Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Why Fast Food Had Better Watch Out!

Others who had my "bug" that was neither a cold nor the flu had said it lasts about ten days.  They were right.  And so I was not yet fully back to myself last week for teaching music but at least I was able to actually teach rather than show videos like the previous week.  It was during that class with the second and third graders that I got such a good laugh.  And it has come back to bring a smile many times since.

With a throat that needed support I had brought my unsweetened tea into class which was prominently marked with a big yellow M.  The kids had been told during the pre-class opening to take it easy on me that day since I wasn't feeling well and so it was on their minds.

When one of them proclaimed loudly....You have been to  (Insert name of Ronald's place here)!!
They all began to add their two cents.  All of a sudden one voice rose above all of the rest.  "NO WONDER YOU ARE SICK if you are eating there!" .  There was a chorus of agreement among the little bodies.


I wonder if it is just homeschoolers who are getting the message about eating healthier or if those fast food places are "going down" in this next generation.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

So Many Candles.....

 Number One Seller when sniffed.

 My Favorite Tin....

 The hidden Treasure.  A very delicious candle.

 The most popular candle when not sniffed.  :-)  
But they come back for more.

 I don't think anything really needs to be said......yum!

 Definitely not a jar candle.  A throwback to how this company began.
But currently available in my Etsy shop. 

 When the stress of many orders and short time gets to me...
making these helps so much!
Relax with lavender.

Just heard another order is coming in for these.  
So glad this ministry is getting benefits from their candle sales.

These are a tiny fraction of the candles being made here.
It is so much fun!
I'm a happy camper.