Thursday, November 26, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving and Please Don't Delete our History

This is perfectly strange timing for a post such as this but it is also the time that I have to write what has been on my mind for a while now.  Today we celebrate Thanksgiving.  A day that hearkens back to the very origination of our country.  I love the United States of America.  It is all I know and it is the best I can imagine on many levels.  However, thinking about it the other day I understand that our coming was total disaster to the Native Americans who were living here at the time.  We brought disease, a sense of self importance which pushed them from their homes and many other disturbing things to their lives.  Someone posted a cartoon photo of the Native Americans standing with signs saying they were not taking refugees.  Well?  What if?  Their lives would have been greatly improved.  But...that is not the point of this post.

So, what is then, you ask?  It is this.  Over the past decade there has been a very strong, and successful trend to rewrite history.  Most recently at Princeton where some students want all references to Woodrow Wilson erased due to his racial views.  President Woodrow Wilson lived in a time where racism was a given.  It appears that he was very extreme in his views and actions.  I believe with all of my heart that God created all human beings to be equal.  I don't believe it is anywhere near right to raise one skin color or culture over another.  However, in history there was racism.  Today there is still racism.  That is completely and totally wrong and not based on the teachings of the Bible.  However, history is something to be learned from....and not erased.  Can we please use this as an opportunity to have a civil conversation?  To change our ways and not our history?

When Joe Paterno was being investigated for how much he knew of the absolutely horrible actions of Jerry Sandusky a panel decided that they would just erase his lifetime of work.  Really?  When did this become possible?  Accomplishments by hundreds of players, staff and even fans could be written off as if they had never occurred?  I guess so....since it has become the policy in the classrooms.
Don't like what actually happened?   Just delete or rewrite.  If they can get away with it so publicly....

How can we avoid the same pitfalls that our predecessors made if we don't see what they were and what the outcome was?  History books are omitting or putting a spin on much important history these days.  This next generation is at a disadvantage.

History is NOT to be about putting forth what we WISHED had happened or what we hope WILL happen. It is about the truth of what has happened and what we can learn both positively and negatively from it.

Recently there was a rewriting of the NIV version of the Bible.  Those writers decided to gender neutralize it.  Seriously???

We are at a very serious crossroads in our country and our churches.  One in which we will either learn from past mistakes or do it all over again.  I wonder if we know enough to make the right choices?  I pray there is still enough truth out there to prevail.  Whatever the case, our Heavenly Father has not and cannot be edited and His Spirit still speaks to the hearts and minds of His people.  Here's hoping we listen and obey.

Have a very happy Thanksgiving Day.  May it be blessed by the truth of the wonder of community loving and serving each other.  I hope you are celebrating with family and perhaps some who don't have family nearby.  We will celebrate with family from a distance and some cousins I've never met. And now, I should go put the ham in.  Mom has the turkey started at her house.  See ya!


Theresa said...

Great post dear friend, timely and true! Have a blessed Thanksgiving! HUGS!

Gayla said...

My very wise gramma would have called this appalling new practice "throwing the baby out with the bath water."

Vee said...

The rewriting of history has been around for a very long time. I also find it egregious. Hope that you folks had a great Thanksgiving.