Saturday, May 31, 2008

Moving Day!

Today we move our church!
We will be so happy to get our
things out of storage and set up
permanently. I have missed our much! It won't be at the
building until at least June 6th but
just knowing that it is coming makes
my week!

To be able to get all of the church's
office equipment out of my office and
over to that one makes me happy. I love
the ease of having it here but it takes up
a lot of space!

I won't be able to lift and tug at stuff
since I am still healing from the surgery,
but I am an excellent administrator and can tell
everyone "Where to go...". LOL

We are combining our move with a fundraiser
for a friend, from another church,
and purchasing our dinner from
his Spaghetti Dinner Fundraiser for a missions
trip to Africa. Kind of cool when these things
can work out. He gets to feed 20 and the women
of the church won't be making and hauling
food in crockpots, etc.

Can you tell,
I am beside myself with excitement?

This is an absolute miracle!

God is so good!

I have also been working on the web site
for the church and am quite pleased.

It should be ready to put online this week.

Also, a very good thing!

I hope you have a great day today.

Your Friend,

Friday, May 30, 2008

A Gift of Friendship

There I was
just a minding my business
in the Library,
with kids at my side.

Along came a warning,
from young ones of mine,
"Beware, strangers behind!"
I knew from their tone
quite the opposite was true
and was blessed as I turned
and I spied,
Mrs. Rabe and Dear Emily beside.

They smiled as they said,
"We were headed your way
with something
to brighten your day."

How sweet, I thought,
as I finished my task
and received back
our books by the stack.

We headed outside and Miss Emily brought
something sweet, oh so sweet,
to place in my willing hands.

Yes, dear friends, Mrs. Rabe has
shared something lovely with me,
a cutting from her rose peony.

Look, it is here...

Amazing color, and the smell simply bliss.
Better yet, the love, that comes with the gift.
To think that this friend was thinking of
me as she cut and so carefully carried
these blooms over winding, bumpy roads
to a chance meeting at our shared library.

I thank God for her, and for Emily dear,
for these are the blessings so rare.
Friends who go beyond just a cursory glance.
Who share kindness...
naturally as breathing in air.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Our Deck

We have lived in this house nearly five years.

We have enjoyed time on the deck.

There are even pictures of Mikey doing his schoolwork on the side wall of the deck. He wanted to stand on the roof but that was going just a bit far for me. The kid just loves the rush of adrenalin!

There is just one huge problem...the sun!

Every day, about the time we would love to enjoy our evening meal, if the weather is suitable and we want to eat out on the deck...the sun blasts in.
Rather like a laser!
This limits our desire to eat out there. So...being the avid blogger that I have become, tooling here and there, I have come to a solution for this space.

A Pergola!
Sure enough!

The progression went something like this.

First Miss Paula started the whole porch sitting thing.

I, of course, bought into that.
It is a lovely concept.
Not having a porch, however, I am left with the deck.
An imperfect, dysfunctional deck.
I do not like grinds on me...
I tend to ignore it and it only gets worse!

Then over at The Inspired Room, the lovely Melissa has been showcasing outdoor living spaces. One of these had a pergola and vines. Ooooohhh. Maybe this would bring us closer to my goal of perfection.

Next came the challenge of communicating this to sweet Warren.

He was very open to making changes in the area of the deck.

So, after much time spent searching and reviewing styles we have decided that our deck shall get a pergola roof.

Now, Monday, as we spent time at Longwood Warren gathered some pictures of pergola style covers. This is what he got.

I can't decide if white, natural or redwood stain would be best here. I love the idea of redwood stain as it would go so nicely with our shutters and doors. Warren is not sure that we can stain our existing deck or the treated lumber we may use to make the pergola.

Suggestions? Have you preferred one over another for maintenance reasons?

So, dear friends, at least two of you responsible for this change...Thank You....and keep your eyes on Hospitality Lane for some fun changes to our Outdoor Living Space.
We will be busily power washing and sealing the deck, then building the pergola of our dreams...

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

A Blank Slate

Let me see if I can take you on a tour of the anticipated new church building. We are expecting to sign the lease this week and move in Saturday. The renovations won't start until next week as we will have a service here on Sunday.

First the outside:

Chelsea in the small garden area...She, Mikey and my Mother are very excited about landscaping this and making it beautiful!

This is the entrance area. It is hard to see since there is so much light coming in the door.

I wanted to show you the floor. This was a former flooring store so there are sample floors everywhere. We will be having carpet put down next week. This is in the large room that will serve as our sanctuary.

I guess I didn't take a picture of that whole room. I'll try to get that done so I have a before and after...

Just off that room you go up a ramp and into this area:

This is where the office and nurseries will be located. There are three smallish rooms that will be used for these purposes as well as the counter that you see here.
While we welcome young ones in our service it will be nice to have a space for the necessities and for the sleeping ones. We will also be getting our stash of toys out of storage for play times. Every church, family integrated or otherwise, benefits from a dedicated "safe" play place.

Inside one of the small rooms...

Here I picture our Library. It is a neat nook before you turn and go down another ramp...

into this very long room.
This room will serve very nicely as our Fellowship Hall.
A couple of us who love to bowl immediately thought bowling alley - Ha!

This is a shot into a large room that is off the Fellowship Hall.
We will have so much space compared to what we are used to. It will seem so amazing.

Can you just imagine what fun I have had with paint chips and carpet samples? Really! Soon the changes can begin! I might get a bit scarce during that stage of the game...or I might be here posting lots of pictures.

I am praising God for His apparent provision to keep a small family of Believers together and to bring in those He would have share in the Worship and Ministry.

Have a blessed day!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Longwood Photos from Memorial Day 2008

Warren was the photographer of the day.
I usually give him a hard time, as pointer and shooter,
but this time I can only give him credit...
great job Warren!

It was so nice to see the smile
in Warren's eyes all day.
He is so stressed at work and
our personal life has been so
filled with stress and tragedy in
lost parents and changes involving
his mother moving in next door.

It has been a long time since I have
seen that sparkle in Warren's eyes.

I love you, my husband!

Mother's Day Roses...

I want to show you how the roses are
turning out that Mikey got me for
Mother's Day with his own hard earned
money... I love these!!!

Do you see how red the buds are...then as they open the outside of the petal is red while the inside is yellow finally blending to a soft peachy color.

Love, love, love!

Thanks Mikey!!!!

Great Day!

Yesterday was one of those days that would
be great if you could wrap up and put in a
box for enjoyment later.

This picture shows me with my sweet children,
totally exhausted...but happy!

It was so pleasant from beginning to end.

I began the day by running to a local
grocery store for things we would need
for a picnic later. The main thing I
wanted was good angus steak. We don't
use this very often but it is an event if
we do because it is so good...and expensive!

Having already planned to leave our driveway
at 9am for Longwood Gardens I made it back to
the house at 8:45 and had the kids unload the
car while Warren and I put things away and
gathered drinks and snacks for the car.

We all piled in the van...I strategically
sat in the very middle of the van so all
aboard would be able to hear me reading
Agatha Christie's ABC Murder on the way
to the Gardens. This is our last week of
schoolwork so every minute counts. So, I
read aloud all the way to Kennett Square.
We did have to fill the Moms and Warren in
on the story to that point but no one
complained. Cool!

Finally, we arrived at the gardens and found it
to be pleasantly not terribly full...yet.

As we were in the tower our cell phone rang.
Some friends had arrived. We were unsure if
they were coming and so were absolutely
thrilled to see them. They have been regulars
at Longwood for so long that the Newspapers used
them as a feature family when the new children's
section opened.

I am going to break up the photos taken into several this is just the dialog of the day.

The weather was stunning and we all had a great time
there before leaving around 1pm.

We came home and I enjoyed a much needed nap.
By the end of our visit at Longwood I wasn't
sure I was going to be able to make it out of
there by my own strength. This recovery is
going well but I still have limits.

Finally, to end the day we enjoyed a very
tasty meal that involved that grilled steak,
Mom's famous potato salad, Georgia's spinach
and lettuce salad and baked beans and potatoes.


We ate on the deck which is about to go through
a transformation...again, another post. There is
so much to tell you! I cannot wait.

I seem to be getting back into my usual, enthusiastic
self. It is good, because the other post that will
be coming up soon is the major church move and remodeling
project happening soon.
I am soooooooo happy!!!

Blessings on your day!

Becky K.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day 2008

Today we "celebrate" our American Soldiers who have given their lives at home and abroad for our freedom.

We think of the families who have lost so much. We attempt for just a scary minute to wonder what it must be like to have a loved one in harm's way or to receive that visit from men in uniform.

How tragic to have been one of the many, many receiving telegrams
in a World War.

I think of our current Military Families struggling to make sense out of news headlines...always wondering. Is that my _________?
I imagine the lump in the throat while they wait
to see if they are the ones who will
receive the bad news. Having watched friends
struggle through a son's deployment and injury
in Afghanistan I have seen the toll it takes on
those at home...and the soldier, himself or herself.

I see the "star" in the window of a neighbor's home as I drive by
and swallow a tear.

To all of these strong people...We say, "Thank You!"
You are an example of what makes America strong.
You sacrifice peace of mind for protection of me and mine.

Again I say, Thank You!

Feel free to leave your "Thank You" for
those we remember today in the comments.

Sunday, May 25, 2008


For the Word of the LORD is right and true;
He is faithful in all He does.
Psalm 33:4

The fear of the LORD is the
beginning of wisdom:
and the knowledge of
the holy is understanding.
Proverbs 9:10

Teach me knowledge
and good judgment,
for I believe in
your commands.
Psalm 119:66

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Beverly Lewis - Amish Book Series Unsolicited Review

I have often avoided reading Beverly Lewis' books
because of the fact that we live in the center of
Amish Country and for some reason it has been important
to me to avoid anything that smacks of tourism or
could be seen as an exploitation of my Amish neighbors.

There have been occasions, however, when I have found
myself drawn into these stories and the people of whom
Mrs. Lewis writes. This week has been one of those times.
I have been reading more of Abram's Daughters Series and
have found myself brought to tears by the beauty of the

Having made some friends in the Amish Community it is
easy to picture them in these stories.

The other factor that is captivating and strange,
all at the same time, is being able to picture
the actual locations as if I were there
because I have been there.
Unlike, most fictional books where
the images that come to mind are completely drawn by the
imagination through an author's words.

I highly recommend these books to anyone looking for
a good read. While the books are not technical or
deep there are so many messages about truth, consequence
and the complications that often truly do occur in
family relationships, whether Amish or English.

If I were to write to Mrs. Lewis this is what I
would say:

"Thank you, Mrs. Lewis, for writing in such a way as
to draw your readers into the lives of your characters.
Thank you for making none of them perfect, but for
allowing us to see their human frailties as well as the
strength and love they have to share.

Thank you for telling the truth about the spiritual
battle that is alive and well in the silent believers
among the Amish Community. God is doing a mighty work
in this County. Many are coming into a real understanding
of the saving grace being offered to them through Jesus."

Do you have a little time on your hands?
Pick up one or more of these books
and treat yourself to some enjoyable

Blessings on your Weekend.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Cheering my Plant Babies Along...

Like the Momma proud of her babies
I am cheering the little plants in
my garden on to great things.

They may never grow large in stature
like the great hosta of yesterday's post,
but they will do their own growing and
part in the gardens at Hospitality Lane.

This little spot on the hillside has
been generously planted with a variety of
wildflower seeds. I am watching hopefully
that they make it and make this hill a wash
of color year after year.
It surely doesn't look like much right now,
but, I have the vision of what it can be.

God has that vision for us.

We are not what we will be.
Some of us are not the huge,
make a statement kind of people.
Most of us are the little plants
just quietly doing our parts in the
garden of life.

But Our Heavenly Father knows the plans
He has for us. He knows exactly how we
fit in to His Eternal Garden. He sees our
potential and He is cheering us on.

Better than that...He actively prunes,
waters and feeds us.

Don't you just love that!?!