Sunday, August 31, 2008


What do these photos have in Common?
The answer is in the scripture at the end of this post.

For since the creation of the world God's invisible qualities - his eternal power and divine nature- have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that men are without excuse. Romans 1:20

Saturday, August 30, 2008

With Jonathan's Help

This is the house, of which you only got to see the corner in the last post. This is the one attached to that tiny window that I find so fascinating. Doesn't this just take you back in time? As I passed by the other day, there was a little white haired lady weeding a flower bed. It was all I could do not to stop and ask her about this unique property. But, alas, we were on our way to work and could not spare the time.

Jonathan took this picture as we passed. Thank you, son.

Jonathan has been a very good sport about working this summer. He was initially very resistant to getting a job. He is uncertain about his abilities, which are much higher than he gives himself credit for. We asked that he not have to count money right away in this new job and his employers were fine with that. It is not that Jonathan can't count money, it is the pressure of someone waiting for him to do it that distracts him and makes him lose count. He will be fine if he does it enough and loses that nervousness. We didn't want him to run into a major frustration so soon after pushing him to work. Yes, we took the option of not working away. He needed to get over his fear and this was the time for it.

So, he has been working directly with tourists. Helping them enjoy their time at the farm where he works. He is very good at it, from what I hear. Jonathan always has been good with people. So, he has been tipped in skittles and dollar bills.
I thought the bag of skittles was unique.

Yesterday after I dropped him off I ran down to Route 30 and a shopping area there. It began to pour...and pour. I checked my cell phone and it was dead. ...Funny how they won't recharge themselves at the bottom of your pocketbook. Anyone have an idea for self charging cell phones? You'd make a million!

Anyway, I decided that as it did not look like it wanted to clear up any time soon, I would head back to the farm. The owners were trying to decide what to do when I got there. The tourists were having a blast. It didn't seem many of them were in a hurry to leave. I really expected an empty parking lot when I got there...but nope!
It was full.
In the downpour!

I commented to Chelsea that I could not believe these people were still smiling as they came out to their cars. It really must be better than Disneyworld...that is what they say!

Chelsea, Chloe and I waited an hour, after the decision was made to close, for Jonathan to appear. He didn't know we were there and he was having a very good time with his friends in the rain. While this may seem frustrating it is actually a huge blessing. Knowing that this, his first workplace, is comfortable and pleasant for Jonathan should give him the nudge he needs to feel good about his abilities in a more profitable workplace in a couple of years.

With every child we have different concerns.

But, one thing I know.

They are exactly who they are supposed to be and they are growing, so quickly, into awesome young men and woman. I am so thankful that God blessed us with these special people in our lives.

Blessings on your day!

Becky K.

Friday, August 29, 2008

An Enjoyable Commute

We are now on our fourth day straight of making the twenty minute drive through the countryside to drop at least one child off to the tourist laden farm at which Jonathan and Chelsea work. One would think that I would resent this trip.

Oh no!

I love it.

There are a bunch of little country roads to wander through.

It is an adventure every time.

All week I have told myself that if I just had my camera with me I could pull over and get the neatest picture of those grape vines loaded down with awesome looking fruit...maybe today. There is a sign that peaches are available for sale there today. I am sure they wouldn't mind if I took some pictures of their grapes...I will ask, of course, if I get the nerve.

Tuesday as I came across my very favorite road, the Lord and I were having a wonderful time. I was thanking Him for all of His Creation and for allowing us to live in a County that is flowing with milk and honey...really!

Pretty soon, way before I was ready, I came to the main road. There is not a lot of interest on this road normally. This week there were only delays from construction equipment. I was bemoaning the fact that this was like returning to the real world. All of a sudden in the field to my right sat a horse. Honestly! It was sitting like a dog. Then it threw its head back and got to its feet. I have never seen anything like it but I laughed so loud and long and thanked the Lord that He even added interest to my drive on that boring main road.

By now you are thinking that I have lost it, aren't you?

Sorry, no.

I am just enjoying the world the Lord has created for us and the things that I so often just take for granted.

Moseying down country lanes, waving at my Amish neighbors. Seeing the tobacco being harvested, one plant at a time. Getting behind the tobacco racks being pulled by mule and driver. And it is not stressing me a bit.

Must be a God thing.

Yesterday, I took the camera.

Here are some drive by shots...

You may remember this barn. I took this last week.

On the other side of the road are three wonderful buildings.

The first is this one. It sits close to the road and I have almost totally ignored it in my interest in the next one I can almost show you. Remember I was probably going 25 - 35 when I snapped these. I hope one day to get the courage to stop and just ask permission to take lots of pictures.
This is a dreamy spot!
It would be so fun to live there.

Back a lane is a tiny little cottage. Can you just barely see it?

You will want to click on this picture to make it larger but this building appears to be the main living quarters, although all you can see here is the tiniest window that is nearly always open when I go by. Can't you just imagine the fresh air and the sound of the birds singing that the owner enjoys all burrowed in the greens of the bushes and trees.

A little while further on this road I scared the sheep. Poor things. So upon my return trip, with camera in hand, they were farther up in the field. If you click on the picture you may see their horns.

This guy was drinking in style from his teal water bucket.

I so wish I could have captured these images as I see them. Without stopping and framing each picture you do lose a lot in the translation.

But suffice it to say that this has served as my quiet time this week. The Lord has met me in my car and we have enjoyed sweet fellowship! His creation, His provision for our every need, His presence. All are wonderful blessings to ponder.

I would love to read about your unexpected times with God.

Blessings on this day.

Becky K.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Another Award and Thanksgiving Music

Alicia has surprised me with yet another award.

Wow! What a week.

Thank you, Dear Alicia.
I was just at Alicia's Blog to get the link and, oh my, she is ready for fall. Love the new look, Alicia!

I am going to offer this to any reader
who has commented in the last month.

You know who you are...and Kelly that
means you too. I have been loving your
posts! Great job at getting your blog

Girls At The Piano by Pierre-Auguste Renoir
Girls At The Piano

I met with our other Co-op Choir director yesterday
to see what options she had picked up for music to
use in our Thanksgiving Concert. We were supposed
to go together to look at music but that was during
the time that I was so terribly bless her
heart she went alone.

We have never done a Thanksgiving Concert so it will
be fun and different. The music is challenging and I
am willing to learn some of it, however, we only have
nine weeks to work with the choirs before the performance
so I have decided that we will do two complicated pieces
per choir that I direct and one praise chorus done chorally.

One of the more challenging pieces will be performed by three
choirs combined. Of course this adds to the complexity of
the entire program so I am beginning to feel it in the pit
of my stomach. However, I am sure that our kids will pull
it off.

This will be my second year directing the 4-6th grade choir as well
as the High School Ensemble. Both have more members this year than
last so that is comforting. Why? Couldn't tell just is.

I look forward to including some short drama pieces and American
Sign Language into the program. We will have involvement from
all classes beginning with the Preschoolers. They can do nothing
wrong. Soooo cute!

I am sure that as things progress
I will be commenting here about it.
Whether I am panicked or pleased.

Well, I think I hear life calling me away
from the computer...


You have a blessed Day...

"see" you soon!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Milestones in our lives can be
joyous or painful.

Yesterday was another one of those
painful days.

If Dad had lived, He and Mom would
have celebrated their 42nd anniversary.

Wouldn't it have been cool to have them
over for dinner and rejoice in all of the
years they have served together in churches,
at the radio station, in International

But it is not to be.

Mom went up to visit my brother over this
time and to do some things at the grave site.
It makes me sad to think of her out there
alone weeding and planting and missing
Daddy. But, this is where she is in her
life and I cannot change it.

I suppose to want to is kind of like saying
that God made a mistake...and I know that
can't be...but to watch your mother grieve
is a very hard thing to do.

I am very thankful for the parents God gave me.

I certainly wouldn't trade them for any others,
even knowing that Daddy would go home to Heaven
so soon.

It just disconnects the heart from the things of
this world a little bit more every time we lose
one of these dear people.

On a very different kind of milestone...

Mikey has just discovered that it is just
over a month until he can get his permit...

He is such a clown!

Color him HAPPY!

Me too!

He will be a very good driver, if his foot
doesn't get too heavy on the gas pedal.

We have a State Trooper who lives in our
neighborhood. Perhaps there will be an
opportunity for some one on one with him
to learn the dangers and helpful hints to
being a great defensive driver.

Thanks for being there, you lovely bloggy friends.

I appreciate all the kind words about the blog
color changes. I love to mix things up.
Warren liked it better the old way. I told him
not to worry...I'll be changing it up again
before long.

Tears and smiles.

Isn't it crazy how they mix together to make
up our emotions and how quickly one can change
to another?

This is life.

How are you living yours?

Taking time for both?

Blessings on this day!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Unscheduled Post

The sunset tonight was brilliant!

Had to share...


Last night I dreamed that Miss Paula
could access posting on this blog
and that she just kept posting

Glad it was a dream.

She is not like that at all.

She does nice things like
giving me awards!

Like this one:

Isn't this adorable????

While I love being awarded, I am terrible at playing by the rules. So I offer this award to you today if you are feeling lovable.
...Or if you are feeling you could use a hug...please take this award and feel loved.
...Or if you have ever been loveable...please, it is on me!

Then there is this award...

It's rules go like this:
Here are the rules:
- Only 5 people are allowed to receive this award.
- 4 of them followers of your blog.
- One has to be new to your blog and live in another part of the World!

Do I know five people? Ahhh...I am blessed with so many, many bloggy friends. I would not trade one of you!

Let me think if I have to choose...uggghhh, I hate choosing!

Robin - Bittersweet Punkin - Ever the encourager!

Gayla - For teaching for "umpteen" years and still having such a heart for those kids!

Terri - For being that sweet voice that pops up with awesome encouragement just when I need do you know?

Alicia - You have been such a blessing to me as the young wife and Mommy to Be that you are! Keep it up! You guys have got it right!

Mrs. Rabe - I'm sending it to you anyway even though you have already received it from Miss Paula. You certainly fit the BFF qualifications!

International???? New???? Hmmmm....

Nope! Got no one. At least no new readers from other countries are commenting...
I do totally love Melissa, (Elijah's Adventures in Ireland) and Tracy, (Pink Purl in Norway). I am going to send this their way...even though they are not new.

I told you I am not good at playing by the rules.

I kept looking at the blog rolls and wanting to add all of you...Hint...frequent commenters get more awards...we love our comments. It helps us know our readers.
Please do not hesitate to leave a comment any time at Hospitality Lane. I love to hear from you.

Well, I must get the kids to work. Farms don't follow school hours so we will do a couple of subjects here before we leave and finish later. Thankfully Chelsea is good at keeping me on task!

Have a blessed day...

Becky K.

Monday, August 25, 2008

A Sleepy Weekend

I could not get awake this weekend.

I am not sure what is going on,
but every opportunity was spent
sleeping. Hopefully, I will get
some answers from the bloodwork
on Friday. I spent two hours
in the Doctor's office.
Hopefully they came up with some
reason for it.

This will never do...
I have to teach the kids.

I could tell they were conflicted
in whether they hoped I was better
or start school today.


We have a Mom's Meeting tonight for the
co-op. I want and need to be there.
I've got to stay awake!

On another note, A young man
named Evan, has commented on my
post about the Family Integrated church.
I met Evan not long ago and I am very
pleased that he is asking questions
and seeking to know why we say things
the way we do. He wonders if we think
of ourselves as an exclusive club.

Heavens no!

I hope that if you were thinking along
the same lines as Evan regarding my post
or the web site that you will read my response
to him.

Thanks again, Evan.

Your feedback is valuable.
We certainly do not want to come across
as exclusive.

Becky K.

Sunday, August 24, 2008


Sometimes the cloud was over
the tabernacle only a few days;
at the LORD's command they would encamp,
and then at his command they would set out.
Sometimes the cloud stayed only from
evening till morning, and when it
lifted in the morning, they set out.
Whether by day or by night,
whenever the cloud lifted,
they set out.
Whether the cloud stayed
over the tabernacle for two days
or a month or a year,
the Israelites would remain in
camp and not set out;
but when it lifted,
they would set out.

Number 9:20-22

Man, where is my cloud?
That would make it easy.

"Oh, I see the cloud,
guess I'll stay put today."

We have something better than the cloud.
We have the Holy Spirit indwelling the
heart of every Believer.

The next thing to learn is to be in tune
with the Holy Spirit. To be quiet and calm
and able to hear that still small voice.

I'm still a work in progress.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Time with Friends...

Last evening was our bi-weekly Family Bible Study at church.

We used to call it Small Group...but that wouldn't fit any more.
It is not a "Small Group".

It is, however, a very nice group.

We share in and prayer.

Afterwards there is never a lack of fellowship.

Last evening Bob, who I have referenced before
as a very fun competitor for bowling, brought
his telescope and we checked out Jupiter.
It was a great night for it.
Much better than those crystal clear nights in
January...sure you can see everything...but that is
if you can stop shivering enough to do so.

Last night the weather was perfect and Jupiter
was on its best behavior. Just sitting there
to be enjoyed...well, we did have to keep adjusting
the telescope. Nothing stands still for long in our

Before we began Bible Study last evening there was a
siren. Bob pulled out his radio...he is a volunteer for
a different company. We all listened in amazement
to hear that a car had driven into, literally, our local
minute market...the Turkey Hill.

According to the radio that car hit someone inside.

I cannot find any news about it yet today, so I am
making an assumption that no one was seriously injured...
at least I hope that is the case.


They were replacing the front windows of the store when we
passed by at 11:30 last evening.

You just never know.

Well, I am off to see how much I feel up to accomplishing
today. I am still dizzy and struggling with this head ache.
I picked up a prescription today for a med that is supposed
to help with dizziness and nausea.

The stress test came back normal...for that I am very thankful!

See you with "Worship" Tomorrow.

Becky K.

Friday, August 22, 2008

School Begins Monday

It is official.

We begin our homeschool year on Monday.

This means that today I need to spend
some time setting up computers with
French lessons and math programs.

Chelsea and Jonathan enjoyed time in
Central PA with their Grandma Ruth this week
and took in the PA Military Museum as a
Field Trip. They both enjoyed it.

I was surprised that Chelsea thought
much of it, while I knew that Jonathan
would enjoy the weapons. He knows and loves
all weaponry...why?
I have no idea!

While they were there they also had the
opportunity to spend most of a day on a
pontoon boat owned by some very dear friends.
They fished, had a picnic,
Chelsea rode in an inner tube pulled behind the
boat. They had a great time!
Thanks George and Sheila!!!!

I should mention that Chelsea caught 13 fish!

Boy, do I wish I had pictures.

Jonathan and George each got about 4...ahem!

Then, as I mentioned yesterday, there was the trip to
Hershey Park to wrap up the summer fun.

Everyone is appropriately exhausted now so
I think we can start the New School Year.

Field Trips of the past!

Pictures from a prior year's Field Trip to a Museum in
Virginia...look like the kids are out growing the turtle shell.

They have also changed over the many years we have gone to Williamsburg, VA:

It used to be a stretch just to reach the arm holes.
Not anymore. These were taken last fall.
Time flies, people.
It truly does!

I have plans if the weather is good to spend
some time in our first couple of weeks of school
at some gardens. There is a local one that
specializes in heirloom seeds. Mikey will
benefit from many garden tours as he continues
on his quest to becoming a garden designer.

There are a couple of gardens in the Philadelphia
area to look at.

This is the boys' next to last year of high
school. I am amazed and thankful that we
have made it this far and that both boys finally
have some direction for their futures.

It could change again, it often does for kids
this age, but I am glad that they are thinking beyond

Well, I had better get started on today's agenda.
Much to do and my energy supply has been running low.

Have a wonderful day.

Becky K.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Busy Morning!

This was the morning of my echo/stress test.

It began at 7:45am so I left the house at
6:50 AM. Yes, that was AM!

Not a big deal except that my whole family,
Grandmas included had been at Hershey Park
yesterday and the last of them trickled back
in about 12:30 AM. I stayed up to give them
instructions about today's schedule, etc.

I did not go to Hershey since I felt pretty
badly and you have to pay just to enter. I
know I do not ride many rides and hate to
spend money for nothing. There were plenty
of adults to go with all three of our kids so
I felt dispensable.

Can you say "restful?" That is the day I had
yesterday. I had to bail on a commitment I had
made to go pick out music for co-op because
I was feeling terrible. I slept, watched the
Olympics, slept, checked blogs, slept...
o.k. you get the drift.

So, this morning dawned bright and early and
I went to the hospital for my test. It went well,
I least they let me come home....

Then as I was home in time I took two kiddos
to work. Otherwise Grandma Georgia was going
to do it.
Jonathan started at 9:45 and Chelsea at 11:00.

I dropped Jonathan off and took Chelsea to Breakfast at
this sweet cafe. We shared a frozen mocha coffee drink and
a plain bagel with Cream Cheese before I took her over to
begin her shift.

I am back home briefly before I run Mikey off to his job.

So. I wanted to show you this favorite little spot I purposely
pass when I take the kids to work.

There are many roads to take, I enjoy this one.

Check out this barn. All alone out in the field.
Doesn't it look like fun?
I could make
this into such a cool workshop
for candlemaking or crafting.

I just love it!

Jonathan thought I was simply ridiculous to stick my arm and camera
out of the window for this "drive by" shot.

I knew You would understand....

You do...don't you?

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Mom's Zinnias

Mom came in the door the other day with a handful of zinnias.

She had intended to give them to a neighbor but that lady was not at home so we were the blessed recipients.

I had to grab the camera.

Beautiful, aren't they?

I wondered why each picture appeared to be blurry.

Sweet Chelsea said, "Mom, it needs to be set on macro!"
I tried to find the setting but before I could work it out Chelsea reached over and switched the right switch. She is 13....and she is teaching her Momma much!

Love the zinnias.
Love my Mother.
Love my lovely daughter.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Taking a Different Perspective

Sometimes it helps to take a different perspective on those things that weigh us down. Don't you think that we fall into patterns of thinking and it is natural to continue to think and act in the same way over and over again? There is nothing wrong with that if it is accomplishing our goals, however, I have been finding myself frustrated lately with several things that really need to be accomplished but I cannot seem to find the mental energy to make myself get them done...or figured out.

This is not like me! I am a work processor and a people pleaser. I would normally have done these things ages ago in fear that someone would be unhappy with me.

Not this time.

I am exhausted and mentally drained.

So, I must come at these things from a different angle.

No, I am not going to go hang upside down from a tree. But do you remember doing that as a kid and how different things looked?

I do need to pray and ask God for a new perspective on these things and the will and ability to get them done. I need to get on my knees for a new vision...

This may have made absolutely no sense to you... but since it is my blog and it does make sense to me...that is ok.

Blessings on your day....and if you need a new perpective...try getting on your knees in prayer. Amazing view from there!

Becky K.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Local "Run"

Well, the Olympics captured our attention again last night. Wow!

We were so hopeful for Shawn Johnson, that she would get the gold
on her floor routine. She came so close with holding everyone else
off until the Romanian Gymnast came out and beat her.

We watched the races and saw the Jamaicans take spots one, two and three
very handily in the 100 meter run.

It reminded me of some pictures I took recently out our front window.

The local Community Association hosted a fundraiser race and the path
they took went directly in front of our home. We received a flyer a
couple of weeks before stating that we should keep dogs inside during
the two hour period of time that the race would be proceeding. It is
a good time they notified us because our Kimmy hates strangers. MUCH!

She would have had some very nasty things to say to these people.
And, since they were running she would have thought they had done
something wrong and would have wanted to catch them...

I know, she looks innocent....not so.

She can be aggressive.
It is my biggest worry about her.

Anyway, check out the height of the corn and how tiny the
runners/walkers look. We were near the end of the race
so we got to see the tired/bedraggled runners.

I just loved that the people that ran or walked past our house wore real clothes. These outfits at the Olympics have me worried sometimes. There is no room to spare before we are back to the naked athletes of Greece. Yikes!

Anyway...Obviously, there was not much to post about thanks for indulging me...Maybe tomorrow I will be inspired with something awesome...