Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Mom Said I Could

Last week after I posted the Iris photos
my Mom called and said her peonies were
open and gorgeous.
She said she didn't mind if I wanted to come
and take photos.....

Well, I took her up on that!
Peonies happen to be one of my favorite 
flowers....but when I think of them I think of
the traditional big puffy flower.

She has a few of those but she also 
has a bunch of these pretties.

Of course while I was there I wandered
around the yard to see what else was 
looking good.

Love this potted Impatien on a chair.

So cute!

Finally I thought these flower balls
were very pretty.
So delicate...

Thanks Mom!
I love your gardens and your attention 
to making things beautiful!

Monday, May 30, 2011

With Sincerest Thanks....

This is an amazing country!
Sure, we aren't without our faults
but we are free.

We are blessed.

Art courtesy ace-clipart.com
Freedom comes with a price.
That of the lives of brave men and women
who were willing to serve in our military.

Warren and I each had a grandfather
who served in World War II.
They lived to tell the tales
but so many did not.

I send my grateful thanks to those families
who endure the pain of loss
for the sake of our freedoms.

Photo courtesy Google images.

Today we remember those who 
lost their lives in pursuit of 
all for which 
America stands.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

What Kind of Tea is This????

A couple of years ago I found a teapot
at a yard sale.
It had no lid.
The poor thing.

So....I felt sorry for it and 
brought it home.

I also found a fern that seemed sweet.
I was told to keep it wet and it would
be happy.

The fern went into the teapot.
It has been there for two years.
I cut it all the way back a couple
of times a year
and when it is ready it grows again.

This year it came out the spout.

Cracked me up!

But I love it....

Friday, May 27, 2011

Congratulations To Chelsea

May 26, 2011
A photo story of Chelsea's Graduation

Leaving for Dress Rehearsal at 7:40am

There are 90 in the class....At the rehearsal.

Chelsea and Emma are in the first row....second and third from the left.

They figured out that they could be the same height if one wore heels and the other flats....that meant they could stand together.....sacrificing style for the ability to laugh and chat.

At 5:45 Chelsea and Emma were getting ready in the Choir Room.  They had a little help from Emma's older sister, Lindsay.

I guess there was an issue with the tassel....

Such a special time for these friends

 Time was so limited!
It makes it look like these two don't know or love other
graduates, but that is far from true.
We literally took these pictures in about five minutes
as Chelsea got into her gown and then they 
were called into the sanctuary for a group photo.
I wished we could get a photo of all of the 
graduates from our own homeschool co-op.
(This graduation represents a large geographic area.)
There was quite a group from the co-op we participated in
for ten years.  Such special young people!!

Leave it to Mikey...jumping into a photo.

Some of our guests.....Ruth, Sue, Allan and Bev

Warren, Jonathan, Melissa, Georgia and Mom
That blur is Chelsea.....

I didn't get any good photos during the ceremony.
But that is ok.
It was good, but a little bit scary
when a huge thunderstorm made its presence
known by way of torrential downpours on the 
church's metal roof and the flickering of lights.
This happened during the keynote speaker's 
address as he was describing the attributes 
of God.  
Interesting timing, but given the fact that we had
come in knowing there were tornado warnings in the 
area I think everyone was a bit on edge.

It was fun to give Chelsea her diploma.
She gave me a red rose.
So hard to believe we made it to this point.

 Elizabeth...a great friend!  Her sister, Emily, graduated too.
Mikey dressed up because she asked him to. So sweet!

Chelsea and Lindsay.

Our dear friend, Jenny.

With her Grandma's.

Uncle Allan.

"Mommy and Daddy"

There he goes again!

That's better. No silly faces now.

Some people just can't help themselves....

Allan didn't really want to be in the photo, did he?
I guess he did....but.... are those rabbit ears?
Our evening ended with friends and family at Applebees.
It was fun.  We were tired.....
But it was a wonderful day.
Thanks to all who helped to make it special.
You know who you are!