Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Fall Fog

I came out to the dining room to
see fog coming into our home through
the open windows.


Foggy morning.

A foggy September morning.

The water particles dancing
in air.

Enjoying the freedom...
until the sun comes out and
their dance is done.

Until another cool night
brings their mist into being...
and the dance begins anew.

Monday, September 29, 2008

My Boys!

They are hilarious!

Truly, they are!

Saturday was a day of great downpour.
As the day went on things got worse.
Everything was soaked.

However, the morning was one of those
drizzly, dark days that really should
make one feel like staying inside and
reading a book or playing a game.

Not my boys.

With Camera in hand they headed out into the
woods nearby.

While Warren and I were out they had a
"Great Adventure".

First they put on their "adventure boots".
Hmmm...I wonder if adventure boots are the boys
equivalent to ruby slippers?

Then they were off!
Leaving the safety of home...they marched out with confidence.

On their way they encountered...
a bus!

Being homeschooled this must be a huge fascination...
just kidding!

Heading across a huge field to reach the woods.
Apparently there was a large hole that attempted
to eat Mikey, but he escaped with only a slightly twisted
ankle. No long term damage...

A few dead trees may have been knocked down in the filming of this adventure.

This tree got even...sore Mikey?
Good, you deserved that!

Apparently this tree asked to be conquered.
So Mikey, the conquerer, obliged.

There is quite a bit of video that is absolutely hysterical...to me.
But I don't know how to upload our videos yet so you'll just have
to take my word for it.

Finally, they made it back to the safety of home.
This is Mikey's attempt to look like my scarecrow.
What do you think?

I love my kids!!!!!!

Have a great day!

Becky K.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

I am Sorry...

Three really hard little words to say.

I have said them...a lot...
this week.

It would seem that I have offended several
people in different ways.

I am an equal opportunity offender.

Friends at church are unhappy with me.

Friends at Co-op...including one student.

Even one of my own children had issues with
me this week. Who would have "thunk" it???

Last Sunday, I was ready to pack it in. To feel
sorry for myself and just throw up my hands in
surrender. To quit trying. Oh, I did feel sorry
for myself. Two women at church were feeling that
I don't care about them any more. Not True!
I just have to divide up my time now that there
are more people in our church.

Another friend was hurt by an issue at our
co-op that involved herself and my son. I love
this friend and it just about killed me to
have this strain in the friendship.

Two boys in my music class were very disappointed
by the music selections made. They were hoping for
something less choral and more "rocky". I just
couldn't find a "rock song" for Thanksgiving.

Our book club got a bit spirited in the level of
debate...at one point. It all ended fine...but
that was close.

Tension...everywhere I turned.

It seemed that I was the epicenter.

There was confusion over a sleepover and
I probably stepped in where I did not belong.

You know those verses about the tongue and
how hard it is to tame it?
I relate very well to those...

I made my husband return a phone call yesterday
because I was afraid I might make an offer I
would resent later if I was the one who called.
I just do these things. I want to please people
and therefore promise things that make me crazy

Here's hoping for a calmer and more agreeable week.

I don't want to offend or hurt anyone else.

If you are one of the beneficiaries of my thoughtlessness
and you are reading this now...I am so sorry!


Becky K.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Next Book Club Choice and The Economy


Drumroll please...

I think this is one of the hardest
parts about being involved in a book club.

There are so many books out there but
there are many personalities and convictions
within the club that it makes choosing hard

After finding out that our first choice would
not be available through the library system,
we went with our second choice, which will also
have to be ordered but will cost about $3.00 per

It is Between Heaven and Ground Zero
by Leslie Haskins. This woman was in Tower One when
our Country was violently attacked. This is her story
of the day and how she has survived since.

I truly look forward to receiving my copy and reading
this book.

I have been browsing many blogs on my blogroll but not leaving
many comments. I am sorry...I will try to do better. I love
what you are saying and the photos and comments about things
happening in your lives. The struggles you face matter to me.
I pray for you. The economy weighs heavy on our hearts and minds
and yet we know that our treasures are not here. They are

As a financial analyst, I care for the people whose money I invest.
It is hard to know that during these hard times their happy, healthy
accounts are taking a loss, (on paper). It is important to remember that
the number of shares owned has not changed and so the account value will
most likely rise again...and quickly... when people are less frightened.
Therefore, taking money out now or moving it, without a valid
reason, only guarantees a loss.

Having said that, I would love to point out that many sectors of our economy
are thriving. It is not fair to say, even now, that we are in a depression.
The growth has slowed not receeded. This is why it is so important to be diversified in your investment portfolio. To have mutual funds or stocks, bonds and other investment instruments in many different companies, industries and even countries.

The second most important part to know about investing is that you should never invest with your emotions. Hard! I know! Use your head...and keep your head.

The fact that there are many parts of our economy doing well does not keep the media from singing the blues. Every once in a while, I will hear one brave soul mention it and I cheer for them, however, that is not so newsworthy in an economy that is offering so much opportunity for scary reporting.

I am saddened that the people, most recently, who have let this country down are in
my industry of service. But, the fact remains that we are not in recession
or a depression until things get a lot worse than this.

Attitude will have a lot to do with whether we go there, or not.

Our next President will have a lot to do with whether we go there, or not.

Please pray that this Nation would not panic, that the media would use their
power for good, rather than evil.

That our President and those in Leadership would use careful discretion in how they choose to "resolve" or "save" this Country's financial woes.

It is up to us to pray, to conserve, to remain calm.

Keep your debts small and your savings growing.

Give your monies to your local growers and local businessmen. This is where the rubber meets the road. It is in all of the small businesses across this country. Look to buy local. Take care of those in business around you and your area will stay strong.

For those who have lost their jobs due to the housing crunch...you have my thoughts and prayers. This market will come back. Hang in. Learn a new skill in the meantime and use your down time wisely. Soon you will be doing the 9 to 5 again.

Am I the eternal optimist? Maybe....but I am also a student of history.

We have seen it all before.

We have survived it.

We have a God that cares for us and provides for His children.

The kids and I are reading book about a Russian Family during the time Christianity was being greatly persecuted and war was raging. The faith this family showed and the provision for them by their Heavenly Father puts so much in perspective.
I read aloud through the tears.

We remain very wealthy in comparison to many on this planet.

Please count your blessings today.

Wishing you a calm heart.

Becky K.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Book Club

Our Book Club met last evening
and talked about...THE SHACK!

Oh, yes we did.

There was a lot of interesting
discussion about this book.

The majority of us did not like
that God was portrayed as a woman.

It was pointed out that when Jesus
instructs us to pray, He says that
we should pray to "Our Father".

I agree that sounds rather male to

Arguments could be made that God is
Spirit and therefore can present Himself
in any form He chooses. But do you see
what I just said. Our instruction is that
He is Male. So seeing him as a woman really
is distracting...at the least.

However, we did not totally beat this
book up.

Some of us were moved by the book to long
for a deeper relationship with God.

To spend more time in His Word.

Others wanted to learn to hear His voice.

There was a great challenge given
to know the Truth so that fictional
books or other ideas will not distract
or misguide. The only way to do this,
it was said, is to read the Word of God.

He communicates to us in this way.

Do we sometimes have proddings or a still
small voice that encourages to do this or not
do that? I certainly think so...but a caution
was given to test each and every one of these
impressions against the Truth. If it doesn't
measure up...it is not from our Lord.

I think, over all, this evening was excellent.

I was very happy to have two of my neighbors
join us for the first time. Ellen and Judy
you added a lot to the discussion...thanks!

Would I recommend this book to just anyone?

Probably not.

I know it is fiction and I can accept it as that,
but it appears to go against the scriptures,
in my opinion.

You may think this view makes me narrow minded...
I'm just convinced that we need to be careful to
protect the Truth as it has been given to us...
In the Word.

There are enough attacks on the Authority of God's
Word without it coming from inside the Christian
Community itself.

My two cents...and those of our Evening Book Club.

Becky K.

It is a Co-op Thursday...

...And the rain is coming.

Reminds me of this
day last year.
Hopefully we don't do this again today!

Yesterday was one of those days! You know the kind where the harder you try to get ahead the farther behind you fall? Usually on Thursdays we are slower paced in the morning and kind of gear up for Co-op. Our morning started out that way and then took a crazy turn.
We had planned to go look at a potential building for our church but before that I wanted to stop at Georgia's to drop something off and had told her the night before to expect me. She lives next door!
It was absolutely pouring rain so I decided that rather than run across the yards like normal I would just pull in as we left.
Anyway...about a half hour before we needed to leave, Chelsea came to me and said that she couldn't find her bag of Scrapbooking supplies for her class. She was very upset because the teacher had said at one point, "If you don't bring your supplies, don't bother coming to class." Sounds harsh? I know this teacher, she wouldn't hurt a flea...but the kids got the message loud and strong and Chelsea was terribly upset. We began the search for her scrapbooking supplies and I expected to go to the piano and pick up my music book.
Not There! Not in the living room bookcase! Not in the Family Room! Not in the office by the computer! Not anywhere!
So, the scrapbooking supplies were missing and my music, including background track!, were gone! GONE! My wheels start turning. Hmmm...what did we do last week after co-op. We waited for some friends and then went bowling. We checked the car and van....a couple of times. Nope, not there.
By now it was too late to stop at Georgia's and I had to call pastor Mike and tell him I would meet him ten minutes late and call Georgia and tell her I don't have time to "run next door"!
We were forced to leave without our supplies.
I was thinking and thinking about what we could have done with it. My best hope was that when we were waiting at the Church the week before that we had set it all down and left without it.
With my mind churning hard enough to make butter, we pulled out of the driveway and turned the wrong way! Being strong willed as I am, we kept going the wrong way even though it took us longer to go that way. I wonder why I didn't just turn around? Is it admission of defeat to turn around? What was that?!? Well, I'll have to analyze that another day.
We pulled in to meet Mike about 10 minutes late and it was still pouring. Folks down south, I do not mean to complain about the rain. I know how much you need it but it does seriously factor into this story. Long story short, this building was too small and the owner had a crew there putting walls up to make each space even smaller. No go. So...we stood in the rain a couple of minutes, Mike talked and said that while he was out the evening before his glass shower door had exploded into a million pieces and that was how he found it when returning home. Had he started talking about the weather or even this building I would have felt very comfortable pointing out that it was raining and I am a girl and don't want to go to Co-op looking like a drowned rat...but his shower door "Blew up!" Now this is something that just doesn't happen every day and how was he going to explain to his landlord..."I was out for the evening at friends, watching a show about ghosts, and when I returned my shower door was in pieces." So, I stood in the rain and empathized, really I do...it is terrible!, and got really wet. After the appropriate amount of empathy I hopped into the car and headed...the wrong way! Not my choice. This is another reason not to want this building. It is on a divided highway with no access in the front of the building to the other side of the road.
Feel my blood pressure rising? We have no scrapbooking supplies and I have no music for my two classes. I decide that even though we will be an hour early we will go to the church and see if it is there.
We arrive. It is still pouring so I get a fabulous parking spot near the door. This lot is usually reserved for the gym classes...but they won't be using them on this day. We run into the building and with trepidation I check the lost and found area. Nothing. I go down the stairs to the Moms' Room. Nope, not lying around in there. Our wonderful Moms' Room Coordinator shows up. I ask, with much hope in my voice if she has found a bag of Scrapbooking supplies....YES! She has. They are in the closet. I look to see if they are ours? YES! There is Chelsea's bag. Now to see if I placed my music in the bag... NOPE! Not there.
Up to the music room, no music...well there is lots of music in there, but none of it was mine...down the hall to find the kids...no kids. Back down the stairs. Oh, here are the kids. I tell them that we are going to run home and look again for my music...one half hour each way! They plead with me to be allowed to stay so they won't be late for class. I agree to do this if I can find a mom willing to oversee them. One agrees and off I go.
The rain and wind are now at an all time high. It was unbelievable. I am slipping an sliding because of the water on the road.
Meanwhile...back at Co-op. The fire alarm goes off and all of the people in the building are forced out into the downpour. Wouldn't you know, the ONE time I leave my children there this happens! The fire trucks came...it was chaos. I am oblivious to this, however, and am hurtling myself through major water lying on the roadways and being blown around, thinking about the price of gas, and how upset Warren would be at me for making this extra trip. I am a grown up and should know where my things are! Isn't this what we tell our children..all the time????
I arrive at home and search all of the places already searched. Nothing. So, I did what all addicted bloggers would do. I came down to check my inbox. New comments to the blog! Yeah! So, I guess that calmed my head enough that I thought to check just one more place...the garage, in a bin, under another bin. There it was! Apparently, I had done a quick car clean out and then this bin got placed on top of the one ....oh you get the drift.
Back in the car I go and fly up to Co-op. Everything appears to be normal so I have no clue about the fire alarm and the near drowning of my children. At least that is how they saw it.
I pause at Chelsea's scrapbooking class and her teacher says, teasingly, "Chelsea pulled the fire alarm." I laugh with her and think that this is a weird thing to think of as a joke...right then. Then they tell me that the fire alarm did go off and they were all outside for more than a half hour! Thankfully some friends pulled in and allowed my kids into their car while they waited at some point during the evacuation.
It turns out that the rain leaked through the roof of the church and shorted the fire alarm causing it to go off. Now, this cause was a major relief to us on the co-op committee because one year a student pulled the alarm and it caused us some grief with our host church.
My classes went on, with interruption. The Yearbook editor came and took pictures of the girls in the ensemble. They had to fix hair and makeup...time lost...they sang "flat", the room was HOT! It just was not a good day.
The 4-6th graders were not at their best, either. Here we are with 2 more practices and everyone is falling apart! Oh well, it must have been the day. Lets just hope that on concert day it is not raining and I know where my music is.
Might as well laugh! No sense in raising the blood pressure!

Nope, don't need another day like that...but it is the gold standard of
craziness in days!

Blessings to you!

Becky K.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A Surprise in My Mailbox!

This is what came in my mail yesterday!

A sweet piece from Miss Paula at Gathering of Friends. She sent it for my
birthday...what a special surprise!

Here is a close up so you can see all the teeny tiny stitches.

I love this, Miss Paula!!!

You are sooo thoughtful.

On a completely different thought...

Would you please be in prayer for Deena?
She has been fighting cancer for almost one
year and was recently diagnosed with 8 more brain
tumors. She is undergoing treatments for them which
will likely cause her to lose her nice new hair.

The treatments will sap her energy and at this time
she is facing the fact that she is in the fight of her
life...but by God's Grace Deena has stated that whether
she defeats this cancer or not...she wins!

This Godly woman has been a very dear blog friend to
both Chelsea and I. We love and respect her so much.

So, if you would add your prayers to ours for peace,
comfort and pain relief it would mean the world to us.
Pray that the radiation zaps those tumors to extinction!

I am counting my many joys today...in honor of Deena:

Crisp Fall Air

3 wonderful children

A husband who cares well for me

Bagels with Cream Cheese

Pumpkins piled high on a wagon

Corn stalks crisp and fragrant

Can you count your joys with us??
For Deena!

Let me know if you do.
I want to read them!

Becky K.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Finishing Up Longwood Garden Photos

I really wanted to show you the pictures of the trains
set up in the Idea Garden at Longwood.

My Grandad loved trains.

He had a set that he worked on for Christmas
each year. It was a bit different, but mostly
the same. We spent many hours under the tree
with that train.

So, I felt for the people that set up this
train set. I wondered if it was just a job?
Or if they enjoyed it. Maybe it brought back
memories from their childhood...I hope so.

And because I love Peppermint Patties...or anything with chocolate really...

Love the little buildings!

Then there is the Tower tucked away in a corner of Longwood Gardens.
The first couple of times we went only Jonathan spent time at the Tower.
It is so him.
He should have been born a few hundred years ago...maybe more.
He really loves all things from the Renaissance period.

So in his mind, this tower would be the perfect place for an archer to defend his territory. It is a place of imagination.

For me, it is great Church Bulletin Material. You know that verse that says The Name of the Lord is a Strong Tower, the Righteous shall run to it and be saved?
That will make an awesome Bulletin cover with this picture.

Getting new ideas for the bulletins takes some time.
I enjoy it though.

C. looked pretty normal at church on this particular morning...

And then from a distance, he seemed fine.

But, something happened and he came at me like this!
Oh no!

We are all fine.

We got home after a quick stop for a Frosty at Wendy's.

That was when Mikey took the whole group up to the neighbors to show them his dirt bike jump. Mommy did not go along. I have not seen the jump and I don't want to.

I hear from everyone how high he jumps and they ooohhh and ahhhh...

I don't want to know.

It stopped my heart to see him hurtling down the road at 40 mph.

More gray hairs trying to see out through the boxed color!

Well, tomorrow I will show you a special something I received in the mail.
Thank you, Miss Paula!

I appreciate you readers, so much. I never know, for sure, what it is you are looking to see or read...but I am just sharing from the heart...whatever is there
at the moment. If you are in a signing up mood, feel free to join the followers list. I think that is a silly name..the followers... but I didn't make it up.

Have an Awesome Day!!!!

Becky K.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Many Photos and a Friend's Blog


It was tough to get out of bed today.

Yesterday was very full.

We had our regular service and then a fellowship meal.

I only took a few pictures there but there is one young
man I want to introduce you to. His name is Anthony.

His Mom, Kelly, writes the Cozy Comforts Blog while
Anthony writes about Creation Science at Creation Apologetics.
This young man is smart. Very smart.
We are enjoying getting to know Anthony, Nicholas, Kelly and Duane at our church.

I was asked to grab a picture of the leadership team at the church.

Warren, Jon, Pastors Mike and Jack.

The sun was full in their faces. Poor guys.

Then we left quickly to get to Longwood Gardens while there was still time...as they close at 5. It was about 2:15 when we got everyone in the right vans and left. We pulled into the parking lot at Longwood at 3:00 so that gave us two beautiful hours.
I do mean beautiful! Look!

There was a Dahlia competition:

I did not know that dahlias came in so many varieties!

Then we were off to see some other things, like this....
Glass Pumpkins piled high in a large cornucopia.

These are little ornamental pepper plants. I love them!
So cute and colorful!

The girls!
I took this first picture, then E. moved her glasses down on her nose and insisted that I take another. Nuts! But cute, these young ones.

I got pictures of this bush because Mom planted some of these last year along her
privacy fence. Hers are pretty but not this big yet. I want to show her how they will look all grown up.
Does it ever just amaze you at the many, many colors God used in His design of plants?
It amazes me!!!!
This purple is stunning!

Water Lilies...in darkened water.
They do that on purpose to make the flowers stand out.
It works!

Finally, some grapes.
It looked like a few people had helped themselves to the bottom of the bunches of grapes. I guess the divine smell and the ripe fruit was just more temptation than some could endure.

Tomorrow, I will show you the trains and the tower.
The weather was so perfect and the company was so
much fun. I'll show you more of them too.

Becky K.

Sunday, September 21, 2008


Today we celebrate communion.

The verses that will be on the front of our bulletin...

I will lift up the cup of salvation and call on the name of the LORD. Psalm 116:13

For whenever you eat this bread and drink this cup, you proclaim the Lord's death until he comes.
I Corinthians 11:26

While they were eating, Jesus took bread, gave thanks and broke it, and gave it to his disciples, saying, "Take and eat; this is my body."
Matthew 26:26

In the same way, after the supper he took the cup, saying, "This cup is the new covenant in my blood, which is poured out for you.
Luke 22:20

Can you imagine what it must have been like for Jesus,
knowing that this would come to pass,
knowing that there were men in the room
who were going to deny knowledge of Him
and even betray Him to the enemy?

He passed the cup and the bread and said these words.

Those with Him did not understand.

They would, so soon, come to understand.

We are so often like that.
It is only after the fact that we get
what was so important about it.
If they had only known that the
time they would have with Jesus was so brief,
I wonder how they would
have reacted.
Would they have rounded up security?
Perhaps attempted
to convince Him to flee in to hiding?
How our future would have changed
had not Jesus willingly given up
His life as sacrifice for our sins.

But that would not happen because
our names were known before the
foundation of the world. This was
God's marvelous plan and nothing
would change it. He is without
change. The same yesterday, today
and He will be the same tomorrow!

I pray that you understand what it
is that I write about.

If not, It is not too late.
He is waiting
and the angels are waiting to dance for joy
when you accept the wonderful
gift of salvation.

Have a blessed day!

Becky K.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

How Blogging Has Helped in Real Life

Yesterday I set out to design new
labels for this season's candles.

It needed to be something that would
not bend or tangle.

I loved the tags that I tied to the
jars last year...to a point.

They were time consuming and tended
to get bent because we were moving
them around so much to different
fundraiser sites.

So...I got some sticky labels and
decided to design something that would
just stick on the jar and be done...
original, I know! I always try to resist
that but come back eventually.

Anyhoo...the justification for blogging
is coming now...I was able to find many
perfect photos to use as watermark backgrounds
on the labels. No worries about getting permission...
they are MINE! No fees to pay. They are MINE!
And all because of the blog and my new found love
of photography.

The labels look great. They will be easy to print off
anytime I need them. No more cutting with fancy scissors
and tying on the raffia...unless I want to. I will definitely
continue doing a line with the tags and raffia just because
I love the look. But for the fundraiser crazy orders...
It is just a nice, clean, pretty label!

The stars are not really on the label. Those are
blocking personal info. Sorry for the distraction.
But, can you see the black eyed susan watermark?

I did roses for the Victorian Rose scent and a nice
sunset for Tranquil Sleep. It is fun to design these

I found these fun little buttons that I will put
on some jars...just for shows. There would not
be enough time to put them on all of the fundraiser
jars. Some will be snug like this one, others will
tie onto the bottom of a raffia bow. I just have to
be able to be creative or I am bored with the process.

Thanks blog, for making my real life easier.

Friday, September 19, 2008

The Excitement Builds

...toward the Thanksgiving Concert.

The day was ok.

There are things I would change...
but isn't that always the case?

It looks like I will have 16 girls
singing for the high school ensemble.

The three boys that showed up have chosen
to bow out of the singing and are going to
make our props. As long as they are happy,
I am happy. It was a bit awkward for them
to try to balance singing with the girls when
they are so outnumbered. Only two of the boys
even tried.

The nearly 50 4-6th graders were so good.
They bless my heart every time.

I cannot wait to hear them sing these songs.

We did a bit of a sing-a-long yesterday and the
voices were so sweet...in both classes.

I am pleased with the high school girls because
they were very quick to pick up on the alto
part I threw at them just to see what they
would do with it.

It is looking good!

On a different note~

Want to see some of my candle mess?

Yes, that is the backside of a bottle of pain killer
beside the fragrance oil. I never let that get far
from my reach.

Some finished product waiting to go back to
my Amish friends. It is something between
fun and a challenge to make all the different
containers at the same time. Figuring out wick
sizing, mixing different ounces and fragrance...
fun, but time consuming.
I make up what they give me.

You can never have too many wicks.
I had to order more.
These are all too big for the next
round of candles I'll be making.

Gel tealights went into a container sent over to
me by the customer. They look a bit like jolly
rancher candies. The Fresh Squeezed Orange
smells like candy too.

The hot chocolate is for a show I'll be doing
soon. I have to make a bunch of candles for this
show and another one over the next couple of

I am organizing and labeling things to
make this next round of fundraisers faster
and more efficient. I'll need all of the
organization I can pull together. Things are
about to get really crazy.

After more than three years of candlemaking I have finally written the fragrance on the top of the bottle so I don't have to keep pulling bottle after bottle to find the one that I am looking for. This is the "joy" part of having all three kids at work at the same time....I am actually getting to some of those projects that I have wanted to do for a long time.
I do miss the kids...a little...when they are not here. lol It is only three hours at a time, at most, that they are all gone at the same time...so I have to work quickly...
Well, I had better get going on this day.
Sorry to run on and on.

Becky K.