Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Sweet Little Man

Roy is such a good baby.  He is very good tempered and is only now beginning to wake up much during the day.  He had a lot of catching up to do after the long delivery and stress of the hospital.
But I had the privilege of holding him on Friday evening as he explored the world around him with his eyes.  I think he is going to be pretty expressive.  I don't have photos from then but I do have some from the days following his birth.

My Favorite Photo 

Close Second

Or maybe it is this one. 

Loved seeing these two together.

But not enough to remember to share Roy with Warren the other night.
I just completely forgot to offer for Warren to hold him.
It hit me later.

There will be more opportunities. 

Things are busy at the shop, especially without Chelsea.
I think she might be looking forward to sneaking in after hours
to begin our change from Summer to Fall.

Mom and I are working well together to keep the hours covered
and love on our customers and artisans.

It is unbelievable that on the 15th we will have been open for 
six months.
Just crazy!!

But so good!!