Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Auction Saga Yields Fun Photos

We are seeking a new
riding mower.
I know, I showed
you Warren on his
favorite mower
but the time has
come to seek a successor.

We have been to Sears, local John
Deere dealers, The Simplicity dealer
and Warren has spent many hours on
Craig's List as well as consulting
with what I call the "Brain Trust" at
his work. You know, co-workers, who
know everything you would ever want
to know about anything!
To this I say, "Right!"
and sigh....but men across the
planet seem to consult their
own brain trusts....I've seen it
for years in my financial business
but that is a whole 'nother story.

Some weeks ago Warren learned about
a John Deere that would be going up for
auction. Now, I am a big fan of auctions.
You go, not for one item. You go to see
what is there that you might like, get for
a great price, you bid, you win or lose,
you don't care. But, you don't go for
one item.

Here is why:

We went.
At 9am.
We ate breakfast there.
Hamburgers made on an electric skillet.
We sat.
And we sat.
Watching every knick-knack get sold
for more than they were worth.

They sold more roosters and chickens
in more ceramic forms than I knew

They sold jars and jars of screw drivers,
nails, screws.

It was your typical auction, but with a
great turn-out so bidding took a long time.

Then they attempted to sell the house.
Three times.
They stopped.
They started.
No sale!

Finally, the auctioneers announced they
were headed for the lawn equipment.
Ahhh...now we would know if we were to
score today.

We were tense as they sold piece after
piece leading up to the green tractor
Warren had his eye on. We had noticed
many men looking it over and it seemed
unlikely we would get it for a price
we were willing to spend, but,
Warren was ready to play the game.

Now, the auctioneer, arrives at the
mower, he announces that he is ready to
start the bidding.

What's This???

The owner of the property...that did not
sell...leans in and says...
"We are pulling
the mower from the sale.
The house didn't sell
so we still have to
mow the grass!"

There were groans!

Warren rolled his eyes.

If you know Warren...that was
a strong expression of frustration!

Did I mention that by now it was about
2pm and we had been there since 9am.
I purposely made no other purchases so
that we could bid the maximum on this

So, we probably deserved that
after we broke a big rule of auctions.
We went for one item.
We nearly wasted the day.

Except...I got to spend time
sitting in the shade with my dear
husband. We people watched.
We chatted about all sorts of
things...so it was not time wasted.

As we left
a couple of things
caught my eye.
Let me share.

At the farm, next door, was this Spring House.
It does not appear to be in use now, but
this would have been used to keep things cool.
Milk, fruit, potatoes.
How I long to freshen it up and give it back
its beauty...

Now this is a refrigerator!

And this pretty windmill.

So, all was not lost.
While we do not yet have
a new lawn tractor...we have
a story. Sometimes a story is
better than a routine goal met.

Don't you think?
♥♥Becky K.♥♥


Sharon said...

Becky, that's very nicely put! And I loved the windmills:) There's something very charming about them.

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Vee said...

Omigosh how frustrating! Well, we can trust God that that tractor was not meant for Warren and that there's another one somewhere that is. Have you tried Craig's List?

Becky K. said...

We are keeping our eye on Craig's list. Warren is very picky...
I'm fine with that as I don't mow very often. With the kids and Warren I get to keep to the garden and the house.

Deanna Rabe - Creekside Cottage Blog said...

Lots to see and a day with your husband...sounds like a perfect day to me.

I do understand about the mower frustration though...you know I understand! hee hee

Thanks for the photos!

Terri Steffes said...

I so understand the frustrations of the auction!

However, if I got to spend the day with Bob and no one was interrupting us for his time... it would be a good thing. Thank you for looking for the silver lining!

Kelly said...

Auctions are fun. I enjoy the whole bidding process. I don't go to many auctions, but my parents do. As a matter of fact, they went to one today and got a sofa and two bookshelves for us:)

JD/ Jill said...

Thank you for sharing your day! Would you believe that I have never been to an auction? They seemed like they would be fun to me...now I'm not so sure...but if You had the opportunity to spent time with Warren, meet some nice people and treat it like an adventure like you did...All was not lost!

SmilingSally said...

How frustrating! Well, at least you got to post about it.

Lori E said...

Some very cool things but the coolest...pun fully intended...is the refrigerator building.