Sunday, October 22, 2017

It's Been a While....

And this little man is growing. 
This photo was taken a week or two ago by his Mama.

We went away on a vacation with some of the kiddos.
This was at the Virginia Zoo in Norfolk.

 Some of the wildlife was kind of familiar.

On the way back from the zoo I got to play photographer.
We stopped at our favorite beach...Buckroe Beach.

Jonathan and Darcey....

Chadd and Chelsea

It was a very fun vacation filled with games, shopping, time with extended family,
a trip to urgent care for me because of a run in with a toxic
caterpillar the day we left and much Grandma time with Roy.

Recently we attended a gorgeous wedding held in a delightful country church.

The day couldn't have been more perfect.
The mini groomsmen....adorable!!

That moment with Dad...just before he gives her away....

And then they were married!

The bride is our own Emily's sister.
We have been friends with this family for many years
and were delighted to see her find her prince!

 Our friend, Susan, who did the flowers for Chelsea's wedding
also did Liza's flowers.
She is truly gifted.

Liza and Todd shared communion together
during the ceremony.
It was lovely.

The reception was very nice as well.
Great food and lots of good fun.
Emily gave a very sweet Matron of Honor speech 
about things Todd needed to know about Emily's best friend, Liza.

This is a very scant catch up post....
I have sooo many more photos.
However, we have just concluded weeks of a strong and successful
Best Kept Secrets Tour in the shop.
We have greeted and enjoyed hundreds of new customers.
While we loved every moment of it....
our bodies are weary.

Tonight we spent the evening with Chelsea, Chadd, Jonathan, Darcey, Mom and Georgia.
Again, the games were brought out and the competition continued.
I got to play with my favorite little guy while his parents
reclaimed the title of Dirty Marble winners.
This had been lost to Jonathan and Darcey while on vacation.

Hope all is well with you....
I will do my best to be back sooner.
But no promises.  
Life is hopping!