Saturday, March 12, 2022

Snow Day

 March in Pennsylvania is the most predictably unpredictable.  On Wednesday our shop door was open with temps in the high 60’s. Today temps will go from the 40’s this morning into the 20’s by late afternoon. With 3-5 inches of snow and high winds expected we have declared it a snow day. 

Snow Days on Saturdays are a special kind of torture for retail. But we will make the very most of it.

I happen to have an order for 144 chocolate candles to fill. The jars are scheduled to be delivered today.  So it looks like I will spend this afternoon, at least, pouring the best smelling chocolate candles. 

Before temps drop below freezing I hope to get to the grocery store to fill our very empty fridge. I have to depend on Warren for that one since my car decided to try to shed a tire…once again. I have a front tire with a death wish.  This is the third time it has loosened itself only this time it sheared three of the bolts off. Sigh.

Warren’s car is standard and I was supposed to learn to drive it a long time ago…..that hasn’t happened.

Yesterday was our 33rd Anniversary. As we both had long, busy days at work we met up at The Waffle House at 9pm to celebrate. It was our very first time at our local Waffle House.  But we knew it would be open and were fairly certain there would be no wait.  Both were true. And that’s really about all I can say about it.  Other than that they have a very modern juke box that I was tempted to play….but resisted. 

Sight & Sound’s latest production, David, opens to the public today.  We went to the Friends & Family Premiere Thursday evening.  It was soooo good. As always this night is tension filled for Warren and so I feel that with him.  I’ll absorb more the next time. I came away with several impressions. First, this show is technically and artistically modern.  While the costuming and story are very true to the text the music and visual effects are 2022.

There is one scene where David has some fun on his harp that draws the audience in as well.  That scene ends too soon. It was so much fun!

I’ll not say too much more because surprises are fun.  But I highly doubt you would be disappointed should you go. It’s an adventure. 

What I wore to the show. The day before I went shopping in our clothing boutique. This was taken the morning of and I figured out the timer on my phone for the first time. I was super self conscious as I kept setting it and posing in various locations outside.  I kept waiting for a neighbor to pop out and ask what I was doing. But if anyone noticed they haven’t said so. :-)

Have a great day! 

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Jan said...

You look wonderful Becky. Thx for comments on David; I can't wait to go on Mar 30!