Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Crazy Beautiful Weather in November

This is a very busy week.  With my second largest 
craft show beginning on Friday and running through Sunday
there is a need for me to have a lot of things made up 
and organized.

We are also having an extended family Thanksgiving
this year, which we are excited about.
We have family coming from Virginia and cousins
I don't ever remember meeting coming from York County.
I can't wait to make their acquaintance.
I remember being at their Grandparent's house 
when I was a kid.
Precious memories.

I've been back and forth about the best timing to 
do the shopping, cooking, candle making and packing.
This morning Chelsea and I thought we would get to Costco
just as they opened and beat the crowds.
Well, you can't blame us for trying.
We got there fifteen minutes after they opened
and drove around and around waiting for a parking 
space to open up from someone who had actually 
been there fifteen minutes earlier and had made 
record time gathering their items.

I've been making candles at every available moment
and today was no exception.
This afternoon I thought perhaps I would begin setting
up over at the Lime Valley Mill.
And so Chelsea and I loaded the car and headed over.
However, it was all locked up.
I must have hit it just at a bad time when no one
was there to set up, etc.
It isn't a problem.
I'll just do it in the morning but since we were there
and it was so pretty I decided to walk around 
and grab a few pictures.

One of the covered bridges that Lancaster County 
is known for.
Sadly, this one is closed at the moment.
Hoping it can reopen soon.

 The glass is wavy.
Just look at those windows.

I decided to try using the panorama setting. 

It was soooo cold last year this time. 
We will be in the 50's through the end of the week
from the sounds of things and that will make 
hanging out in The Mill much nicer.
This is going to be GOOD!

Soon after getting home I was folding laundry 
when Warren's mom popped in.
She was doing some yard work and found this 
Clematis blooming on the side of her shed.
Seriously...in late November.
What a year!!

I would gladly sign up for the same kind of 
November next year.
The roses are going strong and the cows are 
still enjoying a green pasture.
Not so bad.

Have a blessed Thanksgiving!


Doris said...

I'm loving this warm weather too....and the grass is SO green!
Thanksgiving Blessings to you and your family!

Theresa said...

Beautiful days here too:) Your pictures are gorgeous! Have a blessed Thanksgiving dear friend! I can't wait to hear how it goes at the Mill:) HUGS!

Deanna Rabe - Creekside Cottage Blog said...

Its been a wonderful November!


Vee said...

A beautiful mild fall here as well. In the low 50s tomorrow. Like you, I could get used to this. What a lovely venue for your show. Sounds like a fun Thanksgiving!