Thursday, March 31, 2011

A Cheap Date

Well, as you could probably surmise
part of the stresses and pressures here
at the moment are financial.

Aren't they for most of us?

Well, I refuse to let the lack of cash
come between me and time with my 
husband.  He happens to be very easy 
to please.

He just discovered Sonic Slush!
In strawberry...thank you!

So, on Monday I was having a very,
very crazy day.  From Hershey in the 
morning to a meeting in the evening it 
was all scheduled up.....almost!

I had 45 minutes that were unclaimed 
between dropping Chelsea at work
and visiting a friend.

So, knowing that I would not see much,
if any,
of Warren that day I swung through Sonic
during Happy Hour!  
Gotta Love Happy Hour at Sonic!!  
Half Price Slushes, baby!

I called Warren and told him I was headed
his way with a Strawberry Slush!
He came out to grab it and I told him to 
get into the van.  We moved to the parking
lot and chatted as we worked to get those
hunks of strawberry up the straws.  

Funny thing, they were looking for him
at work....since he had no intention of taking a 
twenty minute break just then.

Sorry Jim, Melissa, Drew and others!
It wasn't his fault.
I am sure that since I wasn't 
at home to wait for him he
more than made up for that lost time.

But, for $2.02 total
you have to admit it was a 
pretty inexpensive date.
And fun too.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Update on My Etsy Store...

Etsy update....
Nothing is happening.
Is this normal?

Am I doing something wrong?

I read others who say you do have
to be patient. 
So I will.

Hopefully, it is a matter of time
and not something that I am doing

In the meantime my creativity is 
bursting at the seams and I so 
desperately want to create more
one of a kind projects to post there.

When Chelsea and I were at the 
mall yesterday I didn't read the whole time.
Some of the time I was in stores
looking at unique and very 
beautiful containers that 
would have made 
the most awesome
of candles.


Maybe it wouldn't hurt.
I could always give them as gifts
if they don't sell.

Today I added a 30 percent off the 
first customer order at the end of the 
introductory paragraph....
maybe that will inspire someone who 
is sitting on the fence.

In all honesty we have had a very
hard week here and I don't have 
a lot to say so this is why you are getting
an Etsy update.  

Warren and I plan to go away for
the weekend and I think it is very 
excellent timing indeed.

Stresses of life are 
weighing heavy.

But, God is faithful.
He will provide what we need
and we will give Him the glory!!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

It Is the 5th Tuesday......

Turns out the MOPS group meets on the 
1st and 3rd Tuesdays......
No kids to watch today!

So....what do Becky and Chelsea do
when they have driven a half an hour 
for nothing?

They go to the mall!

Becky  finds a cozy corner and reads 
a book while Chelsea shops.

It works for us.....

Monday, March 28, 2011

Oops! Another Crash.

I don't know how much more of this driving
fun I can take...
This time it was Mikey driving.
We had taken Jonathan to Red Lobster for his

lobster pizza

John and Jonathan

Smile for the camera....uggh!

Jonathan, John (a friend) and Mikey
had left separately.  Warren , Chelsea, the Moms
and I were in our van and running a couple of 
errands on the way home.  We had stopped at
Bee's house for just a minute when the cell phone
rang.  It was Mikey.  He had just rear ended 
someone and didn't know what to do.

We left immediately and I sat on the cell phone
listening first as the boyfriend of the lady they
hit tried to gather information from them
and then I could tell that a police officer had arrived.

Finally we got to the scene and were relieved to find
it pretty minor....but an accident none the less!
Of course Mikey walks away with a fine and 
what is hopefully a lesson learned about keeping
his distance.  It was one of those situations that 
just makes you crazy...Two cars away they slam on their 
brakes and then you are out of options....but if there
had been just a few more feet he would have been 
able to get stopped.
Of course the car that began the 
whole thing sped off,
but that is beside the point.

We are praying the lady in the car he hit is honest.
It is a good thing we have a police report because 
that should keep any frivolous complaints to a minimum.

So....if you are counting....that makes one accident
for each of the young men in that truck over the past
few weeks...two in one weekend.

ENOUGH, I say!

I didn't know I would need the "enough" look later!

We are at our quota!!!

Thankful that all three were spared physical injury
and that they had the presence of mind to fully 
cooperate and be responsible!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Happy Birthday Jonathan!!

Twenty Years ago today we were praying you would live.
One major surgery and two weeks in NICU later....
All praise be to Jesus
you came home well.

We are looking forward to what God has
in store for your life.
It will be good!

You are a great and loyal friend,
strong and solid personality.
We are so blessed to be called....
your parents!

Mommy and Daddy

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Gone Muddin' - Part Two!

A few of you may remember two years ago
just after we had purchased the van we have
currently that Warren and I had gone to 
what we call a Mud Sale.

No, they do not sell mud...
but there is almost always an
abundance of it there due to 
Spring rain and thawing ground.

We had to be pulled out of the field we
and everyone else parked in.
I thought it was a blast.
Warren, not so much!
You can read that post HERE
if you so desire.

Well, yesterday we kind of did an
unintentional replay...
except we had the excitement
of sliding off the road first.

Jonathan is still learning to drive.
Most of the reason it is taking so 
long is that he is so laid back that 
he doesn't beg us to take him out
to practice and therefore it is easy 
to just let it slide.
I mean, who really gets excited about 
all of that adrenalin and fear anyway. dear Mom has been working
with him and we occasionally 
white knuckle it.
I am not a good passenger for anyone.
He is not an exception!

Jonathan was going to be helping
our friends at Creekside Cottage with 
some tree work yesterday and it seemed an
excellent opportunity to allow him to drive.

All went pretty well until we started onto
a road that has deceptive curves.
They really look innocent until you are into 
them and it must be the way they are graded 
or something
but they have nearly gotten me several times.

despite all of my warnings....
we went into one of these curves about 
20mph too fast.
In the Buick.

Next thing we know we are 
off the road and stopping in the freshly 
plowed and very wet field.

You may wonder if I was calm.

Well, there are two sides to that answer.
The first thing to know is that my second time
behind the wheel I took my father into a field.
Sheer disobedience on my part.
He was ready to be done with the lesson and 
go home....
I wasn't.
So, when he told me to turn 
I resisted until it was too late to 
make the turn and then accelerated to help the 
car turn sharper.....
that doesn't work!
Don't try that at home!!

So....was I calm?
I was hysterical!!

But I knew I had it coming.
I had just patted myself on the back 
that neither of the boys had landed us in 
a field and I thought we were past that risk.

Why, oh why, did I allow that 
thought through my brain cells!

So, anyway, while I wasn't happy,
and I was shaking,
I did have the cell phone and managed
to call our insurance agent to ask for 
a number for a tow.

Then came the waiting.
Quite a few awkward moments as men in 
pick-up trucks would stop and stare
before asking,
"What happened here?"
with big grins on their faces....

Oh well, some were nice and offered
to try to pull us out but I told them that 
we had a tow truck coming.

Finally about 40 minutes later
our neighbor's dad pulled up in his 
flatbed tow truck.
We are a small community...
you are likely to know 
your tow truck driver.

He hooked on a chain to the 
back of the car.

(Yes, that was the proper
way to say that in PA Dutch!)

With Chelsea and I inside,
me at the wheel,
we went for the most fun
backwards mudding adventure
I have had.... to date!!

If it had not happened under those circumstances
I would pay for that kind of a ride.
So much fun!!!

Shh...don't tell Chelsea.
She starts driving in July.
I'd rather not go through that again!!!

The car is fine.
We are fine.
And we gave those farm boys something
to look at yesterday.
Lucky them!

Now, I have not had an accident 
or speeding ticket since my episode
in the field when I was eighteen.
I hope that Jonathan just follows in my 
footsteps and has a clean, clean 
driving record!

Have a great day...
and avoid the mud!

Edited:  I want you to know that
Jonathan wasn't speeding...
there was a sign just on the other
side of the curve announcing that
the speed limit was 45mph....
It was just that I would have taken the curve
at maybe 35mph and with his inexperience
he probably should have been slower than
that by about 10mph.

Friday, March 25, 2011

One Enchanted Evening

Last evening was special!

It was Chelsea's Senior Banquet
at the Eden Resort.  
Warren and I went along with 
Grandma Ruth and Grandma Georgia.

We sat at a table with the folks from
Creekside Cottage, The Rabes,
and Grandpa Bob and Grandma Phyllis.
Emily is their graduate.
If you click on the link above you'll
go to Mrs. Rabe's post about the evening.
She has better photos.

Emily and her Dad, Tim

It was a delightful evening.

The food was amazing!
Just look at the presentation.
Looking at that beef I thought
there must be filling in it...nope!
 All beef!!

And it was so tender.

The decor was so sweet.
 The committee used the class colors
of teal and silver.

I am convinced that we had the best
server in the room.
He was excellent!
Warren and I were responsible for the 
sound system and the running of it.
What that means is that Warren did 
all of the work and I arranged mics
for the performers. 
However, we nearly 
had a disaster when the 
head of the banquet committee
came over and asked if we had remembered the
dinner music.  
She had told me that we should bring
that music while I was at Co-op and 
it had totally been forgotten.  
You know Co-op/Banquet
two different things....
My brain is getting smaller,
I swear!
Now we were in trouble.  
Poor Tracey's eyes got big!
We began searching Warren's iPod for something
suitable....she wanted instrumental only.

He had nothing!

So Tim, Chelsea and Emma ran out to Grandma
Ruth's car to search all of her cd's to see if there 
might be something we could use.  
They returned with 
not one,
but three, 
wonderful disks!!

We were relieved and then quite amused later when
Tracey returned to tell us that someone had actually 
come over to her table to compliment her on the 
dinner music!!  
Who does that?  
Listens to the music
in the background????
We got a huge laugh out of that and were so thankful
that Mom keeps a large music library in her car.
 While this is blurry 
I just love this picture of the girls.

The talent was offered up by graduates.
It was fabulous!!!!
This is one very, very talented class.

It is beginning to sink in.
Caps, Gowns and Invitations were
handed out on Monday evening.
With the banquet last evening....
Graduation is creeping up on us.

But one thing I know for sure...
this is not the end....
It is a huge beginning!!
Of a new style of learning.
And it will be exciting!!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Two Very Serious Prayer Needs in our Blog Community....

Hello Friends,

As I know that some of you are amazing
prayer warriors I am asking for your assistance

The first situation is in the lives of Roger and Beth
from Beth's By Grace.  Roger is in the hospital 
with a major infection.  I'll copy and paste some
of Beth's post.  I hope she won't mind.....

"Hi everyone. 
Roger is STILL in the hospital...
this is early Thursday morning...
I'm getting ready to 
go to bed for a while. 
He is still suffering with 
cellulitis in his leg and 
still running a fever with  
nausea and major pain. 
He seems to be having the 
worst headache ever and getting 
very nauseated with that. 
He's on an IV with antibiotics and fluids. 
They're giving him some pretty strong
pain medicines as well.
He DOES show a marked improvement 
in the huge infection in his leg, 
however, so that is a praise, isn't it? "

Beth went on to say that Roger is seeing things
that aren't there and having some conversations
that just don't make sense.
So hard for a wife to bear.

This dear couple is in the midst of moving their family 
from one home to another.  They have been working
so hard and this complicates things.  Of course Roger's 
health is more important than the move but as you can
imagine the stress of it all must take its toll.

The second situation is from Marcia, at
This was her prayer request in her post yesterday:

" I'd like to ask you all to pray for my nephew, Jordan.
He's been serving his 2nd tour of duty in Afghanistan. 

There is no easy way to say this.
Yesterday, he stepped on an I.E.D. and lost both of his legs.
Now he's fighting for his life. 
 He is a wonderful young man, willingly serving our country.
He's also a husband, and father to a young son."
I cannot imagine the courage it
takes to put oneself in harm's way
every day as our military men and women do,
however, I am so grateful for them.
I wish these things never, ever happened!!

Both of these families are suffering so much
right now and I hope that you will join me
in prayer and by stopping by and offering 
words of encouragement.

Thank You!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


On Sunday it was time for another 
ladies study on a Fruit of the Spirit.

Now I had done my research and 
was prepared to talk about Kindness.
In fact I thought it would be 
beneficial for us to make an 
acrostic of points to remember 
as it related to kindness.

Then the time came and rather than
pick up my own Bible I grabbed two from 
the church library on my way by.
They both happened to be King James
and that particular version does not use the 
word Kindness.

I thought I was losing it!
After all, I had been looking it up online
the night before and found all kinds of 

Well, after checking the NIV 
we found the word Kindness just as I 
had expected....

Galatians 5:22
But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, 
peace, forbearance, kindness, 
goodness, faithfulness,

We made an acrostic.
Sometimes just words but 
often with scripture references to 
back it up.

The overall gist was that kindness is wanting the best for others.
Achieving that by truly listening and always 
considering others before ourselves.
For example K was "Keep Your Mouth Shut!"
We had a bit of fun with it
because we are a fun group of ladies!

This is a great exercise
for a group.
We were into the Word 
and it brought out 
a good bit of discussion.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Just Chatting.....

It is that kind of day again.
The kind where I am so glad for
my Bloggy friends.

Being able to come here and just talk
as if we were sitting in my living room
brings me joy.
The beauty for you is that if you are not
in the mood for my ramblings you can
just close the window and 
you are free.
Pretty good arrangement 
if you ask me.

Sunday night was interesting.
Mom, Georgia and I went to a church
in Hanover to surprise my cousin, Ethan.
He and his girlfriend were participating in 
a concert with their college from Indiana.
So, while an hour and half was a bit of a 
distance it was a lot closer than going to Indiana.
They were very, very good.
Ethan plays the cello....beautifully!
We were glad we went.
They were so surprised to look out
during the concert and see us.

On our way back to the car we had to 
cross a street. 
It was there that we nearly lost Georgia
to a speeding car!
Man, did that get our attention.
I am so thankful that the car went over into the
other lane and did not hit her.

Then we stopped at a convenience store to use
restrooms and get a snack.
As I got out of the van and had just closed
the door a very large, very tall man
approached me.
It was dark where we had parked and 
it was him and me between two cars.
He asked for money to put gas in his car
so he could get home.
There was a sneering look on his face.
Something didn't feel right, at all.
So I informed him that I was broke and 
that we were just there to use the restroom.
Only for some reason I used the word "potty".
I think I was trying to be a bit humorous or throw
him off balance or something.
All I know was that he was very threatening
and I felt in danger.
What surprised me was that I never stopped
moving toward him and he backed off.
After the fact I have thought that I could have
offered to go in and pay for a specific amount
of gas on his pump or something ....
but all I could think then was to get away.
It was a bad situation.

Yesterday I asked my Facebook buddies what 
they would have done.
Most of them said they
would have given him a couple 
of bucks.
Some felt that he was just
wrong to approach a woman
under those circumstances.
What do you think
you would have done?

As to my goals for yesterday...
I made progress but didn't get it 
all done.
I remembered that I needed to 
revamp the candle website since I am 
moving all sales to Etsy.
That took a bit of time and then 
there was the fact that I hadn't listed any new
items for a while and so I made a couple 
of unique pieces.
This grouping of votives came to be because as
I was cleaning I came across them and it 
helped clean and made a nice package
to put some Oceans scented wax in them
and list them.
They came out great!

Photos of the candles in process are over at the candle website.

And then there was this sweet piece of glass 
sitting on the counter.

It was crying out to be a 
6 ounce citrus infusion
So, that was pretty much where my cleaning
got sidelined but I did get a lot done in the 
refrigerator, many dishes done,
a cheat kind of floor cleaning and 
then it was time to take Chelsea off to work.

I then visited my friend, Roxanne who has
begun Chemo.
It was good to see her...
and Mister, the dog.

I came home to make dinner for the men
and then ran back out to pick up our friend, Emma,
and then Chelsea and head off to a graduation meeting.

While there I got drafted to help the grads work on 
their class song.
Never intended for that to happen....
but while it was awkward to step into 
a situation in process
it was actually fun.

Well, I have chatted and chatted,
if you are still here
I applaud you.

  Have a wonderful day!

Monday, March 21, 2011


From 2009
 On the agenda today
Cleaning of the Refrigerator,
scrubbing the kitchen cabinets,
mopping the kitchen floor
and making a few candles.
I have a custom order 
am getting ready to make 
candles in tins.
It is time to make the 
test candles.

Not an exciting day
but one that will bring a sigh
of relief and a smile to my face.
A fresh kitchen is a happy kitchen!

What are you doing today?
Hope it brings you satisfaction
and joy.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

To God Be the Glory!!!

That was our opening hymn 
and the congregation sang it 
with gusto!

"To God be the Glory
Great things He has done!"

So, that was when the tears 
first tried to jump out of my eyes.
I just kept thinking,
"This is it.  No more concerts!"

Well, that is true and I think it is time.
But, I could not have asked for a better
one to leave with.

As usual, everyone stepped up and 
gave it their very best!

The only picture I took there was
this one of the empty stage
before anyone else arrived.

It was so quiet at this moment
and I prayed for the concert to come.

Prayer Answered in the affirmative.

The songs were sung wholeheartedly and
the combination choir pieces were simply
beautiful.  The Dad I asked to speak just
before the last two pieces did just as I hoped
he would in offering a simple invitation to 
those who were not yet a part of the 
Family of God.  He happens to be a 
Pastor so I figured he would probably 
get that

A funny thing happened at the very end.
After the last song was sung I told the kids
to stay there and I sat down on the front pew
I was filled with so many 
feelings but mostly happiness 
for the work the
students had done.  
Tears started flowing just
as Deanna (Mrs. Rabe) reached for tissues for
herself.  She grabbed an extra for me.

At that moment the earlier referenced Pastor/Dad
said that they were going to honor now 
everyone was watching.  What we didn't realize 
was that we removed our glasses, wiped our eyes
and replaced our glasses at exactly the same time.
Warren said it was really did others.

We were so very touched by the outpouring of 
love and appreciation represented in a huge bouquet
of flowers for each of us as well as some lovely 
gift cards!  

But, even that paled in significance as
the students came up and said "Thank You" and 
other very nice things.  One little guy asked for my 
phone number so that he could call me.  I have informed
my husband that if Young Mister......calls it is legit and I want
to speak with him.

God was very, very good to us
last evening.
The message of salvation could not
have been clearer.
The PowerPoint was a hit.
The students gave it their all.
Deanna and I felt the LOVE.
on to the next thing God has for us.

It is kind of nice that Deanna and I "work"
together in our church...
because we make a good team.
That doesn't have to stop just because
the Co-op phase of our lives is done.

I've included photos of the flowers 
received last night.
Three bouquets all together.

Oh, and you know how I love
Peanut M&M's???
I've got my own...
in an Easter Egg.
A gift from a student.
They are mine....
All mine!!!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Today is THE Day..........

This morning a dress rehearsal.
Tonight the real deal.

It is exciting and has my belly 
hurting all at the same time.

This is going to be our most involved
concert yet.  I am actually going to 
accompany and direct two choirs.
I think it was a bad idea....
but not having anyone else to play
it just kind of happened.

However, the Lord knew this was coming
and the church we use has rearranged the stage so 
that the piano is perfectly positioned that the
kids and I can see each other.
A coincidence?
I think not!

I worked for hours on a PowerPoint
photo album that will be over in just 
three and a half minutes....
but it is sweet!!!!
Can't wait to hear the response to it.

Our Theme?
"Welcome to the Family"

The Songs?

Days of the Week
Five Red Apples on the Tree

Kindergarten and First Grade
I Just Keep Trusting My Lord
We are Heirs of the Father
We Are Part of the Family

Second and Third Grade
Welcome to the Family
Gonna Sing to the Lord

Fourth to Sixth Grade
As David Did
Every Time I Feel the Spirit

7-Up Ensemble
His Name is Life
All of Creation

Combination Choir
Lay ‘Em Down
My Savior, My God

Heeeeeere We Go...................

Thursday, March 17, 2011

A Two Hour Respite

This may sound ridiculous
after going on and on about how
busy my week is.
However, it was spontaneous and turned
out to be a huge blessing
to me.

Yesterday afternoon Chelsea had a hair
cut and color
appointment with Faith,
the daughter of my 
friend Mindy, 
who blogs

After the consultation
Faith said it would take
about two hours 
to get the desired

I said I would go look around the 
shopping center where her shop is 
located and then come back and 
read the book I had brought along.

As I headed out the movie theater was
on my way to the first store on my agenda.
I decided to just see what was playing
and at what times.
Ooopsie...could it be?
The King's Speech?
In just 8 minutes??
It was.
I spontaneously popped in
bought a ticket
and then asked how long the movie
would be.
Two hours, was the answer.

I went to the theatre and sat down.
I waved and spoke to the two other ladies
in the theater.
Just the three of us...big, big room.
Previews were running at this point and 
it occurred to me that this meant it would
run longer than two hours and Chelsea
would worry about what in the world happened
to me....
So up I jumped, leaving my coat in the seat
and hurried back to the salon.
I told them the plan.... now I could go back, relax
and enjoy the movie.

Not exactly, 
as soon as I sat back down and was 
getting settled in again my cell phone
rang.  It was Jonathan just wanting to 
check in and see where we were.
He didn't get much satisfaction because the 
phone didn't get great reception in the building.
Not wanting to disturb the other ladies
and the previews I jumped up and took this 
call in the hallway.

So once again I came in and got all settled.
This was going to be so good.
I just knew it.
Then that little voice in the back of my 
head started saying....
"Your bladder isn't going to hold for
another two hours."
Now here was the dilemma.
These ladies must already think I have
something odd going on.
I'm thinking that they are thinking
this is going to be a long movie if this
lady in front of them jumps up and runs out
every 90 seconds.
BUT, on the other hand wouldn't it be better
if I left just one more time during the previews?

Yes, it would.

And so, up again I popped and out to the 
On my way back to the theater I found a 
precious group of ladies looking for this movie.
I decided that this was my perfect cover.
I would have "gone out to meet them".
So I globbed on and came in talking to them.
They sat directly behind me and we all
enjoyed the movie together.

I KNOW what you are thinking.
Why did I care what two strangers thought 
in a dark movie theater?
If you were to ask them today
about the crazy lady in the theater they
probably would be clueless.
However, sometimes we put our
thoughts in other people's heads. the movie.
As it began words giving the date and
events were on the screen.
One woman behind me read it aloud to first I thought it was going to be
a very long movie if she did this the whole time.
But as she read 1925 a sweet little voice said,
"1925?  That's the year I was born!"
O.k., I thought, now this is cool.

As the movie progressed there was a scene
of Hitler and thousands of men.
You have seen footage of this before,
I am sure.
From the seats behind me once again came
a voice.
"I remember that so well, Do you remember?"
to which was a very definite and emotional
"Of course I remember, who could forget?"

Oh!  The tone and pain in her voice struck me 
to the core.   I was so touched that it was all I 
could do not to just get up then and hug those women.
I cried for the pain they had endured during that 
World War and for the history that is dying off so 
quickly now.  The stories that will never be told 
again as our Grandparents and 
Great-Grandparents leave
the scene.

In the meantime I was also immensely touched by the movie
itself.  I highly recommend it to mature teens and adults.
It is rated R because of language.
The language is strong at points but is not
pointless,  if that makes sense.
The writing is so very smart.
The scenery amazing!
The actors brilliant!

What a wonderful way to spend
two hours, let me tell you!
On an impulse and by myself...
sort of.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Good Morning....

It is that time in a busy week where I have a few 
minutes to breathe before the next wave of crazy hits.

Friday evening is our homeschool co-op's Spring 
Concert.  This is my final year to direct choirs and 
the concert.  As such, of course I want it to be great.
I know it will be fine but it has not been without many,
many challenges this year.

The first challenge we realized was that the high school
biology class was scheduled during
the same class period
as the high school choir. 
 Many of my older students needed
to take the science and therefore
are no longer in the choir.
There went the experience....
and some amazing voices
and accompanist!
However, many parents who have
heard the Ensemble practice
have commented
on how nice they sound together.

Then Chris Tomlin decided
that March 18th would
be a perfect date to hold
a concert in Hershey!
So several of our students
will be there 
instead of in or attending
our concert.  
Thanks Chris! 
I'll never hear your wonderful music
the same way....
but I still love your work!

The Fourth to Sixth Grade choir
had some issues that required
us changing two of their
songs midway.
It was risky
but turned out to be
the right move.

A county wide choir,
which several of our students
are in is holding a concert that morning...
who would have thought they would choose
a Friday morning....
so a few are obligated to miss our dress
rehearsal because they signed a contract
with that choir.

Add to these things
snow and sick days. 
I am not sure I have 
had all of my students at
one place at the same time all year.
It has been crazy. 
Thanks to the horrible flu that circulated
this winter some of my
students missed three weeks in a row.
That makes it tough to learn music!!!

So...what is very strange?

I am perfectly at peace about the evening.

When it is great....and it will be....
all the glory will go to our Lord Jesus Christ.

For this reason the opening congregational hymn
will be....
To God Be the Glory!

We have put our time and effort into it.
The theme of the concert is
Welcome to the Family.

It is our hope that someone may come away from 
this concert wanting a relationship in the family of 
Christ.  Our music points them that way. is all about HIM.
He will receive ALL of the glory!

If you think of us on Friday evening
you could pray that this is the message 
our students, families and guests leave with.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Have I Got a deal For You!!

Have you heard of Groupon?
It is a marketing company which
promotes businesses at huge discounts.

Well, today's Groupon is for Shutterfly
and it is a photobook.  If you haven't seen
these you should.  You format it and place
your photos in it.  Mikey and I put one
together when he got back from El Salvador
and we love it!!

I ordered one of these Groupon deals....
A photobook for just $10 for Chelsea.
I want to make it for her with photos of 
her from infancy to graduation!

You cannot beat this price.
The book is hard cover
and the paper is high quality photo paper.
20 pages are included for the $10 but you 
can pay to add more if you need them.

If you go HERE and purchase this deal 
would you please do me the favor of adding
my code,,
so that I can get credit for the referral?

Another busy day ahead.
Hope yours is good!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Well, I Did It!


I've taken the leap and opened an 

Those of you who have mentioned the 
time involved in maintaining and listing items 
are so right.  I know I'll get faster at it and have
plans to remake my banner, etc.  
But, the store
is opened. 

Sigh of Relief!

Now to see if there is an interest
in my candles there.

Anyone who has first hand knowledge 
of them is more than welcome to 
stop by and leave feedback.

That would be so wonderful!!

My banner includes blue
and one of my most recent customers
is that dear lady we call Smiling Sally
who hosts Blue Monday with so much 
dedication each week.

Note:  I asked and received
permission to tell you that 
Sally is a customer.
I will not use your name or 
comments without your prior permission.

Thank You, Sally, for your kind words...

"I just got my order, 
and I am so impressed 
with the care you took
in packaging.
Everything arrived in perfect condition 
and smelling oh so good! 
What a nice bargain."

Just a bit more blue before I quit posting
for today and head into a very busy week.

 If you don't already participate in 
Blue Monday with Sally you might 
want to consider it.

It is fun to be challenged to 
see blue in a whole new way.

Happy Blue Monday!!!