Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A Lucy and Ethel Moment

It was nearly the stuff television is made of.

On Saturday I was scheduled to meet a woman at
her church to set up a Fundraiser Display for
a mission trip to the Native Americans on a
Reservation out West. This group goes out
and does vision checks and then gives out glasses
donated from the Lion's Club to those who need
them. A very neat mission.

Anyway, we were supposed to meet at 9:00am.
My Mother-in-law is hoping to go on this trip
and introduced the group to the candle fund raiser
so she came along to help set up.

As I pulled into the parking lot of this large
church facility, I was recalling the words of
Jean, "Just pull right up to the front door and
come in. You can unload from there."

Here is the problem. In front of the front
doors... was a hearse.

There were men in dark suits.

This was obviously a somber event... and there
I was in jeans and a trunk full of candles.

Georgia and I parked a short distance away in
the parking lot and then walked hesitantly to
the door. The closer we got, the more obvious
it became that there was no way we were going
to be sneaking in with our merchandise.

The family was just inside the door.

One older gentleman pointed us to some church
attendees out raking leaves and thought perhaps
they could help us.

So...off we went to question them.

One man was very helpful and called his wife
to get the phone number of Jean, the lady we
were to be meeting.

Georgia called, she got voicemail.

I returned to the van to wait.

Georgia assumed a post on the sidewalk
directly across from the front doors.
She just stood there watching everyone
come and go. I don't believe I mentioned
that Georgia was wearing bright red pants
and shoes. Not exactly funeral attire, if
you know what I mean!

I noticed that the family and friends of
the deceased truly knew how to dress.

You notice these things when you are terribly
under dressed for an occasion.

Finally, many minutes later, Jean appeared and
was quite apologetic as she had no idea there
was to be a funeral at the church today.

She directed us to a back door and I assumed
our drama was over.


We carried everything into the room to
be set up on display.
No problem.
Unless you count the very handsome Priest
who got off the elevator
and nearly got run over by ladies carrying
bins of candles. Our hostess apologized
sincerely to him for our presence.
That felt good!

A little while later...
I needed something from the van.

As I headed out through the double doors
on the left, my head turned to peer through
a door on the right. One with a very large

To my dismay, I was looking into the eyes of
the entire congregation at the funeral!


That side door just happens to be the front entrance
for the sanctuary.

I ducked out the door as quickly as I could and
upon my return, I was relieved to see that everyone
was standing and facing the aisle in the church.
In my relief, I sped up and was not as careful
as I should have been and kicked a trash can
that was hiding in the shadows!

Big crash!

I rushed to the room of refuge and told no one...
until now... about kicking the can...(pun intended).

Can you just imagine if I had turned the
wrong way and actually entered the door that
led to the sanctuary?
See, there is always a
silver lining...

So, if you run into Georgia or I in the weeks or months
to come, we will understand if you want to refer to us
as Lucy and Ethel.
We have earned it!

Hope your day has no resemblance to an
"I Love Lucy" episode!


Becky K. (Lucy)


Mrs. Rabe said...

Oh My!

I am sorry - I am sure you were mortified, but it is funny!

lady jane said...


Kind of a "Oh Lord just take me home now!" kind of situation.

Oh dear. You poor thing(s).

Kelly said...

I'm so sorry for your discomfort and embarrassment, but it really is funny!

Martie said...

I loved your story!! Thanks for sharing - it made my night.


lady jane said...

YOU, young lady, are a sweetheart and a half!

I found a package out front on my vintage desk. From you. It was a heavy puppie! And it was filled with the most amazing scented candles **ever**! Wow! Thank you a million times over. I'm lighting the hot chocolate first!

You made my day. hUgS!