Monday, December 31, 2007

The Counter....and "Howdy!"

OK, so here is the deal.

I put a counter on my blog because I thought that it would be neat to see how many wonderful people might be reading my scary thoughts.

Either there are a few of you who stop in a lot...
or...there are lots of you who have absolutely nothing to say. (Ha!)

If you are comfortable leaving a comment,
I would love to hear from you!

Just say "Howdy!" You don't have to write a book or say lots of nice things
...this is your chance
right here, right now...

I'm saying, "Howdy!" to you...

My very first meme...

I have been carded...
that sounds rude.

Miss Paula asked me to play along on this really fun game...
ahhh that sounds better!

Being carded means I will come up with two wish lists-one that is materialistic and one that is spiritual. Here are the rules:
1. Each player starts with 5 gifts that they would want for the New Year.
2. People who are “CARDED” need to write their own Blog about their 5 things & post these rules.
3. At the end of your Blog, you need to choose 5 people to get “CARDED” and list their names.
4. Don’t forget to leave them a COMMENT telling them they’re “CARDED”, and to read your Blog.

Materialistic Wish List:

1. The first thing that came to mind is a new bathroom! I am so ready to say "goodbye" to the powder blue floor, tub and tiles! Then that faux marble countertop needs to go too!

2. A new kitchen floor would be nice..although this one hides a lot!

3. Comfy but pretty furniture in our Living Room.

4. A Sun room.

5. Hmmm....that's all I got! It's all about our home, isn't it?

Spiritual List:

1. More times with the Lord like He gave me yesterday.

2. The wisdom to deal with my teenagers.

3. A better understanding of His Word.

4. The ability to serve more and with joy.

5. A desire to retreat into HIS Word.

Here is who I am carding:

No one...I'm breaking this rule. I am a rebel!
If you would like to share...I'd love to read it so please consider yourself carded and let me know that you did it!

Sunday, December 30, 2007

A Verse of Praise

I praise You, Lord
in everything...
I seek Your Word
for peace it brings.

It is You, Lord
that I adore...
for without You
I want no more.

You wake me gently
in the morning...
and bring me to
a place of yearning.

A yearning to know
Your precious plan...
What the future holds
Can I understand?

It does not matter
if I know...
What matters most
is that I go...

On missions of mercy
or to the next room...
to teach my children
about reliance on You.

Experience is life's
greatest teacher...
Life with You
could not be sweeter.

You never left me
not even once...
though things were hard
and hurt a bunch!

It was in these times
that I felt Your Peace
as You held me...
Oh, you carried me...

Through hurts that only
You could change to
calm and comfort...
and Joy in You.

Each step I take
is known by You...
Thank You, Lord
I love You too!!!


Your daughter,

Saturday, December 29, 2007


Penn State vs. Texas A&M...


Patriots vs. Giants

Both at 8pm

Both hard played and close games!

We have them on split screens and can you believe I cannot keep my eyes open???

A quick trip here to the computer to finish up the bulletins and other details for church tomorrow...

Next decision...more football or sleep?


God's Love for Us

Sometimes having teenagers is a great reminder of how much God must love us. This is what came to me after waking Mikey and taking him to work this morning:
No worries, it is not profound!

Teenagers can be obstinate...I can be obstinate.

Teenagers want the earth to revolve around them...I want it to revolve around me.

Teenagers don't have the experience to make the "best" choices...
I don't have God's perspective so don't always make the "best" choice.

Teenagers are grumpy at parents who get them up in the morning, even when it is in their best interest so they can be at work on time...I can get grumpy when God gives me a wake up call and it changes my plans.

Teenagers are struggling to step out of the safe cocoon that has held them for many years...I am longing for the feeling of that safe cocoon.

Teenagers want to know if they are going to get a ride home from work today....I want to know if God is going to carry me through this "job" of raising teenagers.

And yet...I love these sometimes grumpy, unappreciative, eat you out of house and home young people so much that it hurts. My children are the dearest thing in the world to me. I would give my life for them. I would kiss away every boo-boo. I would fight to keep them pure and out of as many negative consequences as I possibly can...oh that I could keep them from all! But, I can't. I am trusting God to work in them for that and doing the best I know to do.

God loves me so much that He did give up His own life for me. He has given me all of the information I need to make right decisions and choices to avoid negative consequences in his Holy Word...but sometimes I am strong willed and do it my way.
I suffer the consequences.
God loves me so much...
it hurts Him too.

I am His child.

Friday, December 28, 2007

This 'n That

Hey Ya'll...
I'm going to be very busy later today...that sounds funny because it is about 1:15 am and it seems like I should be saying tomorrow...but tomorrow is already here. Oh boy! I guess I am tired. All of this rambling.
Anyhoo...since I am out of here early in the morning to get another 50 pounds of soy wax I'll miss my usual blog time so thought I'd just post some pictures now...for fun.
Hope you enjoy them:

When we were going through our two years of trials,(illness, loss of parents, etc), my neighbor brought this to me. It has given me so many giggles. If you are having a rough day I dedicate this to you...

It hangs on a small wall in my Dining Room next to my china cupboard. Such small things that can brighten a day!

One of today's candle projects was to make these cranberry spice punch cups. I just decided to play with setting them around the gold ornaments for fun. It really was much cuter in person. is fun!

A playful Chloe...What would I do without this silly dog to make me smile on a hard day?

Hope you are having a good day and that 2007 is wrapping up nicely for you.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

An Interesting Experience

I have an acquaintance named Jenny. Jenny is Chinese and has lived in the States for many years but has not taken the time to learn the English language very well. When I met Jenny for the first time she attended our church and was the manager of the local Chinese Restaurant. Her daughter was living in China with Jenny's parents and things were very different. Then, a few months later Jen-Ye came to live with her mother and Jenny began going to a Chinese church so that Jen-Ye would not lose her Chinese heritage.

Several months ago we ran into Jenny at a local restaurant. She introduced me to her parents who are now living with her, as well. They are lovely people but they cannot speak English and I felt their discomfort as they attempted to communicate through Jenny as she is not fluent in our language, either.

In November we learned that Jenny's father and mother, Mr. and Mrs. Chen, had been involved in an automobile accident. Can you imagine not being able to speak the language and being in an accident. The police attempting to question you and you wanting so desperately to explain...

Well, not long after this there was a summons to court. Jenny and her parents were terrified. Why were they being called to court? Did they do something wrong? We attempted to reassure them that they would be fine but without reading the documents we were unclear as to the purpose of the court date. I felt so badly for them as the court appearance was scheduled for the day after Christmas. What a shadow that must have cast on their celebrations.

Jenny requested that our Pastor show up to be with them in court on that day and that he would bring other "English" friends to support her father. I was glad to be able to go along but was apprehensive because I didn't know what to expect either.

Pastor Mike and I got there and could see into the courtroom from an outside window. There sat Mr. Chen, his Granddaughter and an interpreter. Jenny had not yet arrived. We wondered if the case had been moved up and we were missing it or what the story was. As we were debating what to do another young man showed up looking nervous. He asked us where the witnesses were supposed to go. It turns out he was a witness to the accident involving the Chens.

A very concerned Jenny hurried into the District Justice office. She was assured that her father's case had not yet started and the Police Officer involved in the case took us out into the hallway and explained what was happening. It turns out that the girl in the other car was fighting the charges pressed against her and Mr. Chen was simply there to tell the court that she had attempted to pass him unsafely on the right. The other witness had been driving past and seen the accident and he was simply to share his knowledge of the experience. I was so thankful that this officer let Jenny know and she was SOOOO relieved. My heart aches for the torment that she and her parents were in up until this time. It is so sad that they did not understand this before then.

When we were allowed into the courtroom this was all explained to Mr. Chen through, Sandy, his Chinese interpreter. He was also asked by the Police officer to remove his hat in the courtroom. I don't know why I found this just struck me that somewhere there are still rules of conduct and they apply to everyone. I was pleased that the police officer cared enough to let Mr. Chen know that before he appeared before the Judge.

After testimony by all involved, including the swearing in of the interpreter, the case was very short...maybe 20 minutes. The Judge found the other driver was guilty of the charges she had received. He declared it over.

Poor Mr. Chen was still trying to show diagrams to explain his side of the story and wanted to make sure that everyone understood exactly what happened. It was so wonderful to see the look of absolute relief when he broke into a huge smile and took a deep breath as he realized it was over and he was not in trouble.

I do not know how we will help this family improve their English skills but I am hoping for the opportunity to see that they get some help in this regard. They were so frightened..and this so needlessly.

I am thankful for Pastor Mike's attempts to help Jenny improve her language skills...maybe this will, in turn, help her parents. These are practical things that we can do to minister to those around us.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Chloe's Christmas Dress...

Chelsea put this on Chloe for a very few minutes on Christmas Eve. The poor dog did not find it amusing. She is awfully cute, though, and often does wear a sweater to go outside in the winter...I cannot believe that we have come to this!
Dressing our dog!!!!

The Joy of Giving!

Our Mikey discovered the joy of giving this Christmas. Having a job for the first time he had his own money to spend...and he did! He was so excited to see everyone open what he had gotten them. It blessed this mama's heart.

Chelsea had spent time making a special gift for Grandma Georgia. It was a wooden recipe box that Chelsea painted and labled "Grandma's Recipes". She loved watching Grandma Georgia open it.

Grandma Ruth spent hours and hours making blankets for Jonathan and Chelsea. Jonathan is nearly 6'5 and finding blankets long enough and warm enough is quite the challenge. I asked Mom if she thought she would want to make him one and boy did she rise to the challenge.The joy on the kids' faces and the happiness on Mom's face was great!

Here, a silly Jonathan models three of his gifts all at once. The leather hat, a warm and very goofy hat that he wanted and Grandma Ruth got, and the wolf t-shirt from Grandma Georgia.

We found that leather hat for Jonathan while in Delaware after the Wynonna Concert so we were relieved when it fit him and he loved it. We wouldn't really have wanted to make a return on that.

A funny gift...Grandma Ruth had found this for Mikey last year after Christmas. Mikey eats a lot of hot dogs and this just was too cute to pass up.

It says "You are what you eat" and has the very loooong bobble head man passing a hot dog to the bobble head "weiner dog".

For our bowling friends who read this blog, Chelsea got her bowling ball and a matching bag. I nearly choked when she opened the bag first. I then scurried to dig out the box with the ball so she could open it.
I am so relieved that she loves the color. She has been pointing out different balls to me and none of them were exactly like this. But, how could we go wrong with purple and blue sparkly?

The highlight of the gift exchange
this year
truly was
watching the giver enjoy
the recipient's enjoyment.

We enjoyed our time with the family and had a very tasty and filling dinner with family and friends that were on their own yesterday. It was very nice. I hope you enjoyed your Christmas with humor, memories and love.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Santa Wears Camo?

Warren and Mikey made a household chore into some serious fun! I had no idea until last night when I was getting ready to get caroling pics off the camera.(Caroling Pictures are at Homeschooling at Hospitality Lane.) I am not sure exactly what was going on but I know that Mikey is on his Grandma Georgia's roof checking something about the cover on her chimney. That is a "pillow belly" that he is wearing.

He is all excited about wearing the Santa Hat to work today.

Be sure to click on the pictures to see them larger. It is worth it!

Isn't this kid a hoot?!?
I do love him!

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Out Celebrating the Birth of a King!

The music is entirely Christmas Carols this morning....I am so excited!
We will be back later to share a quick lunch with friends and then join in the blessing of caroling to folks in three retirement communities.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Chelsea's 2007 Tree


Until last year I would never let the children have anything to do with setting up the Christmas Tree. It was all mine...a couple of years I gave them their own tree tucked away in the Family Room. I am ashamed of this. It demonstrated my need for complete control and took pleasure for Christmas away from the kids.

Last year we were going through so much with Warren's dad's illness that I let Chelsea decorate the tree. She was so pleased to do that to serve us and to be creative. She did a great job.

This year I encouraged her to do the whole thing. It is fake so she was able to build it and then decorate it entirely herself. I am tempted to change things...add a ribbon topper... and hide light cords... but you know what...I am leaving it alone. It is great. My Chelsea did it her way and this is great practice for when she has a home of her own to care for and decorate. I know that, Lord willing, there will be many years ahead when I will be decorating my own tree, alone, and wishing that my little girl was here to enjoy it with me. Then she will be off with her own family, putting into practice the things she is learning now.

Hope you are all ready to be able to settle in with family and friends and truly celebrate the birth of our Saviour.

Becky K.

Friday, December 21, 2007


Why must people be so rude?

There we were to watch the Christmas Story. It was beautiful and engaging. There were flying angels, camels, donkeys, sheep and more (note,out of that list only the angels were flying). Mary and Joseph were in the manger stall with their infant King. The Innkeeper and his wife were honoring the newborn King, the shepherds were receiving great news from Angels flying overhead...

The lady in front of us was chatting away on a....

I wanted to yell and scream at her that she was being RUDE!!!

I didn't! So, here I am on my own, personal space...yelling and screaming.

What is up with people in America! Don't they care anymore about social graces and obvious...obvious courtesy?????????

This woman was on the phone for almost all of the second half. She was talking in at least her normal voice if not louder to be heard over the show. Every time there was opportunity to clap I made sure I clapped LOUDLY and as near her head as I dared.


Other than that and a few other irritations...this woman and her group talking down the isles to each other, children and adults noisily opening their snacks and acting as if it were a baseball game instead of a reverent Christmas Play...guess we got the wrong seats....

This was the first time in our more than 17 year association with this theatre that this has ever happened!!!!! It was no fault of the theatre. People are just getting more and more rude! Remember, we see every show at least once in a show run so I wouldn't want anyone not to come based on this rant.

The show remains wonderful and I was still brought to tears. The miracle of this birth in the appointed time and place, the recognition of the people when they saw the child of Who He was. The knowledge of what this Baby would go through and His purpose for coming. It is just all so moving.

Then there were the lighter moments. Toward the end of the show when the Kings come from afar they bring in camels. Now, two of the camels were perfectly behaved. The third, on the side stage nearest us had an attitude. Warren has seen these camels get pretty nasty sometimes...this one is young and is in training. He...or she...gave its handler quite a workout. It refused to bow in reverence. Instead it pranced to the music. If I hadn't been so concerned for the handler it would have been funny. Ok, so it was still funny...a prancing camel who was supposed to be still and worshipping.

Sometimes I feel more like prancing than worshipping* too. Hmmm...just like the camel. Good thing my handler is the Holy Spirit with that still small voice that gets me back on track, eh?

*Note: I am not referring to styles of worship...I referring to my heart attitude. Just so you know I am not saying that there is only one way to worship....Smile.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

We are going to the Show...

My dear husband, and mother, work at the Sight and Sound Theatre here in Lancaster County. If you have never been there it would be well worth your while to go. The shows are incredible and the costuming, sets and live animals... just amazing!
Each show run our family gets to attend once, on the company. So, with time running out we are headed to the BIG theatre today for the Miracles of Christmas and then tomorrow to the smaller theatre(Living Waters) for The Voices of Christmas.
Warren and I were able to attend the Premiere of Voices of Christmas and loved it. My fav to date!!!!
I cannot wait to see it again tomorrow. But Miracles of Christmas will have me tearing up today.
Each time we go I tell myself that I have seen it before...I know what is coming...
and it is not going to get to me....
But it does!

The story of redemption...the way God chose to provide a way of salvation for His people...just gets me every time!!!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Pray for the Skees Family

Dear little Ellie Skees is with Jesus. You can read her Mom's comments on her blog, here.

This little girl was such a blessing to our family through Sarah's sharing of such a personal and hard time. It was so selfless of the family to open their lives up to us in this way.

While I am thankful for Ellie that her struggle is over, my heart breaks for the family left to miss her so desperately. Our prayers are with you John, Sarah and Ethan.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Believe it or Not!

I debated all day whether or not to share this. I want to share it because to me it represents the love of God in the very details of our lives. If you have read this blog very long you know that I lost my Dad in November of 2005. That was, and is, hard. Last evening I got a phone call from my mother, who has moved in two doors down from us and about three hours away from her "home base". This is important to the story so hang with me if you can.
As I answered the phone, Mom's excited voice on the other end said, "I just saw your Dad on TV!" I admit that for a second I had to wonder what in the world Mom was talking about but she went on to explain that she was watching a religious broadcasting channel and it was showing an older event that had happened at Penn State several years ago. It was during this time that my Dad managed a Radio Station and other ministries in the area and they had co-sponsored Ravi Zacharias coming into the area. While Ravi was there he did a question and answer time in Eisenhower Auditorium on the Penn State Campus. For whatever reason this was being replayed last evening and Mom stumbled across it.
As Mom realized what she was seeing it occurred to her that She, Dad and other friends had been sitting on the front row. She began to strain to see if she could spot any of them. It was dark and grainy. She couldn't see anyone in the audience clearly. She wished/prayed that somehow she would be able to see Dad...then it happened. There he was with one of his best friends at his side full screen, arms crossed, listening for all he was worth and totally enjoying himself!
Mom said that she yelled his name so loud it scared her dog and cats. Amazing, isn't it? My Dad was not a television personality. After two years we would never expect to see him on TV anywhere. But here he was, in the Christmas Season when he is so much on our minds. I think it was a precious gift of our Heavenly Father to my Mom.
Definitely not a coincidence.
I just don't believe in those.

A few family pictures:
This was me with Daddy on my wedding day in 1989!

This was a happy Grandad with our three children back in 1995.

The summer of 2005 on a trip for the Radio Station to Papua New Guinea. This was just months before he went "home". He was soooo happy to make this trip!!! We knew he wasn't well but never thought the end would come so soon.


Photo from Wikipedia

I have been doing some research on the excavations and location of Biblical Nineveh for our Sunday School Class. I got hooked because Pastor Mike asked me to find some photos and maps of the area to use in Powerpoint to add interest and information to the class. We have recently studied through the "huge" book of Jonah and are now in Joel. Studying through these Minor Prophets and the timelines is very interesting.
What I have far:

1. Geographically...Nineveh was found very close to modern day Mosul, Iraq.

2. Jonah knew that God would end up sparing that generation of the people of Nineveh if he went and gave them the message. He hated that, there was much animosity between the peoples of these areas, and so tried to get out of the mission.

3. When Jonah was in the ship and the storm was blowing around him, he knew that he was the cause of it. No question in his mind.

4. In order for the rest of the passengers to be saved Jonah had to be "sacrificed".

5. The sailors did not want to throw him over. They tried every other imaginable thing possible. They were hearing Jonah say that this was how it had to be...but they tried everything else first. (Do you ever do that? I know I do!)

6. It must have been Icky in the belly of a fish!

7. Is it a coincidence that Jonah was in the fish for 3 days? Jesus rose from the tomb on the third day. Isn't it interesting how the Old Testament points (always) to the coming Messiah?

8. When Jonah got out of the fish...that would be after the fish got a bad case of nausea...he eventually went to Nineveh. I found it interesting that it does not say where the fish dropped him or how long it may have taken him then to get to Nineveh...but he did go.

9. Nineveh was sizable. It took Jonah days to "visit" all of it.

10. Jonah spent time at the meeting places in the city.

11. God's will was done...using an imperfect man, who thought he could run and disobey. I know that God's will must be done and that very often we see that HE uses unexpected people. Wonder how HE might use you or me today. Hope I listen. Sure would be a bad time of the year to end up "in the belly of a fish"!

Monday, December 17, 2007

We are Staying Home

We have decided not to take the trip to Williamsburg after all. There are many reasons and it just did not seem like the right time. I, and another friend who wanted to go, have not fully recuperated from this cold and we would have been doing the driving. Everyone has so much to do to finish up for Christmas and we just felt it best that we do it another time.

Chelsea is fine with the decision because she is doing a double sleepover with one of her best friends. The first night at Kristen's house then they will come here for the second night. It will be fun! Kristen is delightful.

I have been posting a lot lately but am headed back to the kitchen for one more candle order and then will attempt to finish up some shopping at our local outlets later today. So, I'll be back later.


Saturday, December 15, 2007

The English Country Ball

This evening was such an anticipated event in the homes of many young ladies. They have been busy in class reading and discussing Pride and Prejudice and learning two dances. Finally, it was time to, off we went, sausage balls made completely my Chelsea, in tow.
When we arrived at Mr. and Mrs. Rabe's home we were warmly greeted by Mrs. Rabe looking simply proper and beautiful in her burgundy lace dress and white gloves. She greeted us with the proper titles as were fitting for the period of time being celebrated.
The house was abuzz with beautiful girls and thier lovely parents and siblings, many of whom were also attired appropriately. Some of us, ahem, Belinda and Myself, appeared in our current-day garb.
These ladies were dressed very nicely, don't you think?
They are my friends Mary and Bev.

After greeting friends, the time arrived to go downstairs to the "ballroom". There was nervous laughter as pictures were taken and then came the music. The girls paired up and danced so energetically. It was so pretty.

Soon, a young man, the sibling of one of the girls was heard to ask..."When can we eat?". Food never seems too far from the mind of most young men. Before long everyone was either dancing or enjoying the many munchies that were carried in to be shared. I saw this young man and his fellow cohorts at the table a few times. lol
These girls were in the Ensemble I directed. Don't you just love those smiles?!?

After much cajoling by several of the girls our boys joined in the fun, dancing first with each other and then with the girls. I'll have to see if I can post the video of them dancing with the girls but here are some cute shots of them practicing together first...

Something tells me that these are not the official steps!

Finally...Chelsea's face says it all....

Blessings on your day.