Monday, May 17, 2010

A Full Weekend

Indeed it was a very busy weekend.
But good.

The highlights?
~More than 30 in our Family Room for
Bible Study on Friday evening.
~Shopping for Baby Gifts on Saturday
~First Music Lessons with Kiddos at Church
~A sweet Baby Shower
~Friends over Sunday evening.

Poor Mikey got an elbow in the face while playing Ultimate Frisbee
which made him dizzy and his nose bleed.
Ordinarily this would be just a normal happening...
but all of a sudden I had visions of him looking 
like a raccoon for graduation!
Good Grief.
But the truth is that he is likely to have bumps or 
bruises somewhere as only hours before he was riding
an office chair down the hill near our house.
His Dad and Grandma were both in on this.
Once again I feel the need to say
Good Grief!!!!

No wonder I am getting more gray hair.
At least they did it while I was at the Baby Shower
at Creekside Cottage.
By the favorite photo from the Baby Shower
is this one.
My sweet little friend, Sarah.

Very soon she will be called Aunt Sarah
by her brother's soon to be born little girl.
Who knew that ribbons and bows from a package
could be put to such good use.
There are blues in the ribbon, but
Sarah's blue eyes are just the ticket for Blue Monday with Smiling Sally.

Thanks for stopping by today!



Deanna Rabe - Creekside Cottage Blog said...

It was a precious day. That is such a cute picture of Sarah. Her looks are maturing - such a precious heart!

black eyed susans kitchen said...

What could be better, Becky? Parties, friends, family...perfect weekend.
♥, Susan

sherry said...

* riding an office chair down a hill. wow. even i just got a few more silver streaks with that knowledge. ;o)


SmilingSally said...

Sarah is a cutie. I love her blue eyes. Happy Blue Monday, Becky.

Andrea said...

Sounds like a great weekend. I am preparing to give my daughter a shower in June....

Decor To Adore said...

Your blue makes my heart go pitter pat. I adore it.

Becky said...

Sarah's blue eyes are so pretty. And a great choice for Blue Monday.

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Becky, I think Sarah's very pretty blue eyes are in an absolutely adorable face! What a cutie she is. And what a story about your son! LOL! I love the chair tail. Very creative and just a hoot.

Dropping by to wish you a Happy Blue Monday. Looks like you all had an exciting weekend, and 30 for Bible Study is fantastic!

Happy Blue Monday...


Sheila :-)

Vee said...

Sarah does have pretty blue sparkly eyes! Your house is a regular whirlwind... Hope that today you'll eke out some time just for you!

Mary Bergfeld said...

What a sweet post. Sarah is very sweet and her blue eyes are remarkable. I hope you are having a wonderful Blue Monday. Blessings...Mary

LV said...

I enjoyed all your blues for today and being with you on various occasions. However, Sarah stole the show.

Elena said...

What an adorabel picture of your little friend!

Kelly said...

How wonderful to be able to visit your blog again! Your hubby is a prince.

Nice post. It was a lovely day. And, I think, as a mother of boys who like to play games that may cause injuries, we are destined for premature gray hair. It just seems to be in their blood (no pun intended).

Dena E's Blog said...

Wonderful post and what a beautiful girl in the photo... Lovely pics and thanks for sharing them. I was just going here and there doing the blue monday thing..And wanted to stop by.
Have a blessed week...Hugs from Iowa ~ Dena

Anonymous said...

What a weekend! Your little friend Sarah is a cutie and does have bright blue eyes! ...Karen