Sunday, March 13, 2022

Chelsea’s New Business

 It’s not that she doesn’t have enough to do with being a wife and mother, partner in a family business with daily responsibilities.  Nope!  But her creative spirit drives her to bake.  And through this she discovered a love of cookie decorating. 

Chadd has been taking her baked goods to work with him just as Warren always did before she was married.  But lately she has made more than even they can consume. So she is going commercial. We got her licenses on Friday and she is in the process of getting her kitchen certified. A delightful lady in our town with a commercial kitchen has offered use of it until Chelsea’s is ready.  How is that for support?? 

It’s awesome to see our children find their passion. What we thought would be a hobby is turning into more.  Quickly.

You can find her on Facebook at:

Darcey helped create the logo. That makes me so happy too.  Seeing our kids create together. 

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Linda G. said...

What a talent she has! The cookies are beautiful!