Tuesday, May 3, 2022

The Sleepover

 Saturday was a huge day at the shop. We had prepped for it all week…Pretzel Fest 2022. We made two dips for the event. The first was Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough served with cinnamon sugar pretzels. The second was Ranch, Bacon and Cheese served with traditional stick pretzels. We needed approximately 550 servings. For the record that’s a lot of dip!  And then it was portioned out into 2 ounce lidded containers. The pretzels were portioned into baggies and a business card magnet went in the baggies as well. I tell you that so you can get the picture of Mom and I for two evenings mixing, scooping and bagging. 

Finally Saturday came and it was great. Our efforts were rewarded nicely with grateful comments and seeing those in the event enjoy the snack. 

The shop was exceptionally busy so I was going nonstop all day. 

However there was more fun to come!  Merryn and Roy had been planning a sleepover for months.  They had their movies chosen and books packed. Clothes too…but I think Chelsea might have had more to do with that part. 

We had a great time. I might have fallen asleep a smidge before they did …or just at the same time.  As soon as they were quiet for more than a minute I was out! I sleep in the recliner when they are over. This time I put one of them at each end of the couch as Merryn has outgrown the Pack ‘n Play. 

Watching Monster’s Inc. I think it’s probably going to be tradition. We showed it to them at their last sleepover and they requested to see it again.

Sure do love being a Mimi. It’s even better than advertised!

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