Monday, January 31, 2011

A Blue Gift....

 This is the artwork on a napkin holder Mom
brought me from Peru.

I wanted to show you
photos of the whole thing
but the photo download keeps turning the 
rest of the photos on their sides.

I dunno why.

I have much to do today so am not 
willing to fight with it...
but I really did want to join  

Have a glorious Monday!
We are setting up for more bad, bad weather.
Snow, Ice and Sleet are headed our way.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Missions...Not for the Faint of Heart

After watching our mothers recover from their 
journey to Peru and seeing a news story out 
of Mexico this week, I am again reminded
that the work of Missions is hard.
It is hard and often dangerous.

This clip is about Nancy Davis, a missionary,
who was shot and killed in Mexico. 
Nancy had gone on fewer and fewer of 
these missions because of the safety issues.
However, for whatever reason she was 
along on this day.
My cousin, Ethan, is seen in the video talking about 
the tragedy.  He had spent time
working with the Davis
family and is taking this very hard.
Please pray for Ethan and Nancy's family
as they process their grief.

Georgia took this picture of some artwork
for sale in a Lima park.  I love it for the colors
but I also love what it reminds me of.
Jesus said in the book of John, Chapter 4:

"I tell you, open your eyes and look at the fields! 
They are ripe for harvest.  
Even now the one who reaps draws a wage 
and harvests a crop for eternal life, 
so that the sower and the reaper may be glad together.  
Thus the saying ‘One sows and another reaps’ is true."

Mom, Georgia and their team sowed seeds in the hearts
of those they met in Peru.
They will likely not be the ones to see the harvest
but that is ok with them.
They were being obedient to their calling.

Lets be diligent to plant the seeds we are sent out 
to plant and be ready always to reap the harvest.
There are many who are ready to come into the 
Kingdom........of eternal life!

Enjoy your day of Worship
wherever you may be!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

We Should See Mikey Today....

This was the first week since he moved out
that Mikey has stayed away all week.
The weather had some role to play in that
but I also think he is getting more comfortable
there and is making some friends.
That is a good thing.

I am excited at the prospect of seeing him
today, though.  I'll bet the first thing he does
is toss his dirty clothes bag at me and grin.
He has a washer and dryer at the house.
We got him laundry detergent too....
at his request.  
But, at this point I don't mind.
It is something I can still do for him.

That, and I think by now
he will be ready for a haircut!

He'll be at least this happy to see us...oh wait~that was supposed to be fear.
I think we might go into the city this morning
to visit our friends the Rabe girls.  
They are running our friend, Denny's, shop
while he is away with a family emergency.
I think our trip into the city might involve
breakfast and a bit of shopping at Central Market.
It shouldn't be as crowded today.
I need to get some photos for you to see from 
our trip.  That means I must get batteries for the 
camera.  It is OUT of juice!

Have I mentioned that I love Lancaster County?
Oh, I do. 
When I stand at the doorway in the morning,
early, so the dogs can do "their thing" and I 
listen to the birds chirp, see the farmland across the
way, breathe in the country air....I am so very thankful
for our blessings.  
We may not be rich in the eyes of 
man, but we are 
so very blessed with family, surroundings,
home and heart.  

God has been very, very good to us!
I praise Him!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Precious Faces...

This post may surprise you.
It is definitely a departure from
the Cream Puffs in the last post.....

Alpaca Face
 Such funny looking animals but yet they are 
so cute.....and fluffy.
Their coats are very useful for the making of 
yarn.  We have several Alpaca Farms in our area.

Goat Face

Sleepy Goat Faces
One little known fact about me:
I love goats!

I love how curious they are.
Those little faces with intelligent eyes.
One of my dreams would be to have a farmette
including a few pygmy goats.

These guys were at the 2011 Pa Farm Show.
How in the world they were taking a nap
among the thousands of people 
I'll never know.

But, I love them.
So very precious.

Thanks God 
for thinking to make

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

When It Snows...Make Cream Puffs!

What delightful temptation
sits on our dining room table
at this very moment!

I don't think I have
to say who
made these.
However, I have made cream puffs
and could do it....
if ever there was a need.
Just sayin'!

Vanilla filling in every one....
Choice of Powdered Sugar or Chocolate topped confection.

Sure, I'll have some tea with mine...
How about you?


Not much visibility this morning

S - Sparkles which are
N - Naturally Occurring
O- Offering few Options
W- When behind the Wheel.

What do you think of when you think of snow?
Want to play this acrostic game with me?

Warren is heading for work for the 
second time today.
The first time was a "no go".

He was at the local restaurant for breakfast
and "the scoop" when EMT's eating
breakfast got a call for the road 
he uses to get to work.

I was watching our local emergency web 
site and saw the same accident.
Of course I worried that it could be him.
So...I was happy when he pulled back into the 
driveway not long after.

He said the roads were just terrible.
This early snow caught everyone by surprise.
It was supposed to be just a dusting.
It was three inches!

Now we are in a break between weather
makers so he is headed in to work.
Another several inches will come this evening
and overnight.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Taking Inventory....

Since Chelsea is in the process
of completing two years in one
so that she can graduate in May
it is of some benefit to do regular 
inventory on the process.  

Yesterday was one of those days.

We took the list of required items
and checked off
what is done....


There is plenty left to keep her 
busy until the end of the year.
Definitely a challenge.
But Chelsea, like me, does 
best when challenged.

What seems strange to me is
that she needs me for 
so little of it.  

This is probably a good thing
since she does so much 
of it late in the evening.  
My brain is sludge by then.

Mornings and late nights are
prime work time for 
An afternoon that isn't filled with other 
activities is seen as an opportunity to create a recipe
for dinner.  Last night we were
treated to chicken breasts
stuffed with rice, broccoli and cheddar cheese.  
But they were only stuffed 
after she had marinated them in 
lemon basil sauce of her own making.
Oh, it was so good.
She lightly breaded them and shook a bit of 
Parmesan on the tops before baking.  
So, I'm thinking, her afternoons should be left open
in the weeks and months to come.
It works so well for me! 
(Shameless Grin)

What have you taken inventory of...

Monday, January 24, 2011

Time Ticks!

It occurs to me that we are nearing 
the end of January 2011!

We are at the very beginning of a new
week.  Monday brings with it just a taste of 
the new beginnings feel we get with each
New Year's Day.

Options stretch before us for the new week.
Will we meet it with joy?
What do we want to accomplish?
Whom will we impact this week?

So often people refer to Monday as a downer.
Back to school or work....
but this morning it occurs to me that it is a 
wide open door of opportunity.

Are you ready?
Step on through and make this
week a blessing in your life and 
in that of others!
Should be amazing!!!

Sunday, January 23, 2011


After what seems like months of illness
and candle overload we are once again
living up to our name....Hospitality Lane.

Four young men visited 
most of the day, yesterday.  
How fun!
They went outside and had an airsoft war
before coming in and enjoying a warm lunch.
Overhearing their conversations as they set 
in the living room blessed my heart so much
Such nice and kind young men.
My boys are truly blessed with great friends!

Today, after church, we will enjoy the company
of The Cozy Comforts family, hopefully our Moms
will feel up to coming, and Pastor Mike.
We would have more but feel this is all we can
comfortably squeeze in
during this time of the year.  
It will be sweet to host a gathering again.
Chelsea came home from work and did some cleaning,
made the lasagna and a cheesecake.
Now I am up early to get the rest of the food started
and the tables set.
Hospitality Lane....
back in business!

I had better get to it!!

Have a great day!!!
By the way, just for fun
since it is sooooo cold outside
I brought back the orange tulips for this post.
Think Spring!!!!!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Have I Shown You....

Chelsea's Senior Picture?

I remember showing you a whole host
of others that I loved.  But, it is her big
day and it was her choice which picture
to use....

This was the one she fell in love with.

I like it too.

Ironically it was the last one we took
that Fall day in the Gardens.
Kind of as a whim.
Isn't that usually how it is?

We turned it in to the Grad Photo Committee last 
evening and picked up copies 
at Costco to mail out with 
her announcements.
Total Bill:  $8.54!

My Senior photos long, long
ago cost a whole lot more that that!
Gotta love the digital age!!!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

A Very Busy Day Ahead

Good Morning Friends!

This is going to be "one of those days".
Busy. Busy. Busy.
So...I'm keeping it short and will
leave you with this awesome passage....

Praise be to the LORD,
   for he has heard my cry for mercy.
 The LORD is my strength and my shield;
   my heart trusts in him, and he helps me.
My heart leaps for joy,
   and with my song I praise him.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Our Moms Are Home....Prayer is Needed

From Mission Team Facebook Page
I watched for the Mom's arrival.
They pulled in shortly before 4am this morning.
Thankfully we live close by 
because when I went over to help
them unload at Mom's house
I could tell that Georgia was very, very ill.

She could barely stand
and was shaking violently 
from fever.

We got her to her house and got her
things unloaded.
She was headed straight to bed
when I left her...
but we are going to see a doctor this morning.
Thankfully they were able to work her in.

Prayers are needed!

My Mom is not feeling real well 
either but so far has avoided the 
extreme sickness that is 
plaguing Georgia.

UPDATE:  Georgia is doing quite a bit better

this morning. 
While still feeling awful and having
severe flu/digestive
symptoms, the shaking has stopped.
The doctor saw her this morning and
they have ordered appropriate meds.
Hopefully She and Mom will get rehydrated
and get over the rest of the sickness.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Out The Kitchen Window

A wonderful evening out with Chelsea, Mrs. Rabe and Emily 
last evening ended up a bit of a nail biter as I drove
in snow.  

Not being one who enjoys the uncertainty of 
whether the car will stay on the road
I found myself wishing we had headed 
home just an hour sooner.

However, taking it slowly we did just fine.

This is the view out my kitchen window.
I'm loving that!

I had to add more photos after
a quick trip out with the
dogs....the ice is thickening.
However, it is supposed to
begin warming so all should be well
in a couple of hours.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Blue Monday...A Gift

Have you ever purchased a Christmas
gift for someone and then forgotten to 
give it to them?

Well, I have and I did again this year.

My Mom might end up seeing this gift
here before she sees it in person....
if she ends up on the computer again
before coming home from Peru.

The Mission Team is back in Lima and
they are preparing to return home.
It will be so good to see them.

Anyway, back to her gift....

At the craft show I did this year I was 
placed back to back with another table.
This vendor painted glass.
She did it beautifully.
A tricky painting.
So often the scale is off.
But this woman had the gift.

Don't you just love the curve in this
piece...and the tiny little flowers so 
 consistent and pretty?

Not to mention that it is blue so I thought
Perfect, right?

So, this week, I will say goodbye to this
adorable piece of art and Mom will find a
home for it at her house. 
Hope she likes it!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

It Is Well....With My Soul

Over the past few days I have been following 
a life changing event in the lives of another family.

I learned about this family's 

The mother, Joanne, suffered a stroke and 
subsequent seizures while at home.  Her 
daughter found her and got help.

Joanne is now in intensive care in a medically 
induced coma.  Her family is exhausted and 
praying for a miracle.  The swelling in her brain is 
severe and what they are asking us to pray for is
a miracle.  I am committed to pray with them.

Would You?

Toben, Joanne's husband is keeping people
up to date with Twitter and Joanne's blog.

Reading of this event and their struggle takes me
back to Warren's Dad's fall and brain injury.
As they discuss seeing the CT Scan results and 
the damage I flash back.

We loved Gene so very much....before his 
accident.  But the love God gave us for him
after this event was supernatural.    Admittedly
he was not my spouse...but we were very close.
And closer yet as we took up so much of his care.

I would not trade the hours, days, weeks and months
that God gave us with the "different" Gene...unless
it didn't have to happen at all.
But obviously it did.
And we know that God has used it for His purposes.

What we know after this is that God was never more
obvious in His workings.  The details that just came 
together....the things that others said couldn't happen.

My prayer for Joanne, Toben and their entire family 
is that when this trial is complete they can say....
It is well.
God was so present with us.
It is very well...with my soul!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Fragrance Blending....


When I was an Avon Representative we would 
talk about fragrance layering.
You know, 
first you used the shower gel, 
then the roll-on antiperspirant,
the powder 
and finally the cologne in a given fragrance.

But, as a person who loves and burns candles
how many times do I think about 
whether the candles I light
actually work together?
Not always.

Customers who purchase just one 
fragrance because they want consistency 
in their home make me think about this a bit.

Yesterday I decided to light several
candles at the same time and so 
I chose hot chocolates and candy cane.

You got it!
Chocolate Mint!

A wick test leads me to think that this larger mug needs three wicks.  It is now for sale.Freshly made with three wicks. $15

This combo was amazing.
Just perfect for a very, very cold winter day.

I enjoyed having a grouping of 
candles with their beautiful flames
dancing and bringing warmth to the room.

My candle website can be found HERE.
You can mix and match fragrances
that go well together for you.

Some ideas:

Vanilla/Candy Cane
Hot chocolate/Strawberry
Cinnamon Stick/Fresh Apple Pie

Just to name a few.

Mention this post when you order
two or more candles and 
I will add a four ounce in
one of the fragrances you have chosen no additional charge to you.

Friday, January 14, 2011

A Most Enjoyable Evening

I did not have the camera with me but
we enjoyed a bit of a progressive dinner
last night.  That was not the original plan.

Our dear friends Jon and Sue, as well as 
Pastor Mike, Warren and I were planning
to meet at Willow Valley for dinner and a 
time of chatting about life at church.  
Warren and Jon are Elders and Sue and I 
were delighted to be included in the plans
for the evening.

We have been friends for almost eleven years.
All of us.  
We have been through so much 
together over the years in a very small church.
Our family had just moved to Lancaster County
when we met Jon, Sue and Mike.  Sue was the 
first to introduce me to our Amish Grocery Outlet
which has saved our family so much money 
over these years.

Anyway, back to last night.
Warren and I were the first to arrive at Willow Valley.
It was dark.
There were no cars in the lot.
Being the brilliant people that we are we got the idea
that perhaps they were closed.
But that made us curious...why?
Turns out it was explained on the door....
Winter hours!

So, when Jon and Sue arrived we began to hatch
a new plan.  However, a phone call to Mike's Cell
phone brought a new idea.  
That was a most excellent idea.
We jumped on it right away.
Everyone piled into our van,
Sue in the far back.
She pointed out that she was the smallest
so it was most convenient for her....
Thanks Sue!
For putting me in my place 
for getting into the back.


Pasquales makes the best food.
I went safe with my usual choice
of Chicken Parmesan, bread and 
a salad with the house dressing.

However, we quickly realized that our
hopes of having a serious discussion of
any kind was not happening there.
This was because of a very large table next
to us who were having a very, very good time.
Lots of wine was being consumed and at one 
point the owner came out and offered them 
straws for their bottles.  They could get it 
faster that way....he said.  
It was a festive atmosphere but not necessarily 
conducive to the conversation we were hoping to have.

I suggested we head over to Friendly's for dessert.
That suggestion was readily accepted...
So back in the van we went.
Sue, way in the back again.
It turned out to be the 
perfect choice of places.  
We asked for and received a table way in the back and got 
to laughing so loudly as we reminisced
about an event that happened to Jon 
at a wedding reception recently
 that people were turning to 
look at us.  
Now we were the loud ones.

We had a wonderful discussion and are all encouraged
with the things the Lord is doing in our congregation.
It is going to be so exciting to see where He leads 
in the future.  
That is what we depend upon...
His leading.

It is wonderful to spend an evening with people who 
know you so well and love you still.
Old friends are comfortable and fun, indeed.

Have you had an evening 
out with friends lately? 
We do this so rarely because we 
just don't think about it
and get all caught up in our daily lives.
We must do it more....
Look out friends who might be
reading this....
we'll probably be looking for an opportunity to 
spend an evening with you.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Just Chatting....

I took these photos at Longwood Gardens one year ago.

We must get back over there.....
So much beauty to enjoy, so little time!

Mikey's work and class seem to be going well.
He scared the daylights out of me by insisting on
coming back for skating, groceries and laundry 
last evening.  The roads were not good and there
was so much drifting.  I wished with all of my heart
that he would have stayed put...tucked in, snug and warm.
But, he is an adult now and all I can do is worry.
At least he let me know by way of Facebook that 
he got back safely.
It was wonderful to see him and see that he is beginning
to make the adjustment to living away.  He seems to 
be enjoying his first class and the challenges it will bring.

A little update on our Moms in Peru.
They should be back up in the Andes
Mountains.  They were to be working with 
250 children this time around.
Mom's arm was doing better before they left.
She said that the range of motion was back.
What a relief!
The three days in Lima really seemed to 
help them rest and recover.
For that, I am thankful.
She said they will be fine as long
as the bus doesn't fall off the road.
the roads are carved into the sides 
of the mountains.

Have a very wonderful day.
It is very cold, windy and snowy here
so we will bundle up as we head out to 
the first day of our last semester of 
homeschool co-op.
Hard to believe that this time has come.
Our kids are nearly grown.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Purple is Gone!

Whew!  What a big day for Chelsea.
I thought it was going to be tiring for me
too but would you believe that I had almost nothing 
to do with the painting itself? 
Just a bit here and there.

Chelsea invited her friend Emma to come and help.
Having recently gotten her driver's license Emma drove 
herself over and they laughed and had a great time
working together.

So...from purple this morning...

to brown and tan this evening.
So much better!!!

We have some touch ups to do
and a few items to buy to just
finish it up.

We want an area rug that goes with the color in
her new comforter.

The comforter was a Christmas gift from
Grandma Georgia.
A throw pillow, or two,  would
be nice too.
Oh!  And a window treatment 
is on the wish list.

This room makeover is Chelsea's graduation
present.  We have been picking up items 
for the walls and working on color ideas for 
a while now.

The metallic flowers are what we got with
a Target gift card I won from Barb
They are so much fun and I wanted Chelsea
to have them!

Michael's was a great resource for Chelsea
to find artwork that she loved. 
The floating frames were separate but we 
love how they came together so perfectly.

Another Christmas present came from 
our friends in Michigan, at Blue Barn Bulletin.
Isn't this Cappuccino picture so Chelsea?

More flowers over the bed...

The chest my brother made for Chelsea when she was just a tot.
He made it and painted it.
A very nice piece, indeed.

Cuteness for her jewelry.
She saw this some time ago and finally 
was ready to get it yesterday...
great timing as it was on clearance!

Finally for this post...
precious gifts from our friend Shelley.
She stays in Chelsea's room when she visits
and has left these adorable little critters
behind on her last couple of visits.

I think that the room is coming together very 
nicely.  It is so much fun to watch Chelsea 
at work.  She did a very nice job.

Thanks for all of your interest.
I was amazed at how much you care...
Hope you like the results.

See you later!