Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Christmas 2017 and a Couple of Big News Items!!

 I'm having difficulty with this post because there is so much to share.

I mean, way back at Thanksgiving our oldest son
got engaged to his best friend, Darcey.
It was a huge event because they drove out to Illinois where 
her family is so that he could ask in person....
both Darcey....and especially her parents.

He was super nervous but determined.

We are extremely proud of him for caring so much that 
he do it in a way that was respectful.

They got engaged on her Grandma's porch
where Darcey would have chosen to have her wedding if
they weren't getting married here.

We have yet to go out and take engagement photos.
I asked them if I could do it informally.
They can see if they want more when we are done.

This was the two of them as they came to their family 
engagement party.
He began the evening wearing the hat....
she left wearing the hat.

They are so fun!

The wedding date is April 28th!
Details are beginning to come together.
Darcey and I got the basic Rehearsal Dinner menu planned
in a few minutes on Christmas Day.
I will have fun making 
and serving it at the wedding location.

Some photos from the engagement party taken by Chelsea:

Chelsea made the cupcakes.

These three.
They continue to make us proud.
Roy is a very well behaved little guy who is interested in
everything around him.
Christmas was so fun because he was so engaged.
Each new toy was thoroughly examined 
and enjoyed. 

This photo was taken at the Chrismas Museum while we were out with friends
recently.  Sean, Angel and their two daughters came to visit us.
Roy loved the girls.  

It was his first Moravian Christmas Service, of course.
And he got so chatty he spent most of it in the entryway.
But he was very good.

Since Jonathan will be a married man next year I opted to get him his last 
kid toy this year.
He loves porgs and this Wookie came with a nice one.
Love the Wookie.
It makes Wookie sounds when you squeeze it.

Michael and Emily are doing great.

photo by Chelsea

Mikey is really into camping, his bike and kayaking.
Emily is really into kayaking, her job and her nephews.
Here she and Roy read a book.

He loves both his Aunt Emily and Uncle Michael.
Mikey loves Roy too.

Our other big news?

Pebbles & Lace is MOVING!

We are headed to the big town of Lititz.
As you are likely aware....
I've been supplying the shop called Back Home Again
with my candles for many years.
6 or 7 years.
The owner, and my friend, Karen has decided to be a stay 
at home mom to her blended family.
We are scheduled to open on February 15th!!
That will be one year from the date we opened in Strasburg.
After much back and forth we have decided to close the 
Strasburg shop.
Long story short on that... I am too much of a control freak to 
let someone else manage that one while we open the 
other so Mom and Chelsea voted me down
about keeping both.

We will close the Strasburg shop at 5pm on Saturday and work
like crazy to be ready to open in Lititz in February.

So many awesome things are falling into place.
There will be more on all of it later.

But for now I have this morning off and need to get 
bills paid, groceries purchased and errands run before
watching my sweet grandson while Chelsea works this afternoon.
Someone has to do it....LOL.
Can't wait.
He's a charmer.