Saturday, April 11, 2009


O.k. this is so not me!
But, it was a blast!

We awoke this morning to rain,
rain, and more rain.

Since we had planned to go to
a benefit auction for a local
fire company we were in a state
of indecision...however, we
decided to go.

As we approached the site all you
could see was mud in the parking area...
a large cornfield.

I offered Warren the opportunity to
change his mind, however, he was committed
to at least checking out this multi-acre
auction ground.

We slid into our parking space and hoped that
the rain would stop soon. The forecasters had
claimed that it would.


We were there for about three hours during which
it rained non-stop! We tromped through mud and
water that was up to our ankles. Thank goodness
for good boots.

We were impacted in that we were not willing to
purchase anything large or that we really didn't
want because of the conditions. As it was, I got
some grocery items and Warren got a couple of small
tool items and we had to get a little Amish boy to
move it for us in his wagon. It was just too heavy
and the mud was too deep. It was all we could do
just to walk through it.

This little guy, and other young entrepreneurs
were making a good amount
of money today in helping
people haul things to their vehicles.

Anyway, back in our van we went and the true fun
began. I have a new appreciation for those who
enjoy offroading or mudding. It is great!!

Warren didn't think so!

We got stuck!

A local redneck in a truck with a statement
across the back saying, "I'm not Skeered", helped
us out by attaching a chain and pulling us slipping
and sliding across the field.


Did I say it was fun???
It was way too fun!

Now, look what it did to the van...

We should do that again soon...
or maybe not.

♥♥Becky K.♥♥


sherry said...

You did that in your VAN?!?!?!?! egads, woman! ha! Rocky will knod in agreement and share that he thinks you're way cool, Becky, although a van isn't a 4WD and shouldn't risk hurting the tranny (or frame or whatever..)like that. Me? I'll respond to his thinking with eye rollage. Brother.



Becky K. said...

That, my dear Jane, is most likely why Warren wasn't amused...especially given that the van is relatively a new addition to our family.

I thought of you though as we were slipping and sliding and your brave hubby who would have gotten a kick out of the adventure...although I am sure it was WAY mild compared to the things that Carl pulls off in the desert!!!!

sherry said...

Speaking of "Carl", Rocky's watching his Moab Jeeporama (?) video again. You have no idea how thrilling that is to me.

Oh, and the mud? The more the better, per Rocky. sigh.