Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Another Excellent Mom and Becky Adventure

And it happened right at home too!

I was making some "fabulous" bowl 
candles yesterday....
when out of the blue my Mom and her
dog, Bear, showed up at my door.

Not unheard of but I knew that she had
completed her morning walk and was headed front window and Bear's love of 
barking as he walks had let me know that.
So, to have her turn around and come over 
caught me by surprise.

Turns out the handle on her storm door had
broken and she was completely locked out of 
her house.  I felt the adrenaline kick in as we joked 
about breaking and entering.
I gathered up some tools, including a metal nail 
file that I had noticed out of place the day before
but had not put away.  
It seemed nearly as good as a credit card. lol

Well, it turns out that unless we were willing
to do major damage to a window Mom's house is
pretty much like Fort Knox.  That is good to know.
However, when you are trying to get in one hopes 
for a chink in the armor.
We had to get that door open somehow!

We removed screws.
That didn't do it.
We took the pins out of the door hinges.
Nope, we couldn't budge it.

We laughed....a LOT.

Mom's new neighbor is a police
officer....just as the last one was.
  I could just imagine what he 
would think if he happened to come out
and see us with hammer, long screwdriver and 
other implements of breaking into a home.
Thankfully she introduced herself to him last
week so he probably wouldn't have thought 
too much about it.

Finally, I took that metal nail file and pried
one more time at 
the completely stuck handle.
It was a no holds barred last 
move of desperation.
Thankfully, it opened.
Of course we weren't exactly home free
because it was broken and once closed 
would be locked once more.
Ask me how I know this...
or on second thought, please don't.
So....we set into removing the handle completely,
restoring the pins to the hinges and putting the 
screws back in that we had taken out.

What a mess we were.
But it was kind of fun.

Mom and I....we specialize in getting
into crazy unexpected situations.
All completely unintentional I assure you!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Scavenger Hunt For Food and A Game of Dirty Marbles

 By Sunday Evening the weather
in Lancaster County was stunning.
Hurricane Irene had moved on up the coast
and all that was left were downed trees,
flooding and power outages.

We had lost power a couple of times 
but other than some inconveniences we were
fine.  I pretty much stayed up all night Saturday
night....but then I stay up anytime there is a huge
news story....just so happened we,
along with the entire East Coast,
were a part 
of this news story. 
The storm raged outside and it was scary 
and fascinating all at the same time.

By Sunday evening I was interested in going
out to see what it looked like in other neighborhoods.

So...I suggested we do a Coupon Book Scavenger
hunt for food.  After all, the one from last year will 
expire in October and there were still many good coupons
remaining and we got the new one with many more 
fun buy one, get one free offers.

Only Chelsea and Warren were agreeable to 
go along....although the boys were willing to help
us eat anything we brought back.

Off we went.

We were impressed by how tame things
appeared as we drove north. 
It seemed that while there was a tree
down here or there and some roads were closed
near waterways the damage seemed pretty 
minimal the further north we went.
But there were a couple of corn fields laid
completely flat.  That was so hard to see.
We are praying that the corn can still be salvaged 
for feed.  Our neighbors depend on the profits
from the crops to live.

Finally we arrived at the first stop on our 
scavenger hunt....
We had NO coupon
but it seemed so necessary to 
our Chelsea.... we could have fun.
So, across the street we went,
coupon in hand for buy one, get one free
foot long chili dogs at Sonic.
Into the back seat they went 
the first in the loot to head home.
Also...Warren felt the need for a slush.

Not too far away we got to use another 
coupon to score two giant roast beef sandwiches
for the price of one.

Then it was two Frosty's for the price of one.
I promptly ate one of those.
The other was pretty melted by the time
we got home....
but Mikey enjoyed it anyway.

Over to Willow Street to the McDonalds
where we picked up a couple of 
Quarter Pounders with Cheese.

The view from the drive through...
Willow Valley Grace Brethren Church.
I love the steeple!

Our final stop was for a pizza that had
been called in at half price.
I didn't add up everything we spent and
I am sure that with gas prices it wasn't the
most economical way to feed a family...
but it was fun!!
And it did provide for variety,
which we all know is the spice of life.

We came home to a fun game of Dirty Marbles
with Mom, Georgia and a neighbor couple.
This game is like a cross between Sorry and
Chinese Checkers. It lives up to its name....
such dirty marbles, always sending someone
back home or changing places with them at the
most inconvenient of times.

We decided that we will have to do game nights
more often. It is fun to get together with neighbors
and laugh. A wonderful stress reliever after a
nervewracking weekend, that is for sure.

We still have a pole down on our road.
The wires are hanging down.
No one can drive through....
those effected have to take a detour 
every time.
In the grand scheme of things,
it is a minor inconvenience.
I have no idea when they will get here to
fix it but so far our power is back on and
there are blockades to protect drivers on
this road. I just pray the neighbor children
don't get curious and get hurt.

I'm interested to read your storm stories
and hear from friends up North
to know that you are ok.


Sunday, August 28, 2011

2:41 AM Sunday Morning

This is what I know about Irene.
She is nasty.
She is loud.
She is causing our first responders to 
be out and in danger.

The wind and rain has woken me
several times....
I've taken up residence on the couch
because it is not directly under any trees.
Warren is the smart one.
He is getting a good night's sleep in our 
comfy bed.

I just filled the tub with water
as I watch more and more calls for 
wires down.
We have a generator but it would 
take a bit to get it connected to the well pump
and get the water going.

My front window should be very clean
when Irene has finished with it.
As long as it remains intact.
The rain is scouring it ...
I'm thinking that spider who lived
up in the corner where I couldn't reach 
it probably didn't stand a chance.

We won't have church as usual.
That has been decided.
We may get together as a neighborhood
to sing, pray and share.
We'll see about that.
It has been discussed.

I'm tired.
This makes me glad we aren't any closer
to the eye of this storm.
We are close enough!

Good Night, Irene.

Saturday, August 27, 2011


She is heading our way.
They are forecasting six to seven inches of rain
for our area.
We have tall trees.
High winds scare me just a bit.
Even in thunderstorms we usually 
lose several large branches.

So, tonight and tomorrow we will
hang on...

Not sure about church tomorrow
but we will progress as if it is on.
This means music practice
and we will make the bulletin.

If this were a blizzard I would 
be a bit more sure of what we should
do....but that is just because we are
in the Northeast and we are more
used to blizzards than hurricanes.

The list of things to do from my last post
has been reduced significantly.
I am so happy my friend, Melissa, 
is safely settled in her new home.
She had helped so many people over the 
years that we were all happy to give back
a bit.  Her move went very smoothly.

The new freezer is in.
Warren had it all set up and filled by the
time I got back from 
Melissa's on Thursday evening.
That was so nice!

We had the first fundraiser kick-off of the 
season last evening.
It was great to see old friends and meet 
new ones.  I think it is going to be a 
great year. 
This morning I opened my email to a 
request for a new fundraiser.
I am going to be wonderfully busy!

I love to be busy.
I admit it!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

How Does This Happen?

Things have gone from very quiet and slow
to crazy busy in just a matter of a week.
Must be the time of the year?

All I know is 
that today and tomorrow will 
find me doing many different things.

Mailing orders.
Making hot chocolate candles...
and more
Helping a friend move.
Kicking off a large fund raiser.
Prepping for Sunday.
Accepting delivery on a new freezer.
Moving contents from old freezer to new freezer.
Listing new items at Etsy shop.
Work with college student on a class project.
Addressing post cards to attendees of a recent 
Ladies Night event.
Making appointments for Chelsea.
Preparing for mini vacation.
Getting Foster Dog to Vet.
Getting plane ticket for this dog.
Taking this dog to the airport.

Just a few things to handle over the next few days
to a week.  I am very, very excited about the 
new freezer!  Ours is very likely on its 
last legs, as it is ancient....and we have it 
so full that it is working hard.
Warren has done all kinds of calculations and 
it is very interesting to see how much electric
we will save even on this larger freezer.
And...The electric company will pay us 
to take the old one away.
O.K. then!
They are welcome to it.

All of this to say
please forgive me if I 
continue to be a bit
scarce here and at your blogs
until the weekend or even
early next week.
I do not take your visits for granted
and LOVE hearing from you.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Things I do For You.....

I am NOT a model....
don't want to be a model.....
Should never even try to be a model!

I happened to mention on my Facebook page
last evening that I got my hair cut.
This unleashed a flurry of comments by friends
who insisted on seeing it.

I dug out some fresh camera batteries,
the old ones had died as we initially tried to take
photos last good light....
I took it as a sign.
Probably should stick with that.

But because I have posted less than
flattering photos of friends and family here
I'll play fair and show you the cute hair
along with the decidedly non photogenic face 
it sits atop.

I think that was an earthquake!!!!!

Deer in the headlights?

Chelsea said to add a cheesy grin....then she sighed..."not that cheesy!"

Maybe I could do better in the living room?  Nope!

A little bit to the side?  Nope!

Sneak up from below....definitely not!!
Sadly, I can't take my own picture.
Chelsea has mastered the process and the 
poses......but I am not she.

You now have an idea of the haircut
my friend Jenny gave me.

That, and the highlights.

She says it is a Princess Diana cut.
I believe her...
because I want to!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011



 It sits in my Etsy shop all alone and 
with only three views.

So, I thought I would bring it here and let you
see its cuteness.

After all, even a tiny little Amazing Grace
candle deserves some love.


Monday, August 22, 2011

Jonathan and Chelsea Paint

to celebrate Sally's homecoming from her 
very long journey of illness in the hospital and
rehab.  What mercy God has shown in 
allowing her body to heal.
There is continued need for prayer as 
Sally gets her strength back.

We were in the craft store when my friend, Shelley, visited
and I saw canvases on sale. Chelsea and I had been talking
about letting the teenagers do some art for an area in the 
kitchen at church so I got the canvases and acrylics to 
see what they came up with.

On Saturday, Chelsea and Jonathan spent a 
couple of hours together out on the deck 
painting away.  

They would occasionally run into the house for 
this brush or something or other but they 
were very industrious.

I'm thinking that if they each do one more
in similar themes we'll be onto something.
They just need to tie the trees and the 
fruit together in some way so that we
can hang a series of four canvasses on the wall 
over the desserts.....
Perhaps a fruity dessert?

How about a man picking fruit 
from the trees.....
then the pear and finally 
a fruity dessert?

Or maybe we scrap the trees 
entirely (not literally, just with this project in mind)
and do a series of 
still life fruit in the style of 
the pear?

What would you suggest?

This is the beauty of art....
one step at a time.

Makes me happy that the siblings are
enjoying the process so much!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Traveling Candle Meets Unfortunate End

I received word that this candle....
which had made multiple trips to be refilled
and sent back and forth between friends has
met its end.  Sadly it was a cleaning accident.
I don't believe any humans were harmed.

There will be another traveling candle.
Word has come from one of the participants.

I look forward to seeing the next one.
In the meantime.....
it is a sad moment indeed for one jar
that brought so many smiles.
Another one just now to my 
silly face.
Perhaps I should get a life....
or get to life.
There is laundry waiting.
Have an awesome day!!!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Prayer and a Flower Arrangement

Last evening was so special.
We had a nice group come out to pray for 
some needs which I have already told you about.

The very urgent need for prayer on Susanna
and Katerina's behalf.
And the health of a precious man in our church.

It was a very real blessing to all who participated.

Before the prayer time we had dinner with Pastor 
Mike and a few others.
I had hoped to have time to make a flower arrangement
for the table
from the waning Summer flowers and during one
of the afternoon dog outings I saw my chance.
I can't decide if this looks modern or old fashioned.
The shape says modern 
but the sweet faded pink of the hydrangea says me anyway.

I had added black-eyed susan to the mix
but they were a distraction from the 
sweet pinks and purples.

I thank those of you who have joined in prayer
Their names are a link to another blog post,
if you care to read more.

Have a wonderful day!
You'll want to check out my candle
blog later today for info on a give away of 
four juice glass candles in apple cinnamon fragrance.
I'll put that up as soon as the hosting site 
posts the details.......

Monday, August 15, 2011

Brandywine River Museum

Tucked onto the bank of the leisurely
Brandywine River is a gem of an art museum.
The Brandywine River Museum features the
works and collections of the Wyeth family.

Andrew Wyeth,(July 12, 1917 – January 16, 2009),
was a local artist from the
Chadd's Ford area.
He painted what he knew...
.the things around him.
It is likely because of his popularity
that this museum exists in this
location today.

As we approached the museum
the enormity of the building
struck us.
It is a beautiful brick structure with all windows
closed tightly with gorgeous wooden shutters.
Inside you discover three floors of galleries.
They are spaciously laid out and the
environment is one of
quiet respect and appreciation.

Unfortunately for this post
there was a no photography
rule in the galleries.
I would have wanted to show you
some very interesting pieces.
Well, I thought they were
interesting. As is the case with art,
it is subjective.
What I loved may have caused you
to shake your head.

Andrew Wyeth was introduced
to the world of art by his very talented
father, N.C. Wyeth.
I was not familiar with his work
until seeing it here.
 N.C. was an illustrator.
This museum holds his original paintings
of illustrations for the book,
Treasure Island, which was published in the
early 1900's.
He also did many other
illustrations and magazine covers.
Seeing the original works was interesting
in part because of the immense
size of them.
It was hard to get an idea
of scale in the galleries, the
rooms are so big,
but these paintings were huge.
They were framed in a
rough pine frame to protect
them in shipping and then sent to the publishers.
In a world of computers and scanners
this would be considered primitive
today but has a certain charm about it,
don't you think?

Andrew had a son named Jamie,
born in 1946,
who also enjoys the gift
 of putting paint to canvas.
He is not really a "people person" though, 
by his own admission. 
He loves farm animals, though.
Pigs are particularly of interest to him.
On one occasion he was painting a huge pig
when he stepped away for a moment.
Upon his return his paint tubes were quite missing.
He figures there were 22 or so...of quite 
toxic paint.  Later the farmer wondered about 
colorful excrement from the pig...but Jamie never 
said a word.  He was just happy, beyond words 
that the pig lived since the paints were so deadly.

Now, not to shock the Wyeth Folks I must 
admit that Warren and I found one particular gallery
to be the most fascinating.
It was the still life gallery....
It is hard to describe what captured our attention here
but various artists shared their gifts of
illusion painting.
One in particular took our breath away and 
sadly I cannot remember the artist's name at the moment.
It was a painting that looked exactly like a photo
taped to a paper.
You would never have guessed that it was an 
oil painting....I've never seen oil used in such a fine
and detailed way.  We stood and stared at this 
piece for the longest time.

Finally after exhausting our visual senses we headed out of doors
to the path which ran along the river.
It was a humid day....ripe for a downpour
but the walk was nice in any case.

The stonework fascinated me...

Pieces of brick poking through.....

Paying homage to Jamie Wyeth's love of the pig.
Somebody has to love them, right?

When I was a girl I would visit my best friend's farmette.
They had pigs.  My favorite time to visit was just after the 
birth of piglets.  They were such friendly and fun critters 
to visit.  So I can almost understand the attraction for this artist.


Warren and I found this museum fascinating for different reasons.
He enjoyed checking out the strategically placed sprinkler system, 
designed to preserve the art if it should go off.

I greatly enjoyed the art.

I think in time I can win him over to the wonder of art.
However, if not, I think he will indulge me a few more
times if I want to wander a gallery here or there.

I highly recommend this museum if you are in 
the Brandywine Valley.
It is relatively inexpensive at $10 per person.
Given that you'll likely spend a couple of hours here
it is a great value.

Thanks for visiting today.
I am going to get back to real life now and begin a deep 
cleaning of my kitchen and dining room.

Reviewing the memories of beautiful 
and fascinating art
in my head as I work.