Sunday, February 27, 2011

Happiness is...and the Answer to the Future of Good Neighbors Candles

Linking up with Smiling Sally's Blue Monday Party.  So much fun!

 Happiness should probably not be 
quantified by what I am about to post
about.  However, there is no denying 
the happy feelings that "filled my soul"
(oooh the drama)
on Saturday as I got to refill this huge 
blue candle.

time.  So much fun challenging!!  But even as much 
fun as it was to make I had no idea if
the color or fragrance had pleased the 
customer as it had gone through my 
Amish friends who collect orders from 
their family and friends.

All sizes and shapes.  Recycled containers!

When I unloaded this box of glassware
and found it carefully wrapped and tucked
in for a refill I was so very happy.
It had just a tiny bit of wax left at the 
bottom and had burned beautifully and 
cleanly from top to bottom.

Wicking this is challenging...but better the second time around.

For my first candle of this size 
(72 ounces)
I had definitely
guessed at the wick sizes.  
Thankfully I got it right!
Experience is a good thing!!

Keeping the right lids with the right jars can be challenging...

Better yet was the phone call 
on Saturday from Rachel,
my Amish friend.
She had forgotten to tell me that the owner
of this candle wanted it to be scented just as
it had been originally. 
That was just the icing on the cake!
She said they absolutely loved this candle
and that with the three wicks it was 
like a lamp on their dining room table.
No other light was needed in the kitchen
most of the time.

Now, I have to tell you that I really have not
expected to receive any more orders from this
source.  The reason being that the last time I 
saw Rachel she told me that she was going to 
begin making candles herself.  She and a cousin
were going into business together.
I was thrilled that she was inspired to do this 
and offered any help I could give.
At the same time I was sad because I figured 
that would be the end of the orders coming
through her.  So...on Friday when the phone rang
and it was Rachel asking me to stop by and pick 
up a huge box of jars I was very pleased.

She and her cousin are still in the process of learning
how to make candles.  
I have given her some wicks 
to try....
am I crazy???
I don't care. 
I love helping others succeed.
There is room enough for both of us
in this town.  
I'll just consider myself her inspiration
and smile any time I think about it.
I am that vain.

Tomorrow I will cheerfully finish
filling this order.
Loving the fact that every jar is recycled, 
some for the fourth or fifth time.

It would be a shame to throw such a beautiful jar away....
I recognize them.
So fun!!

Anyway...I totally get that there
are way more important ways to find
At the moment though
I am going to rejoice in the fact 
that Warren and I had a very nice
chat on Saturday and he has agreed that 
it makes sense for me to make candles 
for at least another year.

Thank you, honey!!

Some changes will be made around here.
Storage and organizational things....
pricing and fundraiser percentages.
Time to catch up with inflation.
If it works, it works.
If not....
well, I'll deal with it.
I will.

I promise!


The LORD of all Creation.
He is so very, very Good!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Thank You Panera Bread....

Crumbs.  That's all there was left to photograph.
Well, it was a stroke of brilliance that only hits
once in a blue moon in my kitchen.

Chelsea gets these kind of results but
I am so rusty that it amazes me when anything turns
out as well as tonight's dinner did.

Truth be told I had hardly anything to do with its
success....but I'll take any credit given.

It began while standing at the bakery counter
trying to choose my free reward.
I finally got that silly little card 
registered so they can collect
data on my spending patterns.
(I settled on a Pecan Roll 
which I brought home to surprise my Mom)
My eyes could not tear themselves away from
those huge loaves of bread!
You know, they sit there on the shelves
looking so inviting.
So gorgeous and crusty.

I found myself blurting out that I would take
a Three Cheese Miche.
I don't even know what that is...
but it looked amazing!!!

How did I want it sliced?
Thick or thin?
Well, thin would last too long
so thick was my choice.
Eat it fresh.
That's what I was thinking.

A girl named Kristen put it in the 
handy dandy slicer and very quickly the 
bread was ready.

So, there I stood, holding my massive 
Miche in hand.
Not a clue of how we might put it to good 
use....and then...
it hit me!

There would be no better use for this bread
than to make Panini's.
Sliced accident I was now thinking.

So...this was how it came together.

For each Panini:

2 massive slices of three cheese miche.
Lightly buttered on the outside.
A slim layer of cream cheese on one slice.
Four slices of quality Turkey lunch meat.
A layer of Farmer's Cheese
Thinly sliced Red Onion
A layer of cheddar cheese
A layer of sliced b&b pickles.
Thousand Island Dressing...if you, like Warren, insist.

I would have put green or red peppers on 
them if I had had any on hand....

Cook in your Panini Maker until cheese begins
to melt nicely and the bread is lightly browned 
and crispy on the outside.

Cut in half and then....

 I challenge you to eat the whole thing.
Believe me, your mouth will be willing
but the tummy will be full.

Splitting one for each two people would 
be plenty...
especially if you enjoy a nice green salad
on the side.

As we sat down to eat Mikey showed up
for the weekend.  
He thought he needed one.
Then his friend Josh showed up for the 
He thought he could enjoy one too.

Total made = 4
Total eaten = 4

Thanks Panera!
You sure made our dinner
just right!

Can I Just Say?

I appreciate YOU!

Your willingness to take time 
from busy days to stop by my
little space here at Hospitality Lane
means so very much to me.

I love reading your responses to the 
thoughts I share each day.

This was a week of illness here at
our place.  I purposely said nothing
about it here 
because I just wanted to enjoy
and your responses to
my silly posts
or memories.  
You did not fail.
I loved reading about your
childhood memories with
"Bumps" in your neighborhoods
how much you enjoyed having teens
in your homes.....

I am feeling a lot better now.
A viral inner ear thing was 
  giving me fits!
Finally it is easing up.

Thanks for being a ray of sunshine
on this very foggy, rainy day.
These photos from last year 
are just about the opposite of what is 
going on outside today.

From my heart to yours...
You are appreciated!!
I hope you know that
your words 
make a difference!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Message Found....

I want to take these days of our lives
and preserve them somehow!
I just love the enthusiasm and energy
of having multiple teens in the house.
Add their friends 
and what do you get?

Even more fun!

That has been our pattern for 
many weekends now.
One, or more, of the boys
friends will stay all or part of the 

I love it!

for the first time since Sunday,
I opened the cereal cupboard.

This is what I found!

From one of the friends to 
our apparently 
Pop-tart Protective 

he used two stickers that 
go on the bottom of my candles 
as tape.


I love my life!!!!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

We Called Him "Bump"

As I was pondering what to write today
I was remembering winter days as a kid
when my brother and I would lace up our
ice skates and head for the swampy area
between our house and Penn's Creek.
This was an area that had just enough water 
in it to freeze over but also had weeds and 
catty-nine-tails popping up all through it.

Frequently the red head kid from the house
next door would join us in whatever mischief
or activity we would get into.

His nickname was Bump.
Given to him by his family, not ours.
Although, I am pretty sure there were times
that my Dad would have helped him to 
live up to his nickname.

I remember one of those days while we were
out skating on the swamp when I collided with
Bump.  Down we went, his skate cutting my 
face just beside my eye.  An accident, for sure, 
but it pointed out the dangers of skating under
these conditions.

I'll never forget one day that Bump 
decided to surprise my Dad.

He brought supplies to wax our car.
The wax went onto the dirty car....
Nope, he didn't wash it first.
Just smeared the wax all over the car.
Allan and I may, or may not, have helped him....
We were just innocent little kids....
We had never waxed a car before!

I remember the white wax smeared all over
the car in circular motions with dirt all 
through it.  

I also remember the roar that came from my 
Dad when he discovered this kind deed in 


Bump was in trouble.

But, you know, as upset as my Dad was
with this kid he came to understand that it
was a deed done from a desire to please.

I don't remember how the mess was remedied.
Maybe Mom does and can fill us in, but I do 
know that for years after that this was a family 
memory that caused the shaking of the head
mixed with laughter between my parents.

Bump was that kid who tried to get 
us younger kids to chew tobacco.
Made all the more interesting to him that 
we were the Preacher's kids.
If only he could get us to chew...
what a story he would have to tell.
At least that is how our parents kept us
from being interested in his nasty habits.
It worked.
I wasn't going to be his pawn
for story telling pleasure!

It was Bump's name that came up 
on our family vacations as we were
approaching a bridge or work zone
on the highway and there would be
a sign that simply said,

We kids would laugh 
hysterically that we were
running over Bump!

When Bump's family moved we never
paid attention to where they went.
He wasn't that kind of a friend....
and yet he had an impact on our
family story.
He is a fond memory from those
childhood years.
Not because he was so good.
But, because of the lessons learned
because of his actions.

Do you have a "Bump" in your
family memory vault?

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

What a Night!!!!! Long Post....

It was supposed to be pretty straightforward.
Warren, Chelsea, Mom and I were going to 
have dinner at Hoss's in Lititz across from the 
airport and then go over and pick up Georgia
when her plane arrived after two great
weeks in sunny Florida.

Sounds so very simple....

Not exactly how things played out.
You see, when I was taking Chelsea to work
in the late afternoon we had just a few extra minutes
and so stopped at one of our favorite home decor stores.
On the door was a sign stating they were looking for 
a stock person.  My mind went to Jonathan.
I know...a huge guy in home decor?
Well, maybe....

I stopped someone and asked if they would consider
a guy for that position...
was led to the manager who was enthusiastic about 
a very tall guy to help unload the truck once per week.
I was given an application for him
Which I brought home and found him agreeable
to fill out and drop off.

This means that we have added a person
to our happy little pick up Georgia party.
That is a good thing. we went.
The radio reminding us often that there was snow 
on its way.   They just kept saying that 
it was going to be at the heaviest between 
10pm and 11pm.
I figured that at any minute Georgia would
call to say that she would be staying in Baltimore.
That was not to be.

We were sitting at Hoss's eating our dinner.
My phone rang and it was Georgia.
As soon as she knew it was me she said,
"This is so terrible, this is just so terrible!"
I got very concerned and asked what 
was so terrible.
She said that they were going to send all of 
the passengers in a shuttle bus from Baltimore to Lancaster.
They were to leave about 8:00pm so we figured they
would get in around 10:00pm.
That didn't sound too bad.
We would get some shopping done.

Well, it didn't exactly turn out that way.
I think we had just left Michael's where we
had purchased some supplies for a project at church
when the phone rang.  
It was 8:30pm and the shuttle was just leaving Baltimore
in sleet.  It was going to be a slow go....
We headed to the mall.
This made two teenagers extremely happy.
We shopped until the doors were closing and we
had to leave.  Now it was just about 9:30pm
and we still had hours to kill.
We were NOT hungry so a restaurant seemed like
a bad idea...but I was thirsty and Chelsea and 
Warren were pretty sure they could entertain themselves
with Wi-Fi so the place of the Golden Arches fit
that bill.  By now it was snowing and the roads
were becoming snow covered.

So, with each other for entertainment
and a television with a terrible picture and just 
the words to read, Warren and Chelsea on their 
hand held devices, sometimes chatting with each other,
there we sat.  
Then Georgia called again.
They were stopped in York.
It was a temporary stop but things were 
not going well.  She was very frazzled.
It would be very late by the time they 
would get to Lancaster.

It was soon after this that I was visiting the ladies 
room when the cell phone rang.
Seeing that it was Warren's Aunt's phone
number I chose to answer it while still
in the stall.  I thought maybe something had happened.
It turned out to be Uncle Jim....
hmmm....this was embarrassing so I prepared 
to leave the stall.
Thus setting off the auto flusher.
More embarrassing!
In my most calm and business like voice
I asked him to hold one moment....
Well, it could have been an emergency!!
Sigh...the things I get myself into.
Turns out Georgia had called them from 
York and they were concerned
about the situation.

  We decided to go hang out at the airport.
They had told Georgia that someone would be there
and we would be able to go inside.
It is a lovely little airport and we thought at least 
there would be others in the same situation that we were...
more people to talk to.

We slipped and slid our way out to the airport where
all was dark!  It was obvious we would not be waiting
inside the building.  So we sat in the parking lot watching
the snow come down.  

Finally around 11:15pm a white van arrived.
The shuttle with very frustrated passengers.
Apparently the driver was not good in the snow.
There was nearly a takeover by one of the passengers 
who was demanding to drive.
He, of course, was not permitted to do so.
So...there was much, much frustration 
and relief
on the faces we saw.

Georgia got transferred over to our van and off we went.
It seemed to be not so bad at first.
We went straight through the city of Lancaster...
without too much trouble.
However, as we left Lancaster things got very bad
very quickly.   For one thing the windshield would not
stop freezing up.  Visibility was challenging at best.
At one point Warren jumped out at a light to snap 
the ice from his wiper blade.
It was a temporary success.

By the time we got to Willow Street we knew
we were in a very hazardous situation.
This was made even worse when we were suddenly 
driving in rushing waters.
In the dark, just outside of the little town of 
Willow Street someone had hit a fire hydrant.
It was gushing water at a tremendous rate
and causing flooding and freezing in the middle 
of the snow storm.
It was about 20 degrees out 
at this point.  
Water on the road
was a bad idea.
It was pitch black there and no one
was around.  No warning flares
or anything...just water and ice!

I called 911.
Thankfully they were aware of it and help was 
on the way...I cannot imagine the ice that 
must have built up there.

This left us with just over ten miles to go.
Ten miles of hoping we were still on the road.
Every now and then we found the middle of the 
road by the rumble strips carved into the yellow line.
Visibility was nearly non-existent.
At one place a car was simply stopped on the road
with its flashers going.
As it was near houses we passed it and kept going.
I do hope they were ok.

Finally, we made it home!
It is so good that we all live on the same 
street. By then, if that were not the case 
we would have been tempted to just stay at the first
of our houses we would have come to.
The snow totals here were much higher than anything
we had seen all evening.
It was around 12:30am by now.

What an evening!

Poor Georgia...
I kept saying, 
"I told you to stay another week!"

Well, since all ended well, 
it is very nice
to have her home. 

I hope she knows 
we are
to see her.

Memories...more memories.
Life would be so dull without 
these Moms of ours!

Monday, February 21, 2011

What is On My Mind Today, You Ask?

Oh!  You didn't ask?
Well, you are welcome to stay
and read anyway...  if you like.

See this little sweetie?

His name is Mister.
He is not necessarily as sweet as he looks
but I love him anyway.
This was the dog we fostered while his
owner found a home after leaving an 
abusive situation.

Sadly, just as she has gotten settled into
her new home and life it appears she is 
about to be diagnosed with lymphoma.
The surgeon who did the biopsy on Friday
was pretty convinced that was what he was
looking at.  We are waiting the lab results.

Warren and I stopped in and visited Mister
and his Momma the other evening.  It was 
the first time we had seen him since he stayed 
with us.  Wow!  That was fun!!
He remembered us and went crazy with kisses
and his little body wiggled all over the place.
That made us feel so good!
Especially since he has bitten so many
of his visitors.
Not hard, but he is
a very snippy little

Praying for God's best in this woman's life.
She tells us that she is at perfect peace.
A peace that just cannot be explained.


Today is Mikey's first mid-term.
We have learned that most of the others
in the Professional Gardener's Program
have already completed college.
His learning curve is steep.
Just learning the test taking skills and such 
that freshmen learn and being away from home
for the first time...all add to the challenges
he faces that the others do not.

Move in Day...He was so sick with the flu.

Mikey has been doing well but 
I know he is worried about what is to come
as the work cycle with a light class load will 
come to an end and the class cycle will start
in a little while where he will have six classes 
at one time.

Just makes a Momma's heart ache for him.
Although, you know, it is what he wanted and 
he has already worked so hard to earn this 
cherished spot in the program.
He is perfectly capable.

It was fun this weekend as we were in the kitchen.
I was cutting peppers for a veggie tray.
Suddenly he was telling me all about the process of
making hybrids.  I was quite impressed...
but then, I am the Momma. 
I've been impressed by him since he took his
first breath!


 Warren's mom, Georgia, is supposed to fly in 
from Florida this evening.
We are supposed to get a 
snow storm.
The weather man says that the heaviest
snow is to come just at the time we
would be getting her and heading home.
Bad, bad timing.

Thankfully, Warren will be able to drive us
to the airport.  We will see if her flights are on 
time and how everything goes with that.
She may end up sleeping in an airport if the 
connecting flights are canceled.
I hope not!
I did suggest that she just stay in Florida for
another week.  But, I think part of her is just 
ready to be home.
She'll regret that the moment she feels 
the cold and sees the snow!


O.k, I am done chatting away.
I could go on and on.
But, I won't.

Your feedback on Etsy and 
candle making in general is much 
appreciated.  I am leaning in a direction
that I need to discuss with Warren.
I'll get back to you on it when I know more.
I welcome all feedback!
You are the best!!!

Have a very wonderful Monday.
Hope it is filled with smiles.
They are so good for your face!

Sunday, February 20, 2011


We celebrate The Lord's Supper 
on the third Sunday of each month.

It is a special time as we remember
the price paid for our salvation.

Today's bulletin cover says:

Is not the
of thanksgiving
for which
we give thanks
a participation
 in the blood
of Christ?
And is not
the bread
that we break
a participation
in the body
 of Christ?
1 Corinthians 10:16

Pastor Mike once preached a sermon
that used a mental image that 
stuck with me.
That of hiding in Christ's robe.
The truth that in our own selves
we would never pass the judgement.
But because of Christ's death and resurrection
we can hide in Him and pass by
because, and only because of,
His spotless record.

His garment of white.

I am hiding in Him today!
Tucked securely into the folds of
His Robe.
There is no better place to be.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

To Etsy...or Not....That is One Question!

I've been playing around with the idea of
opening an Etsy store.

Those of you who have ever shopped or
sold on you have any advice?

Do you think the site can take another 
candle seller?  

Should I do candles and.....?

Are people tending to shop there more or less?

What do you look for on Etsy?

Sellers...what advice would you give
a newbie?

Just curious....

Trying to decide if I am going to continue
in the candle business... or not.

That is an even bigger question!

Lots swirling in this scary brain of mine!

I LOVE making candles.
The rest of my family doesn't love
it as much.
At the pace it is growing I have to make
some changes now...
i.e. making them elsewhere for one.

My kitchen has been outgrown.

So...I either continue to go with the
growth  and invest more time and money...
or I shut it down.


Let me hear it, please......

Friday, February 18, 2011

Another Peru Story - Pastor Alfredo

One of the most touching stories to come from
this mission trip involves Pastor Alfredo.
He is an amazing man with such a heart for God.

When he was younger he lived in a part of Peru 
that was terrorized by a group known as 
They are a Communist Group who killed
many Christians and others that they didn't like.
I have linked to Wikipedia so you can read more
about them, if you like.

Anyway, one day at the funeral of the Pastor who had
led him to the Lord,  The Shining Path came in
and killed many.  Alfredo was one of the few survivors.
He had to flee this area and make a new life in a safer region.
The Shining Path had established labor camps so 
even if they hadn't killed him they would likely 
have forced him into labor in the Coca Fields.
Fleeing was his only option.

That is how he came to live and work for God in the place
our Mission Team found him.
Pastor Alfredo felt such a tug on his heart for ministry
that he would go from village to village seeking to introduce
the people to Jesus.
At each village he would seek those who might be receptive to 
his message and take him in.
To feed and shelter him so that he could share the
Good News of the gospel.

Sometimes he would find that.
Other times he would stay just a couple of days
until his body couldn't hold out any longer without
food and he would move on.

The fruits of these labors are the village churches that 
were represented at the events of this past January.
Our moms met and shared fellowship with those
that Pastor Alfredo has led to the Lord.

Honestly, Alfredo is like a modern day Paul.
He now had a circuit of villages that he mentored
but the churches themselves are now set up with 
lay leadership 
and Pastors when possible.

Now we come to the part of the story that both breaks
your heart and make you admire him all the more.

Pastor Alfredo is married and has a son.
His wife holds a job to support them because
Alfredo does not get paid to do the work that he does.
This has left their son alone to his own devices too much.
He has fallen in with the wrong people and is 
in need of shepherding himself.

The seemingly happy events which I have shown
...where there was much singing and dancing....
were also a time of saying goodbye.

You see, Pastor Alfredo and his wife know
that their son's spiritual training is their responsibility.
They have made a decision to move to a place
where Pastor Alfredo will have just one church.
He will be there full time for his teen son.
A very good thing, indeed.
He has been gone for much of his son's 
young years.

However, this is a heart wrenching thing.
The hearts of the people are broken that their 
dear Pastor...the one who introduced them 
to Jesus and has mentored them along the way...
is leaving the area.

They sang a song to him.
Can you just see the pain in their faces???

This was one reason for the dancing and praise.
Pastor Alfredo was determined to leave on a 
cheerful note.  Oh, how he loves these people.

But his heart must have been breaking too.
The Shepherd leaving his sheep.
Thankfully they are in the hands of an
even more capable Shepherd.
All will be well.

Please be praying for this dear 
family as they begin anew in a 
new home and church.
That God would honor their sacrifice
and restore their son to 
right relationships and most of all
a relationship with Himself.

This is the truck that the Mission Team rode in.  They were piled in front and back.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

My Savior My God

This is one of the songs our Choirs will be performing
for the Spring Concert. 


The combined choirs will sing this one....
2nd/3rd, 4 - 6th, Junior and Senior High.

I cannot wait to hear all of them together.

My friend Tamara works with 
2nd/3rd graders and 
I teach the other two choirs.  
I am looking forward to this!

Just about one month away!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Hope You Didn't Get Whiplash....

But I just had to change things up 
around here....
The weather is so wonderful that 
I had to brighten up this space too!

Update - Family Integrated Church

In June 2008 I wrote THIS POST
about what our Family Integrated 
Church looked like.

Yesterday I went back and read that post
again.  It fascinated me to read it knowing 
that when I wrote it
we were just learning about and beginning to 
experience this intentional style of worship.

Now, as I write, so much has changed.
For one thing I am no longer defensive
of our choices.
I am humbly grateful for what God has done. 
I would erase every bit of defensiveness from 
that post were I to write it again.

At that point we were a congregation of about
twenty-five people with a few young children,
Several teens and no babies.

We are now seeing an attendance of 50 to 
60 nearly every week.  We have many children
and young people.  
It has been a nice paced growth allowing
us to get to know each family as they 
have joined us.

What has not changed is anything of what I wrote
about how we worship.
We still do all of our Sunday School and Worship
together as families.  It is not uncommon to hear a 
little voice pipe up in answer to a question from 
Pastor Mike.  Children also occasionally
pray out loud during our corporate prayer time.
I actually got in trouble with one little boy
for praying for "his" prayer request.
He wanted to pray for it himself!
So cute!
And I thought I was doing a good

When volunteers are asked for to read during the 
Sunday School time it is often a young person
who raises their hand....their input is welcome too.
Anthony(15) gave a report not too long ago that related
to our topic at that time.  He put a lot of time and study
into this.  Currently, Pastor Mike is seeking
volunteers to make videos of the stories of 
Paul's Missionary Journey.  
These will then be shown as we get to those
points in his journey.  
Interaction and involvement of those
of all ages. 

This is the goal.  
This is our reality.

A recent development has all of us excited.
The men had just started meeting after our 
Fellowship Meals to share and pray together.
As heads of households they have concerns and 
burdens that only they can relate to.
They understand each other and are lifting each 
other up in encouragement, advice and prayer.

Some of the women felt that this might be a great
thing to do as well.  So...we had our first meeting
two weeks ago.  It was so wonderful.  
Sharing from
the heart about our joys and concerns.  
Then a wonderful time of prayer. 
I just know that this
will bring us closer together 
and help us to understand
where each of us is coming from.  
We have a better
idea of how to pray for those we worship with.
I am looking forward to our next time together
on Sunday afternoon.

As you know Missions 
are very important to us
 as a church.
We continue to prayerfully support those
from the congregation who have 
opportunities to go to the mission field
as well as involve the children in projects
relating to our Compassion Child from Indonesia.
Recently they colored pictures to send to 
young Herman.
Families take turns
writing and sending photos
to him.

We continue to work together
to teach music to interested
young ones.  
Piano lessons, Voice lessons
and working together with instruments.
Most of this 
happens during the afternoon 
after Fellowship Meals.

I am excited about the opportunities for 
Dads with talents in various areas to 
share during this time with the boys and teen guys.
Maybe some time to learn the basics of 
automotive maintenance or other such 
practical things.
 Moms have talents
to share, as well.
Sewing?  Knitting?
Sharing skills with each other.
A very good thing.
I often observe Kelly and Lindsay
sharing with each other as it relates 
to photography.
I think they are so good for each other!
Conversations on gardening are common.
One family set another up with 
chickens this past Fall to see
if they enjoyed it.
They did.

Many of our families drive more than a 
half an hour to get to church so we make
the most of the times we are together.
Sundays tend to be that time...
all day.

I could go on and on about all that 
God is doing in our tiny fellowship.
Suffice it to say that
we are not disappointed with the
path we chose.
God has blessed us greatly
with a closeness of fellowship
that we desired.

Pastor Mike is preaching from 
2 Corinthians.
His sermon on Sunday dealt with
being "Bound Together"
in the good and the bad of life.
Paul set the example 
in his love and care for 
those he ministered to.

Praise be to the 
God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, 
the Father of compassion 
and the God of all comfort,  
who comforts us in all our troubles, 
so that we can comfort those 
in any trouble with the comfort 
we ourselves receive from God.  
For just as we share abundantly 
in the sufferings of Christ, 
so also our comfort abounds through Christ.  
If we are distressed, 
it is for your comfort and salvation;
if we are comforted,
it is for your comfort, 
which produces in you 
patient endurance of the 
same sufferings we suffer. 
And our hope for you is firm, 
because we know that just as 
you share in our sufferings, 
so also you share in our comfort.

Praying that we can follow Paul's
example and really 
live this out.

It is not always easy.
People are not perfect.
I am definitely not perfect!
But, with God,
it is definitely possible!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

So Pretty!

I might have to plant some of these....
but first I have to find out if they grow
in Pennsylvania.

Wonder which of my kids 
I could ask for that 
little bit of knowledge?
We didn't see Mikey while we were
at Longwood Gardens yesterday
as it was during his work 
hours and I didn't want to 
distract him.
Of course there was that 
little problem of my phone
not having service....
so I might have tried to call him.
On another note...
There is a new blogger that ya'll just 
have to meet.
Her name is Amelia and she is the
daughter of Diane, whom I have come to adore.
Hope you'll pop over to 
Amelia's Stedfast and Whimsy Blog.

And on yet another note...
One just has to love that my husband
knows me well enough after nearly 22
years to get me Peanut M&M's for
Valentine's Day.
Funny he never gets that wrong!
I love that man!!

See you later!
Have a wonderful day!