Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Year/Christmas Celebration No. 2

Happy New Year!

Thursday evening found us driving
to Central Pennsylvania in a mix of

At a couple of points we debated the
wisdom of continuing but did it anyway.
Thankfully we followed this guy up a series
of mountains, called Seven Mountains.

Waiting at the other end of our journey
were my brother, Allan, and his wife, Bev.

We were looking forward to spending a quick
twenty four hours in celebration.

We are all so glad that we did make it there.
Allan and Bev had so much planned.

We welcomed in 2010 around a camp fire in freshly
fallen snow. The woods around us were still and
the conversation was fun. We knew it was January
1st when the sound of fireworks and gunshots sounded
from the surrounding neighborhoods.

We finally returned to the warm house for
some delicious burritos. I'll have to share
the recipe for these if I can find it.
Bev made an amazing filling. I can't believe
we ate burritos at 12:30 am!
But, we did, and they were yummy!

Come Friday Breakfast the first of the
belated Christmas Presents was given.

As we talked at breakfast I mentioned that
I would like to update our camera at some point in
the future. You know, so I can
take better pictures to share here.
That gave Allan and Bev their opening
to offer a very personal gift.

The gift of song.

They stood and sang what they had written.
Sung to the tune of The Logger.
You know, the one who stirred his coffee with his thumb.

The Blogger

As I sat down one evening,
"Twas in a small cafe;
A forty-year old waiter,
To me these words did say:

I see you are a blogger,
Not just a common bum,
'Cause no one but a blogger,
makes her computer hum.

I had a blogger lover;
There's none like her today.
If you laughed so hard your pants fell down,
she'd blog it right away.

She'd blog about our children,
She'd blog about our pets,
She'd blog about our dogs and cats,
and blog about their vets.

She'd photograph the landscape,
And photograph our house,
And then she'd post the photos,
By clicking on her mouse.

One day when she was blogging,
Her keyboard was a blur,
The cat jumped up upon her lap,
And it commenced to purr.

And so she blogged about it,
And took a photo, too,
The cat got mad and scratched her leg,
She blogged about that too.

One day when she was blogging,
Her PC gave a wheeze,
And with no other warning,
Her monitor did freeze.

She tried restarting Windows,
Checked cables all in vain.
When she finally logged back on,
She'd lost her own domain.

And so I lost my blogger,
And to this cafe I've come,
It's here I wait for someone,
To make her computer hum.

I laughed myself into a massive
coughing fit.
They were so funny.

Now this is love, right?
Taking the time to make fun of
my blogging addiction.

I don't think it was an intervention,
though, as they didn't say I should
stop. They just wanted to bless me
with a very personalized gift.
If you would like to share this with
anyone or on your blog, please link back
here and give the credit for the poem to
Allan and Bev S.

Our day proceeded with the opening of
gifts, enjoyment of some unusual or
crass ones.

Yes these are "pooping" animals.
I am so sorry.
They were stocking stuffers from
my sweet, innocent Mother.
Yes, the same one who started a
pillow fight with Jonathan Friday
morning....and the fact that I am
posting these pictures makes the
point of the song above!
Sad...I know!

We then played some fun games.
We finally ate pork and sour kraut and
then piled in the car to return home.

A whirlwind, for sure.
But fun.

Thanks Allan and Bev, for your hospitality
and all of the fun you planned.

I do hope YOU, my dear reader, had a blessed
and fun New Year Celebration.

Here's to a very fun and interactive 2010!



Karen said...

Your New Year's celebration sounds like it was very special and fun.

That song is a priceless gift! How hilarious and cool! And your mom...hmmm...she always looks so innocent, doesn't she?

Thanks for sharing it with all of us-it brought a big smile to my face this morning. Maybe that's because all us bloggers can so easily identify with your song?

Tracy said...

Sounds like a good time. Happy New Year.

jAne said...

bwahahaha... you aren't going to believe this Becky - but i have that reindeer!!!!! in fact, i had already taken pictures to make a blog post. snicker. ;o)

jAne *

Vee said...

Your brother and his wife are very funny and fun, too, I bet. That's a great poem and so very spot on...and I'm not just talking about you! LOL!

Anonymous said...

Love the bow Chelsea!! Reminds me of something Mrs Bennett would wear!

Karen at Nittany Inspirations said...

I love the poem.

I can picture everyone sitting around the campfire. We spent a cold Halloween evening sitting around a campfire when they lived in Julian.

daisy said...

That is perfect! Now that's love...writing a poem about blogging. I just watched Julie and Julia (at least three times!) and it cracked me up when Julia and her husband had a fight, and he says, "Now DON'T write about this on your blog!" LOL. If you blog, you know. Ha!

Oh! And I'm so glad you got your puppy. The pictures are so cute! I love dogs, but I've had enough of saying goodbye for a while. We have one dog left, and my hubby and I keep telling each other...No New Pets! We're going to have to be really strict with each other, because we both have such soft hearts when it comes to those little dogs.

Have a fun weekend!

Vickie said...

What a fun time you had. And what a special song for you! Sounds like ya'll had quite a holiday.

I love those poopy animals. I'd seen them somewhere, maybe on TV, but I bet they were a scream since your sweet mom got them.

A new puppy - AWWWWWW - how sweet and cute!

Happy New Year back atcha!

Vickie said...

Oh yeah, Becky, I forgot - I saw your update on your puppy about what it was - I KNEW it had to be Pom or part Pom. We have one of each! Pom and a chihuahua. There you've got the best of both. She's so cute! And not quite the ordeal of keeping up with the grooming on the heavier coat of the Pom. I'm really proud for you! Ya'll are going to love her and she will love ya'll, too. Best of all, she'll never have to live in a puppy mill.

Kelly said...

Absolutely LOVE the Blogger song!

Great post!

I can't believe your quiet mother bought those ridiculous pooping animals! Ha! Ha!