
We sat in George Washington's Pew.

Guess George was tall.
The box that each pew sits in is pretty
high.  I asked why and was told that it
was partly to help hold in the heat.
It was cold for part of the year
and the members of the Church of England
were required to attend
at least one service per month
all year long making it necessary to come
even when heating such a large room was
a challenge or impossibility.

I loved the windows in this building.
The arch and the wavy glass just make me happy.

I'm skimming here because loading
photos on this internet connection 
is making me a bit batty.
It is so slow and sometimes it 
actually loads the photos and other times
it makes them randomly disappear. 
I have no idea why....
but I'll just have to come back and fill in the 
details later...
if you want me to.

 One really great thing about Colonial 
Williamsburg in February is that it is very quiet.
We were able to poke about and explore
as we have never done before.
I could take tons of photos without 
another person in them.
That has always been a frustration to me 
since most visitors are not in 
Period Clothing.

Chelsea posed for
photos several times.
It was fun...
reminding us of our visit to 
take Senior Photos
a while back.
What I was happy to see
this time was a new confidence, 
joy and healthy radiance.
Even though I love the photos 
we took the last time
these are even sweeter to me.

We got ourselves trapped in the area behind the Palace.
We were attempting to get back over to 
Merchant Square to do some shopping by going
a back way and got totally tangled up 
in the walkways and beauty
of the Palace,

It felt as if we were 
replaying Alice in Wonderland.
So lost...in a magical place.

I am not going to fight with those particular
photos anymore.
I'll do a single post on that when we get 
home....but I'll close this post 
with another highlight from today.

Riding the Jamestown Ferry.
We used to love to do this when the kids
were little but it had been a while.
I have never before been the driver
and so it was a bit intimidating...
but, oh so fun!!

On our trip across the James River
we were parked in.
We could tell we were moving 
but the view was simply of the cars around
us, unless we stretched our necks
to catch a small glimpse of the water.
So, on the way back I was Thrilled
to drive straight on up to the front of the boat.
We were front and center.

The sun was setting and it was 
over the top awesome.

A delightful dinner at Ruby Tuesday
finished the formal part of our day.
I think I may be the last one standing tonight
as everyone else has headed to bed.

I'm soon to follow.
Thanks for all of your comments
from yesterday's post.
So nice to have you


Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Fun Times with the Sickies

We are a mess but we aren't letting it 
stop our fun!

Mom, Chelsea and Georgia 
are all coughing and feeling less than
great...I'm counting the minutes 
and hours until their germs find me.

Until then, however, 
I am making encouraging them
to play with me.

After a decent drive to get here,
long but without any surprises,
I would have happily taken a quick snooze
but being hesitant to miss any of the great
sunlight we decided to take a walk around
the resort.

It wasn't long before we found a playground.
Chelsea was so thrilled to climb on this 
so I could take pictures.
She is kind like that!
 She and I decided to test our 
spelling skills.


Chelsea takes the cake for creativity.
I didn't even make three different words.
Oh well...Mine Rhymes!!

Then Mom and Chelsea hit the swings.

Well, Mom did swing a little bit.

Then we were off to the little lake
across the way.
With a stop at this sign.

Some of you may remember it from
our last visit here.
We are so curious as to what they 
are doing to "recycle the guests" here.
Scary, really.
If we find out we will let you know.

And then we were off to the volleyball court.
Only problem was that we had no ball.
Not really a big deal when you are with 
ladies who have great imaginations and 
awesome senses of humor.....

We were laughing so hard that the ducks came
to see what was so funny.

 And then they were off to warn the 
geese about the crazies that had
descended upon their peaceful

 The geese were not impressed!
They just chatted amongst themselves.
Nothing surprises them anymore, 
I suppose.

We wrapped up our walk and 
look forward to seeing new sites tomorrow.
For this evening we enjoyed 
Georgia's BBQ on baked potatoes and 
a Gaither Homecoming DVD.
Thank goodness Chelsea was here 
to help us figure out how to 
get it to play.

I'm so glad you are here to 
enjoy this journey with us.

I hope to post again tomorrow.