Thursday, September 4, 2014

Full Days that Are More than Just Busy

Sometimes we just fill our days with busyness.
Sometimes God fills our days with stuff of substance.
I prefer to let Him do it that way.

Lately it feels as if that is the case.
I know that it is His doing because I am being stretched!
Totally stretched.

Thankfully the easiest things in my everyday life are the candles.
There are so many orders and many many candles to make but 
they fit in here and there....
lots of here and theres.
Don't get me wrong.  I am about to hit the ground running in 
candle season.   Fundraisers are being planned
and the Etsy orders are picking up on random candles, 
as opposed to favor candles, are coming in daily.
I have signed up to participate in my favorite "Not Your 
Average Craft Show" in Chambersburg again this year.
So it is a very, very huge part of my daily life.

And then there is our ministry to the Karen (Burmese) children.
It has changed to my taking five of them to choir practice on a weekly basis.
And...I get to help them with their music homework too.
You know I don't mind that.
The part that is totally stretching is logistical.
I have to go to three different houses in varying parts of Lancaster City
and find parking...sort of. 
I am quickly learning the ways of maneuvering in a city.  
But not without some serious fear.
Some of you are more comfortable in a city than in 
a small town or the country....
but I'm just not.
This week was my first time.
And it stormed.
Another one of my big fears.
Heavy thunderstorms.
Especially when bearing the responsibility 
for children that are not my own.
But, God is so good.
He allowed me to stress about the storms ALL around
and yet we were not impacted more than some drizzle the entire time.
Even the large doe that intended to cross right into my path on the 
way home turned and ran the other way.
I returned home energized and looking forward to next week's challenge.

His second project for me this year is to teach Homeschool Co-op Music/Choir
again.  As you know it has been a few years since I've done this.
And to make matters "worse" they have a curriculum they would like me 
to teach from.
I don't love curriculum that is prepared.
There are many out there who are not comfortable with coming 
up with their own...but they are not me.
See where this is going?
God has given me ministry to complete, (which I LOVE),  but on His terms.
I must trust Him to help me get through very hard things for me in 
each and every case.

The final big challenge for my time this year?
Leading a small group for Beth Moore's new study on 
I and II Thessalonians.
This means that I HAVE to do the homework.
Not intend to do it ....and scoot by when I just don't volunteer
to enter the discussion.
I must do it.  Every day, lest I fall behind.
One half hour each day.
Time with the Lord.
On days when Facebook calls, candles are waiting 
or who knows what else comes up
I will HAVE to spend time with my Lord and 
His Word.

Gotta love Him.
He cares for us so much.
He's rearranging my life just to get more time together.
And I am good with that.