Monday, September 26, 2016

Technology....Amazing and Infuriating....In Turns

Big week here.
It is the National Quartet Convention.
Thanks to the Booth Brother's newsletter I discovered we 
could purchase a subscription to watch the entire week
live streamed for $65.

Seemed easy enough.
But to make it easier to see it on television and not just the smaller
computer screen we ordered a Roku device.
It doesn't work.
So, poor Warren spent hours fussing with it and finally 
ended up feeding our large tv from his computer anyway.

The big tv has been hanging out in our bedroom since the flooding 
downstairs.  We are hoping to get it set back up down there "soon".
What that means is....eventually.
But for this week it is sitting in the living room beside the one we usually 
use here because it can be attached to the computer while the older one

In other news....
Chadd had to have his gall bladder removed in emergency surgery last Sunday.
Poor guy.
Because he needed one more surgery, right?
But we are looking forward to relief for him and are thankful for 
an ER doc who was thorough and discovered the problem.

I am feeling much better!
I still tire so stinkin' easy but know that each week brings
a bit more energy.
It is a constant message to myself....
"You are better than you were two weeks ago.
Be patient."

Teaching co-op has begun and it is so much fun to work 
with those energetic and super smart kiddos.
It is delightful to take music theory, which can be rather dry and boring, 
 and make it fun and interesting.
Let's just say that I hated learning it because of how it was presented....
I refuse to do that to them.
So they get it in fun snippets that I think will stick with them.
Time will tell.

We were delighted to be invited to a Hobbit's Birthday Party.
Joseph and Lindsay hosted.
They are the daughter and son-in-law of Mrs. Rabe at 
What fantastic hosts.
It was relaxed, the food was great
and the weather cooperated very nicely.
I've linked the blog name above with a more extensive
telling of the party experience.
Our host, in his "middle earth" vest and shirt.
As I mentioned before, the food was fantastic.
Turkey, ham, breads, cheeses, apples with dip, grapes and fun 
themed desserts.

Warren and I definitely loved it and enjoyed our time with friends.

Today I am off to pick up more wax, see the chiropractor,
have lunch with a friend and then return back here to get more work done
before spending an evening with music and politics.
My dual loves.
It will be tricky to make both work...but we will.
After all, you don't have a political debate like will happen tonight
every day...or every year for that matter.
No matter what my opinion of our options this year
I celebrate the history making aspects of all of it.

Chat later!
Have a great one!!

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Life Begins Again....And Some Pretty Vacation Photos

We spent a few days in the mountains.
It was great timing....just to sit and relax.
To not have a schedule to attempt to maintain.

Mountain breakfasts are so special....

Gluten Free pancakes with peaches and bacon!

There were just five of us this year.
Mom, Georgia, Jonathan, Warren and Myself.
That had it's ups and downs.
Less bodies to share the one restroom but also less
people to divide up and do different activities.

However, we still had a wonderful time.
We ate....the Moms and Warren went to Benezette to visit the Elk.
Warren took this photo.
Pretty something, isn't it?

This was right before game time happened.
So relaxed....
and then we played Dirty Marbles and Jonathan
WOKE up!!
He had more fun sending our marbles back to 
their home base and making the game go on....
and on.
Finally Georgia got her very last Marble to safety.

 We took Bandit's crate along.
She looks funny in this photo but in reality she loved taking
naps in here during the day.
Security and her pillow
made that her place to retreat to.

It took me a couple of days to get down by the stream this time.
When we first arrived it was HOT and humid.
We didn't feel much like moving.
But then the air dried out and the temps dropped.
It was perfect!!

 The stream is super low right now.
I think most of the State of Pennsylvania has had lower
than usual precipitation this Summer....
but we haven't noticed it so much in Lancaster County
so it really stood out up there.

So delicate.
I just love these....

Goldenrod was everywhere.
So pretty and bright.

Blue, blue skies and apple trees. 
Great for us.
Great for the deer and bears that eat the apples.

This guy showed up the first night.
He was back other nights but only when it was dark 
and we couldn't see him.
He left evidence.
A turned over burn barrel and "piles". 

Finally it was cool enough to start a campfire.
Warren is good at this.
He spends time in the woods beside the cabin finding 
fallen branches and small dead trees.

Molly truly enjoyed being in the mountains.
She delighted in being outside so much.

She is such a "poser".  
Love her!!

I worked so hard to get Bandit to pose for me.
Could have been the heat on her back since she 
was fairly close to the fire here.
But we laughed so hard as she refused to put her ears UP.
Finally...after much coaxing and putting her back in position 
I caught her looking as if she had just been sitting here so cute.
Just a taste of what real photographers much feel when they 
get a subject to cooperate.

When Bear, Mom's dog, was done with his bone
Bandit claimed it.
She had such a wonderful time getting her nose down inside for the 
good marrow that Bear couldn't reach.

We didn't do a lot this trip.
(I read a BUNCH)
However, we did rest up to prepare for the busy schedule ready to 
resume here.
I've already taught three music lessons this morning.
Love my students!!
Current student count:
one on piano and three voice students.
Tomorrow Co-op begins and I will teach two classes.
Can't wait!!
The students will learn music theory as we work through
Early Western American History and songs and stories of that time period.
I think it will be fun.

Now to get back to the business of making candles.
There is a big fundraiser kick off on Monday evening and I'll need
many more than I have made right now.
Plus, the shops are ready for replenishing.
So...I'll chat later.
Blessings on your day!!

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Hi..............It's Me.

 This was the summer that I survived.

But it was also a summer that was kind of eventful.
I still got to be part of family Chelsea and Chadd's recent move.

God opened the door for them to get an apartment closer to their jobs.
It has two bedrooms so they get to have a music room.
They are simply delighted.

Moving day was HOT!!

Everyone came into the old apartment to cool off 
after the hard work of loading
the truck.

 Here the two Mikes catch up with each other.
Since Pastor Mike and our Michael have each gotten married they don't see each 
other nearly as often as they did in years past.
It is neat to see the friendship remains.

 Mom, Georgia and Megan wait for their next assignment.
Well, the moms were waiting for us to get moving to the new apartment so 
that they could know it was time to head to Costco for pizza and salads.
So sweet of them to feed all of us!!

The view from the deck at the new place.
How sweet is that??
There is even a Amish Schoolhouse within close view.
I would definitely enjoy watching the little ones head out 
to their classes each day.

Warren and our friend, Joshua, built the entertainment center.
It is pretty cool for coming out of a box in many pieces.
I think there were only three or four "extra" pieces 
when they were finished.

Chelsea LOVED setting up her kitchen.
Our friend, Mindy, was her helper.
They puttered happily away for a couple of hours.

Here is a blog post from Chelsea about the new apartment.

See this sleepy pup?
That's how I feel right now.

Today was the busiest day I've had since getting sick in May?  June?
Whenever it happened.
I'm just so thankful that improvement continues.

Fall craziness begins soon.
Teaching my precious music students both privately and at co-op.
Candle fundraisers....

I'm not planning to attend the Ladies Bible study in the Fall
due to needing to conserve energy but am expecting and hoping
to get back to it in January.
I know I will really miss the fellowship found there
until I am back again.
I'll have to meet up with friends occasionally for lunch.
That's good too.

Molly, that dog in the photo, has established herself as the cute 
boss around here.
When she came she would sleep in her crate without complaint.
But since I was used to crating Bandit if I went out on errands I 
crated Molly too.  After a while she just refused to wait quietly.
Finally she just wouldn't quiet down at night either. more crate for Molly.
She happily sleeps with us now.
She has a gift of getting her way.
We came home the other day to find that Jonathan
had even taken her with him to Burger King and shared a fry with her.
That is hysterical.
He is so big and she is so tiny and delicate.
But she adores him and follows him wherever he goes.
They spend hours together.

When Warren comes home she transitions to following him
and sitting on his lap.

I'm the caretaker and food giver.
So...I'm o.k. in her book.
But I don't have enough testosterone to be her favorite.
It is sweet to get little tail wags when she sees me, finally.

Bandit is very jealous but makes sure she gets lots of my attention.
The confrontations between the two have lessened.
But they didn't become the friends I had hoped they would.
I'm sure time will help.

See you back here pretty soon, 
I think.  
At least that is the plan.