Friday, May 29, 2009

Our Beautiful Moms!

What makes for a Beautiful Life?
Many things...check out just a few
at The Inspired Room!

Family is so important.

Warren and I are so blessed
to have our mothers living
on either side of us.

It can be challenging at times,
of course. Both are recent widows
and the grief is real and often
tangible. However, it is a journey
we as a family are walking through
together. We all agree we wouldn't
want them to be ANYWHERE else!

As I read blogs and see parents
moving closer to children and grandchildren
I give a little cheer!
Yay! Go for it.
Be there!
You have so much to offer.

My Mom took Jonathan out to
practice driving the other day.
We were ever so grateful since
there was a little incident
recently involving our car and
the garage door. Warren was
along for that little excursion
and has been a bit hesitant to
volunteer again.

We would likely have been even
more upset about the garage door
that now has to be replaced but
Mikey had already punched a hole in
it with a tire when his dirtbike kept going
after he had jumped off of it one

But, nonetheless, this Grandma gets
huge kudos for "risking life and limb".

These photos were taken at Thanksgiving
2008. The Moms insisted on taking turns
with the camera. I would gladly have
stepped up and out of the picture...
We were at Georgia's for this Thanksgiving
Meal. We had certainly not planned
in advance for this photo opp!

From the time we were first married
back in the dark ages, our two families
have taken every opportunity to spend
as many holidays together as possible.

I always told the kids how blessed they
were to not be pulled to one side or the
other. They had Great Grandmas and their
four Grandparents. We knew it was a special

This was a great foundation for the hard
times. When we would lose first my Dad,
then weeks later Georgia's Mother and then
finally Gene, after a difficult extended illness.

The Moms, as we affectionately call them,
were already friends.

Last year they went out west together.
It was supposed to be all of us...
but the economy and life became too
real for the five of us.
I was so glad that the Moms did it

We laughed and laughed as they told us their
difficulties in starting this hybrid.
Apparently pushing a button was not
something that crossed their minds as
a way to start a car.

Yesterday, I accompanied these ladies to
a local Amish Greenhouse so they could
choose flowers to put out in front of
our church. While we were all in the
same few acres I wasn't right with them
but I heard their laughter...
riding on the breeze.

They went back to the church
and planted those flowers.
I haven't seen them yet but I know they
will be lovely. Both ladies love to plant
and care for flowers.

Last evening I walked outside and glanced
over to Georgia's sunporch. There at her
table sat my Mom. They were enjoying dinner
together. My heart was blessed. Honestly,
for more than one reason...they were eating
crabcakes and I was glad to not have been crab for me!

Georgia is well aware of my dislike for
anything "fishy".

Later they both came to our place and we
watched a comedy video that Mom brought
back from a recent trip to Tennessee
to see the Gaithers.
Oh, the stories from that weekend event!
Amazing. This trip involved my Dear Aunt
Naomi who reads this blog.
Aunt N. I heard about the cell phone and
a certain author....shame on you! Too funny!

Apparently my Aunt's cell phone went off as
the author of The Shack
was speaking. This prompted him to tell a
very amusing tale of a cell phone,
a wedding and an embarrassing moment.

So, we have enjoyed hearing about their
adventures, seeing them progress through
the hard times and love having them
"pop in because they are in the neighborhood".
That is what Mom said last night with giggles
as she stood in my kitchen for no real reason
after her dinner with Georgia.
Loved it!

Suffice it to say, we are very blessed.

To have Moms as friends.
To us.
And to each other.

♥♥Becky K.♥♥


JD/ Jill said...

As usual, great post! Great pictures. I think I found something else that you and I have in common, I don't like anything "fishy" either. My DH was in the navy, and he loves seafood.
I loved your statement about when you were married back in "the dark ages" I'm always using that phrase with my grandchildren. They do think I was born back in the dark ages, because at the time I born there was no TV in the house. They can't begin to imagine that!

Chubby Chieque said...

Great words to mum's & grammy's!

Hope you all enjoy your time together. That's what it counts. Enjoy the best of it...

Happy Friday!

Barb said...

Hi Becky, such a sweet post. You have a great sense of family and indeed, you are blessed. Wonderful pictures.

I love the way you write!


Unknown said...

Lovely post. Yes I agree with you the smallest and the simplest things in life are the most precious ones.

Thanks for stopping by. Suzy

Anonymous said...

Lovely post - I'm sure they are blessed by you, too!


Karen at Nittany Inspirations said...

Your post is very touching. It's nice that you have a good relationship with all your family. My mother abandoned me, to run off with her boyfriend, so I have always been longing for a sence of family. I love my MIL. She did raise a wonderful son.

My grandson just turned 14. Two more years and he will be driving. Oh my.....

Becky K. said...

I am so sorry that you don't have fond memories and a closeness with your mother. It breaks my heart to know that these situations happen and cause so much pain.

How wonderful that you have a lovely MIL. So many people have issues with theirs.

Those two years until that Grandson drives will go so fast. Get ready!


Deanna Rabe - Creekside Cottage Blog said...

We love the "moms" too, but we call them the "Grandmas" - they are a blessing to our family as well!

Sarah adores sitting with them in church!

tea time and roses said...

Hello Becky!

Another lovely post here! There is absolutely nothing like family. Though my Dear Sweet Mother is no longer here the memories she left always make me smile. Yes indeed Mother's are special people, oh how special they are. Thank you for always sharing your love for family. You enjoy a beautiful weekend.



Diane Shiffer said...

what a wonderful family! as you said, in so many families people are pulled to one side and the other- especially at holiday time. what a sweet thing to have both "sides" celebrate together! i'm resolving to do that if at all possible when my kids are grown.
thanks so much for the inspiration♥

Anonymous said...

Hi Becky, I am visiting you from Terri's blog. This was such an inspiring post. You truly are blessed to have "moms" on both sides of you. So wonderful that they are friends and enjoy trips and supper together. Such great family photos that you shared too. Looks like you all have a grand time together.
My mom lived with us for the past ten years (after dad died) until she passed away last Sept. I miss her very much but am so thankful for the wonderful, precious memories of my best friend.
Such a pleasure to visit you blog.