Thursday, May 17, 2018

Photos...and a sweet story....

 Second Fridays in Lititz are a big deal. Each shop tries to do something
special on that night.  Often it is a sale, a guest artist or something.
We had a musician on the porch and a couple enjoy dinner
as they listened to him last month.

This month we were hoping to have swing dancers performing
but the timing didn't work as there was a conflicting event in
town that weekend for the dancers.

And so, we decided to host a deserving mom and her immediate family to
dinner in our garden. 
After asking for nominees we chose a mother of twins who had
suffered multiple pregnancy losses prior to having her
sweet girls.
After she had them an emergency heart surgery became necessary 
for her.  Her mother shared her story in a heartfelt way and I knew
that we would not only want to host the daughter and her family
but the mom and dad as well.

They were all available to come.

Chelsea and Chadd set up a beautiful table.
They went to Wilbur Chocolate and got special chocolates.

I got a pizza order and we had it waiting as the family arrived.

Below is a photo of the beautiful family.
The twins insisted on being held by their grandparents
for this photo.
As a new Grandma I just loved that!

We were so pleased to provide a quiet space and 
beautiful environment for this dinner.
What a lovely family!

The next day I needed to serve appetizers.
All of the shops were taking turns serving food.
I got crackers, cream cheese and red pepper jelly.
Easy...and tasty!

Mother's Day flowers from Mikey and Emily.
Aren't they pretty??

In the garden...the shrooms have arrived.
So bright and colorful.
Gotta love them!

From inside the shop....

Local artist, Liz Hess, is extremely popular in our shop.
Often you will find a red umbrella in her works...
but not always.
I have examples of both in this post.

 This is a print from Liz's latest series, Jerusalem.

Another popular local artist is 
Mary Charles.
She is self taught, a great person and has
mastered the art of color!
Mary says she uses the colors that the Amish use
for their clothing.
We often think of the Amish as plain and colorless but that 
couldn't be further from the truth.
Lots of bright colors are worn by the entire family
but primarily by the younger crowd.

C&C Sheets created this 
amusing and attractive sign.

A fun new scarf display in the boutique room.

A pop up note pad and Curly Girl card.

Lovely towels!


From our friend, Amy's shop
in our shop....

 We love her style!

Finishing up with a bit more 
from Liz Hess.

What amazing talent!

It's wedding season....

Have a wonderful day...
It's time for me to hit the road.