Saturday, October 30, 2010

New Candle Product on the Website!

I am excited about these.
The glass is heavy and the colors
solid.  Not cheap or uneven as
is so often the case when glass
is colored.

You'll find more details at 

I Don't Think I Would Like to Be....

The mail lady at my post office...
or any post office for that matter.
Shocking as that may sound.
I usually want to try every job out there
but really, I think this is one I don't
care to try.

The poor lady has to ask everyone 
if there is anything hazardous, liquid or 
perishable in each and every box....
which always leads to a detailed explanation
of what is actually in there and why.

Oh, you don't do that?

Well, yesterday I took some candles to be
mailed....she is used to that so that wasn't a 
big deal...
But when she tried to get me to spend $44
to send back two pair of mail order jeans
post haste, I launched into the story of how
they were just jeans being returned and I didn't 
really care how long it took for them to reach 
their destination.  
We worked our way down to $11.
Plenty to spend to return unwanted items,
if you ask me.
She probably started with the $44
to make that not seem so bad.

Poor woman.  
Having to hear everyone's story...
Unless she is the type that just likes 
to know these things.
Maybe she is.
Maybe she is one of those that likes to 
be in the know....

Oh well, 
then I should have told her that the 
van that we thought was due for inspection
in OCTOBER was really due in DECEMBER!

Stupid stickers!
Making the 10 of the 2010
so big and faking out the distracted 
drivers.  So...cancel yesterday's post on 
procrastination and just know that 
we were two months EARLY!

Well, maybe we can't cancel it completely.
I still do not have my Spring Bulbs planted.
It could happen.
Truly, it could!

I hope your weekend is beautiful
and that you are knocking something 
off a list of "hope to get to someday" items.

Becky K.

Friday, October 29, 2010


It is my biggest fault! is the last possible moment
and we just dropped the van
to be inspected.

I was outside perusing the yard and 
realized that the past couple of days 
would have been the best time to plant
Spring bulbs.  
It is chilly was
beautiful then.
But then I guess I would
have to own the bulbs to be
able to plant them...wouldn't I?

Obviously they don't procrastinate at Longwood Gardens.

Instead I have been having fun in the
candle kitchen, at homeschool co-op
and running Chelsea to and from her
new job.  

Maybe it isn't simple procrastination....
Perhaps it is just having a lot of 

Lets just go with that theory....
Shall we?

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Definitely.... My Music!

As you have heard before
teaching music gives me joy.

Some photos of my choir students 
over the years.....
This season of my life ends in March.
We will do our final co-op concert together.
Next year it will be another person's project.

As my own children have grown older 
and need me less for their academics
I have wondered what I would do 
with myself.  
What would my purpose be?  
As a homeschool Mom there
was no question.  
It is a full time job.
You get up in the morning and you teach.
Math, history, english, writing, civics
and so much more.  
You shape lives.  
You invest yourself into 
teaching your children
to know the Lord and His Word.
 All the while knowing that 
the work of salvation is HIS
trusting that you are a part of 
HIS plan in the lives of your children.

Many of you were reading here last year
as the boys were preparing to graduate.
I went through a serious funk.
Questioning what would be next.

Well, those answers are coming into focus.
For one thing, Chelsea's goals will involve me.
We will very likely take 
business management courses 
and get food prep certified 
We'll work toward opening
a small cafe in a few years.

Beyond that, the candle business is growing
and I hope to expand it, as well.

But, the thing that I never saw coming
is something I have become passionate about.
Teaching music one on one.
I now have several students with
whom I am working on voice.
Another one popped up just last week.
I have not been able to work with her yet....
but I cannot wait!
Such a diamond in the rough!!!!

Monday afternoon I met for the second time
with a young man who just loves to sing.
He is making progress.
It is such a huge blessing to hear him 
working hard to achieve a goal.
Tiny steps of improvement are to be celebrated.

This appears to be one of my "next steps".
Teaching young people the joy of music.
Showing them how to use the gift of voice.
The past two days on this blog 
I shared about two things 
that were not mine...
a dog and a pair of jeans.

But today is different.
This is definitely 
"my music"....
and it sounds 
so good!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Not My Jeans....

O.k., so I couldn't resist that title after using
"Not my Dog" yesterday!

But, really, the jeans I am about to tell you 
about were not, and are not, mine!

Jonathan really, really needed jeans.
He has been sewing his back together 
over and over again for quite some time.
Sometimes I knew about it....
others I found out about later.

But, last week I took a pair of his that 
fit him well and attempted to order something
very similar online.  When they arrived they were
nothing like the ones he needed to replace.
So...I need to send those back.

Monday found Jonathan and I at the men's 
big and tall store hunting the perfect pair, or two,
of jeans.  At 6'5" or 6'6" this is not an easy 
thing to do and it is definitely not cheap!

However after trying on nearly fifteen
pair of pants we hit paydirt....
of sorts. 
Finally a pair that fit!

Now, by this time I was willing to get whatever
pair fit.  Price was nearly no object....I did say
nearly.  Because even after he found this pair
he kept trying more in different price points...
hoping that we would find something at a more
reasonable cost.


And...the store only had
ONE of the pair of 
jeans that fit Jonathan.
Well, you know we 
took that pair.
A quick stop at another
store to find that
nothing fit.

So, this brings me to the point of this post.
Is it just me or are jeans not even close to 
a uniform size? 
The same size pant in different
brands were completely different. 
It was crazy!

The price points we saw on Monday
went from $18 to $79 per pair.
 was so ecstatic to have found
a pair of jeans that he both
liked and was comfortable in.
I am thankful that we were at least able to 
find that one pair.

I am off to do a web search for
more of these jeans.
Maybe I can get them for less.......
just maybe.....
or at least just find more of
these acceptable jeans
made by
Calvin Klein.

Hey, the guy has great taste!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Not My Dog

This handsome boy was at
The Pumpkin Wagon 
when Chelsea and
I stopped.
I could not help

No, I didn't take him,
although he did check out
the inside of our van.
Could have been the cookies
in the box on the floor...

But I did have to snap his photo.
So gentle and so sweet.
Beautiful fur coat glowing
in the Fall sunshine.

God sure did know what He was doing
when He created dogs.
They are such wonderful companions.
Even gentle giants such as this one.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Blues From Our Sunday....

Monday today.  I have missed this meme but
have not had time to make many visits so I took
a break.  Today, I will make sure to scoot around
and visit.....

Yesterday was a beautiful day for launching rockets!
Pastor Mike likes to plan at least one "October Sky"
launch.  There was a slight breeze so the launchers all
pointed a bit South with the hopes that the wind would
bring the rockets back to us.  
Sometimes that worked....others had the young ones 
running and running to recover the wayward rockets.

Mikey found himself bleeding after climbing some 
very thorny tree.  But I think it was worth it to him
because he came back with the rocket,
telling the story and using the
Latin name of the tree in each retelling. 
Learning Latin names for plants 
is not proving as hard as he feared.
But it is no walk in the park!
Most of these pictures were taken by Chelsea....
So...I find it interesting to see the world through 
her eyes.   She found this adorable little girl and 
her plane......

Courtney is the Granddaughter of 
one of the couples at church.

Then there are Chelsea's shoes.

I thought I would include them because
they are cute...and they are blue!

These are shots of Mikey.

Interesting, don't you think?
Through the eyes of a sister.
But there is blue in each one.

We had a great turn out for the rocket launch!
Many friends from church and some who are
checking out the church.  

Seeing everyone in 
sweet conversation or activity was truly a blessing.
That is apple juice in the coke bottle!

As it got to be dusk the light sabers came out.
These are the only pictures taken by me.
I was playing with the different settings on
my camera....

Jonathan and Kyle remind me of a modern day
David and Goliath!  
Just look at Kyle's face!

 Don't mess with Sarah!

It was another very full day with Worship, Fellowship,
Fun and then it was made the best day of all because 
my husband returned home safely after nearly a week
away at a conference.  
It is always better to have him here.
My best friend!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Autumn in Lancaster County

"As long as the earth endures,
seedtime and harvest,
cold and heat,
summer and winter,
day and night will never cease."
Genesis 8:22

Chelsea and I enjoyed taking photos as we cruised around
today.....stopping as the whim struck was a blast!

Friday, October 22, 2010

So Blessed!

Chelsea's new job is over in one 
of the nearby tourist towns.
It is about a half an hour from 
our home.  
But, even as I know that 
there will be days
when this commute is not desirable,
I find myself looking
forward to it today 
with great anticipation.

You see, a few years back
Chelsea and Jonathan worked
at a Corn Maze in that direction.  
I came to love the drive.

There are winding roads 
with trees that lean and make 
the road all cozy.
Sheep that graze as I pass
....all fluffy and wooly.
I don't care if 
they are stupid animals, 
I love to see a pasture full 
of these adorable creatures.
The leaves are changing 
and the views are
so very lovely. 
I will come to the crest of a 
hill and look out over the valley.
I will be reminded of the many people
who inhabit the homes dotted all over 
the countryside.  
Some plain folk and 
others English.
That is what the 
non-Amish are called
in these parts.

I will pass One Room Schoolhouses with 
scooters lined up ever so neatly and on a 
good day there will be energetic Amish 
children playing a game of baseball 
in the yard.

More likely than not 
I will have to carefully
pass a buggy.  
Waving at the occupants as 
I pass.  
They nearly always have 
a wave and a smile 
to share.  

Oh, I love this drive.....
I am so blessed that this is the path
in which I get to travel on the days that 
Chelsea works.

I do hope you are finding joy in the 
regular things of your day.
The beauty of His creation....
time spent alone with Him.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Popping in to Introduce....

He is a foster dog.
His owner is having some
struggles right now and needed
a safe place for him.

For a dog who is afraid of men he sure likes our boys.
 She intends to take him back in anywhere from a month
to.....18 months!

 He is a little four pounder with the sweetest disposition.

Warren is on a business trip and I 
wanted him to get to see the
pictures of Mister.  
So....You all get to see too!
Blogs are great for that.

Hurry home, Honey.  
There's another Mister in the house!
I think you will like him just fine!