Sunday, November 30, 2008

First Sunday in Advent!

Part of my Nativity Set.

I used this picture for the bulletin
cover this week.

♥♥Becky K.♥♥

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Pictures for my Friend, Terri ~ You can peek too!

If you read the comments from the last post you
saw Terri buttering me up with a nice
comment about my writing and then the "order" to
get her some pictures.

I am obedient...and besides I truly did
want to show it off anyway....

Thanks Terri!

Here are some pictures from the church.

I took the camera along tonight as Warren
and I got the last minute cleaning, music,
bulletins and Sunday School stuff ready. So many
little details, I tell you!

Anyway Here we go!

These crazy poles. We are ending up spending a lot of energy on trying to make them less of an eyesore. But this is what we came up with for Christmas. That means that I tore down the grapevines that had been hotglued on just six months ago. I think we will be dreaming about what to do with them after Christmas.

The Advent Wreath and candles. I spent a small fortune on these candles today...but I think they are worth it. Because I found them at the second store I went to and these were the last purple ones in the whole store! I did not want to drive 20 minutes back up the road from which I had just come. We helped a friend move today and I stayed longer than I should have given everything that needed to be done. By the time I got to this store my head was throbbing so badly that all I wanted to do was lie down in a dark again I say...they were worth every penny!

I love this candle hurricane thingy! Just love it. It is very pretty in person. I am finding that glass is not so photogenic. Anyway...I prelit the candle so that I could heat the bottom end to get it to stay upright in the holder. It is very wiggly and that took care of that!
I threw some gold balls in the base of it just to add some sparkle. Mrs. Rabe approved. ((grin))

So many times it is better to keep it simple. While it is tempting to add lots of things to wreaths...sometimes just a pretty ribbon is all it needs.

We are so into these easy phrases. They can come and they can go and there are no marks left on the wall. Me thinks Mrs. Rabe did not think too highly of my little floral arrangement here...but I can live with that... I like it. So bright and cheery. I tell you that in case you don't care for it...wouldn't want you to think Mrs. Rabe had bad taste...nope that is all mine.

Finally, my favorite. This basket is just too pretty!
I wish you could see the details in the glassware nativity.
So nice. Oh well. I am sure you have seen similar things before
so you'll just have to imagine! Very sparkly, indeed.

And a little closer...

Thanks for taking the tour. Since it was pitch black outside I think I will wait to
take a picture of the wreaths out front...and there will be a little blankie coming to cover the "feet" of the Charlie Brown tree I'll try to snap a better shot of them tomorrow...or at least sometime soon.

Thanks for looking.

It was so much fun to hang out with Mrs. Rabe and pretty up the church again.

Have a blessed Sunday!

Fun, Fun, Fun!

Mrs Rabe and I met at the church
yesterday to do some decoratin'!

What fun that was. I was on a ladder
reaching into the ceiling to place the
greens, ribbon and sparkly ribbon.

It was good that Miss Emily found the
ladder because just before that I was
on a little bench and had just about
decided to put a step stool on top of
that to be able to reach. Ahem...I think
that would have been a very bad idea.
Thank you Emily!

Deanna, (Mrs Rabe), brought her bow maker
and made beautiful bows for the huge wreaths
that are now hanging on the stone columns
outside. We were going to hang the wreaths
on the doors but we could not easily do that.
I noticed big nails in the columns and we chose
to go the easy way there.

We got the Advent wreath all set up...I just
need to remember to buy the candles. The base
of the table that the Advent wreath is on was
bright red. The cloth for that table is now
a burgundy...we used to have a red one...I spray
painted the base a pretty bronze color. Less than
five minutes and it looked sooooooo much better!

I did not have my camera with me...silly me. But,
I am going back over today to clean, practice my
music and all of that I will take some

There is a pretty basket on the welcome table that
is filled with pretty ornaments, apples, lights,
and greens. Deanna made a bow for this basket, as
well. It might be my favorite in the whole place.
So it was there that I placed Mary, Joseph and
Baby Jesus made of leaded crystal. Gorgeous!

We also wrapped greens and ribbon around the stair
rail in the area where we set up our breakfast. It
looks so pretty. I love a decorated stairway!

I know we will decorate preparation for the
ladies tea on the 15th. But this was a great start.
I welcome any time to fellowship with friends!

How are you doing with decorating this year?
Are you "into" it or just getting it done?

Maybe if you are struggling with it you could invite
a friend over and share the task. Suddenly it is


Becky K.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Our Thanksgiving Day

It wasn't much different from
anyone else's with maybe a couple
of exceptions...

1. We smashed our pumpkins!

When I purchased lots of pumpkins for decoration
a couple of months ago I promised Jonathan that he
could smash them when the time came.
Well, the time came!
They were smelly and soft but he had a great time with his
big wooden sword and a sister who was willing to lob the
pumpkins at him. It was funny!

2. We raked leaves and burned them!
Finally! The weather was great for this.

We desperately needed to get this done since
our backyard is full, very full of tall leafy
trees that shed in the fall.

3. We ate right next door at Warren's Mom's house.
We did this one day! Awesome!
After eating the main meal at lunchtime there was
no room, really!

No room for dessert. So I invited
us back in the evening for turkey sandwiches and dessert!
Wasn't that clever of me?

4. After enjoying the dessert we headed downstairs to
the family room where Warren had lit the fireplace and
enjoyed time talking together.

5. We put up the Christmas Tree and decorated it. My
house looks worse than ever. There are boxes of Christmas
decor all through the kitchen and living room. There are
pictures off the walls and a big shelf on my dining room
table. Sigh...I guess it really does have to get worse
before it can get better.

So....finally flipping through channels we came across
an old show, that we hadn't seen for years. It was
Bob Newhart and Mary Frann in Newhart.

That was a great
show. My Brother and his friends used to pretend to be
the three brothers. " Hi, I am Larry, and this is my brother Daryll,
and this is My other brother, Daryll."
We would scream with laughter because they really pulled it off.

Allan and Bev were not with us for Thanksgiving this year but that was kind of a fun way to insert some memories....We will get to be with them for Christmas, however.
I am looking forward to that!

I have enjoyed reading what some of you have written about your Thanksgiving
Day and the preparations you made going into it. I think it would have been
fun to go around the Country and just eat my favs from your menus. Daisy, I would have wanted those light fluffy rolls! Several of you mentioned macaroni and cheese. I had no idea this was popular for Thanksgiving...none! When did that happen? I am so off the main curve! lol

Have a great day! Much to do and a husband who is off work for more tree cutting fun.


Becky K.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving - A Poem For You!

Over the years that I have lived
there has been a gift offered up.
The gift of prose from a pen of one
that I knew and loved so well.
He was my Dad, He wrote the words
to fit the occasion, from graduation
to wedding days. We knew that in the
mornings leading up to any big day
Dad would be up early, pen in hand
to craft some words that would last.
Words that would speak to the heart.

Three years ago that pen went silent.

We have done all we could to preserve
his words. Mom made a book that is full
of his poetry. But the silence of the pen
hurts today as we are about to celebrate
another Thanksgiving without an original.

So...I thought I would give it a try.

The ocean raged and the people wept,
what were they thinking? Leaving comforts
of home, coming to this ocean so cruel, so cold
their tangled thoughts were filled with hurts.

As the ship listed and tossed them about,
hope faded for those in its fragile grasp.
It would seem that leaving all the known
was foolish and soon they would pass.

Alas, they cried, as the land they saw,
tears of joy for the hope was renewed.
But what was this? Not sandy beaches
as they had expected, nor waters of blue!

"We'll make the best of it!" was the rally,
"We will live on the ship and build
us a town in which we can live.
It won't take us long", the story was told.

Months passed and many had gone,
home to meet Jesus, while others remained
making the best of a hard winter there,
Honoring those whose memories brought pain.

Gratitude flooded their hearts one fateful day
as they realized the worst seemed to be done.
They had survived through sickness and hunger.
God had kept them, yes, He was the One.

For three joyous days they honored
their King, the King of their hearts.
With scarce food, fellowship, and love
for the joy that only peace can impart.

With unexpected friends who had offered a hand
in the patient teaching and knowledge that
would allow them to thrive in this place.
A place of hope, of freedom... at last.

The year we have just come through was
tougher than most, for the money has
dried up say the folks in the know
But the King of our hearts still IS...

Forever faithful and loving us so.
Bringing food for our tables,
Hope for our hearts that cannot be
stolen, for we know that HE is able!

As we enjoy a day with family and friends,
may we ever remember the King of our hearts
The One who has made us and cares for us well.
May we sing praise to Him and His message impart.

May God richly bless you and keep you this year,
as you serve Him and love those around you
so dear, shining love in a world so in need.
I thank God for His goodness...ever true!

O.k. so those of you who are lit teachers...please be kind...
It is a message from the heart...not the best pentameter...
With love, on Thanksgiving Day 2008!
Happy Thanksgiving to You and Yours.

Becky K.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Being Faithful in the Little Things

Edited to Add today's accomplishments
to bottom of post.

I am challenging myself to something.

I need to slow down.

The merry-go-round has been going too
fast and I need to slow it down and pay
attention to some necessary details.

We have six weeks off from our homeschool
co-op. Of the kids,only Mikey is working right now
so that commuting craziness is done.
I am still in the midst of actual daily
homeschool and candlemaking but those are
responsibilities that I am willing to

My home has been neglected lately as I have
been overcommitted to this and that.
It is time to be faithful in the little
things around here.

So, my commitment to myself and my family
is to take some time and get back to basics.

Of course, this hits at exactly the same time
that Chelsea wants to put up the Christmas tree
but that is fine. We can do both things at once.
It is nice that she wants to help.

It takes a little while to notice but those daily
tasks like dusting, vacuuming and floor mopping
really do make a huge difference in how your
home feels.

There is a fine line between the comfy feeling
of a "lived in" home and a neglected home.
Mine has crossed the line in some areas.

I am discontented here, of late, because of the
lack of attention I have given my poor house.
My house just seems tired.
Do you know what I mean?
It needs to be freshened.

So, I will let you know how it goes.


List a bunch of homeschool books on eBay.
Reorganize the candle mess in the kitchen.
Buy more Vacuum Bags...its a Kirby so this is a chore.
Sort and give away or throw away anything that is not needed.
Clean out the refridgerator.
Mop all hard floors.
Use a spot remover on hallway carpet.
Clear out coat closet of all coats that are too small.
Create a menu for next week and shop accordingly.

That should get me started...don't you think?

It is not being out there in the world doing
great things that will make me great in the
eyes of my children. It is being faithful in
the small things of life that impact them

It also makes for a cozy environment for my ever
patient husband to come home to.

So...I am tear into this list.

Blessings on your day!

Becky K.

O.k. so here is what I got done...

1. Listed 5 auctions of Homeschool material on eBay.
I have about 10 more auctions to list.

2. Freecycled 3 bags of outgrown Chelsea clothes
and a set of dishes that were hanging out in the
garage for a yard sale that didn't happen.
They have been picked up already.

3. Talked with two financial clients and did the necessary
things for them.

4. Taught two subjects of school. They worked on their
own for the rest of it today.

5. Let Mikey drive me to his work....yay!

6. Swept the leaves out of the garage.

7. Sorted a huge pile of paperwork that has accumulated
on the chair beside my/our desk. Threw a LOT away.

8. Went back and let Mikey drive me back home...we made it!

9. Made the usual meals and did dishes.

10. Got groceries.

11. Put together the bulletin and all the music for
this week's service. Pastor Mike usually does this...but I
fill in for him once or twice per year if he is away.

12. Made a PowerPoint slide as per Pastor Jack's request.

13. Am heading for bed soon.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Tagged - Weird Book Facts

Lisa, at Cranberry Flats, has tagged me for this really hard thing.

I am to list seven weird facts that relate to me and books.
O.k. here goes...

1. I have been an avid reader for as long as I can remember. Whenever we would go to spend a few days at my Grandparents in Western PA, I would read almost every waking hour. I wasn't a very great guest. I could be found up in my Aunt's room reading away...For a while it was every Grace Livingston Hill book I could get my hands on.

2. My Dad and I had a huge argument once because I loved the Grace Livingston Hill books. He wanted me to read something he felt was more substantial...CS Lewis or JRR Tolkien. The Hobbit was a book he contrasted with GLH and found her books to be vastly wanting...I happen to disagree and think that I learned a lot about proper relationships with gentlemen who respected the young ladies and the virtues of homemaking that are so hard to find today.

3. Like Lisa I loved, loved, loved the Little House series. I had my own complete paperback set and read them until they were well worn. I introduced my daughter to these books few years ago. She had the same reaction. Reading every book in the series and then anything about Laura available at the local library.

4. My books of choice today are usually Historical Fiction, however, I also love biographies. When I was in Middle School I found the biography section in our school library and immersed myself in studying human nature by reading about how people least what they were willing to share. A good biography is a wonderful thing. I read nearly every book written about the Royals in Britain.
I also love to read about Political Figures.
Or, talking about weird, for example, did you know that Richard Simmons used to steal Barbie Heads from all the Barbie Dolls in the toy aisles in the stores. He then kept his collection of Barbie heads in his top dresser drawer. Strange!!! I guess he may be responsible for all of that horrible packaging that we have to endure with toys today. O.k. so that bio wasn't one of the most brainy ones.

5. Several years ago I had the opportunity to visit the southern Georgia Island known as St. Simons Island. This is where my favorite author Eugenia Price lived and was buried. There was such a feeling of awe just being in the cemetery and seeing her gravestone. There was her stone and all around the markers for the people about whom she had written for years. I have never been one to swoon over celebrities but there was something about being in the very places I loved to read about and seeing the moss hanging from the trees. The rich history of the church with battle scars remaining from the Civil War. All of it combined was almost too much to bear. I was only there for an hour or so...but I will never forget it.
Sigh...I want to go back! For a while I collected lighthouses because it made me think of that experience.

6. My Mom took a course for authors once. This was great for us kids. We learned so much about her childhood. The best practice for writing it would seem is to take experiences from your own life and to write them in such a way as to capture the attention of the reader. From this I'll never forget that Mom rode on the back of her Grandpa's car into town...he did not know, I learned that my Great-Grandpa used to listen in on the Party lines for his nightly TV, and that my poor Mom, as a child, accidentally killed her pet chicken when she tried to cool it off by giving it a bath on a hot day. Thank goodness she took that course. Now I know that she had an exciting childhood.

7. Finally, I love to read aloud. It is one of the best things about homeschooling for me. I love to take a great piece of literature...or a simply fun poem and get the kids attention...take them inside the story. I love to stop at an absolutely intense spot in the book and make them write what should come next. They have done some outstanding work when faced with this challenge. Books are the key to our imagination when appreciated and utilized. Love them! Truly!

Thanks Lisa.
I thought this was going to be harder than it was. They may not all be weird but they are all about me and books and since I am pretty weird, I guess it will have to do.

I would love to ask Mrs. Rabe and Kelly to do this. I know they are both readers, as well. I will look forward to reading their lists.

If this catches your attention...please consider yourself tagged. Let me know. I want to stop by and learn from you.

Catching up on the Kids...and a dilemma

We now have another person who can
sit behind the wheel of our cars.

Young Mikey has officially begun
gathering 50 hours of on the road
experience over the next six months.

I would have thought that this would
have been very easy for him.

It is a relief to me to see his nerves
and caution. I know that the confidence
is just around the corner and he will
be feeling that soon. I just hope that
he learns enough while he is still
scared to death to avoid the pitfalls
that can so easily snag young,
male drivers.

Jonathan is preparing, in his mind,
for his first ever full time job.
We discussed it over dinner last evening.
I am thankful for his experience at
the maze over the summer and fall for
it built the confidence in him that
he can do a job well. He learned a
lot about submitting to management,
responsibility and dealing with
customers, who must be "right", even when
you have to tell them they are wrong.
That is a hard one to get....for anyone.

I know that there will be the perfect
position out there for Jonathan. I
look forward to seeing what that may be.

He is interested in retail, the arts
or another position in the tourist field.

This is new to us. For him to be planning
ahead for his future without it being pushed
by us.
This is a very good thing.

Chelsea has a strong desire to create,
decorate, cook, bake, sew, knit and talk on
the phone.
She is growing into such a fun young lady.
All she wants for Christmas is a new bed and
all new bedding, etc. She has spent gobs of
time on furniture web sites researching the
bed that she wants. She has narrowed it down
to one bed really, but that one
is way out of our price range. The fun
has begun with Warren and I out there attempting
to find "the one" but with a much better price
tag. I think there is a good possibility that
we can come to a very satisfactory compromise.
Right, Chelsea?

It is interesting raising kids today.

They are very knowledgeable in many subjects.

We enjoy hearing their perspective...most of
the time. Sometimes they are just so honest
about what they think of choices we make...
such as our love for the show 24.
It makes them crazy.
I think it is mostly because it
is the one show that we watch that is very
off limits to them and so we have always made
them go to their rooms when it came on. It
has driven them to despise the show.

They are right in some ways. If it is too
violent, or intense for them why would we
watch it?

I see it two ways.

One, maybe we shouldn't watch the show if it
offends them.

Two, maybe adults should be able to do things
they enjoy and the kids should just submit
and wait to be adults so they
can understand...

I don't know.

I am trying to figure it out this week.

I don't want to send mixed messages about
our standards or what is acceptable.


I guess I am a bit reflective today
since I was up past 1am working on
a candle order and new candle brochure.

Being tired always does that to me.

Have a great day!

Becky K.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Family Integrated Church

The fruits of the labor are beginning
to show themselves in the lives of
our young people.

It has been a bit of a struggle,
I have to be honest.
It goes against the grain to offer
only a family Sunday School,
rather than several age divided classes.
It is also somewhat unusual to not
offer a staffed nursery or Children's

The lack of a Youth Group is hard for some.
I understand where they are coming from...
however, our experiences show this to be
much better for our young ones.

What we have, though, is a church where
the adults and children are together in
praise, worship and fellowship.

Yesterday, I needed to get some photos for the
church web site and I had some volunteers for
some other shots.

Do you know that we have a lot of fun in our
church? Our Pastor is one to really relate
to all of the ages...actually, I am pretty
sure he never really grew up...and that is
a good thing. He loves to talk with the young
people and talk with the children.

So yesterday, when I needed a new picture of Mike
for the web site, Jarod wanted to be "Just Like Mike",
and got behind the pulpit.

I asked him if he wanted to be a pastor when he grew up.
He said "yes!" without any hesitation.
Now, we don't know if the Lord will call him into that
kind of ministry...but we do know that he does not see
Pastoring as a dry and boring job.

At lunch, there was a lot of discussion that was inspired
by one of the teens who was not even with us. Anthony has
been very interested in our Sunday School class on Apologetics
and had been asking Pastor Mike some excellent questions.
These were part of the discussion yesterday.

It blesses my heart to see all of the young people mingling
and playing together. There was an adjustment period for
them to get to know one another....the "old" church teens
and the "new" church teens...but that bridge has been crossed
and they are best of friends now.

We look forward to additional families joining us and the
children in those families being warmly welcomed.

I just received a call from one of the ladies in our church, Ruth,
who has pneumonia...I need to run to the store and pick up
some groceries for her and do a couple of things at her house.

This is also a part of the Body of Christ working together in
times of need.

Last night, another woman took Ruth to the E.R. today I am
blessed to be able to serve. This afternoon another will take
her to a doctor's appointment. Everyone working together.
Helping each other. Ruth, who is now ill, has made many a dinner
for our family after I have had a surgery....or three! It is a
pleasure to get to serve her. This woman has such a heart for service!

I truly hope that you are in a worship situation where you are a
part of the family.

Mike preached yesterday that the church is what the World has to
look at as an example of Heaven. Too many times what the World
would see in our churches would not encourage them in this way.
I hope and pray that God would use Sonrise Christian Fellowship to
create a longing in people's hearts for more of Him and His Word.

Have a great week!

Becky K.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Worship...and a story about cheese...really!

Thank You, Lord
for saving my soul....
Thank You, Lord
for making me whole...
Thank You, Lord
for giving to me...

Thy great salvation so
rich and free!

This is a little chorus that
I learned when I was oh, so young.

It sticks with you.

Very simple.

Yet much truth.

We should give thanks to our Savior.

Our salvation does "make us whole."
It is often said that we have a God-shaped
hole in our hearts that can only be filled
by a relationship with Him.

It is true that this salvation is a gift.
It cannot be earned. There are not enough
good works on this earth to pay for the sin
that we have committed since birth. We came
here sinful...we will leave here sinful people.
Even if there was just one sin committed ever...
it is too much. God abhors sin.
We must accept the gift.

That gift is the acceptance that Jesus Christ
took our place on that cross. He accepted our
punishment as only One who had never sinned could

Remember that the Passover lamb had to be the best,
spotless lamb from the flock. Just so, Christ as our
sacrificial lamb had to be blameless.
Praise the Lord, He was!

This salvation is rich. There is no better prize than
eternal life with Him. None!
Rich...and free.

On a comical note: My son, Mikey loves cheese.
This kid is a cheese expert, I tell you.
The other day I brought home some Borden Pre-sliced
Colby/Jack cheese. He declared it the best cheese
he had ever eaten.
He went on and on about it.
Finally his raving reached
a high point when he said,

"If the streets of heaven were gold because they were
made of cheese, This would be the cheese!!!"

We laughed and it still brings a smile to my face.

This son just gave his testimony two weeks ago.
He knows Jesus as his Lord and Savior.
We, as his parents
are so blessed to know that his salvation was bought
and paid for and that Mikey has seen his need and
accepted that gift.

I love the "heavenly perspective" that came so
quickly to his mind.
Too funny.

By the way...I went back to the store
and bought ten more packages of that cheese.


Enjoy your Sunday...I'll be thinking about you.

Becky K.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Breakfast, Yummy for Dinner!

With the snow and the ice yesterday
it seemed a good day for comfort

I had found a huge bag of Johnsonville
sausage crumbles at our local Amish grocery.

They are flash frozen, precooked pieces of
sausage. Just wonderful for stuffing, omelets
or, in my case, a huge egg casserole.

I did that old recipe of bread on the bottom,
layered with nearly two dozen scrambled eggs and
milk, the sausage and cheddar cheese layered on top.

I had added some salt and freshly ground pepper to
the egg mixture before pouring it on.

This combination was a hit.

Then...served with this casserole:

Pillsbury chocolate twists,
Orange sweet rolls,
sauteed onions in butter,
Georgia's Canned Peaches,
Chelsea's Still-warm applesauce,
and toast.

Orange Juice and Coffee to drink.

It was a wonderful meal that hit
the spot on an evening where the
roads were impossible because of
the ice.

Poor Pastor Mike, who intended to
be with us just for dinner and then
all of us off to Small Group, stumbled
in late and declared the roads terrible.

He had passed accidents and slid all
around. No Small Group.

Finally, hours later a cinder truck went up
our hill and we knew the main roads had to be
better. We are always last for the road treatment.

So...last evening at 9:15pm we began watching
We are Marshall. I love that movie. It was by
my request. So, why was it then that by 10:15 I
could not keep my eyes open and had to just give
up and go to bed?

I'm blaming breakfast for dinner!
Just too comforting.

Softening Things up A Bit

I was ready for a change.

That bold background was fun
but I like this softer one too.

I can't make myself choose a
Christmas Background quite yet.

Thanksgiving is just too much
fun to skip over.

So...there you have it.


Have a blessed weekend!

Becky K.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Snow has hit PA

Edited to add pictures and commentary at bottom of post.

Light as a feather
and whispy white
the snow has landed
oh what a sight.

To open the door
for the puppies
who "had to go" quickly
or else they would freeze.

Lace draped on the branches
of each nearby tree.
Layered on the ground
the kids laughed with glee.

I love it fresh and unspotted.
Alas, Kimmy, with big paw prints,
and little ones from Chloe
have marred it since.

Toodles to Fall~
Hello Winter!
We will do our best to
enjoy your banter.

But couldn't you wait
until Thanksgiving was done
before bringing on snow
and all of its "fun"?

My camera is home!!!! Yay!!! I took these straight away as I returned
from the Dairy where I bought two gallons of milk and my bonus orange drink for one

There was another Fox sighting this morning as Mom's dog Bear chased it
through the fields. Great job, Bear!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

I Think I Know Where My Camera Is....

I searched this house high and low all day yesterday....

I ran to the church to see if it was there...
actually I went twice,
the first time I did not have the key...Arggghhhhh!

The second time,
no camera.

I came home and made myself remember Saturday.
Frankly this weekend was a blur.
After the concert, I was just so tired that
I could not remember.

Then it struck me!
The Saturday Evening Concert with Greater Vision.
I took the camera with the car...
but it was raining when we got there and we had
to park at the far end of the lot so I walked in
quickly without the camera.

Mom's car is the last place I remember seeing my
dear, sweet, faithful, creative camera.

This should be an easy thing to check on, wouldn't
you think?
Mom is is South Carolina and her car is sitting in an
airport parking lot.
She comes home today so there is hope that we will be camera and me.

Alas, I have become terribly attached to that little
piece of equipment. I have thought of many things that
I wish to photograph while it has been missing.

On the upside?

Everywhere I looked for the camera some small
cleaning and sorting took place. I now have
a lot less piles of junk mail and old projects
than were here this time last week.

Ahem...silver lining????

Well, today is our last day of Homeschool
Co-op for this semester and I am dreaming up
a fun ending for my silly 4-6th graders.

Or should I say silly ending for my
fun 4-6th graders.

Oh my....

Becky K.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

A Beautiful Award!

Ronda and Miss Paula have both
blessed me with this pretty
award. How kind of them to do so,
don't you think?

Ronda is one of those bloggers who welcomes you into her life with open arms. She unashamedly speaks of her family, love of the Lord and their lives.

Miss Paula is one blogger whom I have met in person, although she lives on the opposite coast. I am blessed in these blog friendships, ladies, and I thank you for the honor you give me in sharing your friendship and the time you invest in commenting and reading this little blog.
It maketh my day!

The rules to this award are:

1. Put the logo on your blog
2. Add a link to the person who awarded you
3. Nominate 10 other blogs for this award
4. Add links to those blogs
5. Leave a message for your nominees on their blogs
6. Give a reason why you consider their blogs cool.

So here goes...

1. Terri at Lakewood Manor. She is one special lady who
has a real gift for friendship.
2. Kelly at Cozy Comforts who has become a dear friend both
in real life and in the blogworld.
3. Melissa at Elijah's Adventures. She has such a heart for
missions and is a great Mommy.
4. Mrs. Rabe...who has already received it and does not have to post it again. I just wanted to say how special this friend has become to me. We've
come through some rough waters this year, but I wouldn't trade
her friendship!
5. Miss Paula, who also has received this and does not need to repost...just love knowing that you are there. Such a prayer warrior!
6. Deena, at Can I Be Pretty in Pink, for being such an inspiration during the fight of her life.
7. Jacquelynne, at The Noble Wife, for her beautiful smile and giving ways. Check out her blog for a creative way to help others.
8. Alicia, at Renewed in Him. I love watching this young woman blossom as a wife and mother. That little Cayden will be in your arms before you know it....
9. Lisa, at Cranberry Flats. I love the effort Lisa puts into her blog. My favorite post was probably the one where she went around the area where she lives and took pictures of little country churches. It was just fun.
10. Finally....I want this to go to Mishel at Seasons of Life. I don't often comment on Mishel's blog, for some reason, but I always look forward to reading it.
Mishel is in her last year of homeschooling and has raised two very awesome kids.
Ashleigh writes a blog of her own that is awesome...and Zach is an accomplished musician. I just love Mishel's calm style in the midst of a very busy life.

So, there you have it.
Consider yourself awarded friends.
Do with it what you will.

Becky K.

A Cat and A Fox

You may remember Beaux.

I brought him home from Mrs. Rabe's
house...his name was Charlie then.

I gave him to my Mother-in-law, Georgia
for an afternoon visitation to see if
she could love him.

She was so angry with me.

Now she calls him Beaux and loves him
very much!

This is the same kitty who nearly destroyed
our house by "spraying" everywhere.
However, he has been to the vet and has
been "snipped" so no more spraying.

Bottom line? He is a great cat.
We love him now.

Anyway...we came home yesterday to a very
odd sight.

In the field, across the street was Beaux
and a large red fox.

Amazingly enough, Beaux was chasing the fox,
then stopping. The fox would run a little bit
and then stop also. It looked for all the world
like a game. We watched for about five minutes while
Jonathan ran to get Grandma Georgia then called to
Beaux. He ran to us no worse for the wear.

We have to wonder about this fox.

It has already eaten one of our neighbor's roosters.

It has been seen all throughout our neighborhood in
broad daylight for the last week or so. It doesn't
appear to be sick. was definitely playing with Beaux...not trying to
hurt him.


Any ideas?

I have temporarily misplaced my camera so I was not
able to get any pictures of this strange event.

That just kills me!!!!

Warren had Monday and Tuesday off. He cut down about
five small to medium trees, went bowling with us, and took
Mikey to get his driver's permit. Pretty busy two days.
Today he has to get back to work...and so do we.
I'll miss having him around. But, we just cannot give
up that paycheck yet. There was much "talk" about moving
into the mountains and starting an Internet business so
he could go cut trees any time he wants...but it was just
"talk". Chelsea would have a "small cow" if we were to move
anywhere now...not to mention the two Grandmas that so recently
moved into our little development. Nope! We are stuck...he will
work...and he will like it!

Have a good one!

Becky K.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Panel Discussion


Last evening some Moms from our Homeschool
Co-op came out to spend some time in a
question and answer session.

Mrs. Rabe, our friend Susan, and Myself made
up the Panel. That was scary. Actually we have
done this every year for a while now so it wasn't
bad. All of the ladies are so sincere and so sweet.

Having the range of children that I have and am homeschooling
in our home, from willing but challenged, to unwilling but more
than capable, all the way to great involved student....I've
actually built a bit of experience.

Sometimes you have to think about it to realize that.

I get so insecure sometimes in what I know and how I am
going to get that information to the kids.

Will they know enough when they graduate....and all of that.

But, in helping the other ladies last night it became very
obvious that our "homeschool plan" is working and is a
good one. We are taking each child's strengths and weaknesses
into consideration and working within that.

So....while the purpose of the discussion was to help others...
I walked away encouraged as well. Hope they

I am trying to do much better about posting on Homeschooling at
Hospitality Lane
. For the most part, I don't talk about our day
to day studies here...But, if you are interested you can pop in
over there. Perhaps there will be a little goody that will inspire
an idea or two.

Gotta run...I am off for more Continuing Ed for my Financial
Services Job. Never ending learning....never ending....

Thanks for stopping by....

Becky K.

Monday, November 17, 2008

It is a Sickness

Immediately following the Thanksgiving Concert
I walked back the aisle, perhaps ten feet to
the spot where Mrs. Rabe met me.

We looked at each other...smiled...
and she said,
"So, what are we going to do next?"

I responded,
"The Christmas Tea!"

I am guessing that this reveals a lot
about our sanity...or lack thereof. lol

So...yesterday four of us went on a hunt
for paper to make invitations for our first
ever Sonrise Christian Fellowship Ladies
Christmas Tea.

Such fun!

It was made all the more fun because we had
to stop off at "that church" on the way and
pick up the candles.

These ladies wanted to see where it was that
I made a fool of myself at the funeral. They
read this blog...gets me in trouble sometimes,
as you can imagine.

Anyway, to get to the Flower and Craft Warehouse
we had to cross a lot of Lancaster County Miles.

It is nearly the entire County's difference from
Quarryville to Blue Ball, especially if you go by
way of Rohrerstown.

The sky was full of wintry clouds.

I say full, but there were breaks in the clouds where the
sun was blasting through.

The sky ahead would be steel grey but the land would
be illuminated so brightly that the white fences seemed
to be glowing. It was so pretty. I was driving...and
did not have my camera so you'll just have to imagine it.

Do you remember when our imaginations did all of the work?

Before we watched so much TV.

When we read for pleasure on a regular basis.

I grew up without TV and so I read all of the time.
It was so fun to get lost in the world an author created.

Anyway, I digress.

The several hours we spent out traveling the countryside
getting these things accomplished was made even more
special by the fellowship inside of the car.

It was sweet.

I am so thankful for the ladies I spent time with yesterday.

We are all strong personalities.

Sometimes this can cause struggles.

But, I love each one dearly.
God has put them in my life...
and I THANK HIM for doing so.

I hope you have those someones in your
life for fellowship, and who will keep
you accountable in your daily walk.

Have a super day!

Becky K.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Praise God From Who All Blessings Flow...

We were in a room filled with praise
last evening!

Oh, it was sweet!

I had not heard the Collingsworth Family.
Now, I am a devoted fan. They have talent
just dripping off their bodies.


The harmonies of this family are so very

The girls play violins/fiddles.

They are talented both classically and as

I found this clip of them on YouTube. They
did not sing this song last night but it gives you
an idea of thier talents...wish I could have
gotten all of you there in the room with me.
To hear Kim Collingsworth on the Piano playing
The Hallelujah Chorus was too much wonderful for
the senses!

Greater Vision was as incredible as ever.
I found this clip of "My Name is Lazarus".

This song has such great lyrics!

Nothing compares to Gerald Wolf singing
"A Mighty Fortress".

My Dad got to sing with him once and never forgot
it. Such a highlight in his life.
Daddy had a great voice of his own.
I miss singing with him.

We went to see Greater Vision in October before Daddy died in November of 2005. It was in the very sanctuary that we were in last night. Mom said she has looked back on that night with special memories because Gerald Wolf sang "O Holy Night".
It was their little bit of Christmas that year since Daddy had gone home to be with the Lord before December rolled around.
We never would have guessed!

Sweet and Bittersweet.

Greater Vision has a new Tenor.
He is a sweet young man who can really
belt it out. We were very impressed!

Another Group, Triumphant, was new to us.
We enjoyed them. They have an award winning
pianist who thrilled the audience as he
played on one baby grand while Kim Collingsworth
played another. I think that is an itty bitty
taste of what heaven might be like.

I think that we will have concerts with the best
of the best and then those here who have always
wanted to be the best of the best will be that
good too! Awesome!!!! Makes me so excited to
be in that City of God!!!

I know, it is never as exciting to read about these
things as it was to be there. Maybe next time, I'll
just invite you all to join us.


Have a blessed Lord's Day.

Becky K.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

It was GREAT!!!

The Thanksgiving Concert was so wonderful!

The children and young people were awesome!

If you have been reading here since the concert
last year you may remember that I was much less
confident in the days and hours leading up to it
but that went well too.

I remembered that any time I started to get
jittery. I also decided that we had put our
work into it and by the time last night rolled
around whatever the students did with it was
up to them.

There were "things", of course, that were a little
uncertain, at times. Like one dear choir director who
had an emergency and then walked in to her seat at the
very last minute, literally, before her choir was up to sing.

I was soooooo thankful that she got there in time.

I had prepared the next director to take her class
out of line, but that would have made it look like
we were forgetting the other class and messed up the
lady doing PowerPoint and all of that. But, thanks
be to God, my friend was able to make it in time.

By the way...her choir was great!!!
They are just too cute!

Here are some pictures...

Our fearless leader and her husband welcomed

That would be Mr. and Mrs. Rabe.
They looked great and had a wonderful

That is the fireplace set that the teens
made sitting behind them.

It was a huge hit!

It is made completely from huge sheets of cardboard
that Mikey brought home from work. We then hauled
them into the church where we have co-op.

Pieces were formed each week to build it
and then last week we took it all over to
our church to paint. Emily Rabe and Josh S.
came and helped my guys get that done.

Jonathan designed the stone and I think it
looks great! My artist!

Warren and Mikey made the fire.
It was so cool!

A very young choir.
They were so sweet.
I love those little fluffy dresses.
Chelsea just won't wear them anymore...pout!

Second and third graders as directed by my dear friend, Tamara.
She is the Professional music teacher.
She would intimidate me if she weren't so nice.

My high school girl's ensemble.
Ask anyone...they Rocked!

Their rendition of In Christ Alone was such
a blessing. There were many tears
least that is what I hear....

I love these much!

Then about these monkeys.
The fourth to 6th graders.
Who sang loudest and strongest?
Those boys who "hate to sing!"
Check out those suits!
Brings tears to my eyes just to think
about it. They are such a blessing.

Some of these boys told their parents that they like
thier music class!

Who knew????

I hoped!

I even took up the offer of another Mom who was willing
to join us each week on her free period to be the
"enforcer" so that I could spend my time teaching all
of the students instead of just correcting the resistant ones.
Must have worked. These guys did great!!!!!

It really is a team effort every time there is something
of a success. Never, in a million years, could one person
make something like this happen.

Our family is so blessed to be involved with a group such as
this one.

We are there... because eight years ago I went to a different grocery store,
a half hour from our home, on a day that Robin was there too.
In the line directly in front of us...she gave the invitation
to check it out. What a lovely stroke of.....Providence!!!!

"Come Ye Thankful People Come...
Raise the song of Harvest Home!"

I am ready for Thanksgiving now!!!

Oh Yes!!!

Have a great day.

The Moms and I are headed to a Greater Vision concert tonight
after I get some cleaning done around here, the bulletin made,
candles boxed and ready to go be displayed on our way, practice
music with Pastor Mike and anything else that "pops up"!

Becky K.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Goooood Mooorning Blogworld!!!!

This promises to be an exciting day.

First the dress rehearsal.

Then a mini family reunion.

Finally, the main event.

I am pumped!!!!

We got to use the sanctuary yesterday to
acclimate the kids to those conditions.

The risers.

Light in the eyes.

A huge room that swallows up all the sound.

People watching!

As usual, the biggest problem is getting them
to look at the director...whoever that is in
each case. Everyone must think that direction
is for someone else.

The teens who built our cabin backdrop have made
me so proud! I love it! I will take pictures of
it today.

Then there are the 4th-6th grade boys who are doing
a counterpart on the song, Count Your Blessings.
They are sooooooo sweet and adorable as they tuck
their chins to their chests to sing..."Name them
one by one!" I cannot help but grin ear to ear
every time.

My 7-up girls are working very well together and
I know that they will do a nice job. We will take
those nerves and just make them work for us. The
girls sound and look just lovely.

I got to see the preschoolers doing their thing yesterday....
Melts the heart! Yep...I think it is that Poem about
a turkey that puts it over the top. It is called
Funny Bird and it goes like this:

A turkey is a funny bird
Its head goes wobble, wobble,
All it knows is just one word
gobble, gobble, gobble.

Way cute!

Well, I have to run!

Warren's side of the family is coming into town this afternoon for a few
hours so we will be chatting away and eating Georgia's great Lemon Sponge
Pie just hours before the "big event". As if there was not a care in the

Oh, by the way...we had a church bowling event
last was great!

A ton of people.
Lots of laughs.
I bowled very well, for me...138.
No laughing you good bowlers...stop it NOW!

O.k. I am really leaving now....


Becky K.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Samuel's Story

I wrote this for the Thanksgiving Program.

A sweet young man with some acting experience
will be doing it as a monologue.

Hi! I am Samuel. My Grandparents were on the Mayflower and
have told me all about that first Thanksgiving Day. It was an amazing that would probably surprise you...and me.

Why should these people who had suffered so much loss offer thanks?
I mean, Grandma told me that of all of the people she knew that had
made the journey only a very small handful survived that first winter.
It was really tough. Grandma took in a child of friends who lost their
lives to sickness that first year.

But, you know, Grandma said that somehow they knew they were going to
make it. She knew that God was with them and that it was He that deserved the thanks and praise for keeping them this far. She said it was a calling and that
she was ever grateful to be out from under the hand of the Church of England.

Grandma said that when Grandpa went out, in preparation for that great meal, to
hunt the turkeys, with the other men, it was the first time she had seen his shoulders up and straight in a long time.

Grandpa had been so busy with the necessary things of life...the things he didn't talk about much.

But on that day as he headed out to search for meat, for a meal of praise, his head was high and there was a spring in his step.

I guess thinking on our blessings does that.

It makes us confident and happy.

One thing Grandpa did talk about was seeing those 90 Indian friends come to dinner. It really was God's blessing that a friendship had been forged and that Squanto, Massasoit and Samoset had offered assistance in planting, hunting and fishing as everything was so new to my Grandparents and their friends.

To see the Hand of God... Providence, they used to call it in the lives of these men leading and guiding them to just the right places and times.

Grandpa would shake his weathered, gray head and just chuckle at the way God works. He said Squanto had been taken to the Old World after being taken as a slave and knew something about our ways.

It amazed him that this man would then turn around and help them.

"Must be God!" That's what Grandpa would say. "Must be God!"

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Things are Coming Together

My Friends,

(I know you are all saying
that these days...wink!)

Things are coming together for the
Thanksgiving Concert with the Co-op.

The choirs know their songs...The cabin
prop is just about finished. We should
be getting the final painting touches on that today.
Transporting it and getting it set up
will be the next challenge.

You should see the Silk fire that Warren and Mikey
made for inside this cabin fireplace. It is so realistic!

I met with the Church's sound person yesterday and she was so
sweet. We got to peek at lighting and the PowerPoint. I am
excited! It looks so cool! It should be a fun night.

Now all I have to worry about is the dress rehearsal.
This freaks me out...all of those Moms who will think
that it should be done this way or that way. We won't
be able to use every one's ideas, and anyway, I do actually
have a plan.

So, if I stand strong it should all be good.

Well, I have much to accomplish today, so I had best
get to it.

Have a great one!

Becky K.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A Lucy and Ethel Moment

It was nearly the stuff television is made of.

On Saturday I was scheduled to meet a woman at
her church to set up a Fundraiser Display for
a mission trip to the Native Americans on a
Reservation out West. This group goes out
and does vision checks and then gives out glasses
donated from the Lion's Club to those who need
them. A very neat mission.

Anyway, we were supposed to meet at 9:00am.
My Mother-in-law is hoping to go on this trip
and introduced the group to the candle fund raiser
so she came along to help set up.

As I pulled into the parking lot of this large
church facility, I was recalling the words of
Jean, "Just pull right up to the front door and
come in. You can unload from there."

Here is the problem. In front of the front
doors... was a hearse.

There were men in dark suits.

This was obviously a somber event... and there
I was in jeans and a trunk full of candles.

Georgia and I parked a short distance away in
the parking lot and then walked hesitantly to
the door. The closer we got, the more obvious
it became that there was no way we were going
to be sneaking in with our merchandise.

The family was just inside the door.

One older gentleman pointed us to some church
attendees out raking leaves and thought perhaps
they could help us. we went to question them.

One man was very helpful and called his wife
to get the phone number of Jean, the lady we
were to be meeting.

Georgia called, she got voicemail.

I returned to the van to wait.

Georgia assumed a post on the sidewalk
directly across from the front doors.
She just stood there watching everyone
come and go. I don't believe I mentioned
that Georgia was wearing bright red pants
and shoes. Not exactly funeral attire, if
you know what I mean!

I noticed that the family and friends of
the deceased truly knew how to dress.

You notice these things when you are terribly
under dressed for an occasion.

Finally, many minutes later, Jean appeared and
was quite apologetic as she had no idea there
was to be a funeral at the church today.

She directed us to a back door and I assumed
our drama was over.


We carried everything into the room to
be set up on display.
No problem.
Unless you count the very handsome Priest
who got off the elevator
and nearly got run over by ladies carrying
bins of candles. Our hostess apologized
sincerely to him for our presence.
That felt good!

A little while later...
I needed something from the van.

As I headed out through the double doors
on the left, my head turned to peer through
a door on the right. One with a very large

To my dismay, I was looking into the eyes of
the entire congregation at the funeral!


That side door just happens to be the front entrance
for the sanctuary.

I ducked out the door as quickly as I could and
upon my return, I was relieved to see that everyone
was standing and facing the aisle in the church.
In my relief, I sped up and was not as careful
as I should have been and kicked a trash can
that was hiding in the shadows!

Big crash!

I rushed to the room of refuge and told no one...
until now... about kicking the can...(pun intended).

Can you just imagine if I had turned the
wrong way and actually entered the door that
led to the sanctuary?
See, there is always a
silver lining...

So, if you run into Georgia or I in the weeks or months
to come, we will understand if you want to refer to us
as Lucy and Ethel.
We have earned it!

Hope your day has no resemblance to an
"I Love Lucy" episode!


Becky K. (Lucy)

Monday, November 10, 2008


Just stopping in to wish you a peaceful
day and a lovely week.

I have lots and lots to accomplish with
many projects and a son who wants to go
get his driver's permit one day this week.
I am fearful!

Where does the time go?

Weren't we just potty training?

Next year two will
graduate from High School.

That is just crazy!

Crazy good!!!!

Well, I had better go and figure out
how to deal with this busy week.

I'll pop in as much as possible.

If you smell something that reminds
you of is probably my
candle scent coming through the computer
My house reeks of it!

Lady Jane, your package is being mailed
today. I am slow...

Thanks for stopping by!!!!

Love Ya!

Becky K.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Last Day!!!!

Hip! Hip! Hooray!

This is Chelsea and Jonathan's
last day of work at the farm!

It has been an invaluable experience!

I would not change the changes I have
seen in both of them.

Now we will look for something a little
closer to home. That 20-30 minute commute
was a bit long for kids with varying
schedules, especially with gas prices where
they were all summer!!! Yikes! I think
we paid to have the kids working.

If they don't find something else by next
summer it will be interesting to see if
they want to go back there. At this point
I think they would say no, but often times
things look better once there is a little
distance between it and ourselves.

So...if you happen to hear what sounds like
Mothers cheering...or singing the Hallelujah
Chorus...It's probably just Myself, Mrs. Rabe and
our friend B. We will be whooping it up today!

Have a fabulous weekend!!!

Becky K.

Friday, November 7, 2008

On Growing Up...

This was Chelsea last year with one of her leaf

Chelsea this year...

She is growing up!

I stopped for a few minutes this morning
to remember what it was I loved about Fall
when I was a child.

If I close my eyes I can still smell the
fall in the air as my brother and I, rakes
in grubby hands, ran across the road to a
perfect place. It was a row of maple trees.
Large trees. These put down many leaves over
a large area. I can see us taking those rakes
and making extravagant pathways through the
leaves. We would run these pathways, laughing
and giggling until our legs would fall out from
under us...

Those were the days.

I remember when it was fun to make little leaf
piles alongside the road and burn the impertinent
little things. So often they resisted this by
issuing great billows of smoke. Just perfect for
pretending to send smoke signals.

Today, I am grown. I would love to go out and
play in the leaves. Unfortunately, it has been
rainy and we must wait for the leaves to dry out
before attempting to gather and burn them.

Ah, but when we do...the sweet smell of Fall will
tickle our noses with delight. First that sweet
smell of the leaves themselves and then the
gentle smell of the smoke as they burn.

I am still that little girl who enjoyed making
patterns in the leaves. I just have to work
a little harder to take the time!

Enjoy the day wherever you are and take a
little time for you today!

Becky K.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Keeping all of the Balls in the Air...

So far, I have nearly dropped
several of the balls I am attempting
to keep juggling in this thing called
life. If I can just hang in there through
this week, and next, some major things will
be accomplished...

Jonathan and Chelsea will be done working...
this brings much relief. I enjoy the drive
but don't need that added stress of wondering
about their schedule...will it change...must check
the computer...etc.

The Fall Concert will be done as of Next Friday,
the 14th!

Getting these two things done and behind me will
free up several gigabytes in my brain.

Oh, Warren would be proud of that analogy.

But seriously, every waking moment I have thoughts
just swirling and doubts about how it will all be accomplished. will be accomplished and it will be fine!

I even had a nightmare about the concert that one young boy
stood up to sing and could not do it. Couldn't remember how
the song went so I stumbled to the piano and I fumbled over
the keys in an attempt to help him and just made things worse.
I know this won't happen because there are no young men singing

Just a stage to set, music levels and sound to work out, teenage
girls who are afraid to sing out during their solo parts...little
stuff like that. will pass.

I must get back to my candle factory... in the kitchen. I have
several orders to finish up for delivery today.

I hope you have a great day.

I'll be popping in to read here and there.

Don't forget to join my Followers, if you are so inclined.
It is fun to see those who read here. It gives me another
quick way to get to your blog and for others to discover you.

Becky K.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Disappointed but Not Surprised

America has spoken,
Come January we will call
Senator Obama, President Obama.

Is is the end of the world?

Will things change?
Most likely.

My biggest concern through this
is to help my children to understand
that this is not a time for fear or
hate. They were so involved in the
process this time. We studied historical
cases of those whose political bents were
the same as President-Elect Obama's so they
are aware of what could happen,
if taken to the extreme.

The job now is to remind them that God is in
control of all things. He will not leave us
or forsake us. Even if laws are passed that
we disagree with morally, or if our rights are
eroded, we serve a great God! HE will be our
help and our strength.

Now on to prettier things...
or should I say...
Regular Programming!

I took this as I stood in our front yard looking
across the street. I just love the colors.
I hope they are half as brilliant for you as they
were for me this couple of days ago.

I closed out one Fundraiser this week and picked
up the candles this woman had as her inventory...
Last night my Mother-in-law talked to some people
and now I have a new one to begin on Saturday.
Whew! Fun!
I am so glad I have that inventory to use as a base
since they are planning to set up a display at a
church for two weeks.

Today I have to complete my, every two years, investment
continuing education. It is a boring, boring time
but is relatively easy. It is a monitored computerized
program. I am allowed three hours to
process the information and pass tests. Often, I am
out of there in just about an hour. I read quickly.
I am thankful for that. Hope this one is speedy too.
It seems like last time there was a lot more reading
and the computer wouldn't go as fast as I was used to.
I love my job...I don't always like all of the requirements
for keeping the licenses.
But who does like absolutely
everything about their employment? Never met anyone yet
who didn't have something that made them crazy.

The kids have a lot of school work to catch up on after
these last couple of weeks. They worked a lot.
If I am correct this is their last week of work for the
season and then they will have to "buckle down".

Makes me look forward to a long snowy winter so that
we can snuggle on the couch with math and reading.

We are currently reading a Mrs. Pollifax book.
She makes me laugh. As a retired widow this
woman was looking for adventure. Her doctor recommended
she pursue something that she has always wanted to do but
was never able to. This, for her, was spying. She wanted
to be a spy. She becomes one. It is so funny. There are
quite a few books in the series.

One of the biggest benefits from reading aloud to the kids,
even at their advanced ages, is their appreciation for new literature.

It pleases me so to see them get into these books and want
more. Mikey has even been reading some on his own. He has
finished one sizable novel and is part way through another.
Finally...after many years of "hating" to read although
when tested he was always on grade level, he just thought
it was boring...well we are changing that one page at a time!

Have a blessed day,
Serve the One who made you.

Becky K.