Sunday, July 25, 2010

Blues From Church

It is fun.
Thanks, Sally, for being 
such a fabulous hostess.

I find the color blue to be soothing.
Perhaps that is why I chose the 
soft blue color for the front wall
in the sanctuary.

The other walls are a tan color.
I love having the "pulpit wall" stand alone.

This particular blue had a very 
appropriate name for a sanctuary.
It is called Kindred Spirit.
It was meant to be, I think!
Sunday School is special
at Sonrise.
Everyone participates from the 
children to the Seniors.

But the wall is not the only blue to be 
found at church.
Very often Nick, whose Mom
writes Cozy Comforts, wears blue
as he plays the drums. 

He is a relatively new drummer but honestly is already very, very good.  
I so enjoy the energy 
he brings to the music!

We have a grouping of pictures as a sort
of welcome just inside the door.  There are
a few blues to be seen here, as well.

We wanted the church to reflect our sense
of family and community.  We enjoy spending
time together and love meeting new people.
It is our hope that those who visit feel at home
with us.

Our Pastor is such a dear friend.
We have known Mike for more than ten years
 and have such respect
for him.
His sermon today was amazing.
But, any Pastor worth his salt can 
preach a good message.
Pastor Mike, while very human,
is also a very Godly man.
Always seeking the Lord's will and 
directing his congregation
to do the 

Here you see him helping me fold
the bulletins.
Yes, Mike is very good about things 
like this.
Mrs. Rabe and I remember the day, very well,
that we were working ever so hard to set up
for a Christmas Tea.  
After setting up tables and decorating out in the 
sanctuary we each headed to our  homes
for a bit and returned
shortly before the ladies began to gather
to find a note from Mike telling us
how nice everything looked and that 
he had mopped the floors....
just to be helpful and make things
as nice as they could be.
We actually laughed really hard because
we thought we were being sneaky in setting
up the tables in the sanctuary, 
not sure how he might feel about having 
food served over that carpet.
That certainly allowed us to breathe
easier that evening...
After we finished laughing!

So...aren't you glad I am not singing the blues 
about things at church?
It can happen.
No church is perfect, because they all have
imperfect humans that make them up.
However, I am so very thankful for our 
church body.
Such wonderful family and friends.
The love and support that flowed from
them over this past week as I was 
in the hospital and then recuperating at 
home was 

This morning, my friend, our Associate Pastor Jack...
that is him on the left...
came to the piano earlier than usual.
You may recall he loves to do that while
I am playing the prelude.
Messes me up every time.
Today, however, he came straight to me
even before Sunday School.
With misty eyes he gave me a hug
and told me how glad he was that 
I am ok.
That sweet former Marine.
Contented sigh....

Have a fabulous week.
I'm still taking it easy. 
Naps are very good things.....


Becky K.


Tracy said...

Glad you found such a good church family. I'm gald your o.k.

Buttercup said...

Thanks for sharing your church family. What a lovely group of people. Keep taking it easy and glad you are feeling much better.

SmilingSally said...

That is an especially pretty blue for a wall. I noticed that the hymnals are blue too.

I'm glad you are up and out a bit too.

Happy Blue Monday, Becky.

Vee said...

So enjoyed reading about your church family. I can tell that you are a very involved member and that you are well loved. A pastor who helps is literally a Godsend. (I always think of my pastor mucking about in the bathroom plunging commodes and cleaning. That's saintly!) Lovely, calming blue by the way.

Baba said...

Hi Becky,I have enjoyed reading about your great church makes a difference with God in our lives.and sharing him with our friends and family.

I pray you are feeling better . I feel better when I am on my meds for my BP and acid reflux..stay on your medicine and get to feeling well..

Have a good day... hugs, Baba

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Oh, Becky! I am so sorry you've been through all of that ordeal with your heart. I have been MIA due to computer trouble first and then MIA due to a crazy weekend. I had no idea this has happened to you. I'm so sorry. I just added my prayers to the others that are going up for you, dear girl. Please take good care of you.

I love the blue wall, too, and your church really does seem like a family. They are blessed to have you as such an integral part, too. No, we as the church aren't perfect, but together our strengths work for good and help support the weak spots in each other.

Sending you warm hugs. PLEASE feel better.

Happy Blue Monday!


Sheila :-)

LV said...

Enjoyed being in your church service. It looks very clean and neat. The young men all knew to dress in blue.

Anonymous said...

You didn't mention that Pastor Mike is also wearing blue :-)

It sounds like you have a wonderful church family.

JEANNE said...

Hello dear Becky, this is a lovely post and your blues are a lovely reminder to how important our church is to us. It is wonderful to hear the love you have for your church family. We too love our church family. If you ever need a friend there are a bunch right there in your church. A blessing for sure.

Happy Blue Monday.

Hugs, Jeanne

Deanna Rabe - Creekside Cottage Blog said...

And that Emily had blue on in the photo as well!

I do remember Mike cleaning the floors for us! He is a wonderfully caring man and a real shepherd of the flock.

You didn't show our pretty blue bathroom, either. Oh well, some other Blue Monday perhaps!

Ann - Making Fun Family Memories with Childrens Tea Sets said...

What a lovely church and church family and a lovely Blue Monday post! Loved the cute story about the "Big girls" tea party at your church. So sweet. :)

Elena said...

Your church sounds to wonderful! We feel the same about ours here in Oregon:) I love the blue on the sanctuary wall. Very pretty and peaceful!

Kelly said...

We talk about how much we love Sonrise on a regular basis. the boys and I just talked about it again yesterday while we were in the car going somewhere. We just love how much the people that make up our congregation sincerely care for one another. We have built such valuable close friendships in the two short years that we have been there, and we don't miss the congregation we left. Sonrise is home.