Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Chelsea's Baby Shower

What a beautiful evening!  Chelsea had wanted an outdoor wedding....but it rained.  She wanted an outdoor baby was delightful!  We decided to go with a June date, with six weeks to go, hoping the temperatures wouldn't be crazy high.  As it turned out the day before was hideous in heat and humidity, plus dangerous storms.  But shower day was just perfect.  Grandma Ruth offered up her back yard.  It was great!

Jonathan's girlfriend, Darcey, holds another guest's baby.
Yes...that is news. 
Jonathan is dating and we love her!

Two of my dear friends.  
Kelly in pink and Melissa in sunglasses.

 Chelsea's precious flower girl, Jocelyn.
She is such a mini Chels.

Jocelyn's big sister, Arizona.

 Jocelyn's mom, and our long time friend, Kandi.
Have you noticed the clothespins?
It was part of one of those dreaded games where you can't say 
a word, in this case the word was baby, or you lose your pin.

I love this photo of my friends, Deanna and Jennifer.
And behind them, Chelsea's former co-workers who
still love and support her so well.
In the forefront is our friend, Laura.


Our precious daughter in law, Emily, put sooo much into this shower.
She is so very good at these things.
This was a photo booth.
Kelly went straight for the purple boa.
The others are deciding on colors for their masks.

 They were so much fun!

The little girls wanted in on the fun.

They shared the boa with their mama.

 Then it was time to open gifts.
Sweet Chelsea was so tired by this point.
She worked with me all day to her choice.
She loves event planning. 

 Precious guests....generous guests.
Sue is waving....and trying not to be distracted from watching Chelsea.

As I review these photos and look at the precious faces who attended
it strikes me how Chelsea's connections cross generations completely.
She loves each and every one in attendance, dearly.

This was a surprise we kept.
Three friends came into the shop one day while Chelsea and I 
were on a buying trip.
Grandma Ruth knew that they had purchased this awesome mobile
for Chelsea and we knew HOW much she would be thrilled 
by that generous act. 
When our artisan, Corrie, first brought this to the shop
Chelsea expressed how very much she would love to have it 
in her baby's nursery...but the price tag was a bit over her budget.
There is a lot of work put into this mobile.

Funny story....One day while coming out of the restroom at the shop
one of the hot air balloons got caught and ripped off.
Chelsea was devastated.
Corrie took it home and fixed it....and then brought it back.
So it was after that when the friends came in and purchased it for Chelsea.

 She was genuinely surprised to see it again!!
And pleased.

Melissa had "a bit" of fun shopping and wrapping her
gifts to Chelsea.

Because of her brief time with red hair as a teenager, Chelsea had the nickname
Carrot with one group of friends.
Bibs were available to decorate.
Mindy brought back the nickname in the cutest way.
She also found a little bow tie with carrots on it.
That was mind boggling.
Good one, Mindy!

More of our guests creativity on the bibs.

A few of the flowers.
Mom made simple but pretty arrangements of flowers 
from our yards.

We brought some air plants from the shop.

How could I not make candle favors for my daughter's shower?
Took me an hour to decide on the theme.
But this was perfect, both for color and for Chelsea's history
of time in Australia.


Emily and Michael gave many gifts.
This one is very special.
A baby photo shoot!!
They will love that.

 My cutie pie!

So beautiful...with just six weeks until her due date.

So many thanks to all who helped make this evening
such a success.

It was a blessing!

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Memorial Day 2017

The day began quite early.  I arrived and opened the shop by 7:30 yesterday morning.  You see, there was to be a parade on Main Street beginning around 9 am but rumors had it that the streets would be lined by eager residents much earlier.  I translated that to what we know from the Solanco Parade.  I figured I would have a hard time getting a parking spot and driving through the crowds to the shop.
Well, it wasn't quite like that.  At 7:30 there were a few people around but it definitely wasn't crowded.  They didn't end up closing Main Street until sometime after 9am.  However, I was there and it was so much fun to see neighbors gather on foot, coming from neighborhoods all around.

The parade moved me to tears.  I'm definitely a softie for all things patriotic but there was the added component that we were remembering those who willingly went into danger for us.  I'm simply not that brave.  But completely appreciate the sacrifices made by those men and women as well as the ongoing grief of families left behind.

Here are some photos from the morning.

This represented the Strasburg Railroad.
I saw the young man who had hosted us on our train ride
just the other day.
He was walking and handing out train brochures ahead of 
the antique Ford.

I didn't know there was a community band.
They were quite good.

The antique fire truck coming's version.

One of seven John Deere Tractors.

And then the most embarrassing story of the day!

I didn't realize that the parade comes back!
It comes back to the memorial in front of our shop.

In the morning when I put my sign out I purposely put it behind the memorial
so that it wouldn't be in the way of the parade watchers.
However, in doing so I put it directly beside the flagpole.
Now, the flag was already up and I never thought about them
doing something to it.

My mistake!

Everyone returned to this spot and the flag, which was up came down.
It kept getting caught and the gentleman also had to deal with my 
sign at his elbow.
I was inside the shop watching with flaming cheeks.
How awful!!
And there was nothing I could do about it.

Finally the flag was replaced with a new one and the band burst out in song.
I sighed with relief that this happening was about to be over.

I have no idea why they wouldn't have simply moved the sign
or come to me so I could move it.
But I'll know better next year!!
No sign until AFTER the parade and ceremony.

The ceremony was pretty awesome!!

We had a bit of a rush after the parade and I enjoyed showing the 
shop to some acquaintances who hadn't been there yet.

Then we were off on another adventure.

We recently joined the Lancaster County Visitor's Bureau.
It is known as Discover Lancaster.
As it would happen there was an opening for us to have a retail
display at the Visitor Center.
Not an everyday happening....normally all of that space is filled.
We were offered an entire wall.
I was going to be conservative and take half of the wall
but I think they have convinced me to go for it
and I'll be looking for another display piece or two
and keep it all stocked.
Kind of like a baby shop that someone else staffs for us.
Hard to resist!

So, with Warren's help we picked up a new display piece from a 
consignment furniture store and went over to the Visitor Center.
I had packed an assortment of items not knowing how they would
all fit together on the new display piece.

Chelsea set it up and I think it looks pretty good 
for a quick turnaround.
We will continue to add, change and fluff.
It's what we do.

This gift shop is open to the public and has hours daily.
You are more than welcome to pop in here to make a purchase
if you can't make it to Strasburg on any given day!!
Of course, we won't carry many of our artisan items here
simply because of liability but in a pinch you would 
still be able to find cool stuff!!
Neat jewelry, etc.

Looking at this I already have ideas to make it even better. 
Can't wait to get on that!!
But for less than a week turnaround I'm very pleased.
My daughter is pretty stinkin good at display and we get 
daily comments on it.
Proud Mama moment.

I finished out the day at the shop...until 5.
When I went out to close I decided to take some 
photos of the flags in the ferns...placed there by someone from the borough.

And the Memorial.
Seeing the flowers on it 
really touched my heart.

I came home and found
Warren on his mom's porch with her so I 
headed there where we decided to see what restaurants
were open and pick one for dinner.

Mom was at a picnic with a ministry from her church.

The three of us ended up at Texas Roadhouse and enjoyed a 
very nice dinner together before I came home and made
a candle order which had to ship out today.

Finally, my head hit the pillow and I'm sure the snores
commenced within minutes.

What a wonderful and fulfilling day!

God Bless America!
Land that I truly LOVE!!