Wednesday, March 9, 2022

Talented Ladies

Our daughter in law, Emily, is crazy talented with planters. She is the artist behind ours.  Coming up soon is  a switch to Spring. I’ve seen what’s going in and I’m so excited! 

 At some point soon Emily hopes to offer this service to other local businesses.  She’s an entrepreneur in process.

Chelsea has found a new creative outlet.  Gorgeous cookies!  Every day she practices a new skill, or three. Orders are beginning to come in and we are excited to see where this leads. Not that she has nothing to do as a mom and shop owner. But this girl is so much like me….she loves to learn!

 Our other daughter in law, Darcey, has had her new business for about a year now.  She makes amazing macrame, whisk brooms, and now, stickers.  We are so proud to see Darcey being intentional about using the gifts God has given her. @withinwonderscurios  

We are pleased to carry many of Darcey’s creations at the shop.

Being surrounded by creative people pushes me to keep improving as well.  I’m currently waiting on a shipment of new candle jars and fragrances. While I may still be focused on the same two businesses I’m always on a quest to make them better.  Our shop has never looked as good as it does right now and much of that credit also goes to Chelsea.  She’s simply amazing at display/merchandising.

Yesterday was Women in Business day. I missed it.  But it’s never wrong to celebrate the strong women in our lives.

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Terra said...

Your family has a lot of different talents and an eye for beauty combined with utility. And those pretty cookies!